BoohooMAN Cuts Ties With DaBaby After His Homophobic Rant: We 'Do Not Tolerate Hate Speech'

BoohooMAN has cut their relationship with DaBaby following the homophobic remarks the rapper made at Rolling Loud Miami.

7/30/2021 1:00:00 PM

BoohooMAN has cut their relationship with DaBaby following the homophobic remarks the rapper made at Rolling Loud Miami.

BoohooMAN is ending its relationship with DaBaby after the rapper's homophobic remarks at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami on July 25. See the statement.

about HIV and AIDS during his Rolling Loud set on day three of the music festival."If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that'll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cellphone lighter up," he told the crowd during his performance, which was livestreamed."Ladies, if your p---y smell like water, put your cellphone lighter up. Fellas, if you ain’t sucking d--- in the parking lot, put your cellphone lighter up."

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His comments quickly received backlash from viewers on social media, with fans of Dua Lipa urging the singer tofrom her"Levitating" remix. The"We're Good" singer condemned her collaborator's comments, saying she was"surprised and horrified" by his comments."I really don't recognize this as the person I worked with," she said in her statement.

DaBaby did receive vocal support from T.I., who. TheAnt-Man Read more: billboard »

Who tf is boohooman? Never heard of them anyway DaFlopy karma‘s not a liar Legend as they should tbh Deserved as they should! He’s over 31 CITIES 99 DIFFERENT PLACES SilifkeYanıyor KöyceğizYanıyor PrayForTurkey As you should

Madonna Sends a Message to DaBaby After 'Hateful Remarks' at Rolling LoudMadonna has joined a growing chorus of celebrities speaking out against DaBaby's homophobic comments made onstage Sunday at Rolling Loud Miami. he's really DaOver now Holiii dababy fell off

their serve Yet Cardi B still has all her Endorsement & she said way worst on her live Targeting a black gay man & his mama! Wishing his mama catch AIDS & die! Yet BB & All the other Blogs are silent! But Yall wanna put down a black man huh! I see y’all industry Politics!! WEEDS hahahaha Who tha hell is boohooman

Madonna Blasts DaBaby For Rapper's 'Hateful Remarks'Madonna took to Instagram to school DaBaby for the homophobic comments he made during his appearance at Rolling Loud in Miami on Sunday. Didn’t she photoshop her face on some girls half naked picture? It’s phobic when you disagree with something now? RS is Trumpphobic. Queen

Elton John Condemns DaBaby After 'HIV Misinformation and Homophobic Statements'Elton John condemned DaBaby following the 'HIV misinformation and homophobic statements' the rapper made at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival. Did he keep the same energy for Eminem? Or is it against black men? FAIL BLM Thank you John for speaking up

DaBaby apologizes for his homophobic rant that left Elton John 'shocked'After initially doubling down on his offensive behavior and dismissing his detractors, rapper DaBaby acknowledged that his widely condemned comments were “insensitive.” Pshh...that apology wasn't really even an apology Forget science versus religion, it’s now science and religion vs entertainment.

Dua Lipa Addresses DaBaby\u2019s Homophobic CommentsDua threw the first shoe. No one. The Dua solo version slaps. Madonna already did Lil baby, sada baby, baby keem, baby santana, baby no money, bhad bhabie, birdman aka “baby”.

DaBaby Makes Things Worse in New Offensive VideoRapper addresses homophobic comments in sexist self-directed clip as GLAAD adds to the chorus of rebukes against him 🤢🤢🤢 He ended bts He's over