Business, Break Out The Tumblers. The Price Of Wine Is Dropping Fast - Cnn

Business, Break Out The Tumblers. The Price Of Wine Is Dropping Fast - Cnn

Break out the tumblers. The price of wine is dropping fast

Let's raise our tumblers and toast to cheaper wine.

2/16/2020 11:30:00 PM

The price of wine is expected to drop to its lowest levels in five years thanks, in part, to a surplus of California grapes as well as a decreased demand for wine

Let's raise our tumblers and toast to cheaper wine.

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U.S. cannot shield Trump from rape accuser's defamation lawsuit, judge rules

A federal judge on Tuesday rejected a U.S. government request to drop Donald Trump as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit by a writer who said the president falsely denied raping her in a Manhattan department store a quarter century ago.

Yes! Franzia about to be BOGO! Ew California wine Climate Change Everyone's just holding out 'til the hemp-infused runs hit the market! Demand is down because we get all the whine we can stand right here on Twitter. Prolly cause more people turning to cannabis instead I guess it’s time to break out the big glass!

Cause it's Gross. One of the biggest dissapoints of my adult life. You would think wine would taste like yummy grapes. It doesn't... bleck who remembers the huge fires that ravaged wine farms I love how the article doesn’t mention that the wine market is saturated with garbage; many wines are just different brand labels with the same junky sweetened blends in the bottle.

Finally some good news 🍷🍷 Who needs bloated, jammy, Californian wine when gin exists? 🤷🏽‍♀️🍸 If it’s quality wine you’re after, disregard this article. Australia had a “wine lake” as well back in early 2000s. It just meant poor quality was in abundance. Good quality? Ya. Don’t expect any discounts.

Chinese not buying since the trade war. On the plus side our sales in Australia have risen. Cheers Trump 🍷 cc Moskvaa Never touched that California stuff since the arsenic issue a few years ago, which appears to be ongoing according to a new lawsuit from last year. I only drink foreign wine which is not as expensive as many think.

Yeah, give me a ton Traces of Bayer’s weed-killing chemical discovered in popular wines and beers Decreased demand for wine? Not in my families homes! KAREN CRAGG? CASEY Koelsch? Beware recovering boozers This is a ruse to get you back on the good stuff then make the prices high again Wine is gross Seems like more people in California are switching to pot. Yahoo!!🤪👍

Sweet Who drinks wine in a tumbler ? A decreased demand for wine? What the hell! I thought the vinyards were destroyed in the brush fires. Distill brandy. Wine is the cause of vintage crime Unfortunately, in this banana republic, people have had to move on to hard liquor. You say the demand has decreased in Carlifornia. Don't generalize your post


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From a glacier break to record temperatures, Antarctica had quite the week in climate changeThis week, an iceberg the size of Atlanta broke off a glacier. Researchers discovered a dramatic decline in Antarctic penguin colonies. And Antarctica may have just registered its hottest temperature ever. Did you mention that it's Trump's fault? I didn't catch that in this read, odd........ Constant Negative News No no no.........trumpy said climate change is all bullshit and I believe him because trumpy never lies. Obviously being sarcastic, but I have to add that in otherwise trumpanzees will actually think I'm being serious.