Bob Woodward Warns Trump Wants To Be President Again For 1 Worrying Reason

It's 'not an agenda,' the Watergate journalist told MSNBC's 'Morning Joe.'

9/21/2021 5:15:00 PM

It's 'not an agenda,' the Watergate journalist told MSNBC's 'Morning Joe.'

It's 'not an agenda,' the Watergate journalist told MSNBC's 'Morning Joe.'

the 2020 election result.Costa noted that many of Trump’s allies they interviewed believe he wants another shot at becoming president in 2024.Woodward brought up the question of what Trump would want to do if he were back in the White House. “And the answer is: to be Donald Trump,” Woodward said. “And that’s not an agenda. That does not connect to the needs of the people in the country.”

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“His disconnection from that, the struggle that people are engaged in ― he has no idea, and again, the power of the presidency is so great,” Woodward continued. Read more: HuffPostWomen »

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The Banality of Bonkers'The most shocking events during Trump’s last days in office didn’t happen in closed-door meetings or private conversations — they were broadcast live on cable television,' writes bencjacobs Bencjacobs you , are shocking up here morgfair Bencjacobs And Garland can't find a thing to arrest him for. Hmmm... morgfair Bencjacobs Millions of people even dumber than he is still think he's Jesus.

Biden had slow adjustment to 'cold' White House, new book claimsRussian Pres. Vladimir Putin complained to Pres. Biden about calling him a 'killer' in an ABC News interview, according to a new book. Agreed, Putin has others doing the actual kill shot. Didn't Biden drop bombs on an aid worker and his family in Afghanistan? Pots, kettles and glass houses. Get in line boo US✊🏿 still colored & grouped w/ 👽. We've paid w/ blood, ya still suing for ya jobs back.

Mary Trump: 'We really dodged a bullet'Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump responds to the revelations in Bob Woodward and Bob Costa’s new book, “Peril,” about the end of the Trump presidency. “The fact that he felt thwarted just tells us how dangerous it is to put somebody in a position of that much power who doesn’t understand what his job is, is unwilling to learn and feels entitled to having absolute control and power.” If you've read the thread below and, more importantly, watched the NoOneUnscripted episodes, you aren’t at all surprised by new perilous revelations about the ongoing GOP treason plot. But if you haven't, here it is. Just saying. No that was no Trump That would be bozo Biden

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI wonder if the Press holding information when it could be useful for the public and then releasing it in a book for personal gain is covered in 'Peril'? Impeach, Jail Dictator Biden NOW! Release all Jan. 6th people who Dictator Biden has held illegally without charges, court dates, trials NOW, and Pay them $1,000.00 for every week they have been held illegally!

‘It’s spreading’: Phony election fraud conspiracies infect midtermsIt started as one big, false claim — that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. But nearly a year later, the Big Lie is metastasizing. As we saw in the last presidential election, this nation is unwilling to elect those hellbent on destroying the US nor the doctrine for which it stands. One Nation, people. One solid nation rich with diversity. What I don't understand, Americans, is that if the Republican party absolutely believes they win every election and if they haven't then it must be the result of fraud, why bother to have elections? The unbelievable possibility that 40% of this country is either stupid, demented, or both is hard to fathom. And yet it seems more of a reality than not.

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