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And Vince Staples asks the important question: 'Are You With That?'

9/18/2021 1:21:00 AM

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And Vince Staples asks the important question: 'Are You With That?'

has always plainly been a Black man from Compton, a rapper who speaks to the darker sides of the things you see when upward mobility isn’t nearly as abundant as the looming threat of violence and death. It can be commonplace in rap to glorify street life and its hard-won badges of strength. But

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Vince Staples, his fourth album, drawls and slumps with resignation. On the swirling opener “Are You With That?” he is consumed with, and depressed by, the draining premise of his own survival. He visits the graveyards of his lost friends, recalling how he aimed to follow their footsteps, growing up wanting to be a thug far more than a famous artist. He acknowledges the probability of his own death, envisioning his friends treating his candlelight vigil like a wild club night. “Hope you watchin’ your back,” the song chants, delivered more like a sad mantra than a sharp warning. None of this is exalted; it doesn’t reach for any particular fear, or joy, or remorse. For him, and for so many others, it’s simply the way things are. —

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