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Border Patrol Agents At the U.S. Border Are Literally Whipping Haitian Migrants Seeking Asylum

Border Patrol Agents At the U.S. Border Are Literally Whipping Haitian Migrants Seeking Asylum

9/22/2021 5:44:00 AM

Border Patrol Agents At the U.S. Border Are Literally Whipping Haiti an Migrants Seeking Asylum

The U.S. plans to nearly double the number of Haiti an migrants being deported—increasing the number to nearly 1,000 per day starting on Wednesday

130,000.This earthquake comes just over a decade after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake that killed between 220,000 and 300,000 people, a catastrophic tragedy that the country is still trying to heal from. In the midst of all of this, an increasingnumber of Haitian migrants have been traveling to the U.S. in an attempt to seek asylum.

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Instead, the Biden administration is reportedly Read more: Jezebel »

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You people are proving that stupidity has no limits. Those are horse reigns. Talk about looking for any reason to be 'outraged'. And stop using the word 'literally' in a 'news' story. Horrible

Videos Capture Border Agents Aggressively Rounding Up Haitian Migrants—‘Horrible,’ White House’s Psaki SaysThe U.S. ramped up efforts to remove an influx of migrants—mostly hailing from Haiti —that have swarmed the Texas border town of Del Rio over the past week, with photos and videos showing sometimes aggressive tactics from border patrol agents Ahhh Biden administration looking pretty darn racist these days... Yikes Train them up and stick them in Amazon warehouses, bezos plans on hiring another 45k workers and we know how many citizens don't want to return to work in this country, and why should they? Getting all that Biden money no need to. Heads need to roll from the top down for the inhumane treatment of these people! potus DHSgov vp

Border patrol agent seen holding whip during encounter with Haitian migrantsU.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has begun deportations for migrants from Haiti who number in the thousands in Texas. As these efforts are underway, a border patrol agent on horseback has reportedly been seen holding a whip during an encounter with the migrants. NBC's Julia Ainsley has details. NOT WHIPS.....the horses are wearing western bridles with split reins. Facts matter. jrpsaki Look 👀 Psaki isn’t the POTUS as Communications Spokesperson she cannot speak for the WH until directed too… decline was the right call 📞 What year is this?

Biden addresses images of Border Patrol agents chasing migrants: 'We'll get it under control''We'll get it under control,' President Biden told reporters during his visit to the United Nations when asked about images from the border that have prompted outrage in recent days. The brutality against migrants is a slap on the face of Uncle Sam, a self-proclaimed human rights protector. Shut the border down permanently. I am tired of the whole border issue. No president can fix it. We need a lottery system where people can submit a form to get a Visa. Visa's should be limited to 25,000 people a year. With special consideration for another 5000 for special cases It WAS under control until he came into office. If he had just done nothing it still would be.

Haitian journey to Texas border starts in South AmericaTIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — Robins Exile downed a traditional meal of plantains and chicken at a restaurant run by Haiti an immigrants, just a short walk from the walled border with the United States. He arrived the night before and went there seeking advice: Should he try to get to the U.S., or was it better to settle in Mexico? I want to start a new party! The OPP- Other People's Party! Made up of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Poor People, People Of Color, with the American's best interest at heart not the wealthy & corporate America! Void of dark $ & funded by The People no Corporate dark $! So they flew to South America and ended up in Del Rio, Texas. 12000 people did this. 12k. Weird. Go somewhere else.

Biden admin outlines response to surge of Haitian migrants at borderDHS Sec. Mayorkas delivers remarks at U.S.-Mexico border on surge of Haiti an migrants: 'If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned. Your journey will not succeed.' Stop just repeating this garbage! What they are doing IS NOT ILLEGAL. IT IS A GUARANTEED HUMAN RIGHT UNDER US AND INTERNATIONAL LAW. The actions by DHS, ICE, & CBP are not just illegal, they are also explicitly human rights violations. So much for being different from the Trump administration. No surprises there,for the 🌎 most undesirable inhabitants,those of African decent. Just saying.

Outrage As Biden Administration Rapidly Deports Haitian Migrants From Texas BorderBorder Patrol agents were filmed on horseback whipping ropes at Haiti an refugees attempting to cross into the U.S. But Trump... Sad Last roundup, Haitian style!