Boosie Goes On Wild Homophobic Rant Against Lil Nas X After Song Claim

Lil Nas X was told to kill himself by Boosie Badazz.

10/23/2021 11:24:00 PM

Lil Nas X was told to kill himself by Boosie Badazz.

Lil Nas X was told to kill himself by Boosie Badazz.

-- but the latter didn't think it was funny ... and hurled every homophobic slur he could at the guy.The Louisiana rapper unloaded on LNX Saturday with an expletive-laden diatribe that's shocking -- calling Nas X the f-slur, among other things ... while also telling the 'Montero' artist that he should kill himself.

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Yeah, we know ... it's wild, and about as unhinged as we've ever seen Boosie on this topic. Read more: TMZ »

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I feel the same way lol WARNING ⚠️ COVID-19 vaccination is the mark of the beast… Good That man want him to be his boyfriend so bad. Lil Bussy is In love with this man As he should It seems Boozie does not want to collaborate “do a verse” with a man who would sex him in the recording booth, no matter how much money is thrown at him

Where the he'll is GLAAD? The MEN in the Hip Hop community really need to chin check Boosie for real, this shyt is foul as f*ck I'm so sick of lil bussit BOOSIEOFFICIAL The only time he goes viral is when he mentions lil nas x... he's super childish he paid prostitutes to suck his minor child, he smokes weed around his kids. Mf got mad kids by 6 different women. This nigga worried about the wrong shit.

says a lot about this person

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Well if u read the eyes Boosie has a demon led hatred for LilnasX and he is actually fearful because of the intensity of the hate. BPSRAVE 💯 Lil nasty X should stop pickn wit him when he know that he dnt like him. U can dish it out g9ta b able to take it 🤷🏾‍♀️ Lil boosie watching lil Nas X breathing and existing in the same universe

Imagine being so bad at music you gotta troll for clout. Oh shot lil nas x is the gay version of 6ix9ine 😂🤣 Boosie is the shit for this. Doing God's work Boosie could have kept it so simple but he is so homophobic that he went on a disrespectful rant.. Smh He Could Of Just Been Like 'Nah He wish' or 'In His Dreams' But He Gave The Exact Reaction Lil Nas X was Probably Going for.. selfcontrol BOOSIEOFFICIAL Do Better!

ScoonTv Y’all idolize people so much y’all can’t just sit down and accept when something is wrong all he did was joke and say he was collaborating with him and the response was to kill yourself? That’s never okay People tell people to drop dead everyday somewhere! Somehow I don’t think Lil nas x is going to follow Boosie suggestion! This is not news worthy!

Who are these people?

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If he don’t stop with the dramatics and confesss his love this point cuz it’s giving closet 😩so pressed for nothing but I’d be too if I was rejected by lil nas x 😩😭😂😂😂 Boosie is Losing and Lil Nas X is WINNING that's the problem Boosie is in Love and Jealous. What's in the dark will come out in the light. Boosie is DL......

when lil boosie saw they post that triggered him. Boosie talk about gay people more than gay people smh Nas X shouldnt have said anything about boosie.. Boosie is truly from the old school and how he was raised.. And its his opinion how he feeling.. And if Nas making statement knowly boosie no going.. And don't poke a bear when his sleep and not bothering you..

That or retire make yourself disappear nobody likes people who promote music to kids then goes full blown gay on them BOOSIEOFFICIAL why are you fixated on gay men? It makes you look suspicious. I'm sure he's not the first homophobic man to tell him that.🤷🏽‍♀️ Boosie Badazz… Dave Chappelle… everyone is turning gay 😂😝


When Do You Celebrate 'Lil Nas X Day'? Here's a Calendar of Rappers' Honorary Holidays.LilNasX is the latest in a long line of hip-hop artists who have been embraced and honored by their hometowns -- and other cities as well -- with the special occasion of having an entire day dedicated to them. LilNasX This guy is goals

Ew BOOSIEOFFICIAL why you so out of pocket bruh?! Boosie wanna eat Lil Nas up boosie badazz lmao who is that 💀 Best ting yuh can do as an ARTIST coming up or SEASON is to (1) git OUT OF HIP HOP morph your music! HIP HOP/RAP is MONOTONOUS+FANS ARE STUCK WIT MEDIOCRITY! 2) Go+make songs for SYNC LICENSING MOVIES, COMMERCIAL+Follow ‘VINCE STAPLES!’ Git yur💰 (3) STAY OFF DI RADAR📡 OF👉🏾

Loosy Bussy is fighting internal Homophobia, He is just envious that Lil Nas is living the life he wished he was living, a Life of self-acceptance, Successful career and REAL LOVE! BOOSIEOFFICIAL I definitely support yo actions 🤞🏾🅿️ I think nas shouldn’t be trolling this what you get, he ask for it

Lol when he gon do it? Lol fuqin with a real gangsta, gurl you ain ready, betta quit playin cause you got the alphabet community ridin!! I’m black and YOU PPL have more rights than us!! Quit trolling BOY!!! what a stupid name badazz Where is TI WITH ALL THAT BLACK BROHER/POWER STUFF

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DaBoosie🤪 Boosie is a very troubled individual. Boosie, why don’t you try picking up the BIBLE once in awhile. Do y’all care about Boosie anyway? Sad af Being homophobic is the most clout Boosie will ever get And y'all still not reporting all the nasty and hateful things Lil Nas X said in his various Twitter troll accounts...

Who is boosie badazz? I believe boosie mad because he can't have nas x. Why would a straight man keep going off on a gay dude for no reason at all Man needs to back tf up on the homophobia with a stage name like Bussy

DMX Estate Battle Grows as Alleged 15th Child Comes ForwardThere is a full-on battle royale over DMX's estate, because another woman has reportedly come forward claiming she's one of X's kids, and wants in on the estate. X gonna give it to ya. Only $1M. That's unreal...what happened to his $ ? His demons ran deep. Hey I’m his daughter too!!

Boosie the realist 💯 Lmao this gay ass headline Out of pocket!!! Period 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Boosie looks 2 or 3 steps away from death himself. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 boosie like 49 doing all this go feed yo kids 😭 *seems legit* 🤔 Welcome to the mind of a maniac Photo of Lil Nas X sitting on Lil Bussy lap being shopped around.

Only someone that pressed has deep hatred for something hidden in themselves 👀 Homophobic behaviors and expressions have all to do with the homophobe's sexual insecurities and inadequacies, Boosie. BTW, who's Boosie?

Only Adele is Holding 'F--- Joe Biden' Song Off Top of iTunes ChartsThere are three separate 'Let's Go Brandon' songs currently in the Top Ten Rap/Hip Hop songs – and, no, they're not really singing about Brandon (via toofab) TooFab No one cares about this childish shit TooFab Racist NASCAR fans are the reason it's a national talking point. How incredibly on-brand. TooFab I’m a Christian so lemme figure out how to say this… Let’s Go Brandon!

Lil Nas X looks like he has a big b hole Lil Nas X lived through a hell of a rollercoaster in his life, it’s explains in his album MONTERO, you can’t tell someone to kill themselves, social media has affected us a lot, take a break from it, and that’s what Montero needs, a break from this bitch ass place

Damnnn Bootie is madd madd again I guess this clown bas a get out of free card... 🤦 Boosie Badazz for President 🙌🏻 Boosie is another toxic male figure using hate for fame. Queerphobia is not badazz Bootie bandit Boosie claims he wasn’t homophobic…while trolling nas x everywhere that called him but when nas x troll him…boom homophobic slurs n telling somebody to opt themselves. SMH

So guess what dudes? The ones in your group who tends to talk crap about gay guys is probably gay, or at least worried he may always so. FYI Boosie. lil-fact: Boosie was the nickname of Oscar Wilde’s infamous boyfriend. ☕️ I don’t even listen to boosie but know all his tweets. Fuggin 🐐 This is a man who would likely cause physical harm to someone in the LGBTQ community. He is proving to be dangerous.

2010 Twitter was back for 3 hours. Anyone surprised by this? I mean this is coming from Boosie...a 'man' who supports a rapist like Bill Cosby AND admitted that he hired females to sexually assault his son and nephew while they were underage. I pray Boosie properly deals with his homosexuality before it’s too late 🙏🏽

Boosie is an American Icon and a legend, protect Boosie at all costs! BOOSIEOFFICIAL ✊🏿 Lmao really? Well, that was mean af Y’all don’t remember the disses rappers would throw in the 90s and it shows 😂😂 yeah wow, great job Boosie, you just ruined your career (if you can call it that) Who the heck is Boosie Badazz ? I'm not a huge rap fan but know a lot of lil Naz' songs. Can't go into a shop in the UK without lil Nas being played.

O wow So what You better not say anything bad about the LGBT community. -Dave Chappelle Bro thought this shit was a cod lobby I think Boosie has wallet envy Why is he so focused on Lil Nas X? deserved Team Boosie! He so gay lmao Boosie irrelevant he just mad nobody wanted to pay to watch his doc

I got suspended for 24-hours for saying I can see Kim Kardashian’s nipples in a see-thru outfit she posted but this Lil Boosie bloke can say all that? 💀 Who's Boosie? I believe that’s called the 1st Amendment… Good. Lil fraud x need to stop making music He's jealous pf this guy's easy fame. His last two 1 songs aren't all that.

and so Nas said 'hahaha' went to the Met Ball and stole the show. Who is Boosie whateverhisnameis? boosie flopped Boosie is obsessed Boosie probably gay himself