Boden's matching Christmas jumpers are perfect for family photos

Get the whole household involved for the festive season!

12/8/2021 6:19:00 PM

Boden's matching Christmas jumpers are perfect for family photos

Get the whole household involved for the festive season!

trend than during the Christmas season.And, thanks to British fashion brand Boden, your Christmas day outfits are sorted! The brand is now selling matching family Christmas jumpers and t-shirts so you can twin with your mini me on the special day.From cashmere cardigans to novelty festive prints, we bet you'll find a design everyone can agree on from Boden's range (fingers crossed).

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BodenWithin the range, you can pick up a classic Christmas jumper with a colourful Fair Isle design and jolly robin print. It's made from a wool-blend with the women's style featuring a hint of alpaca for a super-soft feel. For a more subtle festive-look, there's also a beautiful cashmere jumper in cream with a Fair Isle pattern, and get the matching cardigan for your mini me.

The brand is also selling matching navy long sleeve t-shirts with a festive reindeer print, and striped jumpers and cardigans for a chic festive look.See more of our favourite matching Christmas attire below. Just think of all the family pictures you'll get this year!

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