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Civil Unrest, Politics

Bolivian Mayor Assaulted by Protesters in Postelection Mayhem

After the mayor was accused of organizing a pro-government mob, antigovernment protesters kidnapped her, cut her hair and doused her in paint.


Protesters kidnapped the mayor of a small town in central Bolivia , forcibly cut her hair, drenched her with red paint, made her sign an improvised resignation letter, then marched her through the streets barefoot, witnesses said

After the mayor was accused of organizing a pro-government mob, antigovernment protesters kidnapped her, cut her hair and doused her in paint.

President Morales condemned the attack on the mayor. “All my solidarity with our sister, mayor of Vento, Patricia Arce, who was kidnapped and cruelly harassed for expressing and defending her ideals and the principles of the poorest,” he wrote on Twitter.

preliminary vote count that suggested Mr. Morales had fallen short

to avoid a runoff, spurring the opposition to take to the streets in protest.

Read more: The New York Times

What the hell? You don’t do that to a person! They found evidence that what happened to the mayor of Vinto was a show orchestrated by public officials. PPTenel13 marianagc OEA_oficial El_Universal_Mx 'A barbaric act perpetrated by vandals/ extreme rights groups in order to cause disorder, confusion & chaos.'

Get Lord in your life. Maybe we do this to our own officials we could stop the some of this crap. Crazy Can Americans learn anything from this? This is very disturbing DAlexanderB Keeping track of the solved problems Democracy in action. The people have their say Misogyny is alive and well, we see. Trumpian Cancer is

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver loses reelection bidIncumbent Flint, Michigan, Mayor Karen Weaver, who led the city as it gained national attention over its devastating water crisis, lost her bid for reelection Tuesday, according to official results from the Genesee County clerk's office. BREAKING NEWS Flint teached law enforcement: for Chinese KGB minimum requirement to Pakistani recruits to know English ThursdayMotivation Pakistani immigrant set to evict Pelosi fr 12th. KGB made Pelosi's impeachment & Democrats are pissed. Million of felons&illigals-company Is the water fixed yet? The pipes are a 12 plus year project and it’s only year 5 or 6...thousands have been replaced...crime is down and she only lost by like 40 votes...mind your own city and stop assuming her losing meant she didn’t put in the work...Americans always want solutions overnight 🙄

Don’t they have police in that part of world? PabloVieux Aquí será mucho peor, ya hay demasiada violencia como para querer implementar un sistema de estos totalitaristas y tiránicos. PabloVieux No más dictaduras en Latinoamérica. OMG! So happy to be an American Any kind of violent action is unacceptable, but this lady has had an extremely incendiary speech and encouraged and financed Evo Morales' followers to act violently against protesters, resulting in one casualty and 100 injured people.

Where was her security in the 1st place johntmorales Thank you U S of A🖕 Probably not something we would ever do....... God Bless America! Like I said the is a media partner of regime change & war industry CARTEL. Violent kidnappers = 'protesters'

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg eyeing presidential bidBREAKING: Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is eyeing a run for president in 2020. MORE: Bloomberg has not decided whether to run for president but is back to actively considering it and is taking this step to keep his options open. jfc no Please run. Let us have battery electric power plants for the United States. Please.

this is how youre framing this shit? liberalism really is a buttress for fascism What kind of politician will she be thereafter? I bet every decision she will now take into account the people of her district. Good for them! If this would happen in Colombia then it wouldn’t be called “protesters” Sounds like antifa

'Protesters'? Are you effing kidding me? Have you guys ever heard of the word 'terrorists'? “protesters” Would they do the same if the major was male? Protesters = U.S. backed right wing domestic terrorists... 'Protestors' is a cute euphemism for 'violent actual fascists'

Mayor sprints away from journalists mid-interview, in ChilePoliticians around the world are often accused of evading difficult questions, but a local mayor in Chile took things to the next level as she suddenly sprinted away while taking questions from journalists who had approached her in the street ironically, this is what your staff does every time they see JamesOKeefeIII coming 😂 The “fight or flight” response at work LMFAO

maggieNYT I'd be curious to find out what role the US is playing in Bolivia. Let's just say our track record in Cenral/South America isn't great. “Protesters”? Bolivia is a fascist regime, the dicktater of which ordered to vote against ARES 68/262. Since they support international criminals any protests against them is Just Cause (4)

Terrorism “Protesters”, right wing mother fuckers that don’t like abiding by election results or recounts. The same mob type from Venezuela and Ukraine. Good ol US of A interfering on other countries elections. 警察👮在保护谁 Instead of condemning the fact that the NYT is calling those who did this “protesters”, dumbasses can’t read anything without immediately thinking of Trump (“can we do this to him?”). The media has given people Trump-on-the-brain.

'Protestors.'. Come now, NYT. 'Protestors' 🙄🙄🙄 State media.gonna be state media, huh ? Would fascists cover it?

Could a Retired Army General Be the First Female Mayor of N.Y.?Loree K. Sutton, a retired Army brigadier general and former city commissioner, announced her candidacy to become the 110th mayor of New York City. Looks like she has the salt for it. I say go for it. I’m completely ignorant of her political stances, but on the surface this sounds pretty cool

“””””protesters”””””” Thugs. They're called thugs. Would you call them “protesters” if this happened to an American mayor? Hell no. More white supremacist imperialist garbage from the nyt What in the GOTH is going on here Mummmmmmmm Yeah well the liberals in AMERICA would do the same in our own country if allowed that's how bad the Democrates have gotten. OUR FOREFATHERS ARE TURNING OVER IN THERE GRAVES. SAD TIMES IN AMERICA.

That's disheartening but come to think of it don't the mayor move on with securities In America we just sit in our rooms and talk shit about you on Twitter and use photoshop to make fake news stories about you very suiting for a civil news provider to show something like this. That doesn't bring tension to the country and how is that uniting us? I'll wait.

Exactly what you want to do to President Trump.

First woman elected mayor of Scranton, as an independent after sparring with Democratic machineAn independent who changed her party affiliation after sparring with the local Democratic Party became the first elected female mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania, taking the helm of a city known for its deep blue ties Why are you not covering the EpsteinCoverUp?

pakatanharapan_ beruntunglah kalian kerana rakyat Malaysia x sekejam ini They are pursuing democracy & human rights that NYT claimed of HK protesters. Her political party not only cheated on the General Elections, but she was also responsible for paying criminals to get into fights with unarmed civilians. The results are around 100 people wounded and a 20-year old student who was beaten to death for defending democracy.

Omg Shameful, that was reserved for Nazi collaborators not unpopular politicians Salvajes Sounds great lwts start with Nancy Pelosi Horrible What did she do to merit such forceful treatment People did this to the Mayor because a 20-year old boy was killed because of this woman. Also, there are around 100 wounded people that she paid criminals to get them into a fight. Her political party cheated on the general election.

Tucson elects first Latina mayor and other historic Election Day winsFrom Kentucky's first African American Attorney General to the first Muslim woman to serve on the Virginia Senate, a handful of candidates across the country made history Tuesday. Suck ups, you're just electing her cause she's a hispa & a 6!+çh, not cause she's actually 'good' (which she is not, by the way).

Get you facts straight Everything was a play by the Major and 'her' people so peaceful protesters could b seen as aggressive ones. Do some research first bfore tweeting something that isn't true. leahnavarro Politicians be warned. Go and Bato better be reading this. Wow. Can you imagine? Thank God we live in the U.S.A. right? Or are we still worse than Bolivia?

Hillary you’re up Just through her into cell. Fake News Democrats Democratic socialism

Omg! Uncivilized! I didnt know Antifa operated in Bolivia. When do we start doing this to Dems here. Good ole tar & feathering. Idiots. Sounds like what’s going on in the White House This is horrific and I don’t care which side she’s on. Im sure she was completely innocent Shame What tha These are not civilised people. 😳

That’s what has to be done by any means necessary

That's called 'Justicia indígena' in Andean countries, and there are agreements between authorities and the community not to interfere in their business of applying their ethical code. Fair? That's another issue, but there are strong and right reasons for it. Well, the Bolivians know how to get sh** done. Wow 😳

Take note politicians. We are sick if your shit. Wow that is some Game of Thrones shit right there. That's not right should be protested Sorry maggieNYT The paint and scissors ring for thee, realDonaldTrump Can we do that with the POTUS? Just have to yank his weave off. Can we do this to trump look closer before reporting, attack was staged by Morales’ supporters The avalanche of misinformation from the government is unprecedented. Those who have access to social media can better decipher truth from fiction. But rural areas cannot and feeds 2 division & more violence

In many LA countries this kind of antic is like street theater. Elites are totally unresponsive so people have to make a protest, somehow.we will see this more and more If only we could do that to politicians we would have less corruption. Those Bolivians are watching too much HBO When you kidnap and assault a person you are not a protester anymore. You are a thug. Regardless of their grievances that’s not right.

Radical Das ist schrecklich!! Let's bring back tar and feathering for our president!! This wouldn't be good enough for him for the bullshit we've had to deal with! These are the same scum supporting Juan guaido and Bolsonaro, all supported by the US state department. Viva Morales ✊ This kind of violence is unaccetable in the same measure that it is unacceotable Mr Evo Morales' greed for power. He wants another mandate now and will fight for another one after rour years.

Waiting for the day when Trump gets the same treatment. Disgusting. That’s horrible - no one deserves that. However, I have an idea for Monday’s Veterans Parade... 🍊 We should do the same to Congress It would be nice if I could read ONE of these New York Times stories instead of having it blocked out always.

You can see here how they are hitting with sticks.These persons were paid by government and the Mayor.The same mayor you say “was kidnapped by protesters” is not the victim here, she is part of a corrupt, racist and antidemocratic system which is in power for the last 14 years. Trump approves. Damn! Fue todo un montaje

This is how it should be in a sane country!

This is terrible Violence creates violence The Bolivian government is sponsoring violence and racism. The Bolivian people are defending democracy and liberty while reacting and defending themselves against the provocations from the thugs paid by the government. do better! EvoDictador We should do this to all the globalist elite and central bankers

How far are the Democrats from this sort of post election tantrum? I don't know why am thinking of Kenyan politicians as I read this post Nigerians wake up!!!!!!! SHAME NYT. Many things are going on here in Bolivia and you decide to sell this? Disgusting and barbaric

This woman of the government party, ordered to slaughter the people who were making a peaceful protest against the fraud of the elections last October 20 That’s savagery!!!!! Medieval and ignorant Shame,shame,shame The world is going mad. African leaders need this No reason for this none at all I’m not justifying what they did, but this lady is part of the group that killed a 17 year old boy that same day. She got off easy. She’s paid by then socialist party to incite violence, steal from people and abuse the native people of her region.

Crazy! This is what happens in a Socialist government. Do not send this country there by voting Democrat... Not to defend this act of humiliation, but this happened as consequence of this woman’s threats and incitement to violence causing her people to beat up to death a 20yo man (of the opposition). Your headline should be impartial, which is not. Bolivia

Such a ruthless act, sad too. Somebody show this story to the current occupant, the naked emperor, there in the WH. This is what people--not us, apparently, but people--do, when they get pissed enough. Look at Puerto Rico. Look at what happens when people get fed up. So if you read the story..... this might not be all that bad

The cutting the hair part got me thinking . also the red paint and the resignation letter.. Thats to much ...God save us all We do notneed any more old white guys running. We live and learn! NOW DO TRUMP The MAS lost control. They have little to no political capital in Bolivia. They need a run off. Métodos fascistas de los grupos opositores a Evo Morales. Que vergüenza.


Oh at first I thought this was police officer or Trump supporter.. If this is true, barbaric! I like their style. It is really cruel!! This is not way to protest. Pelosi needs to visit this place and show them the error in their ways... Our democrats would do this to al Trump supports if they could. Game of Thrones?

BarkyBoogz Take notes America... Coming soon to the USA of the Democrats continue to ruin our country.

Looks like a scene from Apocalypto. Savage. Your headline should mention that as a result of this woman’s threats, she got her people to beat a 20 y/o man to death, and then this happend. I would’ve expected a better, more partial headline from such an important newspaper. Bolivia Babygiwa All we need right now in Nigeria

What would motivate people to do such a thing? What’s wrong in Bolivia? Paris 1940 Mayor in the next town over is in the street sweeping. We’re all thinking the same thing . . . . We need to shame all corrupt politicians and I kind of like this idea 😂 I wish this had been just a dreamー WTF!😳

Hideous way of dealing with problems. No one ought to be treated like that. The person who was elected, perhaps poorly, was a male, but instead they pick on her, who supported him, a female. Plus, what if she and/or her protesters acted on inaccurate or incomplete information? This an incredibly biased article , the government staged this to blame it on the opposition. Also this woman has payed and forces poor people to incite violence in a peaceful protest (all with the government’s money).

Please share the whole story! If you don’t know what’s going on don’t post! I’m from Bolivia my family and childhood friends are there! These woman is a criminal! She is getting sentenced for paying people to fight and kill peaceful protesters!!!! Please share the TRUTH ! This crime against humanity was perpetrated by SHAMELESS, INSECURE male humans.

Can protesters do this with our president? Assault or karma ? Aren’t we in the year 2019 Jacobins this is where the Jacobins in America are headed. Research a bit and there is more. Bolivia 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Disgusting. nohumanity. usecourts! Coming to the US shortly. A new page for ANTIFA’s playbook? Worse yet, a new way for Dems to stage a temper tantrum when an election doesn’t go their way? Huah This is the wrong way to deal with dissatisfaction with government. Now do trump. 🍿 🍿 🍿 WTH? AP BBCWorld SkyNews el_pais lopezdoriga cnni MSNBC

is this your biggest news from Bolivia SHAME Ney York Times, this is far from being an important news of what is actually happening. PLEASE A BIT OF RESEARCH AND RESPECT That’s some GoT shit right there. Thank goodness they were civilized enough not to cause physical harm (or worse). What a way to hear from your constituents! shame cerseihaditworse

Protestors were right-wing, probably agency-funded, proxies for the moneyed class. It's a Cold War tactic the U.S. prefers, and has used in South America for over a century now. When the people are fed up...... Ok, cool. Now do trump Viri_Rios crees que sea necesario esto en México? Let's do that to Trump but with blue paint instead.

Wow. Cruel people. Mob rule. An uncivilized society So 'Game of Thrones'... Cersei Typical actions of the right wing. maggieNYT Somehow when I looked at this picture, I saw The Donald there under all that paint.

Somebody been watching Game of Thrones 🤷🏾‍♀️ I want to know what Cersei did to make them do this to her? Another country may have to take action like that to rid itself of an unrelenting scoundrel !!! WTF?! maggieNYT Is it possible to do this with tRump? JBellFocus This needs to be done to trump and pence so we can all say the HONORABLE Madam president Pelosi. With her the world will respect us again

🙀😳😣😬 The background of this is the protests in Bolivia against Evo Morales, this woman allowed criminals to enter the city with dynamites so that the protests stop. Oh and why don't you mention that these criminal people beat a young man to death? We are fighting for democracy! Please show the whole story. This woman promotes violence and orders for young people who are protesting to be killed. Yet you are showing her as a victim? Shame on you NYT! Make sure you investigate properly, this woman is a criminal and does not represent us bolivians.

Soubry next trump and all his family plus all the gutless GOP Omggg !!! 😤😤 and realDonaldTrump thinks he's being treated harshly. where was the cia when this all kicked off? Oh my God. Save us from such evil. She caused all that, so she deserved it. That’s horrible. But it’s an idea for us. Any chance America could adopt this practice? Just for one time only?

es she bussed in hundreds of Evo Morales paramilitaries to her own town.those paramilitaries beated a high school kid to death with sticks.She is not a good person.she was not beaten,just humiliated,which was regrettable why leftist media shows her & not the kid? We need to call up some Bolivians garyowencomedy KevinHart4real RealDLHughley DonCheadle GamebredFighter JohnLeguizamo UnivisionNews WSJ jimmykimmel chrissyteigen

LsfarmLw People are saying it's called trump day Thought that was at DNC headquarters Geez, that’s intense. When fear turns violent When pain becomes unbearable When victims release anger... This is sad. Elections r a dangerous time for countries who depend on division, intolerance, hatred and ignorance to regain power. So much killings and violence during election among political rivals across the world. That is why Trump rhetoric is dangerous.

Whoever wrote that tweet should have a long, hard look at themselves. Anybody commenting based on the tweet, I recommend you read the article. It's violence but I understand how people can be driven to that. I can only imagine if .... we paraded someone orange, naked and forced him to sign a resignation 😂😂

At least shes not getting impeached as part of a partisan hack job.

Well, maybe she should do a better job of fixing the potholes. maggieNYT Brutal. Small towns around the world electing leaders and having local governments. This is Civilization. Democracy. Progress. We vote to support those who desire it. America will be an example again. Will lead again. Hang in there World. 2020Election

Shame, shame, shame 🔔 🤔 Wow what nice people. We need more shit like this in America Soon such sights will be very common everywhere. I think that could be put to good use here This is what the left would do to President Trump if they could! maggieNYT Is that normal behavior in Bolivia?

Seems like awfully odd and convenient that the media were right there to interview her and that they didn’t just outright kill the person. Why does NO ONE mention the hoards of mercenaries she sent to destroy my city, Cochabamba? Or the gross human rights abuse the Bolivian people (people defending their democracy) suffer under the orders of dictator Morales? Isn’t it the job of reporters to get all the facts?

And THIS is the kind of anarchy NYT would celebrate happening here - until it happens to YOU. maggieNYT Trump might look better that way. We need this done in the states!!! There’s lots of fake freedom in the US, not real democracy! I dnt like this😢🙏🏼 Stop giving the nutty left ideas.. it won’t turn out so well if they try this

This is BAD and DEHUMANIZING no matter her offense,THIS IS A MOTHER,A CITIZEN for crying out loud.She should be handed over to the police or a constituted authority. wow We need to do this to Trump.

I wonder if the protesters in Bolivia know the protesters in Chiapas? They don’t play either... What a paint-thirsty mob! Better than the blood-thirsty type though... maggieNYT Apparently this was a demonstration against Evo Morales “winning” reelection. This man is a fraud and dictator who fixed the election and I would bet wins praise from Trump!

maggieNYT Just wrong This is what should have happened when realDonaldTrump got elected. What is wrong with people? JusticeDemocrats That's pretty fucking metal. I wish this shit would happen i the United States.. there is a lot of government officials that would have this done to them. Maybe it would make the government officials listen to the people and not the damn lobbies and donors.

the elites & authoritarian rich $$holes worldwide are about to feel the wrath of THE PEOPLE they f*ked over... 'Trusting Obama Is Worse Than Fearing Trump - Here's Why

Shame on you NYT. There are 3 people dead in Bolivia and this is what you decide to sell? Plus: The moment when she is “captured” is not shown. There are no images of her being beaten. There is no tears, no fear. Minutes later there is a government spot ready. BoliviaResiste Other leaders should watch it.

Seems a bit severe to me. Why you don't show the 3 people killed by persons from the goverment of Evo Morales? 2 killed by gun shots and 1 hitted whit rocks in the head until he dye?... The las guy was killed by people payed for the lady you show in your post. WOW.. This is scary. Do they do that to presidents over there?

En Colombia a los corruptos y asesinos los condecoran y si son uribistas los reeligen... Spolitik .

maggieNYT I’m sorry this says what? maggieNYT Love how the twitter headline doesn't mention that she is a socialist mayor being assaulted by fascist thugs. maggieNYT Dear God help us. maggieNYT The new Cats movie really does look like trash. America, are you listening?! 😏 maggieNYT socialism at its finest

maggieNYT I’m not saying it was right but You think that’s a story... the Democrat Party has been involved in numerous crimes from racketeering , murder, and are presently involved in sedition! Hahahahaha 'Protesters' - you mean right wing coup-enablers

When washington & London's administration touch a country's door, internal chaos and civil war arises. No surprises in Bolivia. Right wing in power over 100 years, we were the poorest country in LA, thanks to their politics.The foreigners and ex-politicians are hungry for power Good to know Americans aren’t the only badly behaved people.

That is anarchy. Millennials in Bolivia? Who knew? Wow they’ve got Democrats down in Bolivia. The American left would be proud to do something similar to their disliked politicians. And that will start to happen. Here if continues to help morph the US into a socialist nation. Are they going to prison? I love the smell of democracy in the morning

When washington & London's administration touch a country's door, internal chaos and civil war arises. No surprises in Bolivia. After 100 years in power, we were the poorest country in LA, thanks to their politics. The foreigners and ex-politicians are hungry for power in 🇧🇴

Damn Don’t know why I was thinking about Trump when I read this article Need to do this to Nancy That's bad of them to do the This is so heartbreaking and so where we’re headed if we’re not careful 😱😱😱😱😱revival of barbarism? This is inhumane and unjustifiable!!!! Barbaric and horrifying. Omg..... like Salem and witches- really odd, Bolivia, come into the year 2019 with us. Leave the woman alone.


Ha! realDonaldTrump it’s your turn next 🤣 Ironically there is no peace in 'La Paz.' It seems not everyone has British values? 😉 Bolivia needs to invest in some secret service agents soon. I’m impressed and appalled at the shame time “protestors”.. you must tittle property .. right wingers/fascist DeLouche111 We should do the same to MSM for the lies and covering of the DS.

I wish our Nigerian politicians can get this sometimes as a precaution Why though?

Oupsss GOT EFFECT Wtf Tough love Wow if this was only Trump 🤣 I wish these could be done to bad corrupt leaders This s barbaric. What a world we live. Terrifying. It’s an idea That poor, poor woman! What a scary as shit thing to have happened to you. It's really unbelievable, I hope she is alright. And I also hope whoever did that to her is charged to the fullest of the law!

She bussed in Evo Morales' paramilitaries to her own town, resulting in the death of a senior high schooler, who was beaten to death with sticks. I'm sad that the media doesn't tell you that m and people don't read the whole story. She was not beaten. He died horribly. Every country in the world should do this.

Which of them will step up and do the job better? Someone needs to stop joking around about canceling 2020 and being “President for Life.” Well wouldn't that be nice when the head fucks up, makes the next cautious. Though is nice but it's still not right no need for the public shaming it can change lives. Even when thing's are different people's views stay the same.

Despicable and a banana Republic 'Protestors''s just kidnappers unless this is another Smollet case That's awful! How terrifying. 😕 I don't even want TraitorTrump, the TrumpCrimeFamily, or his corrupt administration treated that way ...though I am for indictments, perp walks, criminal trials, conviction, asset forfeiture, and orange jumpsuits. RuleOfLaw

🤔 The rebels are spoofing the mayor! It's the reverse! It's the reverse. 目击者说,抗议者绑架了玻利维亚中部一个小镇的市长,强行剪下她的头发,用红色油漆浸湿她,让她在临时辞职信上签名,然后赤脚在街上游行。

La señora del video es simpatizante de Evo Morales, en el video los opositores le quitan su bandera y se burlan de ella. 😔 Así se portan los opositores. realDonaldTrump Sir,They coming for u next.Just it must be tar & feathers. Common sense,logic is what is lacking.🗽peanut brain! 🐲 Could it happen here? Hmmmmm

WHAT!! What is the world we are now living in? Shocking! Barbaric. Would this have happened if the Mayor was a man? Yamiche No comment......✊🏼😘 Violence is never the best choice for human behavior. Capitalist violence in South America is endless. And always cheered by the United States. Caught this yesterday,nuts!

Yikes I've got some extra red paint lying around. Let's go to Washington and 'git'r done!' Well This woman works for Evo Morales and because of her a Young Man who was protesting peacefully was murdered. Get real Information! This woman instigated the people who are in favor of Evo Morales to use violence. And the Police didnt save her...she was handed over to the Police...

You guys did too much Tjo 🥺 Yamiche Vigilantism and/or violence is never a positive nor a joke. From the article she appears corrupted but that never excuses other’s actions. Why the Rule of Law is so primary in Democracy. Not protesters, they are TERRORIST. Animals would not do something alike. This is how politicians should be treated!

Not condoning violence but I see signs around the world of the whale waking up under the canoe. I think this decade people will remind Governments of the world who serves who. We are getting to a tipping point, both economically and environmentally. Yamiche I’ve always said that Americans need to adopt more Bolivian values

And at the same time a young man was killed by stones threw by government paid people. Please reconsider your headline, that corrupt woman was not beaten by the crowd. Sr_Schmitz Lo que ha tardado el NYT en ponernos la imágen de las derechas fascistas bolivianas......puede que el NYT apoye a los nazis neoliberales.

Wtf? It was an acting. If it had happened in Nigeria, I’d be much happier.

Now theres an Idea. We blew 2 chances to do it. Baseball game, UFC..there's a few opportunities coming though. That's no way to treat a lady The rich of Bolivia are giving them a hard time people don't want to share, People didn't fall for the presidents fake modesty Another reason for a honorary Printed money should be controlled by nature not man... backedstandard

Welcome to Kenya, this will never happen. Welcome to China.This will not happen in China. Wow, that would had been a better game if thrones ending right there Will these be contagious and blow this side Unless she’s enabling forest fires and the environmental terrorism that is “land use change,” a la Bolsonaro, then that is an extremist situation

I wish we can do something like this to our president in Nigeria. Wish we could do that in Britain Basically tarred and feathered her

Hmmm Maybe the same with our fake president? WTF. Old Fashion way 🥰👍🏾 Pelosi and schiff and svhummer and comei and all the others need that done to them *right wing fascist* protesters Are you sure that wasn't ANTIFA? Sure sounds like your boys. I’m completely against this kind of barbarism.. However, given the state of roads in bangalore, someone here might replicate this.. chandandm k_sandp sapna_2303 vinay1349

We will have do it in Ghana too...the politicians are the problem in the world now.. WTF... Coming to an American city soon! 'David, I know you're technically a Canadian, but how do you feel about the Far-Left?'

The whole world has lost their damned minds That’s what we need to do with our President. That disgusting behaviour will be in Britain if we vote Corbyn as PM 😡 I mean technically the people spoke🥴 Those things do happen from Time to time in Bolivia and it is very unfortunate. However most Bolivian are very kind and affectionate people. Let's not forget it!

That's Bolivian antifa WTF? That should replicate in Nigeria sickpeole that’s a hate crime

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