Booster jab rollout: 'It protects myself and other people'

Booster jab rollout: 'It protects myself and other people'

10/24/2021 11:59:00 AM

Booster jab rollout: 'It protects myself and other people'

The government is confident booster jabs are key to getting back to normal life - what do others think?

as part of a 'Plan B'.The government hopes the booster programme will prevent the need for more restrictions, but what do those giving and receiving the jab think?'Pressure on GPs is substantial'Image source,Martin Giles/BBCImage caption,

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GP Dr Peter Smye hopes the booster programme will speed up when more people are able to get to surgeriesDr Peter Smye works out of a GP practice in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, and has until 1 December to give booster vaccines to his most vulnerable housebound patients.

"It's a challenging campaign because in contrast to the first wave of vaccinations we've got a whole load of backlog work coming at us, coupled with that we've got to do Pfizer instead of AstraZeneca," he says.The Pfizer vaccine requires Dr Smye to wait 15 minutes with the person after vaccinating, which is not needed with the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab.

Dr Smye says with the Pfizer vaccine he can do two patients an hour, compared with four an hour with Oxford-AstraZeneca.He says: "At the moment as a surgery we are trying to vaccinate 100-150 housebound patients and we are about 20% of the way through that."

Image source,Image caption,Dr Smye has to wait 15 minutes with the patients after the Pfizer jabThe GP believes the rollout will "improve significantly once we can get people to the surgery"."The speed of the booster campaign is very necessary," he says. "I do think we will get there and the pace will pick up as the population understand the need for the booster campaign and as we come in to the easier cohort, the more mobile, who can come down to the surgery."

But there are some surgeries which are not doing the booster because they are "so overwhelmed", he says."The pressure on general practice is substantial. The core workload has gone up but at the same time there are Covid vaccinations," he adds.

'There's been nothing like this before'Image source,Image caption,Dianna Abrey had the booster jab at home with her husband BernardBernard Abrey, 77, has arthritis which means he can no longer walk. He and his wife Dianna had their flu jab and Covid booster at their home in Bury St Edmunds.

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She says she took up the offer of the booster "not just to protect myself but to protect other people while I'm out, because I do go out and meet other people"."I go to the farm shop, go to buy bread, go to church, so you meet people, so you need to protect them as well as myself," she says.

The 80-year-old feels it is important to stay vaccinated, saying: "When we had both I felt protected, we could invite people in which was great."There's been nothing like this before, ever, so we don't know what the outcomes are likely to be."

Image source,Martin Giles/BBCImage caption,Dianna and Bernard Abrey say they took up the offer of the booster when they were offered itShe thinks part of the reason for the slow booster jab rate is down to the rollout of vaccines to 12 to 15-year-olds.

"I think they've been a bit slow, but they've been trying to catch up with the children, so you can't be doing both at the same time."They've got to sort that age group out because they haven't had any," she says.But the Abreys had their booster six months to the day since the second jab, "so what more can you ask", she adds.

'The booster dose is essential'Image caption,Pharmacist Baljit Kaur Gosal says there does not seem to be as many people keen for the booster as the first and second dosesAccording to the latest figures, up to the 15 October, across Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes, less than 13% of those invited have had their third jab.

Baljit Kaur Gosal, superintendent pharmacist at Smarta Healthcare in Bedford, says: "I think it's important for people to realise we don't take the foot off the gas. Read more: BBC Health News »

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You cannot kill the virus waste of time Fools I think you could turn this headline I Ireland,you would think there is a template for what had been happening over last 18months Jabs are the key to people realising 'they don't bloomin work' !!! Depends how you define normal. What happened to the confidence of the first jab… then the second jab… They failed us?

It will never be what it was. Nothing ever is. Well, they said this about the vaccine roll out. Since that hasn't worked, we get more of the same empty assurances. The vaccine doesn't work. Oh it stops some from dying, but the vaxed are spreading this virus so what good will a booster do? And for whom?

I thought the 2 jags were a way to get back to normal? I think they're hoping it will but we're the guinea pigs to test out this governments theory, not happy and worried.

I hear it's more effective if you take it in the ass. Only way by this COVID-19. Is that everyone and upto 95% is fully vaccinated. No more choice. If you have COVID it's highly contagious. You may survive it unscathed but you could infect hundreds. If u give COVID19 enough time it changes&jabs won't work. So far over 10 types

As someone that has had both jabs you can shove the booster up your ass 3 jabs in less than a year I have had less for TB and for Tetanus (boosters over several years) MrJamesMay isn’t getting any younger Darwin would like to remind you of Natural Selection…….. good luck to those who don’t want a booster, more planet for us!

Remember when the vaccine was the 'key to return to normal life'...? That worked well, right? Well if they are the key why haven’t I had mine yet I am in the category so why aren’t we seeing numbers being published about boosters the same as we did for vaccinations, is it just more rhetoric This is a government that doesn't govern.

You own your body, take what you want or not. Just remember that the authorities do not own you. I'm not against the jabs but isn't this what they told us about the second jab. Others think you should try and do some real journalism Giant scam to make money. People lining up giving the arm, getting injected with who knows what? Let's just go back for a minute - where did this virus come from? Bats? No funded by the Americans in Chinese labs. Vaccines then appear from no where? Crimes against humanity.

Why use Pfizer which need special cooling facilities, therefore restricting the amount that small GP surgeries and pharmacy’s can hold Israel now on their 4th Booster, 5th in the pipeline… Normal you say… Well at the moment people are having problems getting it

DefundTheBBC They was confident in the first two weeks wasn’t they ? Normal life? Is this what normal life will be like from now on? I'll look on the BBC website for the latest developments. (if I can find any) Bill Gates and Rockerfellow’s have gone to far this time 'Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?'

No, the booster is not enough and I thought it was available to specific groups only? Mask wearing should be compulsory too. Yes. Friend saw anti-vaccine people handing out leaflets to school boys last week RutlishSchool Merton_Council No confidence in the bloody government…. I thought it was James May

James May’s looking rough, nowadays.

I got double jabbed because it was my passport to normal life. Now I’m being threatened with more regulations unless I get a booster. What’s the point. All beginning to stink to me 🤷‍♀️ Lie: It doesnt protect you and it doesnt protect others.👋🏼👋🏼 Where is the new minister for vaccines? Why am l being told 4 different figures for entitlement to the booster jab? Is it 6 months? or 6 months + 1 week? or 180 days? or 182 days? Only one of those is correct (or maybe none). Why are we hearing anecdotally about this?