‘Brave New World,’ ‘Lovecraft Country’ and Other Shows to Look for This Summer

The best new TV premiering this summer

5/29/2020 1:00:00 PM

The best new TV premiering this summer

Television has been a year-round business for quite some time now, with everyone from traditional broadcasters to cable to newer streaming networks looking to hook the captive audience that prefers…

Illustration: Variety; TV Stills: Courtesy of Peacock, HBO, Disney +, HuluTelevision has been a year-round business for quite some time now, with everyone from traditional broadcasters to cable to newer streaming networks looking to hook the captive audience that prefers air conditioning and relaxation over frolicking outside during the hottest months of the year.

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This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, some recent summer staples on the small screen, from FX’s “Pose” to HBO’s “Succession,” have been put on pause and won’t deliver new episodes imminently.But that is not cause for alarm, as there are plenty of other players who have their seasons in the can and are ready to provide entertainment over the next few months. HBO Max and Peacock alone are both launching with a slew of new scripted and unscripted series and library titles.

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Disney World Hopes To Reopen July 11—With New Precautions In PlaceDisney revealed plans to reopen its Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida, on July 11—with new precautions in place by iamsternlicht iamsternlicht There is life iamsternlicht iamsternlicht Buddy Dyer is the Orlando mayor. Jerry Demings is the mayor of Orange County.

Bright Eyes Share New Dispatch From the End of the World, 'One and Done'Bright Eyes have shared a new song, “One and Done,' featuring Flea — and it's an exhausted but stoic accounting of a crumbling world conoroberst Conor Oberst is pretty fuckin' cool, Man. conoroberst Oooooo La La! FN Sweet. I know the heavy hitters are on there. I’m stoked to hear this. conoroberst Damn.. That’s the jam ma’am! Flea and Jon getting to show out a bit. Sounds like it could be on Moon & Antarctica.

Dolly Parton Gifts Fans A New Song Envisioning A Better World After COVID-19In “When Life is Good Again,” the country music icon vows to live 'more in the moment' once the coronavirus pandemic is behind us. Who cares

Mobile Game Spending Hits New World Record of 1.2B Weekly DownloadsAccording to the latest report from data and analytics provider App Annie, weekly mobile gaming downloads spiked to a record high of 1.2 billion amid coronavirus-related lockdowns Somebody tell this to the film & television industry so they can get creative & get working again like UFC, SNL & WWE. They can & should be finding ways to get their crews back to work & new content out. It CAN be done with isolated, closed sets & some innovative thinking.

New Zealand discharges last coronavirus hospital patient after seeing zero new cases for 5 daysThe last coronavirus patient was discharged from the hospital in New Zealand, as the country saw five consecutive days without any new cases. It’s funny how a country where a leader took things seriously from the get-go has managed to contain it instead of relying denying its existence — saying it will just go away — blaming everyone else for it — saying without them millions could have died. Weird!! 🤷🏻‍♂️ So virtue signaling is the only cure for the Corona Virus... Great news! Why can’t we do that here in the US?

Thailand reports 11 new coronavirus cases, no new deathsThailand on Thursday reported 11 new coronavirus cases and no new deaths, bringing its total to 3,065 confirmed cases and 57 fatalities since the outbreak started in January. Meanwhile in America... 101,000 dead Americans.