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Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Opens to Killer $50.4M Despite Dual Peacock Launch

Box Office: #HalloweenKills Opens to Killer $50.4M Despite Dual Peacock Launch

10/17/2021 6:25:00 PM

Box Office: HalloweenKills Opens to Killer $50.4M Despite Dual Peacock Launch

The slasher film had no trouble defeating James Bond pic 'No Time to Die' while Ridley Scott's historical epic 'The Last Duel' bombed in its debut with $4.8 million domestically.

Green’s R-rated slasher pic earned $50.4 million from 3,705 theaters in North America.Halloween Killsalso launched Friday on Universal’s sister streaming service, Peacock.Day-and-date releases, a controversial practice, have become commonplace during the pandemic as media conglomerates race to grow their streaming services and use feature movies as bait. Previously,

Godzilla vs. Kongboasted the biggest domestic box office opening for a pandemic-era dual release ($31.6 million). Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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I will be surprised if it gets anywhere near AQP2’s $160m domestic gross box office. How does this fit in the timeline? It was kinda cool, but literally had no point How are the reviews on it compared to the previous Halloween movies? It’s sucked actually. The previous one was way Better As it should Shows again if its a film audiences want to see in movie theatres they will see it movie theatres as horrors are films fans want to see with an audience rather than home alone... Dune next week will be a different story away from cinephiles

Saw the movie in the theater. It was awful! So much worse than the first part 3 years ago ori should have stayed dead...these movies are sad..Killyourdarlings ( end your franchises before they are vandalized) the dual release success is encouraging as fuck for future filmmakers 😳😱

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Heads for Killer $50M Opening Despite Dual Peacock LaunchThe slasher film is having no trouble defeating James Bond pic 'No Time to Die' while Ridley Scott's historical epic 'The Last Duel' is bombing in its debut. Saw it last night. Complete rubbish. And I am a huge Michael Myers fan. Danny McBride should never write anything again. The end where Michael kills Jamie Leigh Curtis's daughters in his sister's room was the only part of the movie that felt exciting. The rest was crap. Awesome. 👏👏👏👏 Jamie Lee wins again

My friends and I have Peacock, but we had to see Michael Myers on the big screen. So worth it. We are going again today to watch it. Why AMC stock continues to drop?🥴🚬 TheRealBHugh I wonder if the fact that lots of people still never heard of the peacock or only have the the free version. Last one was a watchable movie for a rainy afternoon. Didn't like they ignored Halloween II. Will see this one since I get it free with Comcast.

🎥👀👹🎃 This is HUGE, jason_blum jamieleecurtis KyleRichards 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 He got hungry 🔪💰 Mostly good reviews on it? Or mixed? I mean, how many people pay for Peacock not to mention Halloween Kills is not exactly a movie that'll get me to give NBC/Universal a paid subscription. Nobody have Peacock

That's 3 weekends in a row $50M+ 1 film, DUNE looking really good right now

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Slays With $23M Friday As ‘The Last Duel’ Bombs' Halloween Kills ' opens about as well as it would have sans-Covid in 2020 as 'The Last Duel' gets clobbered by the Michael Myers sequel and the James Bond epic. JUSTICE4US ✊🏾❤️If I know something is that“I will never give up”Son👶🏽This is all for you & what is yours,I fight every day for all of this ends and we can have a normal,peaceful and loving life, I just need a bit of you now..justice4noahisaacandamandagarcia

this is amazing considering that the film was released simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Targets $50 Million Opening Weekend, Despite Simultaneous Peacock DebutMore than 40 years after the first “Halloween,” Michael Myers and Laurie Strode are still box office gold. “ Halloween Kills ” is targeting a $50.16 million three-day opening … Nobody is subscribing to Peacock, not even to watch Halloween Kills.

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Nabs Huge $50M Weekend As ‘Last Duel’ Flops With $5M' Halloween Kills ' opened as well as it would have a year ago sans-Covid, while 'The Last Duel' got crushed by the Michael Myers slasher and the James Bond adventure. Hmm stabby trick or treating in the perfect time of year or lame historical drama?

Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Carves Up $5M Thursday'The Last Duel' earned $350,000 in Thursday previews.

'Halloween Kills' could kill at the box office even though it's on streamingFor decades, the horror genre has frightened people into going to the movies, and even as streaming has grown in power, horror hasn't slowed down in the ticket sales department. scariest thing you'll ever see My daughter hated it. I don’t understand why anyone still goes to the theaters