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Boris Johnson goes north to celebrate crushing election win

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits northern England to thank newly elected Conservative lawmakers for their successful campaigns and voters for their support.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits northern England to thank newly elected Conservative lawmakers for their successful campaigns and voters for their support.

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged Saturday to repay the trust of voters in the working-class hearland of northern England who rejected the Labour Party and helped give him...

“I know that people may have been breaking the voting habits of generations to vote for us,” he told supporters. “And I want the people of the northeast to know that we in the Conservative Party and I will repay your trust.”

While Johnson was on a victory lap Saturday, Corbyn — who has pledged to stand down next year — was under fire from within his own party, where there was little sign of healing starting any time soon.

John McDonnell, Labour’s finance spokesman, said Saturday he would stand down from the position when Corbyn is replaced.

“We’ve just been going over the timetable we can definitely get it in before Christmas, and we’re out on Jan. 31,” Johnson said.

Johnson owes his success, in part, to traditionally Labour-voting working class constituencies in northern England that backed the Conservatives because of the party’s promise to deliver Brexit. During the 2016 referendum, many of those communities voted to leave the EU because of concerns that immigrants were taking their jobs and neglect by the central government in London.

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Doing the T Rump shuffle. 😁 He's learnt well. Boris Johnson goes to Northern England to thank newly elected Conservative lawmakers for their successful campaigns and voters for their support. GREAT WIN BORIS! 🇺🇸❤️🥳💋😎💕👠🇺🇸🇬🇧 Now go a little farther north and see what the Scots say. Enjoy it while it lasts. Hard times on the horizon.

Yeah he’s enjoying it now but will he be able to keep it We are taking over the world! His first visit. He was heard asking do people really live in places like this? :-)

How Boris Johnson used Brexit populism to storm to victoryAnalysis: A simple message, changing behavior by voters and Brexit fatigue propelled British PM Johnson and the Conservatives to a big win. Maybe the populace was sick of leftist policies? 🤔 Trump will probably win the next election in a landslide if not removed from office. Divisive, misleading politics works these days due to lies spread on the internet, anger at the ruling elites, broken promises from governments for so long. Trump and Brexit are a result of this.

Rod Stewart endorses Boris Johnson days after Penny chucks him off Loose WomenRod Stewart has congratulated prime minister Boris Johnson in a Christmas message to fans DailyMirror Un opportuniste adepte des “fake news” DailyMirror Stay away from my window... stay away from my back door... DailyMirror Selfish and well off. Say no more

Andrew Sullivan: Boris Johnson Is Showing U.S. Politicians How to Win Boris Johnson offers a great formula for Democrats if they really want to win in 2020, and for the GOP if they want to recover from becoming an authoritarian cult, writes sullydish sullydish Fuck and no. sullydish what the hell is this garbage sullydish Amazing

Boris Johnson Prevails In Landslide U.K. VictoryWith the nation’s approach to Brexit on the ballot, voters turned out for the 2019 U.K. general election to power Prime Minister Boris Johnson to a historic victory over Jeremy Corbyn, dealing the Labour Party one of its largest blows since the era of Margaret Thatcher and all but guaranteeing an exit from the Europe an Union. What do you think? Celebrate Boris Johnson!! 🔥🇬🇧🔥 We already did that in 2016 Notice how the headline is still a joke?

Impeachment, Boris Johnson, Nike: Your Friday Evening BriefingEvening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day Democrats continue their march into political oblivion! We're screwed. That is all. No America, the NYT's won't show Nadler sleeping or other Democrats watching golf on their iPad's.

Boris Johnson secures biggest Conservative Party election win since 1987 Boris Johnson ’s Conservative Party just won the U.K. general election today. The win will allow Johnson to fulfill his plan to deliver Brexit by January 31, 2020. Good we dodged the Corbyn bullet and finally respect democracy and liberty. Watch the EU put the screws to him. He has not choice but to leave now, and they now it. Worst bargaining position ever. I can not wait for the UK to postpone again. What a shit show they put themselves in.

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