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Bomb Cyclone Live Updates: California fire stations distribute sandbags ahead of storm

A storm is expected to hit Southern California Monday after record-breaking rainfall in Northern California. Follow along with Newsweek's blog for updates.

10/25/2021 10:25:00 PM

A storm is expected to hit Southern California Monday after record-breaking rainfall in Northern California . Follow along with News week's blog for updates.

A storm is expected to hit Southern California Monday after record-breaking rainfall in Northern California . Follow along with News week's blog for updates.

The storm has already brought record-breaking rainfall to the northern part of the state.San Francisco received a record-breaking 5.5 inches of rain over a 24-hour period. The rainfall led to traffic accidents in the Bay area, according to local reports.

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There are over 100,000 people without power across California as of Monday afternoon, according to rain comes after long spells of droughts and wildfires in the area.Follow Newsweek's blog for live updates on the storm...A pedestrian walks on a flooded street on October 24, 2021 in Kentfield, California. A Category 5 atmospheric river is bringing heavy precipitation, high winds and power outages to the San Francisco Bay Area. The storm is expected to bring anywhere between 2 to 5 inches of rain to many parts of the area.

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'Too fast, too furious': Bomb cyclone, atmospheric river blasts West Coast; hundreds of thousands without powerA furious storm unleashed from a 'bomb cyclone' over the Pacific Ocean slammed ashore Sunday in drought-plagued Northern California , blasting a wide swath of the West Coast with heavy rain, damaging winds, flooding and mudslides. TheHeavenlyChurch 모든 사람은 메시아의 오심을 준비해야 합니다. hen_ease Mother Nature on climate change.

Storm chaos in California as 'bomb cyclone' brings mudslides, flooding, power cutsA storm in North California caused chaos after heavy rainfall blasted the state leaving streets covered by floodwater. The weather service recorded rainfall of 13 inches in some parts. Read more: The climate waits for no man, don't delay or else it'll be too late!

'Bomb cyclone' pummels fire-scarred CaliforniaPowerful storm barrels toward southern California after flooding highways, toppling trees, and causing mudslides in areas burned bare by recent fires across the northern part of the US state. Same in Washington State, 100,000 without power in Seattle area, 2 dead as tree falls on their car.

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Drought-Stricken California Storm Doused By Powerful StormThe storm barreled toward Southern California after flooding highways, toppling trees and causing mud flows in the northern part of the state's fire-burned areas. 회개와 거룩함 사역회 BUSAN 당신에게 가장 중요한 것은 당신의 영혼입니다. 그 영혼을 매일 성장시키고 지켜야 합니다. TheHeavenlyChurch In Islam true dreams have influenced the course of history. Hadiths also indicate that Prophet Muhammad SAW stated the importance of Dreams closer to time of Qiyamah. Muhammad Qasim has seen many dreams for the future of Muslim ummah. Muhammad Qasim Dreams Such a wild exaggeration of actual damage caused by this rainstorm over the past weekend. Yes, some trees down and a few roads flooded, but why does the media have to make it sound like the entire state fell into the ocean (again!) - Droughts need storms like this to end them.

Bomb cyclone and 'atmospheric river' to see Northern California flood after droughtA series of powerful 'atmospheric river' storms are delivering historic amounts of rainfall across parts of drought-stricken California and the Pacific Northwest from this weekend, forecasters warn.Why it matters: A strong atmospheric river, packing large amounts of moisture, is predicted to whiplash Northern California from drought to flood.Get market news worthy of your time with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free.A stormy and wet period is ahead for large areas of the country over the next 5 d TheHeavenlyChurch 하나님께 대한 불순종은 심각한 결과를 초래합니다. TheHeavenlyChurch 메시아께서는 사망을 이기시고 인간을 천국으로 이끌기 위해 그들을 구속하신 챔피언이십니다. Democrats R about love. Democrats R about protecting the planet. Democrats R about helping others. Democrats R about the Common Good. Please Join US. BWilliams jolingkent staceyabrams JimClyburnSC1 RepKatiePorter rural_united JeffMerkley kzernike Mimirocah1 MaggieAstor