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'Bold' investors cash in on volatile markets — here's how you can become one

There are 3 types of investors in volatile markets, this expert says — which one are you? #investinyou (In partnership with @acorns.)

5/29/2020 12:00:00 PM

There are 3 types of investors in volatile markets, this expert says — which one are you? investinyou (In partnership with acorns.)

Ken Hevert, a senior vice president at Fidelity Investments, says that volatile markets lead to three types of investors. Here's how to become the one that makes the most money.

Volatile markets can strike fear into any investor.However, Ken Hevert, a senior vice president at Fidelity Investments, said that people appear to be handling thecoronavirusdownturn with less panic than the financial crisis of 2008."We've seen actually like a 50% reduction in people selling out of their investments this time around versus 2008," Hevert said. He said a key reason is that many of those investors have a plan they trust.

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Not cashing out allows investors to recover and eventually grow their portfolios, according to Hevert.Some people, on the other hand, use downturns as a chance to take advantage of cheaper prices. Hevert is already seeing evidence of a specific subset of people who are cashing in on the current market. He calls them "bold investors."

Check out this video to see two other types of investors, and to learn more about the strategy you need to be a bold investor. Read more: CNBC »

acorns I'm the one who has a nice and comfortable home. acorns The main difference between nervous investors and bold investors is how much they believe in the business they invest their money in. E.g: if I invested in apple technology, i wouldn’t do so much changes. Because the history of the company always stands back after any decline.

acorns ..Fidelity marketing B.S. acorns So you guys gonna report of ChaseBank or pretend nothing is happening acorns Despite all the confidence and boldness-there is scarcely an investor who would not be nervous during volatility and uncertainty-to say that would be plain dishonest ! acorns Losers, winners, and break evens.

acorns Вы делаете мою жизнь лучше acorns Я переживаю acorns There's a 4th type...the one who is a hybrid of all 3 and who doesn't listen to 'experts.'

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