Bangbangcon 21

Bangbangcon 21

Break Out The Lightsticks: BTS Is Bringing Back Bang Bang Con

Over 50 million fans tuned in for last year's inaugural livestream. Get ready for round two

4/12/2021 8:45:00 PM

.BTS_twt is bringing the thrill and comfort of live shows to fans virtually with BANGBANGCON21 💜

Over 50 million fans tuned in for last year's inaugural livestream. Get ready for round two

5th Muster [Magic Shop],the group's multi-day fan club event that was originally held back in June 2019. It all culminates with a high-energy concert from the group'sLove Yourself: Speak Yourselftour that was held in São Paulo in May 2019.

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Over 50.6 million fans tuned in to watch Bang Bang Con last year, with 2.24 million concurrent viewers streaming the event simultaneously and proudly waving their lightsticks in over 162 different regions. In June of the same year, BTS heldBang Bang Con: The Live

, their first online concert that garnered 756,000 paid viewers from over 107 regions around the world. Read more: MTV NEWS »

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🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Ready for love So there’s EST and PST. Which did you think KST was 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ You're a little late, sweetie You should change your dn to MTV NEWS(slow). This was so awkward, oh man Okay so I gave it to RecordingAcad so fair is fair...... Add this to your preferred browser favourites.... I feel sad for them at this point😌

shining ✨ through🌺the🎈city🏙with💕a🧚🏻little🤏🏻funk 🥳 and soul ✨, light🔥it💋up⚡️like🌈dynamite🧨óÖøōo I vote Dynamite for BestMusicVideo at the 2021 iHeartAwards BTS_twt baby naurr

You're so slow dude 😂 SandaliDisara Dude you are late. By a lot. STOP CLOUT CHASING! YOU DON'T EVEN PLAY BTS_twt MV's Clown 🤡😇 I vote BTSARMY for BestFanArmy at the 2021 iHeartAwards BTS_twt ARMY plz rt 😂😂😂😂😂 Light sticks..? No we have our Army bombs. And you don’t break them you just switch them on. Such basics..🙄

bestie... this is embarrassing... sigh, just go stream their discography, let's be useful for once, shall we?👍🏿😚 late

Yikes 😬 Don't you think you're little late And also not lightsticks bestiee its army bomb 🧍🏻‍♀️ guys it's tomorrow Late Kam se kam apne aap ko update to rakha karo, bhenchod Well yeah they BROUGHT IT back, like almost 20 hours ago 👀 the embarrassment Umm you're a little late😃😃 Oh honey. Set your clock to Korean Stand Time next time 🤣🤣🤣

A day light saving time? maybe from a different time zone outer space?! What a joke!! Umm okayy now make me travel back to yesterday 😒 Sweetie I- Click bait Not everything has to be in EST, CST, MST, GMT or PST and that’s okay You’re tweeting from your drafts yesterday, yeah? Should’ve done it by then ya know?

LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣 there's a whole world out there guys. The earth is round ya know, hence the existence of time zones. This is definitely a miss. Learn about timezone 😪

ITS BEEN OVER FOR HOURS Grammy 🤝 MTV News Congrats on reporting late. You share the same brain cells, I see. You’re Too late to the party honey ! Well, latest we don't have to worry about you getting BTS tickets, y'all be getting wrong times. Western media fail to read the time zones all the time when it comes to BTS when that is the FIRST thing you need to learn right after their names.

surely you could make the effort to correct this tweet? Well MTV, you could ride on our high by showing some MVs on your channel I guess, but NOT THE SAME 1-HOUR MATERIAL LOOPED 24X Gross.....get your heads from up your arsenal MTV.... the whole world doesn't revolve around the crappy US.....just because you're the loudest doesn't mean everyone has to listen to your nonsense. I'm disgusted, aren't you even a bit embarrassed

I vote BTSARMY for BestFanArmy at iHeartAwards 2021 BTS_twt

.-. pal, did you even read the article? literally you tweeted this when it was already over Waaaaaaay too late... The ARMY bombs are already safely tucked away and the batteries removed. 😬😬 It's over bro Really?!? Did you not understand the whole “different time zones” thing? American ARMY was there, even if American media missed it entirely. I’m in the PST and was awake all last night to watch.

BTS_twt 😱😱😱 BTS_twt Listen to my new favorite song