Border patrol agent seen holding whip during encounter with Haitian migrants

White House Press Sec. Psaki said pictures that appear to show a Border Patrol agent on horseback with a whip to deter migrants are 'horrific,' but declined to say what consequences there should be for the agent's actions.

9/21/2021 2:18:00 AM

White House Press Sec. Psaki said pictures that appear to show a Border Patrol agent on horseback with a whip to deter migrants are 'horrific,' but declined to say what consequences there should be for the agent's actions.

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has begun deportations for migrants from Haiti who number in the thousands in Texas. As these efforts are underway, a border patrol agent on horseback has reportedly been seen holding a whip during an encounter with the migrants. NBC's Julia Ainsley has details.

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MSNBC expects the WH to weigh in on a personal matter before the agency does. The media at both ends of the spectrum is pure performance art catering to a base for ratings. 🤬 I originally tweeted that these “cowboys” should be tracked down and prosecuted. I didn’t know they were border patrol agents just trying to do their jobs. That knowledge . . . well, doesn’t really change my original tweet.

How is this a problem at all? You got to fight them back. This is a war for those being held back from coming into the United States. I guess none of these fools at MSNBC ever rode a horse IF DEMOCRATS CAN MAKE A PROFIT FROM RACISM, . THEY WILL MAKE MORE OF IT . IF DEMOCRATS CAN MAKE MONEY FROM ILLEGAL ALIENS . THEY WILL MAKE MORE OF THEM . IF COVID / VACCINES MAKE PROFIT .... NFL crypto BIDEN USA Mexico Texas Pelosi BIDEN Bitcoin

DHS This is not Bonanza,The Big Valley or Gunsmoke ! Simply tell them to leave ! Hey Jen- how bout u stand in their flipflops for a sec and get whipped equally? Will that get a response from you? YOU are better than this inaction, prove it! Look 👀 Psaki isn’t the POTUS as Communications Spokesperson she cannot speak for the WH until directed too… decline was the right call 📞

Biden admin outlines response to surge of Haitian migrants at borderDHS Sec. Mayorkas delivers remarks at U.S.-Mexico border on surge of Haitian migrants: 'If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned. Your journey will not succeed.' Stop just repeating this garbage! What they are doing IS NOT ILLEGAL. IT IS A GUARANTEED HUMAN RIGHT UNDER US AND INTERNATIONAL LAW. The actions by DHS, ICE, & CBP are not just illegal, they are also explicitly human rights violations. So much for being different from the Trump administration. No surprises there,for the 🌎 most undesirable inhabitants,those of African decent. Just saying.

What year is this? I'm thinking Russians hired Haitians to convince other Haitians to come to the US. Most of these people have been living in Central and South America for years. All of a sudden they up and head for the US even though Biden warned them 'do not come.' NOT WHIPS.....the horses are wearing western bridles with split reins. Facts matter. jrpsaki

U.S. Flies Haitian Migrants Home in Bid to Manage Del Rio Border CrisisMany of the approximately 16,000 migrants who have overwhelmed a Texas border town are being sent back to their home country of Haiti, including some who haven’t lived in the impoverished island nation for years so...I guess Trump never DID build that trumptacular wall he bragged that he wuz gonna build...and I guess Mexico never ended up paying for it, either? So..can I file those two under 'promises broken'? The means used by border guard are inhuman,it’s to be deplored Have they established citizenship in any of the S. American countries where they have been living?….

Hope And Despair In Del Rio As Biden Administration Begins Expelling Migrants From Massive Border EncampmentTo some, this scene in Del Rio, Texas, represents a broken immigration system that opportunistic migrants are taking advantage of. To others, it presents an opportunity for America to once again welcome people in need from around the world. From TPRNews: TPRNews It’s time to review the international refugee/asylum system set up before the days of cell phones and internet. TPRNews “mostly from Haiti” TPRNews G

In Overwhelmed Del Rio, Texas, Migrants Cross the Border FreelyAn estimated 13,000 migrants, many from Haiti, are now in Del Rio, Texas, traveling back and forth to Mexico for supplies as they wait in a makeshift camp IntelCrab How did Haitians get here? Aren’t there other countries much closer? Clinton Global Initiative raised billions at the time of the first Haiti earthquake, but no one knows where the money went. Well, except for the Clintons.

US closes part of Texas border, begins flying Haitians homeThe U.S. attempts to block the Mexican border at an isolated Texas town where thousands of Haitian refugees have set up a camp while also flying some of the migrants back to their homeland. Why didn't Republicans do this when they had power under Trump? Because they need the border to scare voters. Let them in America, Hillary Clinton, family members and close friends have looted Haitian so dry So we can welcome afghans in but not Haitians?

US border agents get help on custody work, return to fieldDozens, even hundreds, of asylum-seeking migrants often wait hours to surrender to U.S. Border Patrol agents, but the thousands of Haitians gathered at a bridge in the small Texas border town of Del Rio may be unprecedented and point to a glaring problem with the federal police agency's staffing. The Border Patrol graduated its first class of “processing coordinators” in January, with the goal of eventually hiring 1,200.