BREAKING: Djokovic has lost his appeal

Tennis star Novak Djokovic loses appeal as decision to cancel his visa is upheld by an Australian court

Asia, Djokovic Loses Australian Visa Appeal: Live Updates

1/16/2022 10:05:00 AM

Tennis star Novak Djokovic loses appeal as decision to cancel his visa is upheld by an Australian court

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic has lost his appeal against the Australian government's decision to cancel his visa for a second time.

The waiting game is underway as judges consider Djokovic's caseHere's where things stand on Novak Djokovic's visa saga.What is happening right now?A hastily convened Federal Court hearing adjourned after lunch. Three judges are now considering submissions made by both parties.

When will we get a decision?That's not clear. Chief Justice James Allsop said the judges would endeavor to give some guidance later Sunday, but he said another hearing may need to be listed for Monday morning.Isn't that a bit tight?In a word, yes. The Australian Open is set to start on Monday, with top seed Djokovic due to play his countryman Miomir Kecmanovic on Monday night.

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Djokovic or Dejoker as I prefer, NO ONE is above the law. You should not be granted any privilege because of fame or fortune or title. ESPECIALLY in a pandemic. Anywhere for Any reason. Take note EX-PRESIDENT Trump. Trả It seems to me that most comments miss the larger point. Even if you believed that vaccines could stop the spread and mandates therefore made sense, now it is abundantly clear that vaccines have minimal to zero impact on omicron. That’s why this whole affair is so ridiculous.

Australia has always had d strictest customs requirement. No one must b exempt frm its laws no matter how famous u are. Novak made his choices, now he must suffer the consequences. Hope the other slams this year follow the same thing as Australia did. Public health must come 1st.

Novak Djokovic Likely to be Deported, Miss Australian Open After Court Upholds Visa CancellationNovak Djokovic faces deportation from Australia after a court upheld a decision to cancel his visa, ending the tennis star’s bid to defend his Australian Open title. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Australians 40:15 Novax 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Home is calling Novak, time to go home.....

If govt mandates vaccine to protect others,(which actually vaccine doesn't do) then govt shud mandate distribution of money & house of wealthy to poor & homeless coz many die due to poverty &homelessness.Since death is side effect of vaccine, people shud put their life at stake? Glad to hear Well, GOOD! WHY should he be treated any different than others?🤨

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Novak Djokovic has Australian visa revoked again, putting him at risk of deportationNovak Djokovic's Australian visa has been revoked for a second time, all but ending the ambitions of the world's number one male tennis player to contest the Australian Open and win a record 21st grand slam Oh big pharmas played it super well Over 75% of Australians want him to leave Australia he should do the decent thing and leave if not the nobody will trust australian law in future. He lied on his visa this will give everyone the opportunity to do the same AustralianOpen2022 AustralianOpen Novak_Djokovic 👇🤔🙃😂

Rules are rules. Ha Who cares ? Is there a more important news than this ? Nazis didn’t like African Americans but still respected sport and rules. Australia couldn’t care less. A great day of victory for the rule of law, and equality. A crushing defeat for the far-right. DjokerNole VaccineFinder Vaccines Nike AustralianOpen When you LIE, consequences happen afterward. Just tell the TRUTH Novak, you don't want to get vaccinated. I wear two masks for you & me because I have a rare BLOOD CANCER with no CURE & I am vaccinated! JUST DO IT!

😂😂😂 His Visa cancelled? He could try with Mastercard 😮

Live updates: Novak Djokovic visa and Australian Open 2022Australian authorities announced they are revoking tennis superstar Novak Djokovic's visa ahead of the Australian Open. Follow here for live updates. Remember that the COVID-19 vaccine is 100% effective against being deported. 😂👍🏽 🍾🍾🍾

tutte lè nazìòne stànnò usàndò là stèssà tecnìcà mà nùssùnò à prèsà là dècìsìòne gjùstà x ìl còvìd tròppì èrròrì nèl sentìtò dìrè nussùnò hà dècìsò ùn nùòvo metòdò ,là mòrtè è x tùtti ànchè còl vàccino 👍 Good. Rules are in place for a reason. To let him get away with it, would be too cater to the $. rules are for all same , even his is best player he is not god

So u go to a next man country n try to use your own LAW. SorryNotSorry I see an earlier retirement Nobody is above the law. Not the Queen, the President, the King or a rich tennis player. Vade retro! Australians dignity saved at least! Aussie degens

Novak Djokovic Has His Australian Visa Revoked Again — Update3rd UPDATE THURSDAY 11:50 PM: The Novak Djokovic saga Down Under continues. A day after the Australian Open released its men’s draw featuring Djokovic as the top seed, the tennis superstar&8… 🎶 You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here 🎶 - Australia Lmao what is this...

Everyone has a choice to take this trial vaccine with limited safety data as it is so new - it is his body He has a recovery Cert , he has had Covid Tennis Player. Finish. Anti-vaxxers are not welcome here in Australia NoVaxDjoCovid! Australian and English company Rio Tinto will be expelled from Serbia. People have been blocking the streets for several days. Mars from Serbia!

Nothing to do with vaccination exemption.. He “may” incite anti vaccine uprisings.. Purely political to save the Prime Ministers ass 2 months from election! Cnn loses appeal.. Deported They got it right the NFL on Rodgers sure didn’t. It was the right decision. He probably would’ve been allowed to stay if he had quarantined after the required amount of time & tested negative. Instead he decided it was prudent to not quarantine. Oh well. Buh bye.

Australia plays in nerves.. first they freed after they directed him in detention place ... Let's decide and talk after buddies that's not normal. Whatever he is the greatest tennis player

Novak Djokovic Faces Deportation After His Australian Visa Is Canceled a Second TimeNovak Djokovic's Australian visa was revoked for a second time on Jan. 14. The country's immigration minister, Alex Hawke, made the ultimate decision. But they're backing up their challenge to Hawke's view Djokovic's an undesirable likely to provoke anti-vax activism by swamping him with everything they could Google on anti-vax. It's not a winning strategy - even if either party had the authority to make the science arguments.

It's going to be tough for people us watching Australia open without Djokovic this year. Ba Bye 🙋‍♀️ Novak, it is not easy to be a hero. Look at what happened to Kowalski. Why did he expect special treatment, and be allowed to play, especially when he had covid previously? Why do these sports stars always expect special treatment he has to follow the rules of the land he is in.

Palhaçada um vírus de mentira para controlar o mundo bullshitaustralia Not about health when cited issues are potentially increasing anti- vax sentiment as well as leading to greater civil unrest! Wake up. This is pure politics at work. Independent judiciary? BREAKING: Covid rule cheat, immigration form liar, & anti-vaxxer icon

I agree with the court, he should be taking care of business, after all he is a professional. Good

Players to watch at the Australian Open beyond Novak DjokovicBeyond Novak Djokovic, there are plenty of players to watch during the Australian Open.

What it that show? Australia has now free court. Time to re-elect all of them.. is that have democracy or dictatorship-work? Was bor under KGB remind me some tings. This seems reasonable. I don’t get the guy. They don’t want u in their country cos u breaking their laws.. leave !! Yes!!! His position and money couldn't get him out of that one! I love it when arrogance loses!

If it were Rodger Federer they will allow him to play. Sentiment DjokovicGoHome

Oh dear. I say Novak,m you are a gifted star. You have any opportunities and you will remain the best tennis player. Others will play catch up for ever. It is clear to everyone that the fingers of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are involved, because how could some other tennis players come to Australia under the same conditions and even play a match, and only Novak go through the worst?

Good riddance!!! Could anybody have any illusions how the case of Novak Djokovic ends up, knowing the character of Australia as a state from the beginning of its history? 🙂 Good,he won’t be in the news anymore 🤧. He should not have caused such a racket in the first place There's been much deception in this situation, mostly from Djokovic.

Good!! More more reason to watch this years tournement PopulismUpdates bahahah

Anothe country run by idiots 🙈🙈🙈🙈 Good luck to them, I will not support anything Australian until I see a change in government 😂😂😂😂🤟✌️ Serbia tries to declare war but bc most of the Serbian people are unvaccinated they are not allowed to invade Australia 😁 He can’t stay, he can stay, he can’t stay…because of this go around not only is DjokerNole leaving the country, all the other players now have to deal with the mad shuffle of the draws. Could have definitely been handled better 🤷‍♀️

Novak Djokovic most ignorant World tennis player has total disregard for safety of others promoting antivax lies, spreading COVID in Australia. Lied on visa application, not vaccinated, not wearing mask to protect others and himself. Virus host spreading virus around the World. Well done Australia 🇦🇺

He made a choice but as we all know, all our choices have consequences. We are free to make them just have to live with them.

So you can have covid and spread covid, as long as you’re vaccinated. When will the Australian people wake up and put an end to this blatantly absurd authoritarianism? I bet he’ll be allowed to play. White privilege will prevail…just you watch. The Australian rule itself just a joke. Dah good Fantastic decision canceling Novak Djokovic's visa. we can now focus on TENNIS, and not on a narcissist tennis player who thinks he’s above health rules, has delusions that he “deserves” special treatment and who doesn’t have grace to respect the hosting country.

Isn't his dignity as a 'star' lost anymore? Η ζωή σας μπορεί να αλλάει μόνο με τις δικές σας προσπάθειες. - Ξέρξης Their government simply has to show authoritarian dominance. If they let it slide, people will stop obeying. Save face for the sake of oppressive power.

Many Australians were stuck abroad for about 18 months because they couldn’t enter Australia due to regulations.There are still regulations for entering Australia and they are valid for all, even for celebrities Djokovic AustralianOpen2022 OMG Australia is liberated from the ckutches of a dangerous threatening tennis player.

Lolz Send him packing !! Who the hell does he think he is. He’s selfish and not special. HOTTEST🔥🔥🔥 🎬🎬MOVIE🎬🎬 SINCE ❄️SNOW ON THE BLUFFS RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AGAINST YOUNG BLACK MAN JUST TRYING TO SUPPORT A FAMILY👪 PLEASE HELP IM JUST A BLACK MAN IN AMERICA Being an ignorant should bring consequences

PopulismUpdates They straight up trolling him at this point 😭😭😂😂 Losing in a court of law rather than a tennis court must be a bitter pill to swallow for Novak...

Well done, Australia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One J&J jab could have avoided this PopulismUpdates Good 👍🏻 So Djokovic is more important than tennis Good! He knew the rules and got what he deserves. Thank God equality won in the end! He almost got away with all his fraudulent plans on this case because of his influence and privileges.

Tennis lost Deported back to Monte Carlo, Monaco where he has been a permanent resident for years. Serbia not good enough for him. Bye Bye 👋

Finally !! Australia. Backward dip 💩 country. Bye~~~~ On behalf of all Australians we are appalled at this decision. We want the number one player and greatest of all time to be playing. No one will watch the AusOpen now Rules I'm not surprised & i don't blame Australia government rules are rules & nobody is above it,if they did allowed him to play is going to be a biggest mistake. If they locked down the all country due to covid19 why allowed unvaccinated someone to participate in big event like AO?

It was not an appeal. Listen to what the Chief Justice said. Facts matter cnn Good, now get on a plane. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! Screw Australia, the lockdown country! I wonder how is their tourism industry doing in the past 2 years

A win for for all human kind. Game, set, match. French Open and France next. No room for Anti Vaxxer. Good. Goodnight and Goodbye! Oh well So when does he get thrown into the sarlacc pit?

Bravo, Australia 👍. Justice has won ✌ Racist country and Courts! Ridiculous!!! It’s all about politics! Good 🤔🤔🤔

1 hr 34 min ago The waiting game is underway as judges consider Djokovic's case Here's where things stand on Novak Djokovic's visa saga. What is happening right now? A hastily convened Federal Court hearing adjourned after lunch. Three judges are now considering submissions made by both parties. When will we get a decision? That's not clear. Chief Justice James Allsop said the judges would endeavor to give some guidance later Sunday, but he said another hearing may need to be listed for Monday morning. Isn't that a bit tight? In a word, yes. The Australian Open is set to start on Monday, with top seed Djokovic due to play his countryman Miomir Kecmanovic on Monday night. What did Djokovic's lawyers tell the court? They're challenging the immigration minister's decision to cancel Djokovic's visa on three grounds. The first and main ground is that the minister failed to properly consider the consequences of canceling his visa. Djokovic's lawyer Nick Wood said Immigration Minister Alex Hawke's decision to revoke his client's visa was"irrational" as he failed to consider the"binary alternative" that the act itself could galvanize anti-vaxxers. Wood said Hawke relied on one news article from January 6 that quoted Djokovic as saying he opposed vaccination in April 2020. But Hawke didn't seek out Djokovic's current views, Wood said. How did the minister's lawyers respond? Stephen Lloyd, acting for Hawke, said the minister didn't seek his current views because Djokovic's anti-vax attitudes were apparent by his failure to be vaccinated. He said the tennis star had plenty of opportunities to be inoculated before his arrival in Australia. He added that the perception that Djokovic opposed vaccination was enough to risk inciting anti-vaxxers in the country. He also said the tennis star's apparent disregard for Covid-19 rules meant there was a risk others would emulate his actions and ignore public health orders. What happens if Djokovic's visa is reinstated? We can assume Djokovic would try to put his court battles behind him and attempt to win his 21st grand slam. That doesn't mean the government will stand aside -- they could choose to cancel it again on other grounds, experts say. What happens if his visa is revoked? The option would remain open for Djokovic's lawyers to take his case to a higher court, but experts say time wouldn't be on his side, given the tournament is due to start in less than 24 hours. Is there a potential for another twist? Experts say if Djokovic loses, the court could request the minister grants him a temporary bridging visa which would allow him to contest the Australian Open. The visa gives recipients certain work rights with conditions, and it could be enough to allow Djokovic to compete. share with Facebook