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Brazil registers 26,051 new cases of coronavirus, 602 deaths

Brazil registers 26,051 new cases of coronavirus, 602 deaths

7/6/2020 1:35:00 AM

Brazil registers 26,051 new cases of coronavirus, 602 deaths

Brazil recorded 26,051 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours as well as 602 deaths, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

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Trump privately discussing replacing Defense Secretary Esper after election

President Donald Trump has privately discussed with advisers the possibility of replacing Defense Secretary Mark Esper after the November election following a growing number of differences between them, a source familiar with the internal debate said on Wednesday.

China deliberately spreads the covid 19 virus, and I firmly believe that one day China will pay a heavy price for it. Except for some dictators in third world countries and Russia who have been bribed by Chinese government money, the world does not trust China. China exports covid19 and inferior medical products and spreads rumors.Chinese media and Chinese social networks are seeking spiritual support every day:killing whites,killing blacks,killing Indians, killing Japanese,killing Muslims. China is the enemy of all people in the world.

I would still go to Brazil in a heart beat And that is because Sundays have had the highest undernotification rates historically. Otherwise, it would be over 1,000 deaths and over 40 thousand new cases, as it's been during week days for the last months. 😰😷😰 😪 Tremendous number per a day .😪😪😪 China Kills the World

My GOD!!! This world could really use some DIVINE Intervention. Brazil, I am still praying for all of you. Please, help us trash Fake BolsonaroGenocide S.O.S BRAZIL Pence Warns of Young People Testing Positive as Hot Spots Worsen [' Virus Survivors Could Suffer Severe Health Effects for Years [' Fauci says coronavirus may be mutating to become more infectious:

Fauci Says U.S. Risks 100,000 Daily Cases in Dire Virus Warning [' When Bolsonaro will not leave Trump alone. Bloodsonaro Cases? IDGAF about case numbers. Give me the fatality number. That's what used to matter to the MSM. Ho hum... mother nature’s revenge for the government supported destruction of the Amazon!

FAKE NEWS!!! There’s a lag time in the deaths. Donald Trump: Hold my beer Its neck and neck between the worlds biggest COVIDIDIOTS realDonaldTrump he's gaining on you! ForaBolsonaro That picture isn’t going to scare me. I’m American. And the picture of the coffins is designed to do what-scare the vulnerable? I am sure that breaches your media code and probably lies within criminal law as a breach of media duty to be fair and impartial....

Thanks to its great leader Moronsaro! Fauci Says U.S. Risks 100,000 Daily Cases in Dire Virus Warning [' jairbolsonaro

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Brazil set to pass 1.5 million coronavirus cases, cities reopen anyway Brazil was set to pass 1.5 million confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday, as the virus continues to ravage Latin America's largest country even as cities reopen bars, restaurants and gyms sparking fears infections will keep rising. Can you please support the backlogged immigrants. S386 it takes 150 years for a person to get green card and his kids dont have any future because of this. PassS386 Trump south is at it again

Brazil registers 37,923 new cases of coronavirus, 1,091 deaths Brazil recorded 37,923 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours as well as 1,091 deaths, the Health Ministry said on Saturday. EMPERORhasNOclothes in 2007 i was diagnoised with tuberculosis n was given 2 yrs 2 live unless i toke the liver killing treatmenti was sups healthy n running 5km everyday. I opted NO treament I just completed my 1st IRONMANtri last summer. So think In the battle against the virus, some countries put economics and politics first. Now they are losing the battle, the economics, and the politics. Is there a way we can blame this on Trump?

Brazil health regulator Anvisa allows Chinese COVID-19 vaccine trial Brazil ian health regulator Anvisa on Friday approved clinical trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine developed by China's Sinovac, according to an official gazette publication. Chinese COVID19 vaccine trial, he, he... 'Great news for china' they've finally found faithful and loyal Ginny pigs to test their fatal and uncertain syrup.... the creator of virus , spread it across the globe and trying to make a vaccine to be able to sell it back and make billions. cheap chinese tactics