Boat of the Week: This 460-Foot Gigayacht Uses ‘Organic Curves’ and Muted Gray Colors to Blend Into the Water

It's one with its surroundings.

Riviera Maya, Superyacht

1/16/2022 9:02:00 AM

It's one with its surroundings.

Pebble, inspired by a stone the designer found in Indonesia, has no sharp edges or bright colors. Just soft corners and a muted silver exterior.

Designed by Dutch studio Van Geest Design, Pebble was inspired by the smooth surfaces and symmetrical shapes of two stones picked up by studio cofounder Pieter Van Geest. The first the designer found on a beach on the United Kingdom’s south coast; the second appeared a few years later in a riverbed in Indonesia.

Pebble’s muted gray superstructure is designed to look elegant in a singular way but also look at home in the water. Courtesy Van Geest DesignThe shape of the stones, eroded over time by water, seemed to be the perfect starting point for a new type of yacht.

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