Brexit Insider, Adam Bienkov

Brexit Insider, Adam Bienkov

Boris Johnson denies lying to the queen in order to shut down Parliament

Boris Johnson denies lying to the queen in order to shut down Parliament


Boris Johnson denies lying to the queen in order to shut down Parliament

The UK prime minister's decision to suspend the UK parliament was ruled to be unlawful by Scotland's highest court.

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Liberal/Labour spreading Fake News about Boris Johnson who is a UK patriot. The High Court decision in. Prorogation is legal. BJ at work: 'I always lie' BIUK_Politics

Boris Johnson lost Parliament but he could win a UK electionBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lost Parliament. But he could still win a general election if enough voters approve of his determination to make Britain's departure from the European Union a reality. Boris has lost Parliament? You mean, like he lost them at the red light? Don't worry, they'll find him soon enough. They're like an SBD fart in Walmart. It follows you through the aisles. You can't get away from them. How would he win , this is a lie..

Boris Johnson tells parliament: You can tie my hands, but I will not delay BrexitPM Johnson tells parliament - You can tie my hands, but I will not delay Brexit. More here: Just to sum up. 1) Facebook broke the law. 2) Cambridge Analytica broke the law. 3) Vote Leave broke the law. 4) LeaveEU broke the law. 5) Brexit and Trump were both won through breaking the law. 6) Facebook let it all happen and covered it up. Chris Wylie Lol this chump won't do shit and it's hysterical Well said

Court rules Boris Johnson's Parliament suspension was unlawfulScottish court says UK's PM Johnson's advice to Queen Elizabeth was unlawful 'because its purpose was to stymie parliamentary scrutiny' of the government. noshitsherlock False Wonder if our courts will show the same courage with realDonaldTrump and his administration constantly obstructing Congressional oversight.

Scottish court rules Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament is unlawfulA Scottish court rules Prime Minister Boris Johnson's move to suspend Parliament was unlawful, but leaves final decision to British Supreme Court. So what? Call US when the crazy ride is over. Wow, this guy can’t catch a break- not that he deserves one. Get it right it was a Scottish Court that is a different ruling system to England and Wales. The English courts have already ruled it Lawful. It will now be decided by the Supreme Court that can only rule in favour of the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament was unlawful, rules Scotland’s highest courtA Scottish court has ruled that Boris Johnson's controversial decision to shut down parliament was unlawful. Ouch

Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament is unlawful, court rulesThree judges at Scotland's highest court of appeal say the UK government's decision to shut down Parliament for more than a month is unlawful. Means nothing. British courts have already ruled on the question I was trying to keep up with brexit then black rod showed up I thought parliament had a comic protester. blackadder

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