Live Updates: George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide

Live Updates: George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide

Breaking: Police, fire engines arrive at Minneapolis protests

JUST IN: Police and fire engines have arrived at the epicenter of the protests in Minneapolis, where a number of buildings have been burning.

5/29/2020 12:51:00 PM

JUST IN: Police and fire engines have arrived at the epicenter of the protests in Minneapolis, where a number of buildings have been burning.

Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn't breathe. Follow here for the latest updates.

Just joining us? Here are the latest developments on the George Floyd casePeople stand outside the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct in Minnesota after fires were set at the building during protests on May 28. Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune/APProtests spread across the United States for the third night in a row on Thursday, as crowds demonstrated against police brutality and called for justice in the death of George Floyd.

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Floyd,a 46-year-old black man, died after pleading for help as a white police officer pressed his knee on Floyd's neck for several minutes while pinning him to the ground. Floyd was declared dead at a nearby hospital soon after, according to authorities.

Here's a look at the biggest developments:Minnesota protests:Floyd died in Minneapolis, which saw large-scale protests on Thursday. Crowds numbering in the thousands set fire to a police precinct, which had been evacuated earlier in the day. In nearby St. Paul, protesters and police faced off with tear gas. More than 170 businesses were damaged or looted, according to police, and the Minnesota National Guard was mobilized to both cities.

Nationwide outrage:It wasn't just Minnesota; protesters took to the streets in Denver, Colorado; New York City; Memphis, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona; and Columbus, Ohio.Trump and Twitter:President Donald Trump tweeted about the Minnesota protests, saying"when the looting starts, the shooting starts." Twitter has since flagged the tweet as violating the platform's rules and"glorifying violence."

Investigation into the death:Local and federal officials have not announced any charges against the officers involved in Floyd's death, but said the investigation is a top priority. All four officers have invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination.

Federal call for action:The House Judiciary Committee urged the Justice Department to investigate, saying the federal government has a critical role to play in promoting a culture of accountability for all law enforcement organizations.The officer who knelt on Floyd's neck:

The officer, Derek Chauvin, had 18 prior complaints filed against him with the Minneapolis Police Department's Internal Affairs. It's unclear what these complaints were for. Read more: CNN »

Now everyone is forgetting George Floyd and letting these lawless thugs probably encouraged by the Democrats to create this disruption this is something that they do very very well Thank you Mr. Floyd, you destroyed everything, you let these so-called protesters(THUGS ) find a reason to rob, destroy and set fire! Good Job 👏

We stand with the American people in their pursuit of freedom and equality and respect their legitimate protest. Against the use of force by the police and the government! If these stores and franchise's open back up in these neighborhoods, they are fools. Let these people have what they want. Nothing but ruble for a generation BanThugs

This is like Modern Day Boston Tea Party. lootingisamerican Certainly Trump wouldn't do anything, instead tweets unnecessarily on the app Is this Benghazi, Syria or Minneapolis? Asking for a friend. It’s so sad and destroying your city won’t solve the problem 🥺🥺 Let it burn throw everyone there in jail for at least 10 years and move on to the next riot

The End of Racism 🖥 We didn't start the fire It was always burning Since the world's been turning ¡GOOD! Spot it. Well done America, you’ve got a dictator.

Violent protests rock Minneapolis for 2nd straight nightViolent protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man in police custody, rocked a Minneapolis neighborhood as crowds looted stores, set fires and left a path of damage. Police say the violence contrasted with a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday. GovTimWalz Needs to deploy the National Guard immediately before more people die. Armed citizens, as they showed last night, aren't afraid to shoot and kill looters. And small private militias have been seen around the city guarding stores. End this nonsense at once. The peaceful demonstration where police were teargassing protesters? Riots.

2nd night of violent protests over Minneapolis man's deathViolent protests over the death of a black man in police custody break out in Minneapolis for a second straight night, with protesters in a standoff with officers, who fired rubber bullets and tear gas, outside a police precinct and looting of stores. Burning down low income housing under construction in your community to own the police ruining your community. GeorgeFloyd shots fired and reports of a body

Flames and tear gas break out at Minneapolis protest.AliVelshi reports from Minneapolis where multiple fires have broken out amid protests following the death of George Floyd. 'Protesters are now getting closer and closer to firefighters...The fire is not under control. It's burning completely wildly.' AliVelshi I hope everyone is social distancing AliVelshi Stay safe Ali!!!! AliVelshi As a Canadian I feel for the black community for the crap they have to put up with . Sad very 😔

Declare Racism A Public Health Crisis, Minneapolis City Council VP SaysProtests over the police killing of George Floyd have shaken Minneapolis this week. This is why I opposed busing!

Declare Racism A Public Health Crisis, Minneapolis City Council VP SaysProtests over the police killing of George Floyd have shaken Minneapolis this week.

Maya Wiley: Minnesota protests are about anger and painMaya Wiley: 'This is a community, like communities all over the country...that have felt for too long that no matter how much evidence there is of wrongdoing, the answer seems to be 'don't believe your lying eyes.'' HOW MANY OF THESE PROTESTERS WILL DO LITTLE BUT SPREAD N GET CORONA!!!! But why loot the Target and look like they are enjoying it? Focus on the crooked cops who did this. Good job creating more division !