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Breakingviews - Hyundai is a dark horse in driverless car race

(Reuters Breakingviews) - Hyundai is zooming onto the self-driving scene. Follow...


On Breakingviews – Hyundai is a dark horse in driverless car race, say KatrinaHamlin mak_robyn:

( Reuters Breakingviews ) - Hyundai is zooming onto the self-driving scene. Follow...

HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Hyundai is zooming onto the self-driving scene. Following the leads of General Motors, Uber, Apple and the like, the South Korean carmaker just unveiled bold plans to invest in autonomous vehicles and other related systems. Despite the late start, well-chosen partners and support from Seoul give it a fighting chance.

There is understandable scepticism. Hyundai Motor Co shares hardly budged after the announcement. The $26 billion company, which is due to report quarterly earnings on Thursday, is already grappling with costly recalls and sluggish sales in its largest market, China. It also has a weak track record in new discoveries: last year, it spent less than 3% of revenue on R&D, compared with nearly 7% at Germany’s Volkswagen.

What’s more, Hyundai has time on its side. Driverless technology is new enough that no one can claim a decisive lead. There’s room yet for a dark horse.

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Hyundai is a dark horse in driverless car raceThe South Korea n company is chasing Uber, GM and others with a strong push into autonomous and electric vehicles. A plan to invest $35 bln through 2025 signals the commitment. Hyundai’s poor R&D track record is a worry, but Seoul’s support and tech nous give it a fighting chance.

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