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Boris Johnson: New Covid Variant Could Be Deadlier Than Other Strains

1/22/2021 9:25:00 PM

The new strain has already appeared in several U.S. states.

ToplineA new, highly contagious Covid-19 variant that was discovered in the United Kingdom late last year may have a “higher degree of mortality” than other strains of the virus, U.K. health officials and Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Friday, citing worrying but unconfirmed early figures as the variant spreads rapidly in Britain and emerges in the United States and other countries.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he speaks during a coronavirus press conference at 10... [+]Downing Street in London on Friday.Getty ImagesKey FactsPatients who test positive for the new Covid-19 variant appear to have a higher death rate than those who catch a different strain, though data is still “uncertain,” U.K. chief scientific advisor Dr. Patrick Vallance said at a press conference Friday.

Vallance’s warning runs contrary to earlier conclusions from U.K. andexperts who said the new variant doesn’t seem to cause more serious infections, though it could lead to more deaths by overwhelming the healthcare system. Read more: Forbes »

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