Bob Woodward: Trump Doesn't Seem To Know 'What Is Real And What Is Unreal'

'I don't know, to be honest, whether he's got it straight in his head what is real and what is unreal.'

9/16/2020 7:32:00 AM

'I don't know, to be honest, whether he's got it straight in his head what is real and what is unreal.'

'I don't know, to be honest, whether he's got it straight in his head what is real and what is unreal,' the journalist told Anderson Cooper.

left him in doubt about whether the president can distinguish between what’s real and what is just in his own head.Damning excerpts from Woodward’s new book, “Rage,” based on 18 taped interviews with Trump, have sparked an outcry over the past week after recordings revealed the president was aware of the danger of the coronavirus pandemic in early February. He admitted on tape in March that he deliberately downplayed its threat, saying he didn’t want to create a panic.

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“I don’t know, to be honest, whether he’s got it straight in his head what is real and what is unreal,” the journalist said on “Anderson Cooper 360” on Tuesday night. “That is why at the end of the book, I say in totalityis this is the wrong man for the job.”

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward tells@andersoncooperhe does not believe Pres. Trump knows in his head "what is real and what is unreal." Read more: HuffPost »

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We have a melt down! Trump lives in his own reality and tries to sway others. These two old farts are talking about the wrong guy. It’s Sleepy Joe “hidin’ Biden that that doesn’t know what’s going on. When you guys are in the room with him make some noise who cares if he gets PISSED. The way he talks about people he doesn't like is wrong so throw some shit back at him get mad he deserves NO respect. REMEMBER HE IS SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US HE IS NOT THE CHOSEN ONE.

Neither does Bobby. The virus pandemic could be corrected if a higher standard of living were adopted. One of Trump’s most pressing demands of mankind will have to be no pain, no gain. The cure is worse than the virus....More lives lost than the flu has taken. Millions of livelihoods shattered never to be recovered. The Gr8t Con-orona Plan-demic, Starring Frankenstein, Fraulin Birx: Directed by The Gates Of HeLl

Trump is a legend in his own mind trump will do nothing to hinder the deadly Covid-19 pandemic in the US. He enables not to manage this deadly Covid disaster. So 45 choses to let the covid virus run its course whatever might happen to anyone. In short. 45 is inept, he does nothing. How many lives could Woodward have saved by revealing Trump’s words in February or March, rather than in September? How many died from Covid19 over those seven months? Was the book-deal money worth it? Is this now Woodward’s legacy rather than Watergate?

How? If that’s puzzling for you Bob regarding Trumps sanity,we’ll............ And still Donny has a tremendous following I don't understand I thought this was a before and after pic of Anderson Cooper But Biden does? LMAO He is Barnum Bailey and we are his circus 🤡 thebooknurturer Apparently Woodward did not listen to RNC and 20/20 Townhall this evening. Trumps policies make sense and they’re working.

I don't understand why everyone didn't know this four years ago ⬇️⬇️

Trump changes story, says he wanted to assassinate Syria's AssadPresident Trump revealed today that he wanted to assassinate Syrian President Bashar Assad earlier in his presidency, reversing his previous denial that the issue ever came up I'm sure Assad is very happy about this interview. Probably, at this point, not a good idea for US Citizens to travel anywhere near Syria. Assad deserves it. He lies about everything including his personal taxes

Bob Woodward thinks Trump failed the American public by lying about the coronavirusWoodward believes that had Trump been honest with the public about the dangers of the coronavirus, the country would be in a better position. An off topic alert! There must have been some semblance of reason for 3.6 million Americans to have clicked this video clip despite seeing its adverse caption beforehand. Conclusion? They love Blue belt holder Biden. Trump = Trash 👇👇👇 and if you love Biden you must be out of work and loving it

'Late Show': Bob Woodward Shares Audio of Trump Talking Covid-19Journalist discusses what president knew about Covid-19, and how his tone can often be more revealing than his words

Trump claims he 'up-played' the coronavirus despite admitting to Bob Woodward that he downplayed itAudio from a mid-March interview, released last week, shows Trump saying of the coronavirus: 'I wanted to always play it down ... I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic.' Fake news texyellowdogdem Trump claims he 'up-played' the coronavirus despite 'audio' admitting to Bob Woodward that he PlayedItDown

Woodward calls Trump a 'bulldozer,' says entire administration was in denial over coronavirus' impactBob Woodward says that President Trump is 'a bulldozer to the [White House] staff and, quite frankly, to the country' in an interview with Washington Post Live on book's release date. digitaljournal WH Admin is too afraid to say anything to form an opinion. We knew this since the death toll was the time it got to 15? It would Magically, disappear! Woodward...nuff said...hack

Woodward Addresses Criticism That He Should've Detailed Trump Interviews EarlierJournalist Bob Woodward has faced some criticism for not promptly sharing with the public what the president told him about the coronavirus in a series of interviews earlier this year. Is that picture at trump tower with the golden elevator doors? This guy is as senile as Joey Damn blame the messenger typical !