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Joker, Joaquin Phoenix

Box Office: ‘Joker’ Eyes Hefty $80 Million-Plus Debut

#Joker, an origin story about the notorious Batman villain, is shaping up to be a big box office hit despite being one of the darkest mainstream movies to hit screens in years


Joker , an origin story about the notorious Batman villain, is shaping up to be a big box office hit despite being one of the darkest mainstream movies to hit screens in years

Warner Bros. ’ “The Joker ,” an origin story about the notorious Batman villain, is shaping up to be a big hit despite being one of the darkest mainstream movies to hit screens in y…

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$88 million you say? Wow. I can see it getting over 100 mill, of course people like me will have to go to watch it multiple times to make it happen. Jokerthemovie Hyped for Joker Blink twice if you want to go watch this with me... I'm scared already.... 🙄 Can’t wait 😊 It should be dark. It's the Joker! Also, DC, please do not follow Marvel's formula.

This is exactly the type of movie needed!! God,I hope it’s as good and dark as this character portrayal deserves!! ♥️♥️♥️

'Hustlers': Jennifer Lopez Poised for Major Box Office ComebackLorene Scafaria's female-fronted crime drama has momentum heading into its opening weekend thanks to a stellar 95 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, the best of Lopez's career. Yeah because stripper movies do SO well at the box office. I always question the intention behind movies like this (i.e., Showgirls, Striptease, Magic Mike, etc.). I get freedom of expression, but I can’t help feeling like someone, somewhere just needed an excuse to see celebrities fully or partially nude, role choices notwithstanding. Thought 'Good Boys' was going to flop and it was a hit. Think this one will do well so it'll probably flop. 'Nobody knows anything.' - BG

It’s 10/10 masterpiece maybe....JUST maybe audiences want more than sugar in their blockbusters(yes, that hyperbole, but cough Joker reactions cough) Im so excited embracethedarkness keep them movie same but change the character from joker to something else and it would open to less than 5 million. It is same as MCU movies.

TheAcademy Joaquin Phoenix best actor winner with other noms of: Willem Dafoe: The Lighthouse Christian Bale: Ford v Ferrari Joaquin Phoenix: Joker Taaron Egerton: Rocketman It's gonna win multiple Oscars Joker UniversoDCnauta Masterpiece 💚

Box Office: Can STX Catch a Break With ‘Hustlers’?After a rough couple months for STX, help could be on the way in the form of a pole-twirling, Robin Hooding Jennifer Lopez. “Hustlers,” a heist drama about a group of strippers who turn… 💣 💣 💣 It’ll do more than that 💯 Notice how Hollywood always targets Wall Street when they're looking for someone to blame for our financial troubles when its the Federal Reserve thats the real culprit? You see, liberals love govt (The Fed), hate capitalism (Wall Street), just like all good socialists.

When is $80m for an opening of a superhero film considered hefty? robertliefeld It was definitely a dark movie and shot amazingly...but still the same ol' formulaic origin story. It better be dark and villainous film_tnp20 🖤 robertliefeld Imagining a boxed set that includes Joker, Fight Club and Taxi Driver... 🤔🤣

For those critics & fans who already hate this film, i’m renting out “safe spaces” real cheap. You’ll be 100% protected from the JokerMovie & as an added bonus i’ll include unlimited streaming of Disney Films. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

James Cameron’s Reaction To ‘Avatar’ Losing Box Office Crown: ReliefEXCLUSIVE: When Avengers: Endgame surpassed Avatar to claim the title of the highest-grossing film in history, it ended one of the most impressive reigns in the annals of screen entertainment: Jame…

Box Office Preview: 'Hustlers' Hyped Up for $25M-Plus BowLorene Scafaria's female-led ensemble pic 'Hustlers' is hyped up for a strong opening at the U.S. box office, where it's expected to earn $25 million or more this weekend. jlo_channel JLo of courseeeeee!!! 🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼 JLo Is it the “Citizen Kane Of Stripper Movies?” Time will tell. Still miss the gritty, well done Shades of Blue JLo I WROTE A SONG ABOUT JENNIFER LOPEZ AND IM SO PROUD I DID SO!!!

Jack in the Box worker filmed mocking deaf woman at drive thu-windowVideo of ReVae Arnaud-Jensen's encounter with fast-food employee has been viewed online more than 150,000 times. We are better than this. Their food sucks. One more reason to boycott. Train your effin employees.

Video shows Jack in the Box drive-thru worker mocking deaf woman, refusing to serve herA deaf woman in California attempted to place an order at the drive-thru of a Jack in the Box, instead, the employee berated her and told her to leave.

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