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Boeing's 777X, the world's largest twin-engine jet, takes off in maiden flight

Boeing 777X takes off in maiden flight, a milestone for company struggling from Max crashes

1/25/2020 9:12:00 PM

Boeing 777X takes off in maiden flight, a milestone for company struggling from Max crashes

The maiden flight of the Boeing 777X is a milestone for the company struggling through the fallout from the 737 Max crashes.

. Bad weather postponed attempts at the first flight on Thursday and again on Friday.The first flight, which took off from Everett, Washington, is part of testing that will occur throughout the year as the company works toward winning regulatory approval, which promises to be more stringent after the crashes of the 737 Max. Those planes have been grounded since March after the second of two crashes that together killed 346 people.

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Boeing had aimed to first fly the 777X, a plane it launched at the 2013 Dubai Air Show, last year but the company faced delays because of snags with theGeneral ElectricGE9X engines, the largest aircraft engine in the world.The plane is the largest twin-engine jet ever built and has a wingspan so wide — more than 235 feet — it features folding wingtips that reduce that width by more than 20 feet so the plane can fit into various airport taxiways and gates. The 777X-9 is slightly longer than Boeing's most iconic plane: the hump-backed 747, which is fading away as airlines opt for more twin-engine aircraft that require less fuel.

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Southwest Airlines profits tumble after Boeing 737 Max grounding drove up costs“We need to get this thing done and get the Max back up in the air.” Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly says there needs to be transparency and strong performance for passengers to feel confident in the safety of Boeing’s 737 Max. Let’s have the CEO’s and the Boeing execs and engineers test drive it for a few months.

American Airlines profit jumps despite Boeing 737 Max problems“We’re obviously disappointed to see the return to service date likely moving back,” American Airlines CEO Doug Parker says about the 737 Max. Despite the ongoing grounding, American posted higher profits in Q4. Only a fool would buy a tix on the 737 Max. Nobody is upset the return to service date got pushed back. Push it back even farther

Boeing 737 Max could be recertified before mid-year, FAA saysThe FAA could approve the 737 Max plane before mid-year, ahead of Boeing's timeline, sending shares of the manufacturer higher. And the FAA caves again. and who will fly on it ? This is all a game eh?

Sources: Boeing 737 Max could be approved for service before mid year - Business InsiderThe Boeing 737 Max, which has been grounded since March, has been taken out of the flight schedules of several major airlines through June. not sure if I want to fly in one of those just yet ok Problem lies in it's flawed aerodynamics and not the MCAS. 737MAX

US could approve Boeing 737 MAX before mid-year: sourceUS air safety regulators could clear the Boeing 737 MAX to return to service before mid-year, a person close to the process said Friday. Boeing shares rallied following a CNBC report that the Federal Aviation Administration signaled to airlines that the MAX could be approved to resume flights before The Flying Caskets!!!

Boeing delays 777X first flight again due to bad weatherBoeing has postponed again the first flight of its 777X long-haul jetliner that ... I TOLD Boeing to spend the extra money and make the 777X waterproof! yeah, let's call it a bad weather. Too much or no wind 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔