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Brazil jumps to world No. 2 in coronavirus cases, behind the U.S.

Brazil jumps to world No. 2 in coronavirus cases, behind the U.S.

5/23/2020 2:59:00 AM

Brazil jumps to world No. 2 in coronavirus cases, behind the U.S.

Brazil became the world No. 2 hotspot for coronavirus cases on Friday, second only to the United States, after it confirmed that 330,890 people had been infected by the virus, overtaking Russia, the Health Ministry said.

In Sao Paulo, the worst hit city, aerial video showed rows of open plots at the Formosa Cemetery as it rushed to keep up with demand.Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has been widely criticized for his handling of the outbreak and is at the center too of a deepening political crisis.

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The former army captain has seen his poll ratings drop, hurt by his opposition to social distancing measures, support of the unproven remedy chloroquine, and tussles with experienced public health officials.The true number of cases and deaths is likely higher than the figures suggest, as Latin America’s top economy has been slow to ramp up testing.

The outbreak is accelerating. On Monday, Brazil overtook Britain to become the country with the third highest number of infections. It surpassed Russia on Friday, but is unlikely to pass the United States soon. The world’s No 1 economy has more than 1.5 million cases.

Since the outbreak began, Bolsonaro has lost two health ministers, after pressuring them to promote the early use of anti-malarial drugs like chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Several high-profile public health experts have also left. Many have been replaced by soldiers.

On Wednesday, Interim Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello, an active-duty army general, authorized new guidelines for the wider use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in mild cases.Reporting by Pedro Fonseca; Writing by Gabriel Stargardter; Editing by Chris Reese and Rosalba O'Brien

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What? Another country with a total baffoon as a leader having a high number of deaths? I don’t see a trend at all... But they have a drug trial for Galidesivir from Biocryst which is very similar to Remdesivir going on as I tweet in Brasil. Why would Bolsonaro behave this way? Well they did elect the ‘Trump of the Tropics’ after all

number 3. You have to conclude by logical inference that millions died in China. The mere numbers terms of density and lack of early response can not point to anything other than many millions of deaths of the Chinese people. I hope the MotherF gets INFECTED to teach him a Bleeding Lesson ! Stay safe 🙏🙏 the immense relief of Boris Johnson. MiteiRober 😪😭 This is so heartbreaking 💔💔💔 Oh they finally caught on! How big graveyards going to be! Too big! They'll cover the whole planet! We'll have to tear everything down! Λυπαμαι richardweiner I was watching a little TV and they said that the majority of the people in the hospital are mostly in their 40's and a lot also in their 30's.

It's kinda good. Less human there = less deforestation. Ppl. Don't always look at the sad n short part. Look at the bright side and also the long-term side. Not end yet, it’s just a matter of time to surpass U.S That is so tragic..weak hearted please avoid this graphics. Kmmk Bolsonaro and his cabinet members are monsters.

Salym Our God May Have Mercy For Us To Such Kind Of Epidemic Disease.👏 ThinkersPad That picture is propoganda Boussemaer Ratio? Salym Our God May Protect Us! That's exactly what the idiot bolsonaro had planned. kinahuzu In the Covid 19 world leaders race Trump and Bolosnsro of Brazil leading the track Great for them Jack ass

Twitter thanks to the life form taking up space in the house we built we are still in first place! This’s fakenews. The number of deaths in Brazil during the same period of the year is lower than last year. This pandemic is false. Here, when a person dies an accident, he leaves on his death certificate COVID19. Hospital makes more money and the mayor is happy. 💪🏻 undertakers!

Funny how radical extremists governments like England, America and Brazil are failing so much... My God, what a horrible sight. Jair Bolsonaro shares responsibility This is what happens when wrong people capture right position at wrong times. LeonardoLarue Brazil's president has to take all the blame Inalillah wainna ilaih rajhun.. May allah protect us against the pendamic

equitylist Turbo capitalism/neoliberalism 😢 I don’t think bolsonaros doing a good job with the presidential thing The notification numbers here are very low. There are many more infected and dead but the president doesn't care. He only thinks about himself, his criminal children and businessmen. And their total tested rate is relatively low, the actual affected figure would be much more worse

A Amazônia está inflamada! E, principalmente, os povos Amazônicos estão sendo vítimas de Fake News, passando por grandes problemas além, é claro, da Covid-19. Estão sendo acuados por grileiros e garimpeiros apoiados pelo governo fascista de bolsonaro. Well America’s Number 1 alright... Sounds like its some sort of twisted Olympic competition. The winner is ultimately the loser n the loser ultimately the winner.

This has literally become the worlds sickest race. Brazil is poor country Show the dead bodies to the CCP, and Xi!! Trump number 1 and followed by his best friend Bolsonaro number 2👍👍 Going for the gold 被美国坑成这样了,寒❤️ Ok. But how many per million? In Brazil and the US?! The president of Brazil does not care about the lives of people.They're not even as good as the gangs in Rio.

this pic always breaks my heart MSpadine What a depressing site? Brazil on May 23: 332382 positives out of 735224 tested (45.2% positivity). There is something wrong with the testing! And what do these two countries have in common? Two delusional leaders, who deny there is even problem. “Liberate!” “So what?” “Open up!”

they have a very good president.... I’m sure the US has significantly more positive cases, but they don’t have more testing. Cases are not death and wont be. YorukIsik While the cases of viruses were announced in the countries, the people in Brazil did not care about it and did the rio carnival. Trump y Bolsonaro juntos al precipicio !!!

Really sad.... Bolsonaro running behind his friend Trump..... what a disgrace. wow - if there were only some similarities between the countries' 'leaders.' That's what we call globalist propaganda! Faking the reality? Shame on you, ! Our death rate is much lower than Europe. And our president isn't Soro's BITCH!

Not to be outdone trump calls for churches to reopen; a move sure to secure trump’s 1 place worldwide in COVIDー19 cases and deaths. Trump: “Took me 2 months to wrack up 100K deaths - watch me now!!” MAGA2020 MAGA MAGAts The president of Brazil is following the lead of the US president. The whole point of this virus was to hurt Trump, others got hurt as a cover for the real target, I know how these evil schemes work. The Dems and the fakenews are in league with China, evidence can be found in how they cover for China constantly. They want to twist this on Trump

So sad. 😥 So sad Same kind of president, same results. Give it a week .. You'll never win, USA USA USA!!! We number one This is what happens when you elect ignorant and incompetent. Ryan Lochte was right about that place. Maybe bolsonaro can finally be happy to be close to his role model or maybe God, Trump

Blessed healing brazil 和川普类似的总统,必定是这样的结果。 Propaganda BolsonaroGenocida Really, why don’t you publish how we are ranked in deaths per million people? Hmmm we both have incompetent leadership in common.... we gonna win this one wooot brasil 1 Both have bad presidents that played it down. There you go... Two countries run by hard-right pseudo-dictators. Coincidence? I think not.

😭 Dr. Trump already prescribed Hydroxy chloroquine to Jair Bolsonaro FAKE NEWS!! America is still on top, numero uno. Will the Brazil president do more pushups? *shrug* When you elect bad leaders, bad things happen. Do Trump, Bolsanaro, and Putin have a bet on who can kill the most citizens in their respective countries?

Woohoo go Brazil You can do it!!! Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro have been complacent. Now the pandemic has made them all vulnerable Tamo fudido por aqui 🆘

Brazil suffers record daily coronavirus death toll, soon to be world No. 2 Brazil suffered a record of 1,188 daily coronavirus deaths on Thursday and is fast approaching Russia to become the world's No. 2 COVID-19 hot spot behind the United States. Isn’t true! It’s fake news. in cases, this friday in deaths, in two weeks we need help

Coronavirus cases surging in Brazil.BillNeelyNBC reports from Brazil where coronavirus cases are surging and discusses how Brazil 's President Jair Bolsonaro is downplaying the virus. 'There are two viruses in Brazil , coronavirus, and Bolsonaro virus.' BillNeelyNBC jairbolsonaro He Did the Donald Trump and Turned his back on his Country like Trump did to Americans! Trump has burial pits as well in NY! It’s disgusting how the Stovk Market means more to him than Veterans and Americans that are dying every day through no fault of themselves BillNeelyNBC My heart goes out to everyone suffering from Coronavirus world wide, their families, and those who've passed on. This virus is a nightmare. I hope we get a vaccine sooner than later. BillNeelyNBC 2% of active cases are serious or critical. Imagine (a) how many are elderly already on their death bed, God be with them and (b) how many undiagnosed cases there are with mild or no symptoms... OPEN NOW

Brazil suffers record 1,188 daily coronavirus deaths Brazil registered a record of 1,188 daily coronavirus deaths on Thursday, with more than 20,000 total fatalities from the coronavirus outbreak, the Health Ministry said. Fake news? It is summer down there. Jair Bolsonaro, like Trump, here in the states, this is 100% on you! Es una gripeciña dijo bolsonazi

Brazil passes 20,000 coronavirus deaths – latest updatesGlobal coronavirus pandemic kills over 334,000 people. Here’re updates: 🇧🇷 Brazil suffers record 1,188 daily deaths 🇺🇦IMF reaches staff agreement for $5 bln Ukraine financing 🇭🇹Virus detected in Haiti's largest prison For more: OllyOllyInFree FakeNewsSpreader Imprensa de lixo e esgoto turcu! As coronavirus death toll surges past 334,600 worldwide with more than 2 million recoveries, let’s look at how Covid-19 is affecting the world 😓

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Brazil expands use of unproven drug as virus toll rises Brazil expands use of unproven drug as coronavirus death toll rises. They are smarter than the Democrats in this country Biden Ukraine tapes released