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BMW Wants To Charge You A Subscription For Your Heated Seats

BMW has announced plans to start charging subscriptions for drivers to use features already fitted to their new car—like heated seats and cruise control

7/5/2020 3:29:00 AM

BMW has announced plans to start charging subscriptions for drivers to use features already fitted to their new car—like heated seats and cruise control

BMW has announced plans to start charging subscriptions for drivers to use features already fitted to their new car, like heated seats and cruise control.

Now though, the subscription model is back. BMW is still being fairly vague for now, and there has been no word at all on prices. But what it has said, is that features like advanced driver assistance systems, augmented sports exhaust sounds, adaptive M suspension and, yes, heated seats, could be offered on a subscription basis, with periods mentioned ranging from one month to three years.

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On the production line this makes some sense. It is likely more cost-efficient for BMW to send the same highly-specified cars down the production line, complete with the hardware of those aforementioned features fitted and ready to go, instead of making each car to the buyer’s exact requirements. Buyers can then use the feature if they ticked the box on ordering, or forget it existed if they didn’t.

No word yet on whether a 90s-style blank dashboard button will remind them of their penny-pinching.When winter comes they might decide to pay for heated seats for three months, which would be activated via a software update. A couple of years down the line, the next owner of that car might decide they want to activate its Adaptive M Suspension and IconicSounds Sport system, by paying and downloading the software update.

That all seems fairly convenient if pitched the right way, but it also looks like BMW charging a recurring subscription for items already fitted to the car. Because that’s what it is.BMW will of course have factored the cost of fitting heated seats and other hardware into the overall cost of the car, even if they are never activated, so the buyer is in a way paying for their fitment anyway. They just can’t use them until they cough up some more cash on a regular basis.

The German automaker hasn’t yet explained exactly how the system will work, but imagine hitting the heated seat button on a cold morning, only to be told your subscription has expired. Perhaps you could opt for a free one-month trial and hope spring arrives by then.

Some features – again, we don’t know exactly which – will incur a one-time cost instead of a regular subscription.BMW isn’t the first car company to do this. Tesla lets buyers upgrade their Autopilot system by paying after taking delivery of the car. It also previously unlocked extra battery capacity the same way, since at the time the cars already carried the same physical battery pack, but were sold at a range of prices depending on how much of the pack was available to use. But where that felt like a sensible and cost-effective production method from a trend-bucking startup, BMW’s move feels somewhat less hospitable

In a way though, this all seems inevitable, given how accustomed we are to paying subscriptions for the music, movies, TV shows, books and games we used to buy outright. But it is still quite a leap to go from media that had become digital anyway, to the tangible features of a car – and a luxury car with a premium price tag at that.

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How To Lose Literally Any Potential Customer | An Idiots Guide To Killing Your Business What? That’s terrible. Yuck. my mercedes needed an update on the sat should got it free but i didn't do it in a specified i have pay over a $100 for update. Are they going to charge per passenger? Horrible marketing idea! BMW has intelligent drivers. Doubt they’d go for that. It wouldn’t be about the money

Why do we need to buy the car then? This is stupid. Totally unacceptable, and I am a BMW driver. What's next, microtransactions? How about charging per minutes of use? Unbundle these features. A la carte, please. I’d be willing to pay by the minute. They have the telemetry. Over the air updates are a great advance. That said, maybe they should ask XM Sirius how well subscription models work on cars.

BMW are the Ultimate Nickle and Dimers Life I’ll only pay for power and acceleration. Indicators, wipers etc I don’t need surambaya 😂😂😂😂 what in the capitalism is this 🤦🏻‍♂️ pablo_muts surambaya Talk about luxury The tool bags who drive BMW’s will pay the’s a small price to pay to keep up their “image”.

I'd thought heated seats were upgrades (already paid for). Too bad, that's double standard. The decline begins when accountants start making business strategy decisions for a car company that originally coined the term “the ultimate driving machine”. This could be the future but it certainly doesn’t sound “ultimate” to me.

Then I announce our plan to start thinking of another brand... ridiculous idea losing my mind WTF is going on with BMW, completely losing my loyalty to that co! My fav Capitalism Who wants to buy a can and then subscribe to its features? This strategy spells the end of private car ownership. Rent, lease, share, but do not buy! Well, if it is dematerialisation they are seeking. Great strategy!

Personally, I’m fed up with all these subscriptions. Any tiny service charges you monthly unless you cancel the subscription. In this economy 😐 🤣 And they never sold a car again haha What's to stop someone from taking their car offline and hacking the features? This is all getting way too out of hand. Brakes and steering as well?

This is how you take advantage of millennials who haven’t the long term experience to know they’re getting played, I guess. I’ll stick with my Lexus for now. Good reason to sell my car now before they become worthless! Bad move BMW HAHAHAHAHAH What is this... So when you buy the car, you don’t buy the car. Great idea BMW. No deal. Shove it up your ass.

Great way to lose drivers It seems unpredictable, except if you buy the car with the terms of this conditions! Pay Per Start You got to be kidding.. soon charge for use of the FOB too? What’s next—heat and AC? Buy another make of car. They can keep their BMW! I'm sure brentuning would have a tune to unlock a bunch of stuff.

Did BMW tell buyers to expect core engine and transmission parts (now made of plastic) to fail at about 25K on new 5 series base models only or now that includes the entire lineup? The F10 528i engine rail chain plastic cover fails is now the success story for BMW. Do not buy. I'll like to know the subscription options for the engine.

BMW Get lost, cancelled my booking BMW is so overrated. Its a damn car people. Nothing else. Not to mention they are unreliable POS. How long until people find out how to hack the cars system like a smart phone to unlock the features. The downfall has begun. This is a terrible idea. Are they trying to go out of business ?

I love it. You thought you bought the equipment in your car? Hahaha Lol...BMWs are garbage(first hand experience) everything except the engine breaks Lol Paying for apps that run those features and BMW don't include the subscription with their cars computer system. Paying for robot technology. Retract in 3... 2.... 1...

This will be covered in my new book Imbecilism in Business Today “Some of the features of OS7 feel like real game-changers, like how an iPhone can be used instead of the key fob...” Ummmm...Tesla has been doing this for many years. BMW is playing catch up. Charging subscription for individual features seems like a bad model.

Maria41168395 Muy a great Lexus gabosalazar21 autodinamicomx Ojo! That’s going to go over well. Lol do they know how fast people will get around those fees if the cars have the features built-in? This on top of their vehicles being extremely unreliable. No thanks On the bright side, it’s loaded with free ‘easy’ buttons.

You'll have to pay for the fuel and wear and tear of your car for dragging around that extra mass, lovely just lovely Soon there will be a subscription to tell owners what’s wrong with their cars! It's a sign of decline and poor management strategy when a luxury car company starts to nickel and dime you.

As if they didn't pay a ton of money to purchase the cars with these features. bmw made in Bosques de las Lomas Mexico lmao 😂 They may charge by music as well...genius Makes lower production cost sense - Cars are preloaded with everything, you only pay for what you wanna activate. (No different than selecting options you want)

Wow! Oh crap I forgot to pay my monthly heated seat subscription 🤣 What? Lol that’s so beamer The SQUEEZE is ON. Wow

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