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Breaking Bad Timeline Explained: From Saul to 'Felina'

Take a chronological ride through the events of Breaking Bad (including Better Call Saul) to prepare for El Camino.


Need a BreakingBad recap before ElCamino? Check out our comprehensive timeline, from 'Better Call Saul' to 'Felina.'

Take a chronological ride through the events of Breaking Bad (including Better Call Saul) to prepare for El Camino.

•Mid-to-late September: “Buy the R.V., we start tomorrow”

•Early October: Jesse moves home, but is forced back out when he takes the fall for his little brother after a maid finds a joint; Walt blows up a douchebag’s BMW; Walt starts chemo. (“Cancer Man”)

•Late October: Jesse and Walt have to make so much meth for Tuco that they pull off a heist for several barrels of methylamine; it turns the meth blue. Tuco accepts and then beats No-Doze to death. (“A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal”)

•Late November: Jesse moves in next door to Jane Margolis, using the name “Jesse Jackson”; Skinny Pete, Badger, and Combo begin selling for Jesse so he and Walt can lay low and they can “be Tuco” (“Breakage”); Skinny Pete gets jumped by two addicts and Jesse goes to get it back at Walt’s urging, in an episode that’s not

•Early December: Skyler goes back to work; Jesse and Jane get together;

•December 27: Holly White is born and Walt makes his first deal with Gus Fring (“Mandala,” “Phoenix”).

•Mid-February: Skyler asks Walt for a divorce; Walt rents an apartment; he tells her he’s been producing meth; Gus tells Walt he’ll give him $3 million for three months of his time and he says no (“No Más”).

•Mid-March: Gus shows Walt the lab, and Walt eventually says yes; Walt signs the divorce papers; Hank connects Jesse to the RV (“Más”); Walt begins cooking with the Walt Whitman-loving Gale; Hank calls Walt to ask questions about Jesse, and Jesse and Walt have to fend Hank off together from inside the RV to lure Hank away in time to have it destroyed (“Sunset”); Hank beats the holy crap out of Jesse, and survives an attack by the Cousins, killing one of them (“One Minute”).

•Early April: Jesse meets Andrea (Emily Rios) at an NA meeting. He also meets her young son Brock (Ian Posada), and learns that Andrea has a younger brother, Tomas—the kid who killed Combo—and that the dealers he worked for work for Gus. (“Abiquiú”)

•Jesse is on the run, and Gus brings Gale back into the lab. Walt realizes Gus is going to kill them both once Gale learns Walt’s recipe, and convinces Jesse to kill Gale. (“Full Measure”)

•Mid-May: Walt looks through Gale’s notes with Hank, who believes Gale was Heisenberg (“Bullet Points”); Jesse accompanies Mike on his rounds and “saves the day” during an attack staged by Mike and Gus, in hopes of driving a wedge between Walt and Jesse; a drunk Walt makes Hank think Heisenberg is still alive, and Hank starts looking into Los Pollos Hermanos (“Shotgun”).

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