Booker has emotional message for Trump as GOP blocks resolution condemning the president

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'If Donald Trump wants to gas someone next time, start right here,' Booker said, as he thumped his heart.

Booker grew up in Washington, D.C., the son of parents who graduated from historically black colleges and whose lives were improved by the civil rights movement. He said his father was the first black salesman hired by IBM in the region. His mother helped organize the 1963 March on Washington.

California Sen. Kamala Harris, whose parents were also active in the civil rights movement, said she would not have become the second black woman elected to the Senate"were it not for those folks who took to the streets." "Not one I know. And I'm talking about people at every level of life, including people who graduated Harvard and Stanford," she said."And the only thing that is common among them is that the color of their skin is black."


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Booker T, you are a Fraud grow up.. Mr Spartacus! Look where you are!! Not a humble man 😪 who appreciate what this country has done to your family. A chronic complainer, but you are a senator. I have travel the world and this country is the greatest place to live 🙌.

MCConnell needs to go!

Booker, 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣

Thank you Senator Cory Booker!

Spartacus rises from the ashes ! Wow !!

And this is ... respectful? This is fueling Hate. Stop

Hey jlawrence who and what did he say? Historic?

Since you're a non essential washed up presidential candidate your symbolism means nothing

Ok Spartacus

Failed politicians always ride opportunistic waves bcoz they don't have sufficient cognitive imagination to master effective momentum to propel them beyond the brink of the race.

Drama Queen.


CoryBooker yet again brave after the fact lmol

Newark, where this phony was a mayor, became a permanent s-hole (and the ugliest city in USA) after the 1967 race riots. Instead of trying to calm the situation he is inflaming it. Cities that are not yet s-hole, will become ones after these riots.

Kind of sad. Booker is a black man... what has he done to help blacks? Ohh wait... he helped himself! Right, just like most blacks who progress... they forget where they came from.

Booker is an Uncle Tom. Don’t be acting like you got balls now, boy. We know better.

Trump should do the honorable thing and resign NOW!


He was ashamed? Ok. Then where was he Tuesday?

The only people “gassed” were those who deserved it. CoryBooker

Hes a bigger carpetbagger than Sharpton is

Could I gas him? I would very much like to gas him.

Shut up Spartacus and sit down!!

Just curious, I wonder how the 'you can't lock us down' protesters would have reacted to the same treatment?

If Putin succeeds in proving Putin’s financing of Antifa and an organized attempt to destabilize America with the help of social networks through fake FSB accounts, then Russia could become the first official terrorist power!

Amazing man, this guy is!!

Lol, trying hard to stay relevant, next

Trying to get noticed.

Oh Spartacus just be quiet already

'When you see your brother or your sister suffering, you must not stay silent. Do not remain still. Go to their aid. Help them.' - Kabede Bimro (The Red Sea Diving Resort)

And out came the Trumpites in the comments. Knew it before even reading. 🙄😑


Booker already full of gas, bahahaha!!!

Let's do it

You weren't there because you don't care. If you honestly did care you would be there to help the people get through the past 5 days. But Booky Wooky you didn't show up! Why!

Booker is an idiot, no one was gassed, they had to stand in place ffg or 10 minutes....freakin actor like hos scam man jessie smollett...

I would like to see Congress members take to the streets with protesters. CoryBooker We need leadership to show up.

Lol 😂 had your chance and blew it...Trump is are not.

Why won't someone give George his justice and arrest the other 3 officers involved with his death? They need to show all Americans that what happened to him will not be tolerated anymore in the US to anyone.

Trump 2020


Ahh Spartacus has chimed in


Looks like someone is needing attention. Calm down Spartacus.

Say it louder!.

Booker needs to find a way to fit in

If Spartacus wants to be based, just set next to Rep. Swalwell

OK, fire away, Spartacus will repel the gas like a superhuman, I'm sure of it.

I wish he does

Can you imagine the only thing your name will be remembered, if it is even remembered. That you thought you were a great warrior. Spartacus. More like Daffy Duck.....sorry Daffy

Joke news

gordley Spartacus!!! Idiot.


Another failed attempt at a 'Spartacus moment' for CoryBooker

Oh shut up!!!

They weren't gassed. Get the facts.

Booker is such a joke

Blame game

Oh, please. Go then.

Can’t help but laugh, does he think he’s intimidating anyone?

Bookers a hallmark card and I’m a Democrat. Please with the dramatics!

Why? Do you need another Spartacus moment? Lol.

Booker you are part of the problem.

Except there was NO tear gas 😂 pathetic dems

Did he do that choreographed opening eyes wide thing when he said it? He is such a phony.

Oh please do!

Where do you come up with this crap Spartacus?

Sounds good to me

Spartacus has returned. I’ll wait while he condemns JoeBiden remarks about , “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black”. All individuals have a choice, and your race isn’t a precursor to what you should or shouldn’t do/vote for. Unless your sleepy JoeBiden

Oh geez 🙄 another dramatic response. As long as there is a attitude, there will be no peace, there is no room for this conflict.

Then go to the front lines and let’s see if everyone stays peaceful with your presence there. We can put cameras all in the front row and in the back to see if any bottles go flying.


So many drama queens these days.



Is CoryBooker a closet gay man?

Well, if you insist!

Oh...please...somebody take him up on it.



Okay Booker 🙄


he is not my president

Ok, Spartacus.

Ok Spartacus cocksmoke!

I’m Spartacus!

I stand with CoryBooker

omg theyre all just running with this lie! its been proven he did NOT do that! hey booker go back to david n have a nice life!

Wow so brave go out there with them then Corey put your money and ass on the line

Uhh. Order has to be maintained.

He needs to be outside protesting. Otherwise it's an empty statement.


Lol. He’s such a goofball and opportunist

.CoryBooker did your area in Newark have all peaceful protest?

This guys is an ass clown holy cow hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahhahahahah

Who cares what Spartacus has to say!


No one was gassed. JUST MORE GASLIGHTING

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