Asia, Live Updates: Coronavirus Spreads To Europe As France Reports Death Of First National - Cnn

Asia, Live Updates: Coronavirus Spreads To Europe As France Reports Death Of First National - Cnn

BREAKING: First French national dies from coronavirus

JUST IN: A 60-year-old man in Paris has become the first French national to die from the novel coronavirus


JUST IN: A 60-year-old man in Paris has become the first French national to die from the novel coronavirus

South Korea now has more than 1,140 coronavirus cases, including a US soldier stationed in the country. Follow here for live updates.

The coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, with alarming spikes this week in Europe and the Middle East. In Asia, attention is focused on South Korea, where the number of cases has jumped to more than 1,200.A 23-year-old American soldier stationed in South Korea has tested positive for the coronavirus -- the first US service member to be infected. He is being isolated and monitored on a military base near the city of Pyeongtaek.

More cases were reported today in Kuwait and Bahrain -- all people who had traveled from Iran, where there are now more than 90 cases and 15 deaths. Middle Eastern countries are scrambling to respond to the Iran outbreak with closed borders, travel restrictions, and other emergency measures.

Hong Kong's government today announced an economic relief package worth $15.4 billion to boost local consumption and counter the fallout from an economy hit by protests, the US-China trade war and coronavirus. Every permanent resident of the city will receive $1,280.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

If they had let him go to the Caribbean he might been fine! katsuyatakasu In Paris?? Oh,My・・・・ BET HE FEALS GOOD TO BE FIRST Novel? Only people who are already sick or compromised have died, so it seems false to say it is 'directly from the virus' that they died. help! help! help! Another journalist is detained!

It's so true Jaman hii corona tumwombe mungu atusaidie The French are some evil ppl. did the bucket fall on him or is this a different pic? Man media loves pushing this. How many have died from the common flu this year? I bet many more. What is the mortality rate of corona virus, 2%? Push that narrative though.

South Korean virus cases jump again, first US soldier infectedUS military statement says a 23-year-old soldier is in self-quarantine at his off-base residence adding that he had been based in Camp Carroll in a town near Daegu, and visited both Carroll and nearby Camp Walker in recent days.

Did you see that horrible debate last night? What trash🤣 Whilst the loss is sad, it would be good to get some context. Was he already ill from something else? cnn: polishing brass on the Titanic. Going down. And will most likely not be the last. Explain this stock photo CNN. God help us ooo🙏🙏🙏🙏 Ok well whats happening in russia

How OLD? How novel is coronavirus now? North Korea / France ?

South Korea reports 169 new coronavirus cases, including first U.S. soldierSouth Korea reports 169 new coronavirus cases, including the first U.S. soldier, as health authorities ready plans to test more than 200,000 members of a church hit hardest by the outbreak Follow our live blog for updates: Not the Moonies! Won't somebody think of the Moonies?! They aren’t a church, they’re a cult who might be purposefully spreading the virus. Not just a church. A cult called Shincheonj.

R.I.P. Bruh Get all the relevant news from leading voices in epidemiology. infectious disease and public health in this curate feed on coronavirus In time of infodemics from both governments and social media it's important to prepare with relevant information oh no we’re next 😰 📡 oh shit

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Austria confirms first coronavirus cases, near border with ItalyAustria reported its first two coronavirus cases on Tuesday as the outbreak appa...

Canaries hotel locked down over coronavirus as Spain reports first mainland casesA large Canary Islands hotel was locked down for coronavirus tests on Tuesday af... 12 people in fact infected with coronavirus 1 being the cook and 11 being the hungry people do we eat starve or die? Do we move forward Martin Luther King or do we fall short? Randomly thinking 💯🛎️👋🛎️🦸 This corona travels more than Trump.

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