Brian Cox calls Johnny Depp, ‘so overblown, so overrated’ in new memoir

Brian Cox calls Johnny Depp, 'so overblown, so overrated' in new memoir

Brian Cox, Celebrity Memoirs

1/15/2022 10:06:00 PM

Brian Cox calls Johnny Depp , 'so overblown, so overrated' in new memoir

“I mean, ‘Edward Scissorhands?’ Let’s face it, if you come on with hands like that and pale, scarred-face make-up, you don’t have to do anything. And he didn’t.”

as he calls out several celebs who’ve rubbed him the wrong way, including “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, Johnny Depp.“It would have been a money-spinner, but of all the parts in that film it was the most thankless,” Cox, 75, wrote of turning down the part of the Governor in the “Pirates” franchise, which eventually went to Jonathan Pryce. “Plus, I would have ended up doing it for film after film and missed out on all the other nice things I’ve done.”

He continued in excerpts, “Another thing with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is that it’s very much the ‘Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow’ show, and Depp, personable though I’m sure he is, is soso overrated.”Doubling down, the “Succession” actor continued, “I mean, ‘Edward Scissorhands.’ Let’s face it, if you come on with hands like that and pale, scarred-face make-up, you don’t have to do anything. And he didn’t. And subsequently, he’s done even less.”

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How many more times are you going to post this? Can we cap it at 20? The original Hannibal Lecter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I think many of us would say the same about Brian Cox. Coming from the man who just plays myself! He does it well, but just worry about yourself when what Johnny Depp does. His obsession with Johnny Depp is getting out of hand 😬. Dude needs to get a life.

Still jealous of Johnny Depp I see 🙄 danwootton Thank god it’s not just me who thinks that. In fairness there are a lot of actors/ singers etc hyped up with little discernible talent, not just this one aren't most actors? And we should all beleive Brian Cox, because everyone knows who he is, who is he again, I only know who he is now, because of Johnny Depp, its great how all the unknowns are riding on the back of Johnny Depp, they know they will get their name out there if they mention Johnny 😄

WHAT DOES HE KNOW? Who’s Brian Cox?

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