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Boycotthomedepot, Politics

#BoycottHomeDepot trends after store's co-founder pledges to donate to Donald Trump 2020 campaign

#BoycottHomeDepot trends after store's co-founder pledges to donate to Donald Trump 2020 campaign


BoycottHomeDepot trends after store's co-founder pledges to donate to Donald Trump 2020 campaign

Bernard Marcus, who donated $7 million to Trump's 2016 campaign , says he plans on funding the president's re-election.

he helped fund Trump's 2016 campaign, and planned on doing so again.

He added:"The truth is he has produced more than anybody else. He has. If we look at this country, I would say that we are better off today than we were eight years ago or six years ago."

Home Depot CEO Bernie Marcus poses for a portrait in a Home Depot store October 15, 1998.

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I don't shop there, Lowe's is closer to my house. Bb0y73 That’s why we prefer Lowes BoycottHomeDepot Discussting On the one hand we have a guy who created f’ing HomeDepot and on the other we have the people who brought you race baiting, open borders, cities in ruins, hi taxes and false rape accusations. I’ll take Home Depot.

People can dance as much as you they want, but Once you leave this world empty handed and nobody go with you. He is not donor but real trader, I help you to get elected and you pay me back Lowe's is better, anyway. I'd say 'guess I'll go to Menard's'... but John Menard is just as much of a Right Wing douchebag who has no problem buying politicians. (Just look up his record on environmental issues)

Take the NeverHomeDepot challenge. BoycottHomeDepot ! Now really do your homework and seek out the Triangle with Trump, Home Depot, and NASCAR... Then watch the fun. Oh nice, Im going to shop their more!

A new poll shows Trump has a major shot at being reelected in 2020There's still over a year until Election Day and a lot could change in the coming months, but Trump's re-election campaign is in a solid position. Thoughts and prayers, pedophile. Love our president! He LOVES AMERICA From pedophiles?

Idiots because of Donald Trump's tax break Home Depot is able to hire more people than normal just like Lowe's Walmart and most other stores right now you people don't seem to understand tax breaks are for corporate companies it trickles down to us by jobs and low prices ann_crossley Support independent hardware and lumber yards.

BoycottHomeDepot Lowe's has my business now. Idiots. SCREW the BOYCOTT people F you people Home Depot is a great company and I will shop there all the time. The boycott LIBS are what they are. Love this guy.... Boycotting for expressing a choice? Really? Stop! Think! This is a gross thinking error. This hurts everyone.

Never go in there again! There is one in my town but I guess I’ll be driving to Lowes now when my local hardware store doesn’t have what I need. BoycottHomeDepot I'm a Lowes girl....but now I'll have to throw a few dollars at Home Depot Just sold my stock. Happy to invest elsewhere. My money will not support a willfully ignorant bigot who brags about serial sexual assault, defends Nazis, lies with impunity, and enriches his businesses every day at the cost of the American taxpayer.

Justin Amash resigns from House committee after dumping GOPRep. Justin Amash formally left the GOP conference and resigned from the House Oversight Committee today Only Republican with balls. The rest are cowards and not real Republicans. anonys justinamash May not be a Republican anymore but he is still a KochWhore and will continue to divide us. the real walkaway

Is so despicable Newsweek supporting this despicable The HomeDepot founder also said he's leaving his billion-dollar fortune to charity upon his death. Shamefully....that part of the interview gets omitted by the Media. The article reported Marcus like Trump's commonsense when it comes to business. Is he not aware of Trump's multiple bankruptcies?

Political campaigns can't even have donors the flag, like celebrating Independence Day, like standing for the National's just too reprehensibly American. Time to shop at Lowe’s Trump train... everything home depot Time for strictly Lowe’s BoycottHomeDepot Lowe's also seems to prefer donating to Republicans.🤷

Ok, so no Starbucks no Nike and now no HomeDepot. Did I miss one? BoycottHomeDepot BoycottStarbucks BoycottNike Can I have a TimHortons this morning?

Trump nearly as popular among college students as top Democratic presidential candidateStudent debt and the cost of higher education have already emerged as prevalent topics among 2020 presidential candidates. Trump: 'I've known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.' That's not true at all. We all know T is way behind in polls. You're bias obviously. If Biden becomes the nominee, more will get behind him.

Lol. Home Depot’s business will increase now. The left don’t seem to understand that when they show how intolerant they are through boycotting a business for some dumbass reason, the right go out of their way to support it more. This is just childish nonsense. Is Lowes any better? I'm switching to Home Depot. boycottLowes

Another failed boycott attempt by the perpetually outraged toddlers. Lowes is better anyway...better service This isn't anything new. I've been boycotting this store for years.

Donald Trump eases off Huawei as firms discover holes in his export banDonald Trump announced that American companies could start selling equipment to Huawei again. The Chinese firm viewed it as a U-turn Can you take anything this man says seriously. Ban Commies from the first world.

President Donald Trump is trying to fill two jobs at the FedChris Waller is a conventional choice for the Fed. Judy Shelton has shown distinctly more eccentric views

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday EditionPresident Donald Trump is already on the 2020 stump, devoting his early Sunday tweetstorm to partisan attacks on his arch foes, the “Dems” and Sleepy Joe Biden. The Commander-in-Tweet n…

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