Health, Brain Scans Don't Lie: The Minds Of Girls And Boys Are Equal İn Math - Cnn

Health, Brain Scans Don't Lie: The Minds Of Girls And Boys Are Equal İn Math - Cnn

Brain scans don't lie: The minds of girls and boys are equal in math

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11/8/2019 6:45:00 PM

Several studies have already debunked the myth that boys are innately better at math than girls, Now, researchers have brain imaging that proves young children use the same mechanisms and networks in the brain to solve math problems no matter their gender.

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Now, researchers also have brain imaging that proves young children use the same mechanisms and networks in the brain to solve math problems no matter their gender. 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How are you? Do you have a good evening? nudes sex6😆😮🏊😴 Now do a study as to why men are more likely to be mass shooters than women. I call bullshit from CNN again Science never lie. It is the role for parents and teachers to engage both boys and girls equally in math. Why does cnn contribute to the division of everything imaginable in America? Makes ya wonder.

When was this ever a common-held belief? There's something about maths that just doesn't add up. 🤣🤣🤣 Duh. My daughter is a double major. Physics and math. I was a poly sci major ... Who ever thought that anyway? There are differences yes, but brain power isn’t one of them Who said otherwise? Young children yes. But what after puberty?

Is that so? Looking forward to female ditch digging and road gangs. Plus a better representation in risk taking. Where the rubber meets the road. I play as well as Roger Federer because the pattern of brain processing shots and making decisions is the same. It's not what you are underneath but what you do that defines you. - Batman begins.

This must be why my physics teacher said he'd taught girls for 1/3 of his career and sometimes we were almost as good as boys. Then do better What was the gender of the people who did the study though? Cool How abput asian being better at math? The fact that boys score higher than girls on the SAT means nothing to identify political hacks. Believe you or my lying eyes?

I loved math, until I didn't. I thought gender was a social construct? This study seems transphobic I guess the schools run by democrats are to blame, then. What they fail to understand is that men in general have a greater interest in mathematics then women do. That's where the idea comes from. However, a woman, who's brilliant and who has a love for math can totally rock the math world!

Umm we needed a study for this? I didn’t know there was still an ongoing debate about this Girls are just as smart they just don't care about math as much. Gotta love these scientists. Everything g changes every year. Do u know one year tomatoes caused cancer but ketchup didn’t. It’s these things that we can make fun of

Finally some truth from FakeNewsMedia 🤣 Dennis17Viper But what about the other 57 genders? Screw several studies. Screw myth. What st*pid myth! Anybody can know Maths; it's common sense the world over. It's all about interest. Then, growing up, other attributes & opportunities complement the individual's knowledge of Maths when it comes to its practical application.

When was that ever an argument? i'm bad at math. Now how many of those are Asian And it took Scientists testing to show this. I still think that homophobic fools won't catch it!¡ Chromosomes on the other hand are notorious liars. Since when the fuck has this been going on? I had never heard of this shit lmao

File this under “no shit.” EXACTLY but studies aren't needed Instead ALL children should be valued instead of bull💩 & insignificant studies What myth? I've never heard this in my entire life. Separation of gender in schools is a must for young girls to succeed and prove themselves. Tested and proved in 3rd world’s countries, mine is one of those, and majority of schools in the Middle East, especially Palestine .

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