Breonna Taylor protesters in Louisville defy curfew, confront armed counter-protesters claiming to 'defend the Constitution'

One counter-protester dressed in a camouflage helmet and a green vest told reporters he was a member of the 'Oath Keepers' from North Carolina.

9/25/2020 9:00:00 AM

Protesters took to the streets again on Thursday night, coming face-to-face with armed counter-protesters claiming to 'defend the Constitution.'

One counter-protester dressed in a camouflage helmet and a green vest told reporters he was a member of the 'Oath Keepers' from North Carolina.

near the First Unitarian Church, which had offered its property as a refuge for protesters.State Rep. Attica Scott, the Democratic lawmaker sponsoring a bill to end no-knock warrants like the one used when Taylor was shot and killed in March,was among the arrests

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, said Tracy Dotson, a spokesman for the union representing Metro Correction officers.Scott has been charged with first-degree rioting — a felony — along with failure to disperse and unlawful assembly, both misdemeanors, Dotson said.The protest reached a negotiated end around 11 p.m., with both the remaining demonstrators and police in riot gear leaving the church area.

Unlike the previous night,, Thursday night presented only a few demonstrations.A group of, organized by a group called Free the People Roc. They called for public accountability and later sat quietly in the street outside the city’s Public Safety Building.

Read more on race and identity:Sign up for USA TODAY’s This Is America newsletter“I'm tired already. I could not imagine marching for 194 days and then getting slapped in the face,” said organizer Ashley Gantt. “That’s what that was (for Taylor).”

A vigil for Taylor and Dion Johnson, a Black man who was fatally shot by an Arizona state trooper on Memorial Day,brought together at least 120 peoplein downtown Phoenix."It's been a long, tough week," said Itoro Elijah of the W.E. Rising Project, a local group against police violence and systemic racism that organized the vigil. "There's always the hope that we will be heard."

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HardingStreetRaid AllLivesMatter WhiteLivesMatter You mean armed terrorists Defending the constitution means everyone has the right to speak there mind, counter protesters should take the pillow from there head and put a book in it Left-wing radicals are insane. It's because of reason control by the media. It would take a long time for “mental detoxification” for them to start thinking normally again. Respect, class, ethics, mindfulness and propriety, are close to extinction.

The Klan shows it’s face in the Trump world. LOL...Oh they confronted the armed protesters....cause we know the blm are not armed...i mean two cops getting shot up clearly means that Protesters claiming to be anti-fascist and claiming that black lives matter took to the streets again on Thursday night, coming face-to-face with armed counter-protesters claiming to defend the constitution.

Sept 25, 1789, Congress sent the first 12 amendments, including the 10 we call, “The Bill of Rights”, to the states for ratification. The government has continuously sought to deny and restrict those rights every day that has followed, including today. Are they gonna protest the whole entire year of 2020?

Donald Trump's 'Poll Monitors'. Breonna Taylor was murdered. The govt should be scared. We are pissed. Send your damn troopers. There are more of us than you. BreonnaTaylorWasMurdered Curfew?! Let’s put a curfew on the right to bear arms... F*ck. Your. Curfew. You can’t say we have freedom of speech until night-night and sippy cup time. We have it or we don’t.

Trumps gangs? Stop corrupted Biden! Law and order for all! Vote Trump!

'It's Still Breonna Taylor For Me': Taylor Family Plans Friday Press ConferenceTamika Palmer broke her silence in an Instagram post today. 'It's still Breonna Taylor for me,' she wrote beside a portrait of her daughter, followed by a broken-heart emoji and ThesystemfailedBreonna. Who? That story is so yesterday I'm going as Sexy Breonna Taylor this Halloween How do we know that Breonna's tragic murder was about race? Are we suggesting the police wouldn't have shot back if she and her boyfriend were white? To prevent this from happening again, it seems like we should focus on changing the drug-war and judicial/police protocol.

Breonna Taylor protesters urged nonviolence, then 2 Louisville police officers were shotActivist Adrian Baker said Wednesday's gunfire does 'distract' from the message of the protesters' movement. 'I denounce any violence. But we have the knowledge that this could have been avoided, this type of response could have been avoided,' he said. Weak response n back handed blames someone for the violence. The last dig can not be missed. Yes it does. The reasons are obvious. Vote we all have too vote for who we want 🚻

Louisville Protesters Mourn Breonna Taylor By Taking to the Streets“This is money that could be invested in our system, that could solve so many problems of why we’re even protesting,' said one demonstrator, pointing to the law-enforcement vehicles and weapons surrounding him. 'And instead we spend it on this' How Social Workers Like Me Can — And Do — Deescalate Dangerous Situations Every Day I grew up poor, still poor yet I was thought behave yourself and don't act a fool and if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Programs, programs, programs. It's up to that individual person to develop a conscious and not involve themselves in criminal activity and disrespecting and antagonism against police.

Louisville preparing for another night of protests after Breonna Taylor decision.ReporterBlayne reports from Louisville, Kentucky, where police are preparing for another night of protests in reaction to officers not being charged on Wednesday following the killing of Breonna Taylor. ReporterBlayne It’s like BLM protesting the Confederate Army for shooting Blacks... I think everyone has got the message. Now., what do we do about the Confederate Army? ReporterBlayne She'll bail them out! 👇 ReporterBlayne Why do we put up with this lawless behavior that disrupts NORMAL behavior! If they don't observe the curfew then arrest them!!!

127 Arrested In Louisville Breonna Taylor ProtestsLaw enforcement arrested 127 people in Louisville, Kentucky, amid heated demonstrations following the Wednesday announcement that a grand jury charged no officers for the March death of Breonna Taylor 'Demonstrations'. An interesting word choice. Good. Fuck them Are the two officers who fired the most shots identities sealed?

With no officers charged for killing Breonna Taylor, Louisville explodes in rageDozens of protesters were arrested Wednesday night, as Louisville, Kentucky, exploded in rage over the grand jury decision not to charge any of the officers who shot 26-year-old Breonna Taylor to death in her own home with her killing. One former…