Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy

BREAKING: Boy Scouts of America declares bankruptcy.


BREAKING: Boy Scouts of America declares bankruptcy.

The venerable non-profit is following the lead of the scandal-wracked Roman Catholic Church.

"This involves victims from all 50 states and several U.S. territories," he said."You’re looking at thousands of abuse survivors making claims. This is much bigger than the bankruptcy filings involving the Catholic church." In December 2018, the BSA telegraphed it might seek this remedy when it hired the Sidley Austin LLP law firm and announced it was"working with experts to explore all options available to ensure that the local and national programming of the Boy Scouts of America continues uninterrupted." Now that the Texas-based BSA has filed for bankruptcy, the U.S. Trustees Office will pick a creditors committee that will include a number of abuse victims, Pfau said. The committee, in turn, will hire a bankruptcy law firm that will represent the interests of creditors in negotiations with the BSA. The various abuse cases against the BSA that have been filed in state courts will be halted and transferred to federal bankruptcy court for adjudication, Pfau said. For the abuse victims, the BSA’s bankruptcy declaration has both pros and cons, Pfau said. "The pro is that is a far shorter process than going through a trial and the appeals process in state court,” Pfau said."The bankruptcy procedure will probably take anywhere from 18 months to two years from start to finish." "But the cons are significant," Pfau added."Each individual loses his opportunity for a jury trial in state court, which is really the most powerful weapon an abuse victim has. One of the primary reasons the BSA filed for bankruptcy is to avoid jury trials." Why? "Juries don’t like fact patterns where children are abused by trusted leaders," Pfau said."An entity like the Boy Scouts has to consider their exposure." Like the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts"have a horrible, sordid history of child abuse in the ranks," Pfau said."They fought very, very aggressively to keep the extent of the abuse from the public. Now they’re facing a wave of legislative reform that is sweeping across the country, with states revising their statutes of limitations to allow victims to sue." So for the BSA, seeking bankruptcy protection is really the only option if it hopes to survive. "It’s a real day of reckoning for the Boy Scouts," said Pfau. Founded in 1910 and long considered a bastion of traditional values, the hat it has more than 1.26 million Cub Scouts, nearly 830,000 Boy Scouts, and some 960,000 adult volunteers. Corky Siemaszko Read more: NBC News

MaddowBlog Dickle the clittor I am sad about this all everyone saying good. I was a scout and this is really sad to me. Why?! Was it too many pedophile allegations and bonafide claims of child sexual abuse that required compensation?! 🤔😐😑 MaddowBlog you forgot some pieces Damn maybe it's the homophobia and transphobia

Moral or financial? Tarde o temprano tenia que suceder los Boy Scouts of America se declaran en bancarrota tras las violaciones sexuales y las demandas correspondientes. Asco de instituciones pero eso sí, eran bien homofóbicos This is a scam so they don’t have to pay all the lawsuits from the little boys they assaulted!

Read the article before making an assumption Kinda burying the lede there. They're filing for bankruptcy because they can't afford all the child molestation/abuse lawsuits.

Boy Scouts Seek Chapter 11 Protection From Sex-Abuse LawsuitsThe Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection, as one of the country’s largest youth organizations tries to endure intensifying legal pressure over accusations of childhood sexual abuse going back decades. What now? Another cultural icon trashed. It's not a competition. It's abuse

Anyone surprised? Hide that money guys, The Sacklers showed you the blueprint This is why they are trying to increase numbers by adding girls. Does Satanism count as a religious requirement to join the scouts? Good riddance! Boys need REAL role models and it ain’t misogynistic predators! It hasn't been the boy scouts every since the women took it over

Unbelievable that this is happening when newjersey teachers union njea has a long history of defending pedo teachers and supporting lgbtqp training in nj elementary schools. NJStateBar WednesdayWisdom NewJerseyOAG PedoGate NJEdPartners LoveTeaching TeamPYC Just another irony is dead day in the age of Trump

What did they expect? They teach values so different from the mentality of both kids n adults today the entire org seems rather useless. Get woke go broke

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Obligatory Oh wow I totally would have never 'seen' this coming after the girls merged into boy scouts At a point, the crime on a sexual offense base will be redefined to leave only the most serious cases that could be proven, and that were to drive crime in that area in unmeasurable proportion, which is a process against the past and the adults and elderly, that were felt, today.

Good. If a company causes so many problems it should be shut down. This is what happens for letting girls in here It's all the left's fault. Visit here for Blogging updates Sooo many weird Trump bots in these replies 😂😂 Sad that the boyscouts attempted to appease the liberal left, but it would never be enough......

Tessa Majors Case Sees 14-Year-Old Boy Charged With MurderA 14-year-old boy was charged in connection to the murder of Tessa Majors.

MSNBC_Breaking Oh, there’s that pesky ol’ CorporateSocialism AGAIN... 🙄🇺🇸 Good. Something will fill the void anyways. They really had no choice, that are pay the law suits BITCOIN EARNING.💱 💹 Hear me out guys, Invest $100 earn $500 invest $200 earn $750 invest $300 earn $920 invest $400 earn $1200 under 3-4 days. Doesn't require a credit card, If you interested and need to know more, comment here or DM. I promise, you won't regret it.

Let's take a guess at who has been in charge of the Boy Scouts of America and been responsible for the sexual molestation of MILLIONS of young boys…: What dey look like…? Be specific…😑 bright side: earned that bankruptcy badge Do the catholic church next. They broke the scout Law and Oath

14-year-old boy charged with attempted deliberate homicide after allegedly hitting police officer with carA Montana police officer was taken to the hospital Saturday after being hit by a car driven by a 14-year-old boy, according to a news release from the Billings Police Department. Wonder how long it will take for the “poor kid “ has a hard life excuses will come out “ got in with the wrong crowd “ etc 🙄 He deliberately drove into someone, could have killed them ! i'd need a mug, f'real. juvie? talk about offensive And no home training strikes again.

It appears that reading is hard for some of the commenters here. Let me summarize: Bad man touch boy, bad man organization get sued, organization lose money. Huh 😳 Lmao boy scouts been fine all this time then yall pressured em i to adding girls now they bankrupt. Yall see it Was a great organization but every time you have somewhere with young people in it the Predators always join it! then they ruin it all! Satan still walks this Earth!

Sad, evil forces made sure they ended this! Was this not a 501C3?😳 It’s because y’all never bought no fuckin popcorn 😂 Scouts of America shd b declaring guilt. These organizations & institutions have become havens for sexual perversion for pedophiles. Be prepared, theres more to come. Trump I was lucky enough to be in a troop where I could actually trust the adults. While I think I generally benefited from the program I can't deny that religion tends to taint the purity of any idealistic organization. It's rather ironic.

14-year-old boy charged with murder in stabbing of Barnard College studentA 14-year-old boy has been charged with murder in the fatal stabbing of Tessa Majors, a Barnard freshman who was killed in December 2019 in Morningside Park, New York, police and prosecutors announced Saturday. Rashaun Weaver is facing two counts of murder in the second degree -- one count of intentional Fetish... Must hold or must have Object bleeds w/Heart Comtemptous, Manchild in Harlem. 俳句 haiku poetry Fetish... Must hold or must have Object bleeds w/Heart Contemptuous, Manchild in Harlem. 俳句 haiku poetry

I thought they’re called the Scouts now? BREAKING: NBC News obfuscates yet another instance in which our children were deliberately put in harms way and within reach of the mentally ill (trans) and child predators. Get woke, go broke. Get woke go broke That popcorn is fucking expensive. That’s why. Big question now is, does an Eagle Scout award have the same substance?

What about sales more cookies 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️ NEXT: CMC reported that lawyers are making the rounds seeking victims of Republican sexual deviancy abuse. GOP sex offenders list link: (not updated since Dennis Hastert)

Montana Boy, 12, Is Found Dead in Home, and Police Say Grandparents and Uncle 'Tortured' HimJames' family was allegedly caught on video abusing him before his death Heartbreaking 💔 Wth is wrong with people? What a terrible situation! My God bless his sweet soul.

They've been diddling for decades. Weird Trump-Boy Scout jamboree rally of 2017. Enough said. esaagar I didn’t know they were a company Nooooo! welcome to a world ran by feminists Maybe if they could sell fucking cookies this wouldn’t happen The Boy Scouts should accost you at every business you work in, grocery store you try to step in and then suck all of the living life out of you before they ask for a divorce and demand half. Only then would they be the Girl Scouts of America

better start selling more popcorn tins Get woke go broke Morally or financially?

Just out of curiosity, when is the federal legislative body gonna start passing laws that are really gonna protect our kids against pedophiles hiding in the dark behind positions of authority? There should be no where to hide! Rough. Wondered if it was coming a couple years ago when they let girls in....

The BSA was morally bankrupt a while ago. Bankrupting the Boy Scouts was the goal. L Fucking yeet pnoytrader Yikes W for the city girls (scouts) Maybe they should start selling cookies Funny. The pedophile adult male leaders were harassing little boys back in the 50’s. Well before “woke” was a thing 🤦🏻‍♀️

MaddowBlog That’s thanks to crooked trump support 😑 sheylag13 siguen los de aquí :o nice realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr boyscoutsUSA Mr President, please make the Boy Scouts Great Again! It’s truly no wonder. realDonaldTrump is the worst role model the country could have picked. Damn bruh, what happened? realDonaldTrump

Congratulations Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch. How the fuck. Who didn’t see that coming?

24 hours a day of prison reality shows? Perhaps the Catholic Church can bail them out. Can they take the Catholic Church with them. bsa: 'we are declaring bankruptcy to protect ourselves from legal liabilities from all the kids we sexually abused' idiots: 'lol. go woke go broke' I thank luck everyday my mother not letting me join!

MSNBC maddow would love to see MikeBloomberg compensate the victims and families destroyed by his racist policies. Maybe that's in the works. What a sad sign of corrupt behavior in the institutions that are trusted to hold our Youth. I hope these signs of corruption, altogether, cause understanding in our Government.

Are they even the Boy Scouts anymore? Wow!

Them mfs shoulda been selling cookies that whole time they was tying knots Turns out sex abuse, religious indoctrination, and anti-LBGTQ bigotry aren’t good for business. Thanks coronavirus Duh Brother Coakley was my provisional Scoutmaster for two summers at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in NJ back in the '70's. He never touched me, but others weren't so lucky. The Church moved him around and he died out west never having answered for his sickening crimes.

Sadly to pay for lawsuits? They should have been selling cookies all these years.. I mean, this is tragic but I don’t really get how this is the organization’s fault.. the troops are lead by like random dads. Wouldn’t you just sue the perpetrator directly Wow all organizations need to be watched, all parents need to not give carte blanche to these organizations. What organization I thought I had good oversight was Trail life for boys

L for young kings, W for Girl Scout cookies

Well that’s that on that But the Trump economy is the best ever 🤦 ... after allowing girls to join. Yah cuz no nigga in the right mind want any fucking cheesy popcorn At least they don't sell cookies that everyone loves. This tends to happen when one bends the knee for the LGTBI leftist mob Typical trump move

Thank you LGBT Nazis, nice work! :( NOOOOOOOOOO Girl Scouts r better tho don’t me Gee who woulda thought pedos would be attracted to a group like that. They are boy scouts, it’s literally what they do!!

Cuz they selling popcorn for $10 a bag Once again, everything Trump touches dies..... this pisses me off. My youngest boy (Tank) got Lyme’s disease of the leg after an overnighter in the Catskills and said he was able to stop its spread because of techniques he learned in the scouts. So proud of him! Now I finally can get my Bankruptcy badge!

When an organization FOR capitulates to the outrage mob and decide to let girls join a boys club I’m not at all surprised. it is all tumbling church, boy scouts, US government, truth, justice....we truly are living in unique times on this planet. A lot of 17-year-olds are going to be sorry they didn't get those Merit badges done earlier, instead of waiting until near the final age deadline.😛

🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ A blow for brainwashers everywhere

Maybe they should finally sell cookies!! Say...6months after the Girl Scouts do? That’s the gays for you. Bringing fire & brimstone.... cats and dogs living together!! MASS HYSTERIA!! Well they've been morally bankrupt for a while, so... What will this ultimately mean for all the Eagles? Will they still get to nest together? mikeorton72 PetersonTed brent_staheli

Soon Trump will pardon them! That’s because boys are really girls now. Or something. M.....! Patricians supporting Patriarchy.~ 👏Bye Totally expected. The leftists Democrats destroy everything they touch. In financial circles this is called the Trump Bump. It’s him imparting some of his business magic onto an organization.

Way to go pedophiles Morning_Joe Perhaps each Boy Scout troop should seek out corporate sponsorships like NASCAR drivers they can do their scouting get corporate branded uniforms and the companies get free publicity. i was part of some typa boy scouts of canada but it was like a co-ed thing and we didnt get molested every year or two we'd make these little wooden cars and race them in big local events

Clearly they weren't prepared.... Just desserts for kowtowing to the left. Sad, but just. This is why you sell cookies instead of fucking popcorn Hmmm I wonder why? damn. they should've been prepared What do boy scouts need money for? Liberals ruin everything they touch

HomeDepot should buy this beautiful little video for advertisement. Will help pay for future college expenses! Next up, the Catholic Church declares bankruptcy!! Honestly I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. A new chapter Hey, I know a group with extremely high disposable income, gay people. How about recruiting them? Oh, never mind, that would never work. 🙄

I feel bad for the people who made the institution a proud tradition over the last 100 years and the few who put everything into it... But yeah I don't care about the modern organization as it stands, sorry scouts Lol. Eagle Scout was the dumbest thing I ever got. Go woke go broke 🤷🏻‍♂️ Nothing to do with the Xbox and iPad generation that has no interest in the outdoors at all. Man... It's never just one thing, it's always a bunch of factors. Some just have more impact then others.

Good to many perverts there.

Angelinoo Nasty mfs, I hope they go in the negatives Get woke go broke Catholic church, BSA, FBI, DOJ... What do they have in common? Covering up crimes, misdeeds, corruption to preserve optics of integrity, purity of institutions. Public perception,confidence in them vital to their survival, but truth out's itself in time

Angelinoo Wheeet Fuck the Boy Scouts and America They got woke now they broke. Get woke go broke everything woke weirdos touch goes down in flames 🤨 “Facing mounting legal costs from defending itself against lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of boys” Now who didn’t see that coming once the BS got “woke?”

When it becomes woke it goes broke. Lesson folks. Boy scouts has boys while girl scouts has boys. If you believe in science like climate change then biology shouldn't be to hard to understand either. This is sad but the Boy Scouts need to dismantle. No parent should take the chance of allowing their child to join.

Too many pedos broke the bank Trump has pardoned their bankruptcy. Get woke, go broke. Once again. docrocktex26 Bye bye. Now for a new organization to take its place that is not exclusive, teaches values and character, and has background checks on all adult leaders. Good. Get woke, go broke Raise your hand 🙋🏻‍♂️ if you knew this was coming after they allowed gay men to lead boys, which led to sexual abuse and then they doubled down on the dumb by allowing girls into that cesspool of pedophilia - the Boy Scouts .....

You literally just have to read the article's headline to find out that they went broke over sexual harassment lawsuits, not over 'becoming woke'. The idiocy of these people is staggering, but sadly not unexpected. Only in America. always be prepared........ They should sell cookies Child sex crimes down 200%

Congratulations Lefty America for destroying the Boy Scouts! I lost all respect for BSA when they started allowing homosexuals and girls in. They did it to themselves. Just was wondering why the dont got Boy Scout cookies docrocktex26 Poetic

Now the boys can join the girl scouts.....isnt that how it works? Who's going to teach young men how to plant turnips now!?! Don’t tell me Gym Jordan sat by while these poor Boy Scouts were being molested. Makes sense now. Pedo alert. from paying off all those sexual lawsuits, good riddance But they're 'woke' though! And pervert friendly! Isn't that all that matters?

Boy Scouts go bankrupt due to sexual abuse lawsuits: Every guy replying here: “get woke go broke!” QuinbyHancroft Moral? Obviously not prepared Diddling kids is bad for business, folks

This is what happens when you let SJWs and soy boys run rampant. Wonder what the Bankruptcy and Child Abuse belt clasps will look like. I’m so bummed by this. “GeT WoKe gO BrOkE” MaddowBlog Might be a bad time but my daughter’s Girl Scout troop (with a stellar track record of 0% sexual abuse) is selling Girl Scout cookies if anyone is wants to buy. FYI this is the last year to get your hands on Thanks-a-lots.

Destroyed by the Liberal mindset. MapleTommy I hope they can pull through. I was a scout, I know I benefitted. They need to be open to girls and more parents have to become involved. So many parents just drop their kids off and do not become involved. My mom was a scout leader for 3 years. If you can't do the time....

At least Girl Scouts sell cookies. Good

Maybe they should have loosened up a bit earlier. Kids molested, giving in to the crazy left and letting girls in. Yup, sounds about right. Who the hell will tie knots now?!?!?! Run the entire headline esaagar Really? Didn't see that coming............ If they are, maybe the Cathokic Church, too? BankruptcyIsPenance

Why don’t they sell cookies? 🤔 spending money like drunken lottery winners for decades. promoting knowing sexual predators. 'diversifying' GEE, I wonder why the BOY SCOUTS failed? Scoutmaster McTouchy ruins everything

Get woke.. go broke This is what happens when you allow gay scout 'leaders' into the Boy Scouts How sad. Moral of the story: drop your balls, lose your money 💰 TY, LGTB community You single handily destroyed a decades old tradition for many young men. A tradition that taught many young men values. Lessons millions will miss out on. This is what Zealot attitude towards any ideology does. It destroys it.

Get Woke Go Broke... amirite was that moral, financial or all of the above Is anyone here reading the article? Has nothing to do with allowing women in it's about the multiple child molestation cases. Really shows people don't even read the article they read the title They can afford it, right? Ha ha bigots

alaskarebel William Boyce rolls in his grave. On a personal note, I was a Boy Scout for 3 weeks. They forgot to tell me I had to memorize the Boy Scout manual. Test day comes and nothing. I was set up. Never went back. Prob Should quit sexually abusing children and teaching vile appropriation of Native Cultures.

cchukudebelu 🙏 please take out time to see this poor child on my wall and do the little you can, Retweet for helpers to locate her 🙏🙏 finally oh shoot. Why did feminists destroy the Boy Scouts? Raping boys in your care while decrying homosexuality in society and discriminating against gays, does not pay. cc: boyscouts cnalive USCCB

This is not a Catholic Church matter. Shame on you. Tpdthomasdubrick “I’m shocked” -said no one, ever. Shouldve sold cookies instead. Or, I don't know... not enable sexual abuse?

hllfrezenovr Wonder why? You just had to ruin absolutely the best organization for young men by Fundamentaly change it’s core beliefs and foundations! They'd better start selling cookies lol Good. As a former scout and leader, the organization is no longer what it once was. It is a total disaster because of their kowtowing to political correctness and Leftist idiotic ideals. End it and hope that someone with real sack can ressurect it in some form that works.

Good riddance. They talk to Trump, since he's the king of bankruptcy? Wasn’t Buttigreif a Boy Scout Some things to get clear: The Boy Scouts didn't 'get woke go broke' The Boy Scouts finally faced lawsuits for the rampant sexual abuse that the organization worked to cover up. It wasn't letting gay people work for the organization or letting girls join that killed it

What a shame what scouting has become, another treasured institution on its way out. Can’t they just weed out the pedophiles as they are easy to identify? They wear red MAGA hats.

Maybe under bankruptcy protection they can develop a plan to let atheists in, and keep pedophiles out, rather than the opposite. Wasn't this an episode of South Park? There's a ton of horror stories and the BSA deserve bankruptcy and worse from what went on. That being said, my time in the scouts was phenomenal and I loved it. My leaders were great, the skills I learned would be near impossible for a city boy like me to get anywhere else.

A once great organization for boys and now a disaster! Smh howardqlittle start selling Boy Scout cookies don't let the girls get all that money.. Why didn’t Trump help them ? RIP Brown Shirts of America People are quick to blame an organization instead of the underlying problem. Offenders are overwhelmingly male, ranging from adolescents to the elderly. My husband is a scout leader my daughter is a scout in BSA. Its an outstanding organization. Clean house stand up to predators.

Don't worry, it will be replaced by the Trump Youth... that is what you get when you bow to the whims of people seeking to destroy you.

BSA is bankrupt bc it's run by right-wingers who keep getting sued for sex crimes. They allowed girls into some groups because they were starving for money, and even that didn't help. The org is in shambles because of reactionary bullshit. Meanwhile, the Girl Scouts are thriving. Perverts THIS is what happens when you let Grown Azz Men have sex with your children!!! I propose all men’s/boys groups be dismantled until Men get a lie detector test!!!!

Duh. What did you think would happen? Thanks feminists I'd be willing to wager that, the troops in which the molestations took place, were those with limited parental involvement. Too many parents are quick to drop their kids off, & disapear, for meetings & camping trips, & can't be bothered to even help out with transportation.

NBCNightlyNews WTH Anybody shocked? This is as predictable as every Catholic priest abuse headline. Why would you want to go camping with other people's children? Sounds weird as fuck Peter_Fox59 PCKJ3627 esaagar Girls Scouts will buy them and make a joint enterprise Person Scouts of America

Everything Trump touches dies. Their parents had them cheering for fascism. And I say good riddance. boyscouts Resist I didn't realize victim compensation was a liberal woke thing, but ok... Classic 'Get Woke, Go Broke' story. What happened? What are the debts? Because they cannot defend the lawsuits If you ever wondered how child sex predators could possibly get away with it, all you have to do is read the replies here.

Gee..... I wonder why.... KARMA Canteen boy is never getting his settlement money now. C what happens when females enter into something they shouldn’t? BSA bankruptcy whoever heard of such a thing.

Pedophiles love bankruptcy to avoid settling lawsuits. See US Catholic Church for more details Everything Trump Touches Dies Give me the blandest Girl Scout cookies over Boy Scout popcorn any day. That's because they allow girls. Masculinity bankrupt WHOLE LOTTA CHILD RAPE APOLOGISTS IN THESE COMMENTS esaagar SHAME 🔔 SHAME 🔔 SHAME Never should have let the moms in. Never should have let the girls in. The left literally ruins everything.

Should not let the girls in! So bankruptcy just erases the lawsuits? I sure hope not! They better be held accountable and prosecuted if there is still any justice left! Wokeness strikes again. Just sad to see. Well, looks like it’ll just be called the ‘Scouts of America’s’ now. Right? Since the Boy Scouts will be joining the Girl Scouts.

esaagar SHAME 🔔 SHAME 🔔 SHAME No one should be surprised here..... MSNBC Another great AMERICAN institution bites the dust. It’s a damn shame, so many good positive memories for many great men. Malos tiempos jmtapia96 Can someone tell Lindsey Graham that he can still give out swim party badges this summer. He must be crying is eyes our this morning.

GET WOKE GO BROKE IT IS CALLED THE SLIPPERY SLOPE AIN'T NO JOKE Even with letting girls in? How is that possible? And parents of girls fought tooth and nail to let them join the boys scouts ETTD YOUR MISSING HALF THE STORY. What about the LDS church. THEY are half this story. They are also the target of lawyers. Are they going to go bankrupt too? These two groups are together in this. They are they same story. STOP SEPARATING THEM.

Lawsuits, and declining membership or interests will do the trick. I smell some religions following suit They may be broke but at least they’re woke. 1999: boy scouts is a government funded program and must allow gay people to participate. 2020: boy scouts files bankruptcy for touching little boys. GET WOKE GO BROKE

Ha ha...let the Left in and see what happens. Sad, but pretty funny. I guess boys can go sell cookies! They shouldn't be allowed bankruptcy. Every cent should be paid to the victims. The story of Ernest Thompson Seton Animal/Wolf Hunter turned activist (video_ 'Lobo the wolf that changes America') Started the Boy Scout's Was a great organization years ago before the sick Queers infiltrated the organization and destroyed it.

The Catholic Priest hood and the Boy Scouts are rest havens for pedophiles! Facts Get woke go broke

Well, once you are woke I guess you go broke. boyscouts you have taken what was once an amazing organization and flushed it down the toilet in the name of what? God and Country Award is now dead. Oh no. You mean a cover group for a nationwide ring of pedophiles is going under? Hate to see it. They were already morally bankrupt

Trumps economy. I thought it was 'Scouts BSA' now to reflect girls becoming inferior men. Maybe they can sell cookies to get back on their feet? That's what happens when you base so much stuff on being racist to Natives Now do the Catholic Church ETTD ETTD

How Not woke enough BREAKING: Boy Scouts of America declares bankruptcy to save Billions in Local Chapters. Fixed it NBC (omitted news) This is what happens when you allow gay scout 'leaders' in Pedophiles will gravitate to any organization involving children. It’s no surprise, that the Boy Scouts were being infiltrated by the sick pedophiles.

liberals attacked the boy scouts relentlessly and finally got their wish. Liberals ruin a once great organization. Good damn bye Make sure all of that abusers are accounted for locked up and on the sex offenders list! the dems have accomplished their mission. destroy the boy scouts but forcing them to accept those who don't qualify.

BruceRaderSport Good. Now there won't be any transexual kids

the dems have won a victory. About effing time Yet the left screamed foul when BSA tried to bar homosexuals from joining BSA as scoutmasters as a preventive measure to protect the boys. And there you have it... Did someone rob them? This gives new meaning to the term 'Tenderfoot' LaraPatriot What happens when u fold to liberalism

That's the difference between them and the Catholic church, staying paid. Liberals ruin everything.🙄 Get woke..... PopGpp trump’s fault

Gee, I wonder why. Can you take the Catholic church with you? Where have all the Scout-Masters gone? Long time passing. Boys been picked out by every one? If so, When will they ever learn? Where have all the young boys gone? Sold to 'paedophiles anon? No! That is hopefully not really what went wrong. No. No! Whose going to sing that song!

Yet another organization ruined by leftists. ETTD guess they should of not had him address the boy scouts That’s what happens when you abandon your roots and adopt ‘wokeness’. I’m not surprised. Damn the fact that I wanted to go up to boy scouts when I was cub scout Should have sold cookies instead of popcorn.......

“The Boy Scouts said that only the national organization had filed for Chapter 11 and that local councils that provide programming and other services are financially independent.” I love how the comment section is spammed with “get woke,to broke” even though it has absolutely nothing to do with this

Seems like a Trumpian move. File for bankruptcy so you don't have to pay your creditors. Kagey_Mays Should have sold some cookies, like the Girl Scouts. Libs ruin everything they touch Everything the left touches, it destroys! Meanwhile, Girls Scouts report record cookie sales. Wow. Who would’ve thought that a bunch of old men who enjoy spending quality time with little boys would eventually abuse them? If you were smart, you wouldn’t put your kids in organizations like this, anymore. It’s polluted with pedophiles. Easy access to children.

Smh Your headline left out the reason—lawsuits. Because of the all child rape. Thanks fear 👍 your work here is done. They should never have diddled the scouts

docrocktex26 realDonaldTrump “the economy is humming though”. MAGA MSNBC What Obama's far left has caused but he can bring in radical muslims to destroy America Be Prepared! Indeed! Great motto! molesters andysneck1 This is what happens when you allow gay scout 'leaders' Allowing women in was an act of desperation

Blocked Yeah Donald Trump will come up with something better than boy Scouts maybe he can come up with kids scouts give me a break people good Lord Good.

What is happening on those boy scouts camping trips? Well...They KNEW they had pedophiles preying on children and let it continue. doubt they were prepared for this Who’s not paying their dues? Sexual abuse Holy shit, how much sexual abuse? They lost sight of their mission to cow-tow to the alphabet people and SJWs instead of teaching young men to be leaders in their community. Can't say I didn't see this coming.

Maybe if they sold cookies instead of popcorn. JustSaying BoyScouts Next up:'The Trump Scouts of America'(No). Wow. Broke Get woke go broke

We should combine boyscouts with rotc. Good I blame the Girl Scouts! As an Eagle Scout, it is saddening to see this. Every victim is entitled to compensation for the atrocities that happened to them. Scouts need to push forward with the true mission of Scouting, which is teaching leadership. What a perfect time to teach what it truly means!

This is what happens when you implement the far lefts plan to destroy America. What did people think would happen? DemocratsTheEnemyWithin DemocratsHateAmerica Another fine institution ruined by liberals. Liberals ruin everything they touch. Guess I left on time Just like the Catholic Church, disgusting.

Good job feminists trapcry How has almost no one commenting read the actual article!?

I love how SJWs are being blamed here when it was sexual predators within the organization itself who destroyed it. Do you want an organization that cannot sustain itself because it has to compensate sexual assault victims to survive? they went bankrupt for sexual degenerates abusing child doesn't surprise me.

Way to bury the lead on Twitter. You didn't think to put the words 'sex scandal' in there. Well, thats what happens when all your support finds out you were knowingly and willingly hiding the abuse young boys went through at the hands of their leaders. DaveMcCannKSL What happens when you stray from your base and become politically correct

Sexual molestation lawsuits. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Please Lord, let the worldly & carnal 'church' be next to feel Your wrath. Derek_Photog Opening it up to girls was a very bad decision. It’s called Boy Scouts for a reason. Girls already have Girl Scouts. Is this claim as girls became part of the boys club.?

Shoulda sold cookies too

😂 Get woke go broke And yet, boyscoutsofamerica was so concerned about homosexuals participating as leaders and mentors and doing “harm” to their scouts. Running a smear campaign, trying to push the idea of homosexuality as synonymous with pedophilia, all the while they’re raping children. GTFOH Hire pedophiles, reap the rewards.

If they only understood WHY 🤔 Moral bankruptcy? Go woke, go broke. Start baking Boy Scout cookies. AllResistNews Been morally bankrupt for years... esaagar Get Woke, Go Broke Good riddance. I'm an Eagle Scout but I only got it done because it looks good on a job resume or if you go into the military you automatically get a higher rank and more pay after boot camp. Being in BSA was a terrible experience for me.

Congratulations to you and the liberal left Watching success go down in legal flames Destroying others, Not personal accomplishment, brings joy to your lives? character MaddowBlog TheRickWilson didn’t Trump speak at one of their events? ETTD NBCNightlyNews You knew something was coming after the Mormon Church pulled all of their support and formed a parallel organization last year....

That’s only a few decades overdue 😭😭🤦‍♀️😳😳 Fuck them... Oh wait poor choice of words. Too soon? No money management badge for them. Thank God for Girl Scout cookies! Are they really broke or just hiding money to keep from paying off abuse victims? Having been involved in scouting, and as the father of 2 Eagle Scouts, it pains me to see this. My boys and I thoroughly enjoyed scouting. It’s a great program, it really is. However, when boyscouts swung way left, I knew this was inevitable. Get woke, go broke. Never fails.

Morning_Joe 😢! Bye 👋 I hope the boys harmed can find healing. And I hope one day I can wish the same for the abusers. Today is not that day. Maybe they should of stuck with the principles that made the Boy Scouts the Boy Scouts. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s not even Boy Scouts anymore when they let girls in. So who cares.

Get woke, go broke get woke or something The official, stated purposes of Boy Scouts are wonderful. Unfortunately, too much assumption and not enough oversight incubated sexual abuse by trusted leaders. Thank God for the folks who helped expose this predation of our youth. If that's being 'woke', Amen to that.

How sad, but not surprising This is what happens when you take too long to evolve, and don’t fully embrace change.

How sad. boyscouts guess gay people were not your problem, huh? learn how to identify sexual abusers. being gay doesn't make you one. 🙌🙌🙌🙌 TrailLifeUSA AHGnews Great alternatives to the debacles that the boyscouts and girlscouts have become. The Boy Scouts sloppy joe sales just never caught on like the Girl Scout cookie thing did

LETS GOOOOO I was offered to be a boy scout when I was a kid, but a lot of the boys already in the local troop were the same ones who who called me a kike in school, so I passed on it. Lmaoooooo. Definition of go woke go broke This headline thinks Boy Scout bankruptcy is breaking news? Um... NO the sexual abuse of young boys is the headline here folks. They’re declaring bankruptcy due to the shocking and heartbreaking revelations of abuse. Victims must be helped to heal. Predators must be jailed.

Moral bankruptcy precedes financial bankruptcy.

It’s been a den of pedophiles just like the Catholic Church just say’n I have a good idea believe the victims find the abusers and through them in jail Let it all burn. They went broke after the LDS church left and stopped giving them millions every year I’ve always said when older men choose to spend their free time around young kids, something is off. Kids are annoying af. Never trust that shit.

Not surprised. Too many pervs joined that org to harm children which lead to lawsuits. They should of changed how the kids are watched. In honor of Boy Scouts going bankrupt. I'll share this beautiful video with the world. Mr_iKeepitreal IMPOTUS spews crazy at boyscouts gathering and some in the crowd cheer. A couple years later and Scouts are going bankrupt (something trumpkethinskin knows alot about). More proof of TheRickWilson 'Everything tRump touches dies'?

Congratulations SJWs

Get Woke, Go Broke! Did people finally get tired of sacrificing their children like lambs? Cheer up, there's always the church. MaddowBlog Good🗣🗣🗣🗣 Maybe they shouldn’t have been allowed to molest young boys🗣🗣🗣🗣 good FloridaDude297 Bankruptcy... Or as King Silky Pimp Obama calls it, 'Mission Accomplished'.

MSNBC Finally! Everything liberals touch breaks! Scouts Dishonor Next in the radical left crosshairs: TrailLifeUSA None of this is because of WOKE or SJWs. These abuse cases go back to the 1920s. BSA enrollment has been in steady decline since the 70s. 80s was when they became this right wing religious house institution. Now they are just becoming more and more irrelevant.

ggagne My brother was sexually abused by his Eagle Scout boy scout leader in the 60s. He never recovered from the trauma and died in his 30s with alcoholic liver failure. I hate that the organization is in this much trouble but it's long past time they should have acknowledged the issue Yeah - it was more because of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cut ties with them beginning the first of this year.

Did Boy Scouts start allowing girls ? 🤣🤣🤣 This is what happens when you have to pay too many off-court settlements for pedophilia attacks This is a trick they learn from the Catholic Church to avoid liability for enabling sexual abuse. MaddowBlog What surprises me is why the Mormon church, which was super involved in Boy Scouts program, didnt bail them out w/the 100s of billions they're sitting on.

Good. Next should be the Vatican. Good riddance. If Republicans like child molesters so much, let them subsidize them. FINALLY

Wow Because no one wanted to support an organization which decided to go woke Sad ! the squawking parrots are so cute 'ITS ALL THE LEFTS FAULT.' Here is a clever little idea: tap the article, and READ IT before commenting. You might just learn something...for once. Go woke, go broke 😂 BoyScouts getwokegobroke That old koot, Pat Boon, turned out to be a prophet...

People are quick to blame and organization instead of the underlying problem. Offenders are overwhelmingly male, ranging from adolescents to the elderly. My husband is a scout leader, my daughter is a scout in BSA. Its a outstanding organization. Clean house stand up to predators Is that why they are selling coupon books at the grocery store

Girl Scouts doing just fine. Sounds about white

L MSNBC greateconomy esaagar Really, breaking news? What about WhereIsGhislaineMaxwell Risers esaagar They should've sold more cookies. Liberals ruin everything that they touch.... RIP I thought they were no longer the BOY Scouts but now the Cub Scouts because they wanted girls to sign up. They kinda of brought it in themselves.

Cut me a break. Those bitches have more landholdings than anyone BUT the church. Ban gays but coverup for child molesters for years. No sympathy. Eagle Scouts right now be like

I don’t feel bad for them Moral or financial? Always be prepared. That's sad. TheRickWilson Didn’t Donald “Touch” them? Nobody but everyone except the crazy left saw this coming. Wow. I didn't realize they were in that bad of shape. God and Country. Lmfao. Maybe they can join the Islamic Boy Scouts of America

We all saw this coming but those pushing the liberal agenda. Public Schools pushing the same agenda!

Its almost as if letting girls into the organization was a bad idea. Bye-bye! Lawyers destroy another legacy non profit by frivolous lawsuits to make money. BSA: takes the prudent financial route of declaring bankruptcy to stem the flood of lawsuits over allegations of the sexual abuse of children Rational sane conservatives: Hah! That's what you get for spreading girl cooties and not hating the gays!

Because they changed the very fundamentals they were founded on. Let this be a lesson to the liberal group thinkers. You destroy everything you touch! duh.. popcorncookies It seems like anytime you have a group of kids and especially boys, the peds eventually see the breeding ground and exploit. The sad part is to think about how long has this been going on. boyscoutsofamerica bankruptcy

Is this another example of ETTD? This makes me happy. Quite happy actually Everyone knew bankruptcy was in the near future once they hooked up with trump.

Catholic Church, Penn State, Ohio State, Boy Scouts, US Gymnastics etc my God what kind of sick people are these and then to try to cover it up!!!! Jim_Jordan what are your thoughts? Predators will go where the prey is. Very sad. ETTD Sad. GetWokeGoBroke WWG1WGA Good job left wing lunatics... Good riddance. Every Eagle Scout I have had to deal with needed a badge on being a bully because they got that part down. Walk any AT section and you will encounter them.

My son and daughter was in scouts when they were younger, and let me tell you that is the most expensive non profit organization I've ever seen. boyscoutsofamerica girlscoutsofamerica GetWokeGoBroke InSpiteOfTrump Their popcorn is not as good as the Girl Scout cookies.

Get gay or pay I guess. Thanks a lot gays for destroying the Boy Scouts. Literally, ETTD. Everything. Colour me SHOCKED. Imagine that eh? You push for females in an organization meant for males and it goes t*ts up. Congrats fembishes, you just destroyed a hundred year old institution. Where did all the popcorn money go? XD

Great ! What took so long? In bed with right wing religious kooks, anti gay organization , hides pedophiles, surprised this didn't happen sooner. Good riddance. What, no way! 🙄 Solmemes1 Ever since they went woke and called themselves People Scouts everything went totally downhill from there.... Good. The troops all around where I grew up were weird and creepy gatherings. My parents knew something wasn’t right, but they wouldn’t allow themselves to even speculate about the reasons. I’m glad I never joined one.

Any different than the Catholic Church?

Well you let females in and this is what happens.....bankruptcy Good riddance There are prejudices and molesters within most organizations. So BSA is not exempt. If BSA continues to place less emphasis on honor, integrity and stricter rules during the screening process, keep bigots and negative political influences at the forefront, continue to turn a

It was a great organization for my son, as he was an only child. He grew up with his pack and learned many lessons. He did however choose to leave BSA for sports as a teen. Thank you, BSA Couldnt happen to a more deserving bunch. I dont want to hear about eagle scouts blah blah blah. Theres no honor in the boy scouts.

Scouting is too expensive for a lot of families, and fewer kids are interested these days. Then there's the organization's unfortunate ideology. Perhaps it's time to move on, come up with 21st Century organizations that are more family friendly. My son’s a 3rd generation Eagle Scout. His friendships and confidence are due to scouting, much more so than youth sports. BSA has effective youth protection training for scouts, leaders and parents. It’s a child safe program when available tools + rules are used by local troops.

Good. How about Girl Scouts?

Let’s see if the Girl Scouts let boys in... or are the girls sexist? Maybe they shouldn’t had accepted girls! girl scouts stay WINNING 🤣🤣🤣🤣 They should have their tangerine savior come back and speak about it. Perhaps that is the one thing he actually does have any business talking about. They lost their credibility and my concern when they had DonTheCon speak. Bye! ETTD

Don’t let your little kids go camping alone without a patent. They should sell cookies. 🍪 That's what happens when the boy scouts also becomes the girl scouts. BGHeaven Everything Trump touches, dies. We still remember his speech to the Boy Scouts, and what an awful moment it was for our kids, their memories and also ours.

These comments were okay with the sexual abuse but all the LIBRUHL stuff was crossing the line Tip of the iceburg...

And they thought that having gay scout leaders would ruin them..... nope..... can we have gay scout leaders now? A sad day time to put my old uniform in an enclosed glass case and keep my old arrow hanging. Scouts brass trying to avoid any financial responsibility to the 1,000’s of victims they’ve created since the organizations inception. Shameful & disgusting, better known as status quo for this pervert harboring cesspool that ranks 2nd only to the Catholic church.

realSpringP Not surprised one bit. When you destroy an organization by fundamentally changing it combined with covering up for pedophiles and abusers this is what you get. Morning_Joe Was Gym Jordan OH. ever a Scout Master? Finally!!!!!!! 2019: Girls have to be allowed to be Boy Scouts. 2020: Bankruptcy I love it!!!

Liberalism eventually kills everything.

All havens for pedophiles should go bankrupt. They should sell cookies Wasn’t Jim Jordan a Boy Scout leader? Between Trumps experiences with bankruptcies and Jordan’s experiences with young boys, they should be able to save this in no time! Maybe Trump will start a charity for them. LEBRQN Cause they don’t sell crack in the form of a cookie...

Need to start selling cookies. I’m broke on buying girlscoutcookies In the 1980's, as a parent, I went to the BoyScouts office in Nashville, TN to report my concerns of possible pedophile as a leader. The reply was, ' Do you know how hard it is to get good leaders?' I was in shock. I walked out knowing I was on my own fighting child sex abuse

Well they associated themselves with Trump, they should call the Fraudster in Chief. Good riddence! The same guys who let trump talk like a sailor in front of our kids. Ask trump for some money. He has about 15million he’s taking away from starsandstripes.

That’s what they get for not allowing girls to join. -no one ever Moral or financial? Boy scouts of America was operated by fake Christian Republicans just like the white house. You can expect America will be filing for bankruptcy as well considering our national deficit 🤷🏽‍♀️ Was realDonaldTrump running that too?

Dems ruin everything. Evil masked as good doesn’t deserve to be in business. QuotedReplies Solmemes1 Liberals destroy everything they touch. Hopefully is next

Like the Catholic Church, covering up child abuse doesn’t pay..... Solmemes1 Hmm, I wonder why? Will the girl scouts allow boys in now? LGBTQhistory FirstThem Sad that so many perverted grown men abused the boys entrusted to their care. It’s heartbreaking that so much money has to be spent on the lawsuits when the BS should have always protected the children. I’m glad the children (grown men themselves) are fighting back.

I was told that allowing gay troop leaders would lead to this and yet this has been a much bigger problem for years and years and years? Shocking. Homophobia didn't stop it Lord_Chewie Glad I stopped buying girl scout cookies years ago. getwokegobroke duh! nobody saw that happening.🤷‍♂️ I guess parents will have to spend time with their kids.

Great. Let us know when it’s the catholic church’s turn. Peter_Fox59

The boyscouts strayed from God & their core principles in a futile effort to appease the angry progressive Godless left ... it failed. They’ve allowed sexual abuse to continue since the 1900s. It’s time they faced some accountability oh damn And nothing of value was lost. But they let girls in, right? Are you happy now leftists?

So only girl scouts sell cookies? Then boy scouts should sell what? Disgrace. I don’t want to cast aspersions about their financial management techniques, but I think there’s one really big thing they could have done to prevent bankruptcy: Stop f*cking little boys.

Because they molest children by the thousands. CatholicChurch should be next even tho it shoulda have been before. Lucky for the Catholic Church is that they also have hundreds of years of theft to fund their operations. I wonder why? EC boy-scout group is its own business .org 🆔fakenews realDonaldTrump disinformation 🆚 misinformation your headline is bogus justsaying y’all know better ♾ don’t be dumb imoveair IowaKush SteppingOnToesEntmt ⚠️ nothing is an endorsement unless $iam paid FYI

Jesus how far down hill has this gone since I was there ***as they scrape 6–“Take personal responsibility for your actions” off The List with a old, rusted knife. Thanks to legislation pushed by liberals, it's over. Shame that greedy leftist vermin had to attack the Boy Scouts over and over until they accomplished their mission of destroying anything 'male'.

😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Good. They and girl scouts should go away. Girl scouts more. If girls can join BOY SCOUTS then a boy should be able to join GIRL SCOUTS. Plain and simple. Both ways or no way Liberals ruin everything.

Hutchinson17Tim Good! No more Boy Scouts? Kids are different now. They do almost nothing physical. Long time coming, too many administrators running org into bankruptcy, BSA hasn’t realized computers can streamline all the people sitting at desks at local offices Adventure Scouts are the way to go Hopefully the Vatican is next!!!

Learn to code They’ve been a running gag and an anachronism for so long, this is just merciful. Oh so NOW it’s the “Boy” scouts lol smh 😂😂😂

This is what happens when you go MAGA. Hate to see it. Unbelievable Bankruptcy... Yeah that's rich! How many boys still go to Boy Scouts? Is it not now quite an old fashioned kinda thing? Good! Now it’s time for pedophile priest to donthe same. DIDNT THEY LET GIRLS JOIN....... SMH A once proud and valuable organization brought to ruin by cowardly indifference to those who took advantage of their group to abuse those who trusted them. Shameful.

Every other news site title is some version of, 'Boy Scouts Declare Bankruptcy Because of Molestation Lawsuits' except this one. Life Scout Senior Patrol Leader

MaddowBlog Remember Trump’s triumphant rally at the Scouts. Whoops, another example of ‘everything he touches goes sour’ Imagine that. Parents don’t want there little boys being brought camping by gay men. Who’d have thought? Too bad. I guess perverts and lawsuits have put an end to that for a long time was great for boys to learn from.

Well, boyscouts moral bankrupt 4 decades; worked biggest district in US; one leader told me of abuse; my boss BELLOW at me & overrule me & leader in violation of rules to approve application of probable pedo who wanted 2 work photo darkroom w kids. AdamSandler AlecBaldwin In hyperpartisan times, the tendancy to want to bring this story to politically advantageous ground is great, but the reality is that this is just horrible news. While I strongly oppose sexually integrated Boy Scouts from the perspective of building strong men, this story is (1

Was Trump making all their decision as well? 🙄 Sounds like his MO Thats crazy, i was a scout from 2nd to 11th grade. None of the leaders or parents ever tried anything bad. Some of my best childhood memories came from the bsa, i made some real good friends from it. Never expected them to go bankrupt, i wonder if something will replace it?

How can they file when The BSA now owns approximately 14,042 acres of Fayette County land. In 2006 the CEO was making a salary of 1.5 million yearly...Terrible🙏👬👭 CNNwolfblitzerdonlemonBBCNewsReutersLegalLegalWeekABCBleacherReportComplexNBATV You let the girls in. What did you think was gonna happen? 🤷🏻‍♂️

My family has been heavily involved in scouting for almost a decade and it's been wonderful. The reforms they've put in place to protect youth from abuse are effective. I hope that both the victims are able to find peace and the organization survives. Trail Life and American Hertage Girls are better anyway.

Well that comes as no surprise! CBSNews usnews CBCNews ABC washingtonpost Tell me, how many of y'all weren't surprised to see this coming? Back when the powers that be changed the Scouts from our 50's and 60's into this 'enlightened new scouting' was when I saw it's demise on the'll never be what it once was ..history. ..

Get woke go broke... We kept our son out of the BSA in the early 2000s because of their discriminating against gay men who they said might be sexual predators. Guess they were worried about the wrong men. Thanks Democrats/Liberals/Socialist you screwed up another thing. randy10307 Wow and to think , trump spoke there too !! ETTD

Some of you people need to learn to read an article and not just the headline

My shocked face!😳😳 Morning_Joe 😮 MaddowBlog Yet they're supposed to be a 'Christian' organization? A pack of bigots who like to molest children? Put those responsible in prison and break up that monstrous organization. Solmemes1 Another thing the left has ruined. I'm shocked, sarcastically written.

MaddowBlog Liberals bankrupt the Boy Scouts. Thanks, lefties. I wonder what is the root cause?🤔 Girl scouts should be next. Boys infiltrate!!! Sell cookies, learn how to be salesmen of the year. Who didn't see this coming?

Shame. My son started as a Cub at 6 & made it to Life Scout. We had great leaders & involved parents & some of our best memories are from camping trips & stuff. Of course the predators in this world ruined it for so many kids. Vile scum. Fraud I bet, these not-for-profits are nothing more than piggy banks to hide and steal people money.

Paying the price of their virtue signaling ahab9172 Morning_Joe It's a training ground for white nationalist. I'm not kidding. Maybe not everywhere in the country but certainly where I come from in rural Illinois. Morning_Joe Maybe they should sell cookies like the Girl Scouts do! Chapter 7 or moral? Wow

Go woke, go broke. Great. Now if we can bankrupt the church for the same reason.....

That’s what happens when you let the Girl Scouts join in..... Killed by SJW I hate this the Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts how I called them, just cannot go down. Yes deal with those who abused those kids which is tragic. We just can't let that happen. Considering that the entire Republican Party Defended former Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Hassert up until Hassert was imprisoned for molesting young HS boys in the very same way that they are now Defending Fat Orange Nixon who will fix this!?

“The BSA intends to use the Chapter 11 process to create a Victims Compensation Trust that would provide equitable compensation to victims.' 🙄🙄bull💩. They want to consolidate all of the abuse cases in bankruptcy court where they can force victims into an NDA PERHAPS SELL COOKIES NEXT TIME HMMMMMMM Morning_Joe They should ask the Girl Scouts for help

Yeah who trusts sending their kids into the Bush, with grown men dressed as Boy Scouts . Pedobear strikes again. What is next the Catholic Church? It couldn't happen to a better organization. My boss is a huge part of it. He's part of a wackado religion, considered a cult. He uses Scouts to recruit families into his religion. He's also a caveman who thinks if his 7 y.o. shows signs of being gay, the Scouts will 'fix' it.

Thanks Liberals! Maybe the Catholic Church will be next. Good. Got woke? Morning_Joe Sad. If only the church could be bankrupt too. Girl Scout trying to join them with their new cookies Liberals ruin everything. Get woke, go broke. Get woke. Go broke.

Are you telling me kids these days have better things to do then tie knots?!? This is really horrible I loved the Scouts growing up. I wonder though if the abuse was always there and swept under the carpet, or is this just a modern day thing. Either way the victims deserve to be heard and to receive justice.

Looks like Men Stole money from them too! Investigate!🗽🇺🇸 The boy scouts branch in my town was in a basement by the church. Cant say id want my kids to go there Morning_Joe Shocking! oh my lord the amount of tone deaf replies in here from people who didn't even take a look at the actual article The whole Boy Scouts?!

IDGAF ! I'M OFFICIALLY A DICTATOR THE CONSTITUTION BACKS ME UP ! MacFinn44 It's probably because Trump can't pay Jnr's dues from his charity anymore

Morning_Joe Moral? I see the bot theme here is a variation of “go woke, go broke”. Either way, I’m sad because I enjoyed it growing up and hoped my son would some day too. Solmemes1 Good. It went sideways thanks to PC culture. Fuck that. Maybe this is the consequence for some of their decisions over the past few years...

Hmmmmmm. How is that plan working out to let girls participate in boy scouts? Solmemes1 The left destroys anything they touch! Go get ‘em boys MSNBC Buh bye.

NBCNightlyNews It was their destiny after allowing their core beliefs to be trampled over. They should’ve been selling them cookies boyscouts You were warned many times this would happen and not to open staffing and selection up to Gays. Great job destroying a legacy, trying to be 'progressive'. SBCPC20 JerryFalwellJr VP

'It was the left!' 'once you go woke you go broke!' i'm pretty sure it was the kiddy diddling in 30-plus (≥60%) states, but keep outing yourselves as pedophile apologists by completely glossing over that fact--as if you don't even register it as a problem and these people vote die die die Atty Michael Pfau in Seattle represents close to 300 people who say they were abused as Scouts in 30 states and there are many more. The organization was around for over 100 years and you want to file chapter 11 now 😳

Did any of you actually read the article or just the headline? The national council is filing for bankruptcy due to having to pay out victims of sexual assault and molestation. The local groups are independently financed. It has nothing to do with being left or allowing girls in. Are you happy now? MaddowBlog They went bankrupt cos they invited trump to their jamboree the other day. Remember ....everything trump touches dies.

Get woke. Go broke. Maybe now they'll disband? Solmemes1 Well hope letting gay scout leaders was worth it. Of course Trump destroyed them with that horrific visit his first year in office! Replay the video for America too see!! Couldn’t sell enough popcorn Hey yall had a good run. Gotta pay those bills now.

Never understood why girls would want to be part of this organization. We have been scouters for years and our boys who are Eagles have only had great experiences with dedicated volunteers . Pedophiles lurk and molest children anywhere sadly. Soccer coaches, gymnastics coaches, school teachers, churches, Y or ANY youth organization.

Girl Scouts still good. Weird.

Times are changing, all scouts should be just that, scouts. Not boy or girl because survival is a universal need. I’d prefer my granddaughters to learn how to build the fire needed to cook along with the cooking part and my grandsons could stand to learn how to cook as well. I guess they should’ve been selling cookies, too

If only this could happen to the church. 'It was the left!' 'once you go woke you go broke!' naw i'm pretty sure it was the kiddy diddling, but keep outing yourselves as kiddy diddlers by completely glossing over that fact--as if you don't even register it as a problem Imagine my nonexistent shock. Not in Kansas anymore x

Really? Not enough people buying stale popcorn? Adults form organizations for children to join, then sexual abuse follows. Between scouts, church, school, and sports... they’re all a breeding ground of cover ups that will eventually be exposed. MaddowBlog They are modeling themselves after Trump. Mission complete

Working on that Chapter 11 badge Surprise face 🙄 Maybe they should ask for a loan from their buddies at the Catholic church. 😏 TheRickWilson ETTD amirite? Solmemes1 EVERYTHING the left touches gets destroyed. Get “woke”, go broke. God bless First the Catholic Church and now the Boy Scouts. At this rate all we need is for the Education System to go bankrupt because of rampant sex abuse and ya got every major avenue covered.

Nothing of value was lost... Breaking boys Homophobia doesn't pay.

Maybe they should sell cookies Let everything unfold 💫⚔️ Either they went broke trying to appease the woke PC mob or from the disgusting crimes against children...Either way it’s for the best. It’s time for a more masculine Boys only club that stands for old school morals and values with real Men leaders that don’t prey on kids.

Wonder why... 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 Of course this place is safe for kids...predators, there is no cure, no such thing as rehabilitation...hope these sick fucks do not re-organize...and they were worried about the gays...🤨 That’s because their major reason for existence isn’t to sell cookies like the Girl Scouts. I always thought it was unfair that so much of the girls time was spent on selling cookies.

Figures leave it to liberals to destroy and American heritage a tradition Morning_Joe Generation X - I see you. I see your struggles. I know your pain. You are not alone. Please fight it in court. Don't lose this battle. ❤GST35

Morning_Joe Old news Joe MSNBC They should have hired peepholejimmy he is good at protecting sexual predators and they wouldn't be filing for bankruptcy Everything Trump touches dies. Guess his annual Speech of Horrors at the Jamboree is cancelled this year. All the kid's are to busy on computer games or iPhone anyway so new generation of children

Meanwhile, over at the girlscouts ... where no sex abuse scandal has been reported: You Have to Talk to Your Girl About Physical and Sexual Abuse—Here's How I used to know a family (they moved away, haven't kept in touch) and the dad works for the Boy Scouts. This family will be thrown into poverty if he doesn't have a job. I hope the workers don't get hurt by this.

Morning_Joe Too bad they never thought about selling cookies or something. TheRickWilson ETTD MSNBC What the hell 😤😤😤 Morning_Joe Sad.

Morning_Joe Turns out covering up pedophilia is not conducive to the bottom line. Have they tried selling cookies? Good riddance Once again, FamilyGuyonFOX brought something to light years before anyone else was talking about it publicly ( Anyone violating and hurting children should be drawn and quartered.

Sad really. They did a lot of good for many though of course there were issues. Maybe a new and better Phoenix will arise. Improved and more suited to today’s needs. MaddowBlog How is that possible? I give all my soda and beer cans to them at my local recycling center to exchange for the $.05 deposit. That alone should keep them afloat.

realDonaldTrump probably took all their money for his wall! He’s taking everyone else’s! FLOTUS MaddowBlog they had it coming, so to speak. ETTD Lol

👹Boys scout: we have no more money because all the sexually abused boys are suing us 🤡Men: look what you liberals did! Ruined a perfect system of abuse. Now how will grown men have easy access to vulnerable children that trust them? Me: It's a damn shame that another American institution goes down in flames because of horrid management and improper reporting of abuse.

I saw this on FB and thought it was Andy Borowitz. This is saddening. 😞 The KKK is taking their place Now for the churches What's going to happen to gorl.scout cookies any suggestions think Must be all the lawsuits for the pedophilia. Seriously, how did men ever run things so long? I had fun with them in the past but you ignore abuse and exclude people based on sexual orientation you lose any sympathy from me. They could have taken the opportunity to improve. They didn’t.

Does anyone know how to read? Read the article then comment. Now do the Vatican.

*laughs in Mormon* MSNBC Figures, took one speech from Trump. He's contagious I tell ya. I figured as much when I saw him shake hands with the Scout leader and both didn't have gloves on. Sad part, no antidote. If my parents loved me enough to leave me alone with pedophiles I would simply not get molested

Get woke go broke! The liberal left destroyed a once honorable organization. Liberals destroy everything they claim to improve. Go woke go broke! Once a scout, always a scout. I thought it was called 'Scouts BSA' now? DelSchilling

It’s sad that I’m not shocked.😔 Good Everything Trump touches dies MaddowBlog 👋🏼👋🏼 Always be prepared? Jim Jordan stole the money That's pretty weird, and sad. Damn shame, smdh boyscouts should have stuck to its guns and kept it boys only, girls already had a program. Plus the counselor sex abuse, etc..... they should have stood for something.

annette442 Auf Wiedersehen.

To avoid paying for their situational blindness, it seems. Wow. Who could have foreseen this? 1. BSA was sued by the gay lobby to allow gay scoutmasters. 2. NAMBLA members shared pup tents with pre-teen twinks. 3. BSA gets sued for the sexual abuse that was forced on them by the courts. But no one could have seen THAT coming.

Solmemes1 Thanks Lefties MSNBC Say what Girl Scouts everywhere stop selling cookies to reflect on this sad news. 😂😂😂 Now do the Catholic Church. Pedophile cases being settled. Cover ups are a bad idea.

MaddowBlog ETTD TheRickWilson MSNBC What?1. Didn't Mr. Trump go to the Jamboree and blast his predecessor? 2. Goes to $10Billion Foxconn; blows up. 3. Goes to Daytona and shows the wrong plane; Bush's plane. MaddowBlog WHAT? They should’ve sold some cookies. Liberals ruin everything. thousandfabrics TRUMPS AMERICA EVEN BOYSCOUTS GOING BANKRUPT THIS IS NOT MAGA TRUMPPPP

Not surprising. This is what we get for letting girls in the club 😔 MSNBC Lawyers for 1950’s sent them a cease and desist.

MSNBC On trump’s watch? What happened to all the winning? The Boy Scouts is a pedophile ring. Get woke go broke 😂 Arent they nonprofit? So who gets the bankruptcy badge? BoyScouts What does this even mean? yeah. It lost its way. Allowed gays, girls, etc. Pointless. Let it move on to the next life. So long Boy Scouts.

Why do people touch on kids? So disgusting. MSNBC Looks like the MAGA curse claims another victim We on the _RIGHT_ will gladly help white males find their way in Boy Scouts' absence. This isn't a bad thing.

Must be run by Democrats scoutmasters are not only pedophiles but, now crooks? All of that molestation and inviting girls was too much MaddowBlog Maybe you should have sold cookies tombiro Well damn. I mean, if you can’t go to Bella Noches then where could you go? gr My son is close to Eagle and his experience with his involvement in scouting has been such a valuable tool for his growth, this makes me sad tbh

Liberalism ruin's everything 🤣 It better be the “break em up forever” kind and not the “reorg but do exactly the same shady AF stuff” kind. They arent the Boy Scouts anymore you drips.

They should have prepared for this. Boo f**KingHooooo I hope they lose their shirt! They damage they've done to countless boys! Shameful LMAO! .... They deserve it! Yet another bastion of predators - not all, but a lot, & a bunch of others looking the other way, sanctioning, even rewarding this behavior - going down in flames. Too bad they're not the flames of hell. They sure should be for the Catholic Church. CENTURIES OF THIS. CENTURIES!

One of the last wholesome institutions, gone because of political correctness They should’ve streamed The Man Isn't it odd how when an organization is or becomes more and more heavily influenced by right - wing values that eventually the homosexual child molestation scandals tear it apart and expose it for what it is? I'm pretty sure that next up will be the Trump and the GOP Senate.

I'm glad I sprayed bug spray in my eyes all those years ago....who knows what would've happened. Sing with me now kids... If you've been fondled and you know it don't accidentally burn the camp counselor's cabin down and clap your hands! BoyFondlersOfAmerica

Get woke go broke It has not been a year yet since the Mormons withdrew from the Boy Scouts. I had no idea of the financial impact that would have. They needed a cookie scheme. 🤔 As an Eagle Scout the reason for them folding is disturbing. End of an era I guess. Moral or financial? The left never learns.

Adult degenerate men who are sexually attracted to boys have ruined the Boy Scouts! Congrats degenerates! I'm sure they were prepared... yayayarndiva Welp BS turned into anti-American media liberal PUSIES.... Imagine that..

Solmemes1 Go woke, go broke Get woke, go broke! ➡Why didn't the Catholic Church file bankruptcy? 🇺🇸🐽💰⛪🌎 Govt.Rico violation Establishment Clause metoo churchtoo nunstoo CloseTheLobbyLoopholes PedaphileRapistsBelongInJail TaxThechurches They deserve it. The popcorn they sell is awful and the name Boy Scouts is so misogynistic. Why only acknowledge the boys?

MSNBC They should start selling cookies Good. Girls were destroying it anyway I guess we don't have to worry about girls joining the boys scouts anymore! 😉 These are the filaments progressive socialist idealism breeds. And the Boy Scouts has had a cancer within it also. MaddowBlog Hosting Trump is expensive.

Solmemes1 Welp.. 🤷‍♀️ Too much inclusion? America doesn’t care about its youth anymore. What’s allowed on TV is proof enough. 🗽🇺🇸 Another organization that openly HATED the gay community is actually run by pedophiles. What is up with anti-gay people accusing gay men of that, when in reality its them who are the molesters? It's a pattern! JusticeForThoseBoys and lock all those guys up!

Sad. Once upon a time this organization shaped young boys to be responsible young men with a useful skill set that would well serve them and society for a lifetime. Now we live in the age of nihilism & requisite sk8r boyz. okboomer What a shock. Wow. Didn’t see that coming ? AllbrightNFL Now the boys can just join the girl scouts.

MaddowBlog This is what happens when you sell popcorn rather than cookies... PizzaGate Watapak!!!!!!!!!

GoWokeGoBroke hilda_brand Looks like prayer works Homosexuals have taken down the Boy Scouts. Congrats! drWilda Thanks to the feminazis! Solmemes1 Good. All that organization did was allow pedos have easy access to kids. world_news_2020 Bunch of child molesters. Solmemes1 Saw this coming awhile ago. The left has succeeded in destroying a great organization again

What a shame What happens when religious & personal beliefs, denial & appearances matter more than reality, justice or quality of life. If people would accept reality, insist on it & enforcement of consequences, imagine what progress could be made!

Trump is proud! MaddowBlog ETTD SJW infiltrate Catholic church and Boy scouts. They go broke Solmemes1 I wonder why🧐 MSNBC Good. One bigoted, homophobic right~wing org down, a kajillion to go. 😒 DeathByDemocraticChoice Proud Girl Scout here. Laughing my butt off that BSA is going bankrupt 🤣 Solmemes1 From woke to broke

boyscouts MacFinn44 Everything trump touches dies. MaddowBlog Trump’s fault! He messed with their heads at that Boy Scout Jamboree!!! One of thousands of cringe worthy Trump ‘appearances’. Name your favorite!!

😶😶😶😶 Solmemes1 Sad. Liberals destroy another part of the America I grew up with. MSNBC Moral bankruptcy? Solmemes1 Liberals ruin everything they touch!!!!! Now do that to the Catholic Church Can't wait for ignorant people to blame this on them finally allowing LGBTQ+ kids but its probably due to them trying to sheild assets from abuse lawsuits

Boy Scouts of America, hobbled by multiple sex-abuse lawsuits, files for bankruptcy protection Why are so many boomers molesters? MSNBC Good riddance.

It is because they got stuck selling popcorn when the Girl Scouts have thier cookies. MaddowBlog There are consequences. MSNBC Maybe they should have sold cookies like the Girl Scouts, cuz over priced popcorn just didn’t help. REALLY? MSNBC But trumps economy The Boy Scouts allowed the Grifter-in-Chief to bash Obama at their jamboree. They even cheered him. Good riddance

Jacobs71 *throws up scouts honor* That's what you get when you pander to SJWs and bend the knee. The moment you do that, you lose. MaddowBlog Good!

MSNBC MSNBC Because they had to cave to SJWs and allow homosexual leaders and let girl's join, emphasis on the BOY in Boy scouts. Didn’t Trump speak at one of their rallies a few years ago. Everything he touches.... They should try to sell cookies! Let me guess. Not Prepared? ;) 😳 MSNBC_Breaking Girl Scouts are better than you...

MaddowBlog Remember when trump attended the Jamboree a few years ago? There was a huge positive response to his presence there... crude though his speech was. To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. Boy Scouts of America’s, filing bankruptcy to avoid the sexual abuse verdicts of young8 boys. HYPOCRITES!!!

That's what happens when you start accepting girls. Just another example & more proof modern third-wave feminists kill everything they touch.

Moral bankruptcy damn YouknowMeMan1 real shit MaddowBlog Indian guides is a good alternative TheresaSchroe14 Boy Scouts of America is a brainwashing organization that forces beliefs on our youth. Sorry not sorry. MaddowBlog Morally and now financially bankrupt. Popcorn sales just aren't cutting it, huh?

not fast enough. the abuse and molestation of children by the catholic church needs to stop. maybe it was the rampant homophobia, abusive scoutmasters, alienating religious overtones, exploitation of native americans, jerking off Rudyard Kipling’s imperialist ass, overt militaristic values, using fear of isolation as the main motivator, lack of safety in camps...

They should sell cookies

MaddowBlog The VICTIMS VOICES WILL BE SILENCED if the Boy Scouts of America is approved for Chapter 11. This is bigger than theCatholic Priest scandal, and the BSA is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Not one victim will be offered Jury or their story told. GetWokeGoBroke MaddowBlog 😱 I wonder why smh

MaddowBlog Moral Bankruptcy? Boy Scouts lost the image of young boys learning survival skills when the Alphabet agenda was introduced into the scouting leadership. I didn't know how they could survive because nobody would send their son on a camping trip again. Poisoned by corrupt old men. A relic of the past, like caucuses.

Strange that they're tax exempt and still couldn't keep it runnning 😂🤷‍♂️ Good. I hope the victims get every penny or assets they have. MSNBC It can’t be Boy Scouts if the girls are in it! If that was the case what was the point of Girl Scouts? Should of just combined the two and rename the whole organization as “The Scouts”

MaddowBlog Ugh! I feel like quoting the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz as she’s melting. . . “What a world! What a world!” JeffreyEpstein KidsInCages BoysClub MaddowBlog Your headline neglects why they’re facing bankruptcy. It’s due to sexual predators abusing Boy Scouts. WakeUpAmerica

MaddowBlog These days it’s getting tough to run a huge, gay-hating organisation when your demographic is young people. MaddowBlog 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 MaddowBlog OMG MaddowBlog Morally bankrupt for a long time. Thoughts and prayers. But I thought they were thrifty? Dirty donny...he can bail them out with that Russian agent money!

The real financial problems started when the Mormon church rejected the Boy Scouts as their official program. The loss of several hundred thousand scouts was the start of the financial downfall. Allowing girls to join was just a band-aid.

Learned that move from Trump*. He always has that one in his back pocket. You know... 'always prepared'. Kids don't go outside no more and their necks are stuck in a downwards motion.. MSNBC Rut Roh! Be Prepared? MSNBC I am so happy GS turned them away. Ha Ha! I thought Scouts were meant to be ALWAYS prepared. Evidently not on this occasion.

You can tell the people who belong to the party of Dennis Hastert, Roy Moore and Gym Jordan by the replies. MaddowBlog *amid sexual harassment lawsuits, Boy Scouts of America declares bankruptcy. There fixed it.

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