BREAKING: Judge rules that Djokovic should be released, overturns government's cancelation of his visa

Australian court says Novak Djokovic should be released, overturning government's visa decision

1/10/2022 9:55:00 AM

Australian court says Novak Djokovic should be released, overturning government's visa decision

Tennis star Novak Djokovic's visa hearing is taking place in the Australian city of Melbourne on Monday morning local time (Sunday evening ET). The decision will determine whether he can remain in Australia and compete in the Australian Open.

1 hr 14 min agoOutside Park Hotel, some voice support for Djokovic. Others highlight plight of refugees in same hotelFrom CNN's Hannah Ritchie in MelbourneA crowd of media alongside police and protesters at the Park Hotel in Melbourne, Australia on January 10. Hannah Ritchie/CNN

As the hearing's lunch break continues, a small crowd is forming outside the Park Hotel where Djokovic has been held since his arrival in Melbourne.The numbers are much fewer than previous days, though a larger crowd of media is also present.Some protesters voice support for Djokovic,

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Novak Djokovic is a real jerk Mistakes happen but lies...lies are deliberate! Who the hell cares!! Too bad! Booooooo It’s not Djokovic fault that all Australia people had no choice but to get vaccinated. People should have a choice. No government should make personal decisions for people FREE Novak! This is unfortunate.

Oh how love those Ausis, 'rules ares are rules' big shot or not, period. Follow the rules you barbarians, or I will send the Ausis after you.

To the judge who made this ruling: When you're dead, you don't know you're dead. It's only hard for others. It's the same way when you're stupid. Release him then send I him home. It was a simple law. Unvaccinated shouldn’t be playing. Will the Serbians go back to the detention center and demonstrate against the inhumane treatment of the asylum seekers . I doubt it because they are not white.

Money talks ,what a shame ,I feel not so safe with no money, but at the end of the day,when you die,your just just like me DEAD Court ruling or not. Government needs to deport him. It is an option they have. Lawyers and money shouldn’t excuse him from following the law. What will happen at Wimbledon, French and US Open?

DoWeHave-A-Clue? Folks, when I competed in Motorsports I did hundreds of appearances. I met thousands of people. “The entire team was vaccinated! All service providers were Vaccinated.” In the schools we now provide services to and own EVERYONE CAN PROVIDE PROOF OF VACCINATION I'm concerned for the Australian people. It seems like there's a lot of folks there that have a control fetish when the stupid vaccine doesn't even work. It's all about the money and I cannot believe you people are willing to be controlled for money

TorontoIDDoc “Djokovic tested positive for Covid-19 on December 16. That same day, he was photographed at three events, where none of the other participants are masked. The following day, he was also photographed at a youth awards event.” You be the judge! AustraliaHasFallen

What's also overturned? Me being his fan. Simple. Cave From the world of 'who cares' comes...silence. The Australian laws should be the same for everyone or why bother having laws! The world has Covid. Life is more important than games… News that makes everyone happy because she is a peripheral character, but he got some detention and in the other he was released

Heard he will be greeted with signs saying 'Plague Rat'. No-vac Djokovic? His arrogance will be his downfall. Many people have lost respect for him. Release and deport. No need to have unvaccinated fools running around and no need to make exceptions. Send him home. Australia kissed Djokovics lily white ass.

The judiciary (also known as the judicial system, judicature, judicial branch, judiciative branch, and court or judiciary system) is the system of courts that adjudicates legal disputes/disagreements and interprets, defends, and applies the law in legal cases. Fake test, fake virus, poison vaccine. Illegal Tyrannical country. Boycott Australia now.

Obviously the courts are not charged with the responsibility of keeping Australians safe from Covid! The poor and unheard of Joe Blogs can’t go to court to challenge the Government’s safety measures! As usual, it’s a different rule for the rich & famous ! Hope they didn’t hurt him during interrogations. Always thought Australia was a nice,friendly place. Won’t take my family after this unlawful incident. So scary

What's the point in having rules if they don't apply to EVERYONE! Another example of the rich and famous getting special treatment. Way to go judge. Wonderful what money can do for a world 1, international superstar .... 'rules' (at least in Australia ) are clearly for the poor IAmSophiaNelson Will the Immigration Minister cancel?

This is wrong message for the world. Just because he's famous he's allowed to break the rules--that's not right! He should not be allowed to travel or play! 💪 go DjokerNole 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

It is the start shot for a massive inmigration rush to Oz. The world courts are a joke. good! At least one person who isn't a commie left in Australia! What happened to them? I got $20 says they allow Djokovic play but he chokes then blames his poor play on the Australian authorities Do Subscribe Like And Comment Feeling Relaxed.

GOAT wins inside and outside the court !!!! Well that's bullsh&t Good on you Novak! Play your heart out and ignore the bleating they can all stay in their pens. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

He should jump on the next flight and leave. So should the test of the players. We need to break the power grab of these oppressors now. Ok release him, which is dumb phrasing because he was always free to go, and he can get his entitled ass on a plane and go home. He has no right to play against people who are doing the right thing.

Pro Tip: When you're rich, rules don't apply to you. What a complete Djoke. A good chunk of his tournament earnings will have to go to his lawyers. Privilege is real. Money talks. They've made him the poster boy for fucking anti-vaxers All this vaccine mandate is BS and ya'll know it, it is much easier if you lots didn't force people.

1- Novak was invited by Aussie Fed kowning the situation. Promised him to deal with paperwork. But a leak in media changed Fed position. 2- No any insurance would cover top athletes if effects appear due to vaxx. Simple Ratio risk/Gain algorythm based Novak is the victim here If the Australian judiciary establishes one rule for a celebrity sportsman... and another for Australian Citizens...but still desires to be respected by Australians... it’s time to abolish the barbaric and divisive mandatory surveillance Vaccine Passport!

Australia is deadass turning into north korea I don’t believe that Novak is correct but he has been closer to truthful than our govt. There are stains of the wannabe “storm trooper” Peter Dutton all over this fiasco. The ex traffic cop has the power in the cabinet and makes our land look rediculous. This sent wrong signal to the people of australia,they favor the unvacinnated against international protocols...

George Floyd's niece was shot. Where's the coverage? Where's the protests? Kick him out novaxdjokovic 'deep pockets' as minister of foreign affairs of pakistan would say. Surprised? Nope.... The law and consistency rarely go hand-in-hand, particularly when this guy has the financial means to take the case all the way..... The court threw the towel in extremely easily

shameAustralianCourt shameDjoko Then he is arrested again 2 hours later. Great stuff!

Above the law Massive stabbing from Australian government into each Australian citizens’ back by demanding vaccination from their own citizens and children, demanding 90% vaccination rate by imposing 7 lockdowns. But 1 Serbian guy can freely walk in into the country without single vaccination! For someone so obsessed with being adored, how is he thinking the spectators are going to react to him forcing himself past rules everybody else has to follow.

If it was America, someone is suing and getting paid heavily BoycottAustralianOpen Who fking cares Judge takes a backhander 😅 the amount of grudge & hatred about the guy being rich & famous in the comments is unbelievable! The guy chose to take the fight against the GOV and he won it. now wake up early, search for a good job & become rich and fight like him before whining on social media..pfffft..!

Just a terrible decision. Judge definatly not in tune with the citizens injustice for commoners

Unbelievable! I see it now Djokovic will be more arrogant ! Totally unbelievable ! Hi I am an Afghan, I was threatened by the Taliban Whipping my family My house was looted and set on fire I hid in a shelter. I need help. I have to get a lawyer to get asylum in a country If you know of a charity, please introduce me so I can save my family with their help.

Hope he loses in the 1st round… I assume the judge has tickets to a match. klustout Well done Novax Djerkovic He can kiss my grits. Pfft. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Released to go home but hopefully not play tennis! valenti11925110 What a hero DjokerNole. Respect👊.

Why? He’s about to domestically terrorize the AU open after this bureaucracy nightmare. Who can stand him now? He was already obnoxious before, he will be worse now. Hope he loses on R1… either way Au is still down in the rabbit hole since the random detainment of poor refugees granted refugee status as against a very wealthy tennis player being released, no matter the merit of the case. does not look good

Shame on the courts! Boo! This is not a good idea at all. Throw a hissyfit and you get what you want. The only thing that was unreasonable was not giving him enough time to respond as per process. It wasn’t a decision about the visa’s validity itself. Which is why hopefully they’ll just boot him out properly with notice :)

And the judge got some really good court side tickets 😂😂😂😂😂 Again, this is another example that the rich and famous have different set of laws tailored to their needs. Congrats to DjokerNole for winning with Nazi Australian Goverment. Liberty and democracy won today! Now Novak go on and win Australian Open !

Congratulations DjokerNole You’ve fought a good fight. All the best in your tournament. If he plays I won’t watch the Aussie Open ever again. I’m already over him. Good judge 👍 Totally fucked up ruling. I hope he loses his. matches 한중의 미세먼지 타령이라네요- Bbf과학에서의 -미세먼지-의 용어 함부로 쓰지마세요 한중의 미세먼지 처리방식-많은의미와 많은내용-도 의문일듯?--날라리과학--날라리끼리 모인듯

LoliLondon Now australia must bring back dt player who got deported after she already played a tournament...what a joke dis is turning out to be... Terrible decision! What's the name of a male Karen again? Such a damn shame he was treated like a murderer all in the name of vaccination. This is beyond horrible and it reveals the extent the government will go to choke you with their insanity. Hoping he gets out of this stronger. The world belongs to the unvaccinated.

The fellow tennis players should refuse to participate if he shows up to play .. they followed the rules! To bad. Hope he loses. Love to all Aussies who felt anger and want DjokovicOut! I hope that this case will at the end help them understand how can one stand for their human rights in their beautiful country and that this outcome is actually beneficial for them even though some don't realize it yet

Comes back from 2 sets down. GOAT novaxdjokovic still has to face the real court - the centre court at the Australian Open - and it won't be so easily bought or placated. And it will be on global TV for the world to see his shame. He would have been smarter to just leave and sit this one out. DjokerNole

Sad, he should have left Australia when he landed instead of facing lot of backlash. Being a top level athlete he should understand the impact on society in current pandemic and should have taken vaccination. Really bad impression from him 👎👎👎👎 Dec 16, alleged positive test. Dec 17, handing out trophies to young players in Serbia. The legendary status he so desperately seeks is miles away. What a moron. Good luck with the crowd in Melbourne. AusOpen BoycottAusOpen

novakdjokovic alleged positive covid test. I can really believe it when he was carrying on his public life without a mask and with much human contact they day or and days immediately surrounding his 'positive test result'.

And .... Rich White Privilege strikes again Minister for Immigration has now moved to cancel Visa following court’s decision. And as a model litigant the Commonwealth must respect the decision of the court in favour of Djokovic. If AlexHawkeMP now uses his 'personal power' to cancel his visa our international reputation - as a nation of laws - will be seriously damaged. Don't do it, Minister.

L'assoluzione perché il fatto non è previsto. quando gli sponsor sono più bravi di un avvocato Go get em’ NOVAX!

share link 1 hr 14 min ago Outside Park Hotel, some voice support for Djokovic. Others highlight plight of refugees in same hotel From CNN's Hannah Ritchie in Melbourne A crowd of media alongside police and protesters at the Park Hotel in Melbourne, Australia on January 10. Hannah Ritchie/CNN As the hearing's lunch break continues, a small crowd is forming outside the Park Hotel where Djokovic has been held since his arrival in Melbourne. The numbers are much fewer than previous days, though a larger crowd of media is also present. Some protesters voice support for Djokovic, arguing he has been unfairly targeted and that he should be allowed to compete. “I’m here today and every day to support Djokovic. He’s done nothing wrong, they’ve locked him up here for political reasons," said Ziggy Misovic, 57, a former driver. “Tennis Australia let him in and Scott Morrison locked him out. Why? Look at what he’s done for people all over the world, look at his foundation," Misovic added."It doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take -- free people in the world and the whole of Serbia is behind him." A number of Serbian-Australian supporters of Novak Djokovic outside the Park Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, on January 10. Hannah Ritchie/CNN Another group of three Serbian-Australian supporters said,"We’ve been coming here for Djokovic every day and we’ll continue.” Others are there to highlight the plight of refugees. A few dozen asylum seekers are also being held in the hotel, which serves as a temporary detention facility. Under Australia's rules, hundreds of asylum seekers were housed at offshore processing centers for years, with some sent to hotels in Australia for health treatment. But refugees have little hope of immediate freedom, and the conditions they are held in is hugely controversial. Protesters outside the Park Hotel in Melbourne, Australia on January 10, demonstrating against the government's policy of indefinite detention of refugees and asylum seekers. Hannah Ritchie/CNN “Free the refugees, stop the torture, let them out,” protesters in front of the hotel chanted on Monday. Shannon Lindsay, 47, said she had known about the government policy for years -- and thought"it was about time I showed up and supported the refugees who have been detained in this country for upwards of nine years." "I’m sick of the Australian government committing these human rights abuses, with these detention hotels and detention islands. It’s a completely unjust way to treat human beings," she added. share with Facebook