Brazil’s losing battle against covid-19

Governors who want to enforce lockdowns face a fight with supporters of Brazil's president

5/29/2020 1:00:00 AM

Governors who want to enforce lockdowns face a fight with supporters of Brazil's president

The country entered the pandemic with some advantages. Because of Jair Bolsonaro it is squandering them

N1, covid-19 exploits Brazil’s weaknesses. Rich travellers brought the virus, but it is now concentrated in poor neighbourhoods like Paraisópolis, where people are packed together and have jobs without contracts or benefits. That makes social distancing hard. A monthly benefit of 600 reais ($110) introduced in April has helped millions of informal workers, but long queues of people unable to obtain it are still forming at banks.

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What makes social distancing harder is that Brazil’s populist president, Jair Bolsonaro, scoffs at the medical establishment and its advice. He has quarrelled with and lost two health ministers since the crisis began. His attitude to covid-19 resembles that of President Donald Trump: both tout hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug that is useless against covid-19 and can be dangerous, according to a new study in the

Lancet.Mr Bolsonaro’s attitude causes more damage, however. Brazil’s federal system is more president-centred than America’s. To work well in a crisis, all levels of government must co-operate. Luiz Henrique Mandetta, Brazil’s health minister when the outbreak began, held daily meetings with state and municipal health secretaries to plan for getting and distributing money, tests and equipment to combat the pandemic. But after Mr Bolsonaro sacked him on April 16th those meetings ended. “The

SUSis a three-legged animal,” Mr Mandetta says. “If you cut off one of its legs, it starts to go in circles.”Rich states with relatively strong health systems are coping better. In the state of São Paulo co-ordination among municipal and state health agencies and the private sector helped open thousands of hospital beds, including in stadiums and convention centres. Even so, in the city more than 90% of intensive-care beds are occupied. Douglas Cardozo, an auxiliary nurse at Hospital do Campo Limpo, south of Paraisópolis, says that staff lack bodysuits and other necessities. At least 50 patients a day check in with covid-19 symptoms, he says. Two colleagues have died from it.

In poorer regions of Brazil the health system is buckling. Less than a month after the first covid case was reported on March 13th in Manaus, a city of 2m in the Amazon rainforest, the mayor said that its system had collapsed. A promised field hospital has failed to materialise and mass graves are being dug for victims, some of whom are dying on boats en route to the city.

The weaker the health system, the more it needs the protection of strict lockdowns. But Mr Bolsonaro has made these a wedge issue. He shows up at weekly protests in Brasília, the capital, against quarantines. Unlike in some European countries, Brazilians do not come to their front doors and windows to applaud health workers. Their covid clamour signals conflict. When Mr Bolsonaro says something incendiary, his fans drive around blasting car horns in approval while his critics bang pots and pans. In municipalities where support for Mr Bolsonaro is strong, adherence to social distancing is correspondingly weak, according to a recent paper by Nicolas Ajzenman, an economist, and two other authors.

This forces governors and mayors to fight on several fronts. Mr Bolsonaro mounted a legal challenge to their quarantine orders, which the Supreme Court rejected on April 15th. João Doria, the centre-right governor of São Paulo state, says that to implement a strict lockdown “would mean a clear confrontation with millions of Brazilians” who support Mr Bolsonaro. (Critics say he wants to avoid angering businessfolk.) Some Brazilians are merely confused. They ask themselves: “whom should I listen to, the governor or the president?” says Mr Doria.

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This adds to the economic and cultural forces that jam people together even as the president divides them. Just half in São Paulo are adhering to lockdown rules. To stop the virus’s spread 70% is needed, says the state’s government. On bustling Avenida Senador Teotônio Vilela on the city’s southern periphery more than 20 shoppers browse in a variety store, ducking in and out under half-lowered metal shutters. Reinildo Carneiro, a construction worker, donned a puppy-print mask and popped into a bar in Paraisópolis for a game of snooker. “You’re more vulnerable if you get depressed from staying at home,” he says. Beer kills the virus, he read on WhatsApp.

Mr Bolsonaro will not set him straight. His presidency is consumed by melodrama. In a two-hour video of a cabinet meeting released by the country’s Supreme Court and watched by millions of Brazilians, he gave himself over to unhinged and profanity-filled rants against police investigations of his sons but had little to say about protecting citizens from the pandemic. Widespread testing, a precondition for easing lockdowns safely, is not happening. By May 26th Brazil had processed fewer than 500,000 tests, just a tenth of the number acquired by the health ministry. Its testing rate is far lower than that of European countries and the United States.

Governors are yielding to pressure anyway. Mr Doria announced plans to begin opening parts of his state, including the city of São Paulo. At the city’s São Luis cemetery 3,000 fresh graves await covid-19 victims. Several hundred have been filled. The cemetery’s old average of 11 burials a day has jumped to more than 40, says a gravedigger. Most graves are covered with flowers but unmarked due to a backlog in engraving the plaques. A banner warns about Zika. None is needed for covid-19, says the gravedigger. “Once people lose a family member, they finally believe.”

■Editor’s note: This article has been updated to include more information about Mr Doria’s plans to open up parts of São Paulo state. Read more: The Economist »

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What goes around comes around Sounds familiar Liars. Virus spreads on its pace in every country of the world. In Brazil, number of new cases are dramatically falling as well as new deaths. Biggest state capitals are reopening shops and new cases are still falling there. Disclosure: the graph is updated regularly

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'I told you so', Mr. Sambainyourlungs Trump is next Karma With that attitude, it was only a matter of time Communist tabloid. It will be difficult to tame the Covid-19 virus when large numbers of people are thwarting recommended important health safety procedures. I would remind everyone that 99% of the Titanic did not hit the iceberg.

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In Peru which had to strongest lockdowns of SA, their death rate per capita is same as Brazil. People were faced with Covid or Starve. Sad. gerhardpfister This piece has more to do with propaganda about ideological opponents then about reality. What abt Xi Jinping?Oh, he’s corrupt leftist dictator the type you ID with! Now tell us abt the Ldrs from Hungary,Poland,right wingers,BAD!!

I regret to inform you, but Brazil is winning the war against covid-19. Check the current statistics, pls. Both are Death in suits! Lots of generalizations as always. We're losing the battle for now. Sadly politics stood in the way. We're counting corpses of our countrymen while some politicians and lunatics count the votes they'll get.

Both ways Brazil is gone lost. Lockdown and the economy cannot survive and without curfew style military lockdown people will not survive. It's a lose lose situation. And they aren't the only country Yellow journalism... Se causa mais danos porque é que os governadores mais 'quarentenísticos' estão com os maiores numeros de mortes pelo vírus chinês?

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Brazilian democracy is extremely fragile at the moment. The president is threatening to close down the Supreme Court and imprisoning it’s judgedes to avoid investigation. Him and his government speak openly of a potential coup d’etat Inhago He is a shame to Brazil! Gleich dummes Brazil has 215M de inhabitants

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Os estados do Paraná, Minas Gerais, Goiás e Rio Grande estão dando um Show. Os de SP, Rio de Janeiro, Amazonas , Ceará e amigos só sabem brigar por poder, e perderam o controle da pandemia.

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