Blue State Blues: Adam Schiff's Assault on the First Amendment

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'Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) violated the First Amendment and, arguably, his oath to uphold the Constitution in 2020 when his office demanded that Twitter suspend the account of Paul Sperry, an investigative journalist.'

That violation is even more egregious when perpetrated by a congressional leader with unique access to secret information, and who implies that he has evidence no one else does and is acting to protect national security.a run for U.S. Senate, is a frequent guest on mainstream media news programs, who have given him wide latitude for years to promote unfounded claims, such as the “Russia collusion” hoax.

These journalists, who described Trump as a threat to press freedom merely for insulting the media, have a professional and ethical duty to demand that Schiff explain why he thought he could censor any journalist. It is also worth revisiting Schiff’s egregious record on civil rights in general. Last year, this author outlined five reasons that a new Republican-run Congress should subpoena Schiff — as he has subpoenaed so many others.Schiff claimed in March 2017 that there was “more than circumstantial evidence” … he must be asked what the “more than circumstantial evidence” was, and if he abused his role...

Add Schiff’s attempt to censor an investigative journalist to that list. He must answer for his assault on the Constitution’s most cherished freedoms.on Sirius XM Patriot on Sunday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET . He is the author of the recent e-book,


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Lock him up.

His mom should have aborted him..

Remove the trash

He is an embarrassment to Congress.

He needs to be in PRISON!!!

I don't think there's very many people in congress that didn't violate their oath or at least 1 of the amendments. So what do we do about that?

whatisgoingon86 He should be removed.he’s a social path liar.he should never have a Government position

Adam Schiff is a piece of work, what a corrupt politician.

This guy is one of the biggest pieces of Garbage in this country.. Go figure it's from California

Schiff has been fired👋👋

andersonDrLJA AdamSchiff lock him up!

Adam Schiff has been a power broker for investigations to impeach, remove Trump, and lie to make that case he insisted was based on facts. He rounded up pro-hate dems and could not get over Hillary's defeat. He proudly ran the circuit of late night shows! Icky sticky guy.

He needs to GO!!


andersonDrLJA Adam Schiff have you ever received money from the China communist party ? Have you ever received funds from foreign companies based in China? How did you acquire your wealth? Same questions I’ll be asking Nancy pelosi and Hussein Obama

Impeach him

Bridge2Freedom AdamSchiff aka PencilNeck ✏️

yeah, but he's a leftist piece of crap, so that makes it ok...smh

Shiffty Schiff belongs in prison!

Shifty Schiff about to get his!

He’s a Democrat, what did you expect? They’re liars, cheaters, and all in all a big, huge sh*t stain in our government. Their corruption knows no bounds.

Throw the Book at him.


And he’s hiding under a rock right now. Call his office! Ask if the congressman has plans to address the allegations that his office demanded journalists be banned from Twitter for investigating them. (818) 450-2900 Be polite. They were to me.

More Lies from not-so-brightbart

Right . He is a typical gaslighter . Accuses others of what he has done . Remember not so long ago he rebuked Elon Musk for suspending journalists ?

And do you know what will happen to him because of his criminal actions?

But trump and dozens of cronies truly did this shiii and silence🙄

He has, arguably, violated many ethical standards of his office and Congress

He should be in jail for being a pedo

Put the culprits in prison🙏🏼

How about when he lie to congress he never talk with the witness and made up lies he had evidence against trump wene he had nothing

There are few humans who lie more than shifty.

That is the least of his sins. Not to mention he is a creep.

this scumbag should never hold any office again

RepAdamSchiff Fire this Shifty

Adam Schiff does not govern. He’s a democrat hit man. His job is to lie and accuse republicans of anything possible at taxpayer expense. He has violated more than the first amendment.

Give this clown his eviction notice

Biggest liar in this countries History, with President taking 2nd place.


Jail him...

Lock him up

Karma is really gonna be RIP on you

What about the fact that he lied to the WORLD about the “whistle blower” and the “irrefutable evidence” he said he had. How can people forget (or forgive)

Kick that guy out.

This POS Pencilneck belongs in prison…

Shift should get the same treatment as he gave to Donald Trump !!

Put him in jail to.


The greatest slimeball to ever hold office! CONGRATULATIONS.

apparently He was trying to not have staffers personal information released in fear of death threats to his staff from white supremacy

Put dirty butt Schiff in jail

'Nobody is above the law' what a disgrace!

Sue him and have him arrested

He would really look good in strips .🤣🤣🤣

This man should be in jail

I thinkhe should just go home because he absolutelylied about having proof

One of the biggest, sloppiest, corn ridden turds in the punch bowl. A traitor and should be dealt with as such

Please escort him out with handcuffs...

Impeach him. No one deserves it more!



Who in hell voted This guy in?

Adam Miserable Pencilneck Schiff

What’s he planning picking?

Schiff has violated everything.

How would Breitbart know this? They have no Journalists.

Send this dirt bag to GITMO!!!

Charge him. That’s criminal

Rep.Adam Schiff should be tried for his criminal activity.

Put him in jail

Well just look nothing happens to people like his they violate the oath of office and nothing happens.

Have you asked him about. Because nothing has been shown that ties him to the email of someone answering questions that may or may not have been asked by maybe an emailer who may or may not work at his office. Assuming it in fact violates First Amendment, which it may or may not

We need to send this sob packing

So it not so.. he been lying or story tell. He and other have broken every code out there. And nothing ever done.under oath are the law misinfomation they just keep doing until we stop them and hold them accountable

Schiff should be in jail. I am really tired of our NO Consequences government.

This man is the devil

Please arrest this jerk and keep him locked up. Those boys know what to do.

He needs to be investigated!!!! Prison!!!

Not to mention the lies he repeated over and over. .

If his lips are moving it’s a lie. He’s toxic

BrietbartNews is ass 🤣😂

This fellow is a pathalogical liar who constantly said upon multiply occasions he had the evidence that The Donald was operated by Russia. SOB was like a mailbox as a member of US Intelligence Committee. Should never be permitted near a secret!

Ask Anthony Bourdain what ELSE Schiff violated.

Sue the B*stard

You go Adam shit!!!!!

He is a dem nothing will happen to him.

He needs removed now

Did McCarthy cave and put this guy back on the intelligence committee yet?

RepAdamSchiff has done a lot more than that! His creepy involvement in the abuse of the intelligence community needs to be thoroughly investigated! Criminal charges MUST be drawn up against him & his blatant malfeasance! HouseGOP

Lock him up and release those being held unlawfully from January 6th

He needs to go to jail and find out what happens to jerks like him

Biggest liar in Washington and that's a hard position to hold.

Remove him from office

SpeakerMcCarthy Please investigate...

Why are Republicans so completely unaware of what the First Amendment actually protects?

Arrest that man.

Had to cover his multiple lies somehow didnt he?

arrest the scum-bag and try him for crimes against the American people

Make him resign! 😂

didn't he also pay off sexual allegations by minor boys with taxpayer money?

He needs to be investigated

Go get him Jim…

Impeach Adam Schiff

Can't trust congressman Adam Shifty...everything about him is fiction

How did he violate the 1A? He had no authority to order that. Asking and receiving is not a 1A violation, particularly with a private social media company.

He needs to be thrown out of Office and prosecuted!!

No consequences for Democrats

As a result, was Paul Sperry no longer able to continue his reporting?

Adam's what the enemy looks like.


So, is anyone doing anything about it?

He is not called pencil neck for nothing.

That guy or whatever! Really thinks he's special, he's a special disgrace!

Arrest this communist

What a Schiffhead

Kick him off all committees and refer to DOJ for civil rights violations of American citizens

Has nothing to do with the first amendment. It doesn’t cover social media. They can silence who they want. They own it. They set the rules. Not the government. I can make you quack like a duck before you enter my business, if you don’t I have the right to refuse you. Get it?

Adam needs to be made an example of.

so kick him out

Arrest him

He needs to be in jail after the government take all his money

He needs to be held accountable for many violations

not fit to be there,liars

This guy cannot sit on any committee ban him and refer him to doj for civil rights violations give him a bag to carry on to his senate run This doesn’t count all his other lies leaks and illegal meddling SpeakerMcCarthy RepMattGaetz mtgreenee RepAndyBiggsAZ Jim_Jordan

No body will do anything about it. Such is the swamp

Adam Schiff's favorite photo pose is him picking his nose.

He should be impeached and disbarred.

Bye, see you in Jail

Picture this joke

Ah, good luck with this one; I see Pelosi/Jan 6 conspiracy didn't hold. The FBI/Twitter conspiracy didn't hold, and then, I can't seem to remember, some laptop thing also didn't hold.

Perp walk now.

Throw this crook under the jail

why is he still in our face. 🤡🤡💩💩


Expelled him

He's a lying scumbag

This man is a disgrace to America. He has used his position in gov to go after our President Trump. He has twisted truth and spread absolute lies, while reporting to Congress and American citizens.

But nothing will be done. Which is why the American People have lost all faith in the govt

He should be arrested

Jail time.

He has been the primary purveyor of pomposity and propaganda for the past 6 years. Does the man have any decency in him? I don't think so. He believes his own lies. Who will hold him accountable?

'No one is above the Law', Adam!

Little weasel! May he lose his retirement and share a prison cell with a large, horny guy!

Nothing will happen

Prosecute him !

Agreed, but what is the ramification for his lies?

He's also lied and fabricated evidence... and not a dang thing will happen over it. DC is a joke.

Adam Shiff is a commie pr__k.

Crooked Schiff!

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Who writes this stuff

Not Schiff Mr. Perfect, Mr Holier than Thou.

What if a Republican had done that? Imagine the outrage from the Democrats!!


Adam schiff is shifty and sketchy as hell

So…when will ha be prosecuted?

On Shiffty, What does he get for blatently lying to the American people on years of False allegations of Russian Collusion against a President of the U.S.... At the minimum censured! He violated his oath to Congress and the U.S. dividing the Country. Vietnam Vet

He is a small petulant child that need a great deal of professional help,which he can receive in federal custody!

Traitor period

Hopefully he’s prosecuted and thrown out of the House.

So, what’s gonna be done about it ?

Figures goes right to character.

trial and if found guilty then prosecute to the full extent of the law! 🤨

More bullsh-t from a group of traitors

Adam shift needs to be in prison


So can we boot him out of Congress and then put him in jail?

American citizens, American Families are living on the streets, starving, begging all while the Dems rush to house and feed the illegals flooding the country. We are broken, who is coming to help us?

Get the Ben gay out. Buy a few 100 cases. Your right arm will need it once the Republicans get your sworn testimony on every house investigation.

RepAdamSchiff Piece of Schiff!

Skull digging scumbag!

Absolutely nothing will come to it

This little turd should be in prison for all his lying & deception.

Shifty for Gitmo!

Good for you mr untouchable


Hope he goes to prison

Arrest and no bail hold for ✏️ neck.

The absolute biggest hypocrite on the planet. His dishonesty being exposed won’t slow him down lying is all he knows.

Impeach the bastard!

What about the Jan 6 committee that failed at setting a narrative by withholding evidence and jailing Americans illegally? This would be fun to watch.....where is AG Garland?

Make him accountable NOW!!! CongressGOP GOP

This pencil neck violated the entire constitution years ago and YES... it was against the citizens. More important than just a 'journalist'! FFS

Impeach or prosecute Schiff

Schiff does what Schiff wants to do. Period.

They need to put him in a professional slapping contest.


Lock him up!!

And he will not be held to a standard

I was censored posting on his site: By censoring conservative views, the last election WAS fixed by you (a cum laude Harvard lawyer), certain members of the FBI, CIA, and DOJ. To mention a few. This was corruption of every American's right to free speech--the First Amendment.

He really needs to go to jail

He always do!

Nikkimi12387969 So what’s being done about it

Yet he won’t be held accountable

Schiff should have been in jail a long time ago.

Madam Adam

Trump committed crimes: Attempting to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, punishable by up to 20 yrs in prison. Attempting to Obstruct the Electoral Count Process, punishable by up to 5 yrs in prison. Both crimes, breaking the oath Trump took, thumbing his nose at our Constitution.



an average American salary is around $50,000/year. in order for an average American to be as rich as Nancy Pelosi, $130,000,000, they would have to work for 2,600 years. she did it using your tax dollars in only 30 years. make sure you get tf up and go to work today peasants.

We need George Washington. You know what Washington would do to Shifty don't you? He took care of those who committed treason!

Nothing will happen to Schiff.

Remind who the fascists are?

So not fit to serve in the Congress

Liars! Give it up.

sadly, and what will be done...nothing, and he will run for another office.. and the sheep will vote for him


Lmfao you guys are so bad at this

Somebody needs to go full LHO on schiff (spit).

Schiff should be treated as a traitor

Never trust a Person that holds his finger over his mouth. Means he lies about everything he does!!

This anti-American thrives on air time and Trump bashing. And, if you could believe the rumors, he just might have an interest in under-age, fantasy island girls. Ooooo ... that's bad.

Benedict Schiff!

It’s this criminal


Woke lying Joke!

What are they going to do about it keep showing us all the proof of corruption what the help are you going to do about it

Any accountability?

He's guilty of Treachery and Treason.

Get rid of this corrupt man.

And unless actual consequences and punishment for his actions are enforced, nothing changes! This must change!

Quit talking and start shooting'!!!

Indict him for crimes against our country

Hes part of the Clinton crowd..

He belongs in jail but will just fade away with millions of our dollars like all the liberal crooks do.

Schiffty was granted a free pass for his actions/words by demoncrat leadership, as were many demoncRATS.

Adam misses his friend Jeffrey

Should take him to court.

Prosecute him

Truly the most vile, disgusting, worthless human being on this planet. Anyone that defends this traitor is no different. He has lied to the American people for 7 plus years now. He deserves to be in jail. Who’s your whistleblower traitor?

He's a scumbag..jail time sounds good


They have oversight on everything you mean they don’t have no oversight on this guy or he has that much power that nobody could do nothing sad

Nothing will be done

Let’s see how long meaning like two years it takes before anybody does anything to this traitor

For the love of God, LOCK HIM UP

Jail time for Schiff!

This man should be in jail

Fire his ass.

Is he going to be held accountable for this?

Should be impeached!

Hold the law breakers accountable

I hope he goes to jail

This is who should have been impeached. He is a disgrace to the human race. We should watch him and his constituents very closely. Destroyer of Republic's.

There a place for him

Yet he will never be held accountable.

Schiff is a criminal and a fraud

This man is an ass ault and a pathetic, lying and unethical person. His darkness is being exposed, but We know the smoke and mirrors of good ole boys.

Part of the Swamp.

Poopie panties schiff needs to be impeached!

And who is going to do anything about it?😳😔

Plus Treason

In that 'culture' that is what it consequences....

Let’s check his tax returns and investigate him.

One of the true amoral scoundrels of our time.

Resign immediately.

Then put his ass in jail or shut up about it.

Impeach Adam Schiff

Jail him

And nothing will happen. He will continue to lie; the media will continue to ignore it and pretend he is a good guy with facts.


So where’s the criminal actions Why is this stuff always exposed and never prosecuted

This little sh*t needs to be held accountable… all the Russia hoax lies, “he’s seen the evidence” BS, all the investigations he created for zero…. Costing hundreds of millions…also want to see his tax returns and see if his name is on Epstein’s plane records.

Treasonous traitor

Yeah but come on. Now is not the time to be like this. We need to let shit go and start taking the moral high ground.

Wouldn’t it be Great to see all the Gov officials & politicians actually be held accountable for what they say & do like the rest of us are? The arrogance politicians must have to actually email demands to take away Individuals freedoms! No need to hide Corruption, Gov Rules All!

DemforDeSantis Schiff has blatantly and purposefully lied to Americans on numerous occasions.

This pos violates every law! Why isn't he in.prison



And nothing will happen to him🙄

Lock him up

Does not deserve to be in congress anymore traitor to the constitution must go

Schiff means well, like hilllaryies


He broke multiple laws under U.S. code.

Is treason still a criminal act or has it been taken off the books like sodomy and chickens in zoned residential suburban settings?

Put the jerk in jail.

He is bent as a nine bob note and needs to be made accountable

Put “pencil neck” in jail - he’ll look great in stripes !


Shifty Schiff is a tool of George Soros! They both should in prison!

And yet NOTHING will be done.

Hope and pray he gets justice.

Why is he (Schitf) still in office, then?

I hate to say it, but he’ll never be brought to justice. They all live by a separate set of rules, R’s and D’s, while we the people watch in horror. Other than a campaign finance violation, when do they ever get exposed? And the DOJ is compromised.


Ever notice how the best liars are the ones that get elected to office?

The only reason it tracked a RPM Is because of the tooth filling. StillsStephen AtlanticRecords USArmy MCIWPendletonCA jfkdealeyplaza RollingStone KimJongUnNuking DelMonteFresh HeinzTweets Reagan_Library 🌮🌮🍔🍔🍕🌭🌭 . 🍳🥚🐣 🦆 SanMateoPD

Why don’t we just throw him in Jail, he is a lying hypocrite who does not work for his constituents.

Isn't that a federal offense?

Prosecute liars

He violates intelligence

Schiff is greasy. Everyone knows it and apparently his constituents like slimy characters.

'Book him, Danno.'

Disbar the bastard

Schiff needs to be investigated, indicted, prosecuted and, incarcerated. Adam, you will be weighed, you will be measured and you will be found wanting.

Little adam shittz is corrupt and lies when the truth would fit better 🤣

Adam Shit should be behind bars.

The honorable shifty shift

Sweasty dsalmeron1 radiomankc Well, he is a NAZI, DEM RATS support NAZISM! Hate runs through their veins like blood is supposed to run through a normal person's veins.

Lock him up

Impeach him now

kristyj70 No “arguably” about it. He acted in direct violation of the Constitution.

Remove him from Planet Earth. Send him to an off world gulag.

This pig needs to be thrown out of the country.

What else should we expect from the liar,,,

I bet that's not the only oath he has broken.

They did not do either


He needs to be investigated for falsifying info to try to impeach Trump!

It has gotten to the point, that the Democrats whole strategy to obscure their abominable record is to LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING

And not a damn thing will be done about it!!!

I believe he is filled with an unhealthy hate and love of deceit.

Best advice I've ever been given: avoid people with crazy eyes.

This dog (Adam Schiff) needs to be put down just like a rabid dog does.

roush1952 Schiff-for-brains is one of the creepiest politicians in the US.

So Adam Schiff should be removed from office

Rule 7

I’ve written to my congressman that he simply can’t be allowed to get away with this!

So why is he still a free man ? That is treason if you're still looking for a friggin reason !!!

He better be held accountable or I’m switching parties.

He needs jail time but never happens why? What makes him so special corruption gets a pass

And just like that shifty Schiff is out of the closet. Thanks elonmusk

Okay. Don’t tell me, file a complaint and demand charges.

Lock him up

…and yet nothing will happen.

Remove that POS LIAR Adam Schiff from office, Arrest and Charge him with Constitution Violations including Oath Of Office Violations. I can't stand that LIAR Schiff!

Electric chair or Guillotine would be fine

Every time I see and hear this guy I have a very negative visceral reaction. My gut-level hunch is that if he swallowed a nail he would shit a screw. A very self-serving and unscrupulous politician with no internal controls over his ambitions whatsoever.

He certainly would NOT want me on his jury….

Another chronic and pathological liar!

I think that making up a bogus letter, supposedly from Trump to a world leader, and READING IT INTO THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD. is even worse. And all those lies about having evidence on Trump....Illegal.

You ever had a boss fire you for no reason? Or turn you down for promotion for no reason? Well if you did this is exactly what it looks like.

I would like to see him in jail

Picture of traitor


Jail time!!!

nothing is going to happen

Me acting surprised 😨😮😲😳🙄

criminal referral!

Lock him up

Shiffy Schiff is above the law so it doesn't matter what he does just ask him..

crgcraiggolf Shifty Schift is a stain on the underpants of American politics. If his lips are moving he’s lying! Americans want honest politicians! Instead we keep electing em that R swayed by purse strings racial, gender & political posturing & It’s coming over R border to your street soon!

Violation against freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This is a very big deal, schiff should have to answer and pay for it.


Remove him

Schiff head, Pelosi, McCarthy. America is getting californicated.

Enough of Adam Schiff…he’s a bullshit artist and a disgrace to America. Lock him up.

I am waiting to see if he will suffer any consequences… again, I am not hold my breath.

Prosecute Schiff!


It’s time for this disgusting and lying person to face consequences and justice..indict him.🙏🇺🇸😞

He should be impeached and in jail.

He is not fit to be in the office. He lies all the time. FIRE HIM

You not supprise. R u?

Arrest him now!!!!

That’s every day to this guy this guy has never been Pro anything aside from Graft and corruption

He’s a democrat, they’re allowed to break the law.

These comments are comical

Prosecute this turd

Got a hundred bucks NOTHING ever comes of this.

And no one , no one is the slightest bit surprised.

Jail time!

Adam Schiff should be in jail!!!

Flog the traitor.


This guy has no ethics wish he would be voted out

I don't think he cares since there isn't going to be any consequences and frankly me either for the same reason.

If you hold the power to add regulations, then threat of such is the power to influence censorship.

Ok so what will any of our elected officials do about it? The answer is NOTHING.

You're expecting Schiff to act honorably ARE YOU?.

so why has he not charged with a crime? thought he said about trump “Nobody is above the law”

Lock him up!

roxie32819 AdamSchiff should be kicked out of Congress and indicted... LockHimUp NoHonor

Well he's a jew; they're very hypothetical.

This guy needs professional help. He is a pathological liar

Adam Schiff needs new accommodation in prison

Should we hold our breath?


Get him off the house and fine him dearly do he will never foes it again.

And lied. Just flat out lied about the evidence

One of the top politicians needing a B slap

TrumpsterSteve Impeachable

He has always been a traitorous POS

DemforDeSantis Scum. Pathetic spineless evil scum. AdamSchiff

Yeah, well, send this info right to the desk of McCarthy, because, damn it, he will not stand for it 🤣😂🤣🙄

Yes the Shifty files are warming up and becoming very interesting in deed.

Ummm, did you forget the 147 Republicans that denied the election on 1/6. Tha was unconstitutional. Talk about that. Lol.

Get rid of him

He needs to be held accountable!

Needs to be addressed

He's a Crook!

Biggest liar in Congress

Prosecute him

SpeakerMcCarthy Kevin McCarthy

Of course he did.

It doesn’t matter, who is left to uphold the law? No one

He also violated countless sex trafficked minors on Epsteins Island.

And Who is going to stand up and do something?! Stop Typing and act!

Can we sue him if he got one of our private citizen accounts suspended? Where do I sign up?

How is that guy still around? I thought he strapped on some Nikes, snipped off his balls and OD'd on barbituate apple sauce when Hale-Bopp passed by.

For years both legislative and executive branches have been comfortably censoring Americans’ free speech by colluding with big techs without a proper court order or even officially opening a criminal investigation on record. Unbelievable. Something needs to be done.

KenFTab Expel him.

Put his arrogant ass in prison for treason to await death penalty

Maybe real journalists shoudl sue him

I wonder how he can live with the fact that he lied to the American people.


He can demand to all he wants but he has no power over twitter. He has no power to abuse in this situation. it's a private company, not a government agency.



True. So what does anyone do about it.

He is the devil!

He must be prosecuted & made to pay. All his finanances should be frozen & he should be made to pay back they American people for all the time & money wasted as a result of his treachery


No shit. What’s going to be done about it?


Please, our politicians who abuse their power need to be prosecuted.

He's getting in Biden's line of impeachment.

And? He probably put it on his resume. He knows nothing will be done about it.


Haha, hard reach

So who’s gonna file a lawsuit?

Let’s see - one one side you have a congressman telling a private company what to do vs a coup against the us government. Hmmm

Yeah… but now what? Will he be held accountable?

Breitbart “news”

What do you expect from a serial liar

Privilege. Above the law.

He needs prison time !!!


Put him in with the jan6 folks let there be a cage fight

He's a resurrection who tried to take down a sitting president

Investigate arrest prosecute and convict

Demanded? Breitbart 😂 😂 😂 😂

Would that be treason?


RepAdamSchiff you gonna resign?

hshLauraJ Let’s bring him to Justice

Start the investigation congress

Paul Sperry is not an investigative journalist but a lying propagandist like TuckerCarlson lauraingle GOP RepMTG OANN NEWSMAX These ppl need to be shut up and shut down. They molest our 1st amendment

If two or more people conspire to deny a group of people of their constitutional Rights..... yadda yadda .......$100,000 fine 10 years in jail. .... It'll never happen, but some people here who've been censored or banned may be joining class action suits one day soon. I hope.

True colors

If it's Breitbart, it's got to be stupid.

Impeac should take less than 2 minutes

Lock him up! Lock him up! 🤡🤡🤡🤡

Co-conspirators in efforts to overturn election identified in January6thCmte Executive Summary 1 Trump 2 Meadows 3 Giuliani 4 Eastman 5 Clark 6 Jim_Jordan 7 RepMattGaetz 8 RepBoebert 9 RepMTG Individuals involved in obstructing J6 MAGA GOP !! DOJPH FBI Do ur job pls.

Schiff go down.

We all know Adam has no ethics and is a liar, but when will he be held accountable?

RepAdamSchiff is a coward, Lier and can't wait till he's kicked out of all his committees or better yet put in chains and ducked walked out of the Congress.

You just keep posting this to piss me off

Oh shiffy shiffy should've realized musk might buy twitter and expose him. I mean this alone was worth the investment

No surprise there

Public hangings for all disobeying their oath to the Constitution… Fraudcci/Pisslosi/Nadless EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM..

Adam Schiff is one out of thousands of Federal and Congressional members who have Violated not only the First Amendment. More importantly the Oaths they took to protecting All Americans Full Stop!

How about when he made up a whistle blower and screamed RUSSI RUSSIA RUSSIA and LIED AND LIED TO AMERICANS

Dangerously bad man.

Change him

If only the law punished the left! But it doesn't, so nothing will happen.

This is the epitome of a skanky politician! Lying, smirky and out for himself!

RepAdamSchiff organised the MINISTRY OF TRUTH “hearing” in 2020.

Schiff lied about seeing evidence of Russian Collusion. That was the real insurrection.

I thought Adam Shiff was a drinking game. Every time he opens his mouth and tells a lie, you drink.

already dead or awaiting the noose idk I dont keep tabs on the degenerate

'arguably'? what the FUCK are you talking about? Andrew is NOT impressed by YOUR performance! let me help you find the words that mater to WE The People, your viewer. TREASON AND SEDITION HAVE FUCKING CONSEQUENCES REGARDLESS OF THE SIDE OF THE ISLE ONE SITS!!!

Indict, impeach, and arrest next week!! This cancer must be cut out of DC immediately!!

The worse climate to the top and reek havoc on all the rest.we never learn.

Encorepuhpow He is evil..Needs to be punished.

Fire all those traitors.

Pure propaganda...

What a douchebag. The worst politician in American history.

Your going down

I LOST MY CA FREEDOM & looking for a lawyer to sue my California City of CONSPIRACY and DEFAMATION with INTENTIONAL MALICE and my FREEDOMS have been obliterated. Do you know a Conservative Lawyer for me? 😉 Everyone involved is Liberal Progressive DemonRats witch-hunting me.

If only Breitbart was so definitive on Trump‘s failure to uphold his oath under the Constitution….about the peaceful transfer of power.

Hi is a lying crook

Angry little man. Is he gay?

Fact check - CORRECT!!!!!!!!!

All true BUT no consequences will dealt.

This pompous turd belongs behind bars

& nothing will happen .... guaranteed

Frank Underwood

Get him gone Jail or worse We The People can not let Government officials get away with provable charges against the Constitution

Breaking the constitution should carry major punishment.

Shiff needs to be investigated

Did Twitter legally have a choice to not suspend him? Yes or no? If yes, then the 1st amendment wasn't violated, and it was the company's choice.

Lock him up, worst congressman to ever breathe our air, damn liar and America hater, he's violated so many rules and constitutional rights, it's his turn to be violated in a jail cell with piglosi and others that lied to Congress

He violated the Constitution and undoubtedly his oath of office as well.


Simple answer: 'The Law is for Thee, but not for me'.


LockHimUpAlready LockHimUp

Nothing ever happens

Yes he did, now make him pay!

He has to go. The guy has no respect for Americans.

Why hasn't Paul Sperry taken civil actions?

Let’s talk about how he blatantly lied on Twitter today

So another crime pointed out and nothing happens 🤷🏻‍♂️

Adam Shittski will no longer be able to peddle his lying BS and control choice House committees as the Republicans take charge‼️

some crappy liberal court will protect him like they us did for Jen Psaki and her flappin head so full of lies

And nothing will happen to him.

He’s the worst of the worst

Is the punishment for this crime the death penalty? asking for a friend

And nothing will ever be done about it! He’s protected.

We all know nothing will happen to anyone, especially if they are a demon-crat

Prosecute him

Paul Sperry should sue.

Arrest the trouble maker.


He is a criminal

Free speech doesn't apply to private enterprises-but you know that No shirt no service, You're ejected for foul language

He needs to be removed from Congress immediately.

Truly horrid. He’s a sociopathic 🤥

HE DID THE SAME WHEN HE FALSELY told MILLIONS of AMERICANS about the laptop and Russia Russia Russia

He's a chronic liar.

We have to start making these people accountable for what they have done to the American people.

Arrest him

PaulC3319 Lock him up

Fry this liar once and for all

Trump trashed his oath of office when he trashed the constitution and staged a multi month long coup to try to steal an election he knew he lost. Breitbart = purveyors of garbage

He's guilty of more than that . Treason ?

Get this clown in jail! Oh yeah, he's a Dumbocrat.

Well look what we have here from a man that claims to be so honorable lol. We all knew he was fake and a fraud.

Needs to be removed from all offices and criminal charges need to be filed against him and all the others.

I compare Adam Schiff with the Gestapo!

Yes but he is allowed to, he is a Democrat! Different rules for different people depending on your political views. Thats called democracy to the new fascists.

Prosecute him

Frank Underwood

I just hope they go back on the Jan6 breach. The ones responsible needs to go to jail but Pelosi needs to be held accountable for her actions and the government informants that broke the law that days needs to be charged as well, and jailed like savages!!

The Republicans needs to investigate Schiff for his role in the Russian Collusion hoax, and now!! He is one of Nancy’s puppets and he needs to pay for what he has done. What’s funny since the election the democrats have been quiet especially on tv cameras.


This guy is a pilot of walking talking BS.

SE sure him

It is Not his money he is wasting, it is the TaxPayers. We're how much in debt?

this is the character of the dem party

He would be the perfect psychopath for the Mafia

Of all the people needed voting out he is tops.

I yearn for the days of tar and feathers as a public punishment.

No consequences, as usual.

Shifty - Schiff. Easiest way to tell when he is telling the lying he is speaking on a day that ends in Y

Censor him then impeached him

Finally...someone looking into Shiffty

POG !!!!!!!!

JRHsteelerfan must hang for this We'll put it on pay per view recoup some of our money Then we can send it to Ukraine

I hope he gets arrested and jailed for treason

JohnTarbox1371 There is something really wrong with this guy. He looks weird, he acts weird and is a habitual liar and conspiracy creator. What do the voters he represents actually see in him?

Impeach this liar!

Fire shifty Shift.

Now accountability!!!

Some Democrats don’t believe in free speech and press freedom. If it hurts their agenda, silence them. Well, that’s kind of against the law.


Nope. I think Schiff is a scumbag. But Twitter had , and has, a duty to resist any such attempt by government to impose itself in fre speech. It chose otherwise. Schiff could contend he strongly suggested a course of action. We can't let corporations abdicate their responsibility

Schiff for Prison

realGigiJ Abuse of power using the coercive weaponized FBI.

Sounds like impeachable grounds if every they existed… crimes against the people greater than insults against our employees (congress)

The death penalty to every child rapist!

Another creep.

He lives and loves a lie🤬

Prosecute this criminal traitor, pedophile.

MsAvaArmstrong Lock him up!

😈 Liberals!

So far everything this person has done to Americans has / is against the Constitution. Add Nadler and a few others

Yes yes he did an he needs to be held accountable all all the rest of them

This man is evil.

Melanie83751842 Schiff is a traitorous lying waste.

Little lying snake in the grass !

Why is he still around ):(

Adam is an enemy to the people. A power hungry politician & a consummate liar.

Can't stand this man...evil to America

Pencil neck.😄

He's a larger disgrace than George Santos

But will this POS be charged and prosecuted? Stoned on City plaza by WE THE PEOPLE!!! FAS

Where has that finger been?

Impeachment is required if not others will do likewise and lead others to do worse. Censure means nothing. As Schiff would do to his opponents is what Shiff should face as he believes it to be justified.

Useless investigation… NOTHING WILL HAPPEN… except media hysterical reporting..

Ok. Now what?

So what happens about it? Over and over he lies and nothing is done.

Criminal he should be fired

The conversations that took place between Mr. Schiff and Twitter should alarm everyone, Democrat squawk boxes included. I here them cry about threats to Democracy, however one of the corner stones of Democracy is Free Speech. So who's the real threat, just another house of lies.

This guy needs taking down

Get rid of this pencil neck.

For sure.

Piece of Shiff!

oh, you mean like a 'Breach of Oath of Office'...kind of like the lawsuit the US Supreme Court is now evaluating for liability of elected representatives, including themselves...

Big shocker. But most of them sold their soul to be in the position they are. Poor Shifty Shift isn’t allowed to think for himself. Didn’t you watch the speaker votes? On the surface it looked like unity. But what I saw was 212 puppets.

He’s a liar, so there’s that…. Russian collusion evidence pencil neck?

So arrest him it's simple quit letting it go do something about it

It would seem to create personal liability for the guy

He's a fascist

susann95624993 But will RepAdamSchiff go to jail? After all he is so slimy he might slip out of this. You know how those D.C. slugs protect their own

They should investigate him

Adam Schiff should be removed all he does is lie lie lie

The First Amendment doesn't apply to private companies.

Db32My Fire his ass

And Wray and Garland don’t care. This administration is the most corrupt in history. Add in liars like Schiffty and we have a recipe for disaster. GOP not much better. Every one of both parties is more interested in self-promotion than doing right for USA.

If we want to start a list of all the violations of this administration and the democrats in general it would require a rainforest amount of trees to produce the paper needed for it. It isn´t just the 1st Amendment that has been violated and that is the real danger to Americans.

Bad dude. Cannot seem to distinguish truth from personal ambition. His fabrications have hurt the Republic.🙊🙉🙈

jmray60 Arrest and charge him.

Now lets see some consequences……thought so

This is no surprise!

Prediction: not only will Schiff not be investigated, but the tools he used will remain exactly in place in case republicans want to use them. Nothing changes, because nothing ever does.

He needs to be removed from office!! III%

Grounds for impeachment?

I can NOT stand to even look at Schiff!


Bye Felicia!

Oh it's breibart...nothing to see here

So what should happen to Trump who tried to get rid of the constitution?

He should be in prison

He is a dirty democrat and they get away with everything they do

I can't stand this man the least he should be is thrown out of office never allowed to be in office again and then brought before the law board and lose his law license permanently this man is evil

He needs to go.

Not upholding the oath of office? Violation of the Constitution? What’s the penalty.

String em up like the old days for treason lol


Nothing will happen, they get away with so much corruption. We really are no better than any third world country

The rules just need to be changed lie 1000 times and your out on the 1001 time

When does the investigation ‘show’ begin?

laurenboebert SpeakerPelosi SpeakerMcCarthy let's see who takes action to remove this traitor of the constitution

He should resign.

Aaaaaaaand nothing will happen because he's a Dem.

That is the way he seems to be

yes...its in black and white...where is the miltary arrest

I can’t wait to see Kevin McCarthy kick this guys but, out of office TO NEVER RETURN! He is nothing but a liar and a fraud!

Schiff repeatedly and knowingly lied to the American People AND to Congress about President Trump and should be in jail !

That is the LEAST that this man has done.

Yes he should booted from congress and charged

He is yucky.

This Hyperbolic bullshit is why the Republicans had the lowest midterm turnover in decades.


There was obviously a good reason.

almost every dem has not upheld their oath and therefore be held for crimes against humanity

Nothing will be done

Probably just get a slap on the wrist.

He is truly anti Democracy with his shenanigans. He needs to resign for the sake of the country and spend more time with his family.

Where it’s the DOJ


How is it that these people get up and lie, then nothing happens. But, yet we have people rotting in DC jail being treated as if they are in a third world country. Pathetic!

He is the smoking gun.


Prosecute and Execute! He lied about Russia and J6 too!

bUt TwItTeR iS a PrIvAtE cOmPaNy

Oath to uphold constitution? Omg, Trump wanted to throw it out!!!!

barnes_law Charge him!

AdamSchiff pencilneck buffoon

Yea? Okay

Bury schiff

Sorry for being so straight forward but it seems you leeches don’t listen

Prosecute him

This is one and I use in the harsh way he’s a god dam soros communist lying sob who should be in prison for treason attempting to over throw a sitting president period enforce our laws you yellow belly sob’s


These are evil Wicked people

He needs to be held accountable!

He should be charged with treason, and if convicted, stand blindfolded before a firing line immediately.

This guy has violated so many laws ,and ammendments ,lock him up !!!!

What are people going to do about it

So when is Adam Schiff going to be held accountable?

Does treason ever matter anymore? Is it still a crime?

He wrote a Karen letter. Suggesting the account ossibly violated Twitters Terms of Service.

These guys really need to be replaces or taken out.

If he did then he should be removed from office and never allowed to run for office again.


How many times has this mongrel lied to Congress? With impunity...

SMH 🤦‍♀️

Prosecute the SOB

Schiff is a member of the Biden crime family.

Then why is Schiff not in jail?

It’s time! Ready to see some arrest!

He is a piece of s*** and he needs to be investigated now that Republicans have control of the house let's see all of the Democrats taxes

Hit the bricks

And nothing will come of it!

What a waste of skin.

And still nothing has been done to prosecute. Shameful.

Hold him accountable all of them. These people are out of control all of them

BiffLaTourette nytimes AP reuters NBCNews CBSNews ABC chucktodd GStephanopoulos BillHemmer JERonFNC MediaBuzzFNC MZHemingway AdamSchiff tried to suppress reporting related to his Russian collusion claims. Once upon a time, the media would have been outraged over this.

How many amendments did the orange pumpkin surpress?

Jail him

And nothing will be done about it.

Time to prosecute

Gee I’m shocked. He’s usually SOOO ethical….🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


Perp walk him out of the room.

And Donald Trump committed treason when he initiated the attempted overthrow of the US government on January 6th. Why don't we star by holding HIM accountable before we go after anyone else?

Twitter is not the government.

Schiff is a Fake, Phony, Fraud and LIAR


I am afraid of this guy!

He needs to be arrested.

He should be fired or fined or put on trial

Impeach him

Take action! These criminals do wrong, get caught & stay in power…. Time for this to change

This swine needs to be removed from its office. Seldom such disgrace is on display.

Nothing will happen because the DOJ is an arm of the Communist Democratic Party!

Time to impeach Schiff.

DavidWDale3 He needs to go straight to prison

Co-conspirators in efforts to overturn election identified in January6thCmte Executive Summary 1 Trump 2 Meadows 3 Giuliani 4 Eastman 5 Clark 6 Jim_Jordan 7 RepMattGaetz 8 RepBoebert 9 RepMTG Individuals involved in obstructing J6 MAGA GOP !! DOJPH FBI Do ur job pls.

Fire him!

This guy should be put in jail for his venous thoughts of destroying the democracy

Adam Schiff is compulsive liar, fraud, obstructionist, and totally corrupt!!! He must resign or be impeach immediately!! He has committed crimes and treason!!!



how is he still in office

There will be no accountability. He won’t be charged. He’ll still be congressman for as long as he wants to be, why because those back door deals will be kissing his backside just like they always do, career politicians.

Problem is we know that everything that Musk has exposed on twitter is going on right now with Youtube, Google and Facebook. We only begun to find out the evil that's the dems do.

Not a dam thing will happen!!! Never!!

Remove him from all committees dishonest

How long will there be nothing but lip smacking by such/not holding such criminals who intentionally violated their offices with abuses of power that were done to take away/destroy the publics guaranteed Constitutional laws/rights so the public would have NONE in their power grab

And over 150 Republicans who joined those who stormed our Capital...what is the saying...where one goes, we go all...vice versa...

Shifty needs to go

Le Gasp... Adam 'Reichsführer' Schiff breaking the law? Hillary Clinton's personal sycophant and DNC propaganda minister? Say it ain't so.


Prison for him!

Schiff is a traitor. Say it out loud.

Schiff and many others should face prison time or be impeached at the least


Will he be held accountable? And if not, why?

He is 1000% in violation of the Constitution...and his actions were an attempt to terminate the Constitution

Lock the corrupt lier up!

Still waiting for the name of the little 11 year old africian American boy he raped while this poor child was over dosed on drugs the boys pimp filled him with at the standard hotel in California

I don’t see how there’s any argument about it. He clearly violated Americans first amendment rights. We all already knew he’s a piece of Schiff 💩 and I’m sure he’ll get away with it just like all of them.

Schiff has no values, ethics, nor integrity.

The lie is that any United States Congressman has the authority to demand Twitter account suspensions. Voicing an opinion is certainly within Rep. Schiff's 1st Amendment rights. Nice reach Breitbart, an organization that appreciates the lower IQs of the average Trump supporter.

RepAdamSchiff is long overdue jail time for all his crime and corruption. SpeakerMcCarthy get busy putting this punk behind bars please.

Adam Schiff could be the most dishonest politician in the House.

And yet he still has a job wtf


Schiff also used Federal money to pay off a 19 year old male intern he was sexually harassing.

He's a demoncrat, what else would you expect?

Adam Schiff violated his oath of office so many times as to render it worthless. It speaks to his complete lack of character and his absolute fear of being exposed as the Traitor he most certainly is. He is a pedophile and thus under the complete control of the deep state cabal!

One greasy dude.

He should be in prison. Put him in one of those transgender prisons where the men think they are women.

This is the democrat party. This is the FBI. This is the MSM. When you’re “special” rules don’t apply. You can outright lie, mislead, destroy innocent lives and get away with it all. There is no form of life lower than these people.

Now that we have a Republican congress, let's look into Pelosi’s and Schiff’s part in the death of Ashli Babbitt.

beanie_irenie Leftists get carried away with power. They will just want more and more to control what you do but, the less they are controlled the better.

Adam Schiff must be held accountable for his illegal actions. AG Garland, where are you? Oh, he must with Toody and Muldoon from car 54, where are you?

'NO ONE is above the Law' 🧐even Schiff has said so.

Lock him up

20 v McCarthy - Best Vid Out Who is McCarthy, what he's done + what shook out last week. Next: Will RINOs vote for new Rules? Will investigations yield indictments? NO Constitutional Laws will pass, but will they stop the Destruction for 2 years? ....

How we get ****** by the Government and why the 20 v McCarthy was so important. ....

Oh, what nonsense.

If he violated his oath then that is treason.......get a rope

“Oath of office” gimme a break! These pukes do what they want when they want to us daily.

Look at his eyes. He is either crazy or kooked out on something.

This man epitomises corrupt and evil humanity

Wasting your breath… he’ll never be expelled.


I'm not shocked.



The_FJC And yet nothing will be done!

And nothing will be done about it

Need to investigate this clown to the fullest


hes a jerk


Lock him up!!!!

Ahh shifty would hardly worry about the thoughts we have. 🤔

Traitor to our country. Working with the dark side. Follow his money.

He should resign; at a BARE minimum

Remove him

And nothing will be done business as usual. America as we knew it is over

Schiff needs to be kicked out of congress and charged with treason against the American people.

He is such a low life!

Arrest this pile of 💩 and put him in prison

Why is he still in office

He needs prosecuted

LovingGumbo That rat bastard needs to spend some time in prison.

That’s treason

Jail !

adam schiff 🖕

Russian agent Comrade Schiff lies again, should be in prison


Doesn’t matter. As always, nothing will happen. That’s not being a pessimist, that’s just me watching 40 years of nothing happening.

And what's gonna happen to him? Ill tell you what, NOTHING!!!!

Well let’s get his sorry pile of 💩 out of office and maybe in jail


Of all the politicians I have contempt for, Adam Shiff is probably the one I contempt the most.

This is fake news! Look at the source of the misinformation, Breitfart News which stinks to high heavens, the bastion of autocracy and lunacy!

He needs to be prosecuted.


So when will something be done about this matter

If it is not apparent, as of yet, what the Socialist Democrats are up to (Pelosy, New some, Nadler, Schif, Squad, ...). You better wake up to reality fast.


LoreofRunning1 If we could somehow glue that finger to those lips the world would instantly become a better place.


Now do MTG.

Aand nobody that already knew about Schiff was surprised. His personality is almost exactly that of a very popular TV president on that one Netflix series that was good for the first 3 seasons. (Probably a sex offender too)

Yes, just by looking at his face, he is a bad soul. I don't understand how this type of person get elected. There's no a natural charm in this person. He must be removed ASAP. We elect people to get things done for the benefit of everyone, not to get richer by sucking his way up.

One of the criminals in the Democrat Congress a known lier, corrupt, and pedo

18 U.S. Code Chapter 29 - ELECTIONS AND POLITICAL ACTIVITIES 5 CFR § 2635.702 - Use of public office for private gain. 18 U.S. Code § 1038 - False information and hoaxes 52 USC 10102: Interference with freedom of elections

Time to hold ADAM accountable for any of his past illegal actions as Chair of House Intelligence Committee! Looks like the tables are about to turn for Adam!

If only his finger was a tad to the right.

If you want to find many fake accounts and bots, scroll through those who responded to this tweet. There are legions of them.

No one with any amount of intelligence listens to the crap from Breitbart Liars/Faux News.

And nothing will happen to him.

Looks like it is time for an Impeachment.

Good news is he has already been hung at Gitmo! His wife even testified against him.

Investigate him

This liar should be in prison! Shifty Schiff

Breitbart...or...1st Amendment...BREITFART?

But nothing will happen…

Prosecute him! There’s no other action to take.

The 1st Amendment is violated when the govt makes a law abridging the freedom of speech. Trying to get Twitter to suspend someone ain’t a law abridging freedom of speech.


Time to pay the Piper.

if its from california its a problem

Dump Adam Schiff's ass on a slow boat to China. He's a liar and doesn't care about anything more than himself. He just adores creating anti-American shit shows.

how does he keep getting elected...he's a coward, mamas boy, liar in chief...

Conspiring & Delict of Sworn Duty! Conspiracy of intent directed toward a News source to SPY upon & or to Shadow Band a News Affiliate in Secrecy! Major Felony! Why hasn’t he been charged & Arrested? notabovetheLaw

Who would even notice if he was removed from office? His own party and constituents hardly acknowledge his existence.

Shifty Adam Doing what pure bred Demonrats do.

He should be removed from congress asap!


We'll see what happens.


We all know Schiff’s ilk! Hideous!

This is the kind of alleged criminal activity that SHOULD BE investigated. Hot blooded Americans want justice! We want heads to roll and LONG sentences in Guantanamo Bay!!!

Throw his ass in jail.

Who cares are you tired of losing yet? Stop the BS my God we can't get enough steam shovels in here to move the s*** you guys throw out f****** losers

Should be a min 6 month’s in jail for abuse of power to influence

Not so bright Breitbart News.

He should resign immediately!


No surprise, democrats and this administration are like that.

Someone tell him there’s no dick in his hand

You’re done, Adam!

Nope. If you think so, then the same for Trump Administration.

Will there be a penalty?

So every time one from the far rt demands that an account they don't like politically be suspended, which happens about 40,000x/day, they've violated the 1st A' also? & every time it's someone who's taken the same oath, they've arguably violated it too? Trump did it daily.

Top Nob Shine. Some one fire him.

He’s never read any constitution!

Get him!!

Nothing will happen to him

They are allowed to break the laws.

Fake news

If you know you know.

I've got two words: treason, gitmo for life!

This guy belongs behind bars.

Here's a criminal arrest him and sees his assets

Lock him up

Watermelon 🍉 head!

Lol… what did Trump do ? Name it ! And isn’t that what Elon Musk is doing all too often ? Blocking reporters who tell the truth about him?

Treason against the constitution! Jail time and fines…

Why is this crook allowed to get away with this stuff?

He's got a lot more violation than just First Amendment Rights

Trump violated his oath his entire presidency.

He needs go go far away.

We the American people request his resignation immediately

Shen will he be held accountable?

Your news agency needs SHUT DOWN how about that.

Lock him up!


Total bullshit again, from a very, very unreliable source.

AS should be serving his time in a Federal Pen.

One of the minor offenses committed by this sociopath subversive. Hope someday he takes his rightful place in federal prison

Adam is the LOWLIFE of the House, a 'Piece of Work' individual.

I’m shocked. Not really!

TC1776 RepAdamSchiff must resign or be removed from office! SpeakerMcCarthy

RepAdamSchiff DID NOT single-handedly enact a LAW to abridge the freedom of speech or the press. He has a right to ask for action to protect the safety of jan6committee mbrs. Facts

He is a traitor

Nothing will happen...nothing ever does

Who gives a rats ass !

The LIEING LIAR doesn't Look so smug and cocky Now, does she? What's up with the hand Covering your LIEING MOUTH? TOO MUCH ACTION FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE AURA LEE?

Sure did.

Why are these men held accountable

“Vengeance is mine,” says the LORD.

How is he still in Congress?!

RepAdamSchiff did something unethical and probably illegal for political reasons? Nooooo. That can't be true. Please tell us your side Adam

He needs to go

bring him up on charges

AdamSchiff traitor

Democrats Cultures won’t care. Other people first amendment rights means little to nothing to a Democrat Cult

So, this would be know as 'Color of Law' abuse -- it's using Government to perform an act that violates the constitutional rights of another person.

Indict him!!!


Corruption king

Schiff was not in executive branch, had no authority to demand or cause anyone to follow his words therefore not a 1st amendment violation. He did violate his oath, he did lie multiple times, he did use his position for personal gain. Just sayin..

RepAdamSchiff belongs in prison


Fk this 🤡

Bury him

Adam Schiff should be prosecuted for using his position to lie to the American people

You should be ashamed of yourself of such nonsense…embarrassed for you

You’re going to be unemployed soon Adam.

Adam shift has raised the bar on how to hate this country , the liberals lie to themselves , because the college professors brainwash u if u don’t agree u get flunk u out of college , so u listen like stupid sheep and agree then vote blue ,and get rid of gas n oil

He knows nothing will ever happen to him

Yet the republican congress will do absolutely nothing, they will not press charges, or indict him so next time it will be far far worse, if no accountability, evil grows exponential

He’s laughing at you

The first Amendment prevents the government from censoring people for political speech. It does not protect people from private entities or corporations from the consequences of their actions, nor is it a defense against slander, libel, or defamation.

Just a liberal scumbag!! What a waste of taxpayer's money.

Subpoena him and lock him up.

Besides his daily lies saying there was proof of Trump colluding with Russia! He should have to pay dearly for his betraying American!


The lies of the lying bastards will be exposed. He will now be punished for his continued deception of the people. I hope he will pay for his deception.

So bad

Ok, nothing will happen.. move along

He’s violated many laws and constitutional amendments yet he’ll never get prosecuted. Someone want to explain that?

CA is corrupt AF

Get rid of him from congress

Nothing will happen ! He’s member of THE club !

JeanneHealeyMo The gallows.

Do something about it or stop talking about jt


Twitter suspended me for suggesting he be castrated 😂 c'mon, obviously I meant legally

barnes_law He should he tried & at least jailed for DECADES!

Hold them accountable!!


Censoring evil Jewish controlled democrats (and republicans)



If you're low enough, you can go high enough.

Breitbart is a right wing propaganda machine for anyone that believes them.

Bug eyed Shifty Schiff should be in jail already!

RepAdamSchiff you sir are a treasonous traitor to our Republic! You have no standing with the people based on your previous actions to date! Your best choice is to retire in disgrace for seditious conspiracy to overturn 2020?

He should be removed from office. He’s just as bad as those 3 police officers who robbed that woman on camera.

That worthless bum should have been forced out of office years ago

Whats this against the constitution? It doesn't matter, no one is following the constitution. If the head is sick so is the whole body.

Adam is a traitor to the US. Is that ok with everyone?

Lol…. This is so stupid it’s funny

Did way worse than that when he attempted to impeach a president under false pretenses created by his own party

It’s the only branch to police itself. Nothing will happen.

After 4 years of Trump spitting on his “oath” and breaking the Constitution at every turn; you criticize Adam?! Hahahahahaha! Get your priorities straight.

Adam Schiff, a name synonymous with dishonesty and treason. He should be impeached and never entrusted with a public office again.

He needs to be prosecuted and put in the jail J6 captives are in.

RepAdamSchiff AdamSchiff is an utter moron and should be stripped of ALL committee assignments. KevinMcCartyCA should not allow pencil neck Schiff to be on any committees. He is a liar and traitor.

Me. Shciff if you have some respect for AMERICA get lost

It would be better to suspend Shifty Schiff from Congress!!

Time for impeachment and arrest for treason.

Sack of crap.


Impeach him!

'Twitter declined that request' Schiff didn't force Twitter to do anything. He asked them to do something, they said no, and were not punished for it. Breitbart doesn't understand how the first ammendment works

Lock him up!

That look when you've been caught picking your nose.

Should be thrown out of Congress. He has lied more than Biden..

Do something about this this piece of excrement!!!

Schiffty Schiff 🤡

Arrest him

He's a blatten liar. Vicious despicable piece of crap human being. He hates Trump so bad and looks down his nose at all Republicans and outrageously exaggerates every minor incident to make it a larger than life and an upsurd humongous lie. Hope the devil owns your soul!


To the DC Jail for you!!!!


What a loser!

Please make like a frog

Prosecute him.

barnes_law Hey Adam Schiff what happened at the Standard Hotel

Full of Schiff belongs in prison Tampering with evidence is a Federal Crime and so is Interfering with Elections.

Who care’s nothing will be done about it.

True are they going to keep getting g away with all their corruption

barnes_law Sad, but true!

I can't wait for shifty shift to go to prison or whatever they do to someone that commits Treason

barnes_law Prosecute. 'under color of law'

barnes_law This is rather disturbing. I mean… he’s always seemed to have a poop moral compass, but the patterns of this kind of behavior in government seem to be legitimately growing. The stench is becoming a problem.

Send this clown packing

Only just beginning RepAdamSchiff. Going to be a rough couple of years I hope for you and your lil friends.

Charges should be pending

Any consequences ? Not holding my breath, because as republicans go, that’s not our way to get back at anyone. They always get a pass.

Fake news

Y'all are hilarious. Steve, Drumph, Flynn, all of Drumphs lawyers that encouraged the insurrection have been found guilty, and you still throw stones. Fucking amazing , your cajones, but still comical.

Slow roast Schiff with continuous and unending interrogations. Hound the little puke out of office!

Jim_Jordan SpeakerMcCarthy - boot his ass. Completely.

Who's gonna do something about it? That's what I thought

Adam Shiff must hate America. Please retire somewhere far away! Maybe communist Russia.

This guy lies all the time, make government look crazy stupid.

angelcanflyhigh Adam Schiff is a man that ruthlessly attacks and smears his opponents. When he's questioned, however, he morphs into a seething cat, fangs and all, striking the closest thing to him. Truth is not found in him nor will it ever will.


'Demand' I don't think so, Breitbarf

RepAdamSchiff what do you have to say for yourself

Sounds like a threat to democracy to me shifty

Sack his butt already and he lied to Congress and the American people...

He should be prosecuted.


Oh Adam caught in a 🤥 And breaking our 1st amendment, and Constitution 😱🙊🙉🙈🤥

And yet those voters in Burbank reelected him.

And nothing will happen because he is a DemonRAT and they are untouchable.

Should be impeached and face trial. A despicable politician…

A real sleazy man

Then, file a report and have him arrested. He broke the law lock his punk ass up!!!

So, who's filing charges then?

Needs to be arrested for violating the constitution

Lock him up...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, nothing will happen!

That constitutes high treason and is punishable by DEATH

That’s not he’s violated in his life…

A Snake In The Grass Is A Credit Next To Adam Schiff

Teflon gonna rub off soon banker's boy.

DeSantis violated Disney’s first amendment rights. There fixed it for ya.

So why isn't he in prison where he belongs?

He has never had any consequences! Time to get prosecuted!

He should be prosecuted and thrown out of Office!!

Hello, if Adam was not in our govt just a dude, he can ask anyone to do anything. However, since he is in out govt and a position of power he can’t use that position to silence ppl. Period! It’s a lot different if your asking versus a member of congress! Do I need to explain why

Time for Justice….. I’ll wait ⏰⚖️🇺🇸

Then why is he not in jail and charged

Can’t believe anything that is written by them

Ya, and? There’s never any consequences. Now what?

Bring back tar and feathering


RepAdamSchiff The undignified liar of all times must be put through the ringer and get humiliated for the waste of tax payers money he caused in all his lie based narratives. This pedophile must be severely punished by the justice and removed from any governing position.

If there ever was a slime needing to be charged and tried for his crimes he ranks at the top of the list. If we had any form of a real justice system, he would have already served 5 yrs.

Adam schiff needs to be investigated, because he's lied and tried to find something to get president Trump, a sitting president!!!! That's treason


He violated more than that

Twitter was specifically mentioned in the Constitution? Can you please let me know on what page? Thank you. And please keep the misinformation coming. And how much jail time has Shiff been assigned? Bet it is less than you.

Do something about it.

RepAdamSchiff - what day you, Mr. Integrity? Mr. “Evidence in Plain Sight”?

We are in a post constitutional America if you are new to the planet.

Schiff has lied repeatedly about so many things over the last 4 yrs that only his constituents take him seriously. You wonder what planet those cretins live on.

Pencil neck

Nothing will be done to him. Nothing ever is.

He’s FullofSchiff

When Schiff lands in prison, his adjustment to being someone’s bitch, should be a long, hard path, stretching to new boundaries.

He should resign for the Twitter incidents and also for nose picking!

So, when will anything be done about politicians violating the law? I think, not ever...obviously a different set of rules for the upper echelon of society.

There is way more to expose in the Schiff Show. We want meat and a cement block!

Charge this career criminal already

Your regular reminder that Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and Speaker Kevin McCarthy both ignored bipartisan congressional SUBPOENAS.

Is FLOGGING out of the question?

LOL FBI and DOJ say, 'So?'

Maybe if you came closer to showing he did it that would be somethinh

Scumbag SCHIFF.

That sounds like more than enough to expel him from our House, perhaps convict him of treason.

Rush would say! Bad boy pencil Neck!!

Prison for the loser

Trump’s assault on the free press has no equal in American history. His use of lies, mis-information, and intimidation was, and continues to be, right out of Nazi propaganda playbook. Breitbart, for example.

Sounds like Bullshit to me.

Well he’s Adam shiff he can do whatever he wants! Republicans fear him

Adam Schiff is one of many that should be in prison by now. There are so many politicians that have committed acts of treason. But, the people that have the authority to convict them are as guilty as they are. So, don't hold your breath.

It’s time for this piece of garbage to be held accountable.

Every republican violated their oath by not certifying Biden’s win

He has to be the biggest lying, sleazy person in our government! And I’m being nice.

He should be prosecuted as well as for Russia collusion

needs to be tried for treason

He is an evil man and he most likely going cook up a lie on elonmusk since this was showed on Twitter files.

So what date is court set for ?

This guy is such a joke

let's finally do something about that cheater

Suspend Adam Schiff the LIAR and NON Rep. of the people of CA.

How much does he get to get away with.


So what are you going to do about it slap his little hands and tell him not to do it again come on big boy behave yourself

Throw him out of office!

That's why I call them 'blew states'...


There is NO DOUBT ! Are any of these CRIMINALS ever held to account Obviously not...yet...

I’d love to see him have to answer for this!! I won’t be holding my breath!!

The du’h heard around the world

His lot don't assault or violate the first ammendment, they piss on it.

He's trying to hide something

✏️ neck!

...impeach the bastard....

Can we Salem witch trial him?

Impeach him now.

Needs to go!!

Schaffer is talking about being a senator Not how he broke the law

Sounds like treason to me.

Throw in the Russian election hoax Treason

And nothing is done due to corrupt Justice Department and FBI. Such a disgrace to our country.

Schiff should pop his head off and go bowling


This guy is the biggest weasel in the Congress


Adam Schiff is so appalling corrupt he makes Judas an angel

What else did you violate at the Standard Hotel Mellon head?

He is evil

So do something about it

Lock him up.

Rack him up!

We always knew he was as shift head. “Hangings to good for him”

Don’t worry demoncrats don’t pay for thief deceitful actions

They have violated the Constitution every chance they get

He is not called 'Shitty' Schiff for nothing. g

Arrest and prosecute

You don’t understand the First Amendment. That’s not surprising.

Nothing will happen to him… just another day at the office

Yawn. Then why didn’t old twitter sue based on violation of 1A? Why didn’t Paul Sperry? (Because this is a bullshit article)

George Soros’s studge finally go caught, now prosecute him for treason and lying to Congress and all of us in the USA.

Schiff is TOAST!!!!!!! He has been a liar for years !!!!!!!!! Good Riddance 💩💩💩💩💩

Clearly, the Gold Standard of Dem leadership, thinking, and integrity.

He needs to be barred from ALL committees, work on him being removed from office and prosecuted for sedition.

He should be in GITMO

Why not post the tweet instead of lying ? Thank you for your Christian comment.

So far no one accountable for any misconduct that occurred with evidence.

He is a total liar and slimeball.


I'm not familiar with the case, but I'm suspicious that Perry is really an investigative journalist. He must have done something really wrong for Schiff to go after him.

I'll bet garlands head is spinning as to who to jail first and that goes for him

That's exactly what he did....

He should certainly be censured and indicted. Proven to completely lie lie and lie.

Who’s going to do anything about it?

Never accountable…Democrats never are

Remove this clown from office.

Throw him out!

Lock him up!


Like he never lied before , I bet nobody does anything

try him for treason

And nothing will happen to him

These are the kinds of things that can happen when you can spend 20 years in the House amassing personal wealth and power. TermLimits

Republicans do something

What law did he create to do that? Of course it would still need to go through the senate, and get signed into law by trump.


And nothing will happen to him just like the Clinton’s

It’s ok, he is above the law, all democrats are above the in Brandon’s fake presidency.

Of course he did. Remove him from office.

Shifty Schift-all that you have to do is to look in his eyes

Was it a request? Because that’s not a violation of the 1st Amendment. You should stop spreading lies to low information voters. See. This is a request. There is no action on my end to force you to stop feeding the troglodytes misinformation. Just a request.

He's running around free why?

Ed Buck Jr will retire soon enough. And no changes or punishments will be leveled.

So will he be removed from congress?


There's no shame in his game!

We used to hang traitors...

Impeach him!

Adam Schiff regularly violates his oath to uphold the Constitution

grasping at straws. LOL.

Nothing will ever happen to any of people. Our laws for anyone in Washington don’t apply.

JtCarter19 Please persecute this voodoo doll like he has so many.


BentleyK I wonder how long Shifty thinks he has left in a suit and smug face.


Where is this demand?

Nothing will ever happen. What prosecutors would ever bring charges? Justice is blind to the evil of politicians.

Removal and prison time is in order.

Schiff sidekick of Satan.

BUT WILL ANYTHING BE DONE ABOUT IT We all know what he and them are. The reason they are this way is because no one in congress is held accountable.

No hearings! Trials!!

No he didn't. No more than if Breitbart refuses to print something from the Left.

Let's see what happens to him.

Anyone that is found to have not upheld their oath should be impeached

😡Get him in front of the DOJ! Then off to jail or disgrace him!

Scumball has been violating his oath of office since he got to congress, be glad to see him off committees

The democrats way.

Schiff must be removed

fake news. propaganda

GOPSenate, gopcongress.....anyone, anyone? The silence is deafening.

Lock him up

Gitmo would be a privilege

He should be heading to jail but unfortunately the deep state controls our justice system. Schiff will go on being the slime ball he is with no repercussions.

The MAGAs never complained about the border when Trump was separating children from their parents and locking them up in unsanitary cages!

Small like bacon , we used to say

Well, McCarthy, what will you do about this?

This man is a DEMON!

He is a maggot he should go to jail.

those eyes convince me this guy does tons of blow


A ruthless and dangerous man with no honest bone in his body. No place for him in America's congress. I blame his voters for selecting him to represent them. It makes me think very little of them.

Oh good Lord!!! This man lies every time he exhales and he is as corrupt as the rest of them and this is what we are talking about? Who cares!! Keep digging!!

If true, can you imagine the number of times Trump violated our entire Constitution? He planned and participated in an insurrection. Oh My God!


Stop your whining.. Grow a pair

He should not be allowed on any committee except to clean toilets.

I don't know how that guy is still in politics he's the most corrupt bent bastard in the u.s.a but you yanks put up with it that would not happen in the u.k

Impeach the SOB

Hopefully Adam Schiff gets what he deserves.He’s quick to throw stones at President Trump. What goes around comes around.

Needs to step down or go to jail

He needs to be subpoenaed.

Karma is close!!! Mr Shifty Schit

Total disgrace. No surprise, but atrocious nonetheless.

well…. what will be done about it is the question

Rep. Adam Schiff ought to immediately resign, and its incumbent on the members of the House district he represents to show him how.

He needs investigated and put that pencil neck geek under oath hope Kevin’s puts his office and with swallow in the basement

O wow !!! Y’all just catching on , and y’all are supposed to be leaders

In my eyes 👀, Adam Shift is the Swamp, OUR Former President Donald Trump swore to try and get rid of, but there's too much Swamp in Washington DC 🤔

Put his ass in Prison. Not the cushy federal one, the one with true convicts.

He’s a Democrat that’s allowed to get away with that kind of stuff. Like all Democrats are.

Wanted! 🙄 Wanted Paul Sperry Twitter account suspended! 🚫 RepAdamSchiff doesn't act like You Folks! 👁️👁️ Twitter made decision! Eh? ✌️😎

So…. When is this thug being investigated

Kinda like Trump press staff removing all journalists except fox and newsmax .

Prosecute this bum

He needs to be the first to go!!!!

Adam, she feels a snake and everyone knows it and should be removed from Congress and prosecuted for his actions. He tried to help overthrow the presidency of the United States on a lie and they all knew it that is treason and you know the penalty for that.


He should be expelled from Congress.

When he goes to jail, I wonder if he will request a vegan dildo?

Sounds like treason. I vote for the firing squad.

pond scum with a heartbeat..

RepAdamSchiff Shifty Schiff! 🤡

Crooked pedo

Many dems and even some republican have violated their oath of office. It would be great if politicians were held to their of office. Biden left a massive store of arms within the grasp of our known enemies.


Propaganda from right wing fascist site

And nothing will ever be done about it.

Impeach him

JAIL TIME For this path liar that’s my thots Jim jordan will make reco garland will not move or Biden will pardon bill

Bring charges

He needs to go away



Shifty Schiff needs to go...liar liar...

Trump was right about everything

How do human beings become so sorry individuals ?

The evidence speaks !

A Government request (even a sternly worded one) is not automatically a violation of the first ammendment. A threat of retaliation upon noncompliance is.

Tyrants in every sector!

So? Nothing will be done about it.

They need to put Schitt in prison

Fake news

Fire him


Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows he is a criminal

And Congressional Republicans will do absolutely nothing about it.

He’s about to get his just dessert!

Fire him

Adam Schiff is the worst POS in the house ALMOST. Pelosi is much worse. Adam's more of a compulsive liar and by insane investigations stealing the people's money. Pelosi runs an outright criminal enterprise of passing USA hurting legislation and using it for insider trading.

Calling jail time for him!

No one will do anything about it. If they did half of congress would be in jail now right beside Biden.

Throw the liar out.

Nick with thumb up his. &&s

Investigate Schiff! Investigateschiff

So, nothing obvious here. Elon and his fascist buddies bought Twitter thinking that they can spew BS and Republican Party and extremist, dangerous media like Breitbart will spread their BS to ruin Democrats careers. Next!

How about the lies he knew he was telling about “Russia gate?”

The last 15 years has shown the democrats for who and what they really are and have always been.

This man is a treasonous he needs to be in prison

Let me guess, the Bill of Rights is “above his pay grade”, just like the Governor of New Jersey. So ridiculous! You’re fired.

Haul them before the courts, every last one.

He is a criminal

That is not all, changed the content of emails from congressmen during the Russian Collusion hearings

Schiff is corrupt to the core. It's embarrassing that he's allowed to serve in our government.

He wants to run for Senate. He needs to be expelled from the House and his political career needs to end here and now!

Are we going to convict and arrest the traitors

When is he going to jail for all the lies and treason he committed

He is a career politician who only cares about himself, money & power. Of course he thinks he is above the law. THAT is only ONE of the problems with Congress career politicians. Congress is broken & needs TERM LIMITS. Voters need to stop creating career politicians!

Wow shocker

Should be impeached immediately!

Crooks and liars is what democrats are

Fire him

If I never see another Democrat I'll be happy

Impeach that turtle headed SOB

And absolutely nothing will be done about it. After all, RepSwalwell was getting honeypotted by a CCP spy named Christine Fang for years and he still sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

Prosecute him

Prison time for Adam….

Shitff will hit the fan …

RepAdamSchiff 🤣🤣🤣

Did Ted Cruz violate the First Amendment and his oath to uphold the Constitution when he asked Twitter to ban CNN?

True, but what’s going to be done about it?🤷‍♀️

Nose picker

You guys are traitors. You carry water for the guy who planned 1/6.

Eyeballs should be locked up

So why isn’t this pencil-neck in prison?

Now do the Taliban Trump Republicans.

Just another lying sack of Schiff!!!!


Not exactly. He does have influence, but it's hardly his show. Let's see what happens in the primary.


As well, he repeatedly lied to Congress, and the American people.

He conspired with Twitter, et al, to deprive people of their civil rights. A felony...

Remove him from office.


CONGRESS !!! Please hold bureaucrats weaponizing American bureaucracies accountable.

Investigate the little dweeb. AdamSchiff.

Don’t worry- nothing will happen

any action planned

He should be held accountable! No one is above the law.

Investigate and report

He's been lying for years he said on TV that he had absolute proof that Donald Trump was guilty but never produced it he's like the little boy that cried wolf. He should be investigated and sent packing he is a fool and the pile of💩


Agree. Elon, please excuse this dude, forever. 😆

It would have been nice if you people would have kept an eye on trump if you’re so hot on people being unconstitutional.


No sh it

Next item in my feed was this:

Schiff won’t be charged, won’t go to jail. The swamp is 100% real.

And because the Republicans are cowards, he will never be held to a standard.

I was glad to hear our new minority leader say the law needs to be applied equally to everyone. So Schiff youve been told. the reckonin is commin!

Time to investigate him.

So what Congress and the US Senate are BROKEN.. They don't uphold the constitution nor do they act in the best interest of the USA or 'We the People'.. Do you really think anyone is going to hold Schiff accountable NO WAY..

He should be in jail




Which means He violated his oath of office, you know the part about upholding the Constitution of The United States, and should be removed and never be allowed to hold office again. It's completely scandalous!.

Yes, but will Pencil Neck end up in jail ?

I want Schiff in prison being violated.

Schiff is a scum bag. Everyone knows it. Let’s see his tax returns so we know how rich he has gotten while wasting taxpayer money

Perplexing.... Go purr with the kitties, pussy.


Desperate, pathetic dem!

Adam Shift needs to be Ousted out from the Congress

But…. He’s still there. Who cares. You have allowed so much destruction. You have control over the American in so many way. Please be quiet

Treason? Jail time? Maybe even 18 U.S. Code § 2381!


He’s got that liar look going on.

Until government steps in and starts arresting politicians their corruption will continue

Oh No He’ll be thrown in jail. Oops, he’s a politician, Never mind!!!

The subject of this article needs to be held accountable for his actions. Apparently this guy thinks he can just walk away.

Democrats are convinced that they are above the law ... all laws ... wait until reality sets in at GITMO ...

He deserves Prison for the Criminal acts he has committed

Only Biden is more dishonest than Adam piece of Schiff

Lock him up!

This man should be tried and impeached for treason and removed from office. This man is a stain on humanity. He acts like the germans in WWII, caring about no one but himself. Not all germans killed people, but some lied a lot and affected millions.

Ol' pencil-neck schiff

Who has the cast iron testicles to investigate Schiff?

More violations than that one!

What do you expect from that scumbag ?



Remove this liar and deceiver from office! A fraud!

The Constitution? That old thing?

RNCResearch this guy broke the law multiple times in many areas. How is he still walking around free? If he were common folk, he’d be in prison for a long time. NotAboveTheLaw Hoping McCarthy follows through and starts cleaning the DC swamp.

He would probably love being in jail with another man… I guess he could arrange it to be the newest… youngest available.

I see a low wattage light bulb.

Adam shift needs to be removed from office

Impeachment is not good enough. Fire him

Capital punishment is in order effective immediately

Schiff needs to go!!

Sounds like Schiff for brains needs to be impeached.

You seem eager to suppress Schiff's First Amendment right to contact Twitter.

Yup and violated House Ethics rules.

1st amendment does not apply to private companies.

andy98383299 Under the color of law. Expell him from Congress. DOJ should investigate & arrest.

Adam Schiff is a fraud and a liar, among many other things too numerous to mention here.

time for the investigations and oversight hearings to begin.

And yet nothing at all will be done about it. Same old same old in Washington.

Schiff… you are going to JAIL!

Remove him from office

Why is nobody talking about him being brought up on charges?

He needs to be out of office.

Democrats hate being confronted with inconvenient truths. Do they change their ways to abide by the law of the land as set forth in the constitution? Nope, they lie cheat, steal, ban, and censor the people holding them accountable.

You should check out moralesfortexas assault of a journalist

Twitter, Why does AdamSchiff still have an account

I believe this guy is just a crazy opportunist, looking for his selfish personal interests.

Prosecution is in order, yes?

Pencil-neck schiff should be in prison for treason

No consequences. He's a Democrat.

Sadly, Republicans in government are cowards and are all talk and no action

Impeach then prosecute this liar.

This should be the grounds they use to strip him of his committee assignments. They should hold disciplinary hearings and expel him as well. There is little difference between Schiff and McCarthy, and Schiff should be treated accordingly.

Adam Schiff is culpable in the censorship of Americans 1st Amendment Rights. Among other charges as well.

Jim_Jordan SpeakerMcCarthy RepMattGaetz RepAndyBiggsAZ DOJCivil this is a violation of 18 USC sub 241, investigate and prosecute NoOneAboveTheLaw


Little adam is scum

Of course he did. Why break the pattern.

Tell us about the Trump admins requests to Twitter...

and what will happen...absolutely nothing...why have all the committees, only to waste taxpayer dollars.. let's get to the business at hand..inflation/illegal immigration/our vets/education/let's start producing our own fuel..


He has got to be brought up on charges

What about assault on little boy's?

Everyone knows RepAdamSchiff is corrupt. Should be in prison for treason.

Something needs to be done.

He has violated every ethical and constitutional standard we have. His character traits check these boxes: arrogance, deception, delusion, dishonesty, ego, envy, greed, hatred, immorality, lying, selfishness, unreliability, violence, etc.

That's the least of his infractions.

Violation of the 1st Amendment. Needs to be charged of the Crime.

So is this statement coming from a little boy in the back of the room or from someone ready to prosecute?

federal prison for this man!!

Let’s complete the investigation on Adam Schiff’s violations of the 1st Amendment; then impeach him, arrest him, and make an example of him.

So, if he did indeed violate the Constitutional rights of American, what is the remedy for that?

He should be expelled from Congress for violating the First Amendment. Let's see what you got SpeakerMcCarthy

And nothing will happen to him

And nothing will happen to him. Only republicans are punished.

Adam is going down hard

Defendant Adam Schiff has a nice ring to it.

And yet Again! He will not be held accountable! Until you fake politicians quit talking playing politics for television and actually convict people nothing will ever change! This is why the American people want you all gone from office! Vote New every single election!

Impeach him

Evil incarnate.

Throw him out of congress !

So is anything going to be done about it ?

Liar and has always been a Liar

Those of us who know what a scumbag Schifty Schiff is are shocked! Shocked I tell you!!

LOL Breitbart news... as completely truthful and non partisan as a Fascist news agency can be....

Impeach RepAdamSchiff

Fire him!

Facts are facts

Schiff will go to prison


Very few in Congress keep their oath

So why does he get a pass?

Is he going to jail? No he is democrat

Pure slime

Republicans will do nothing like always. Democrats get away with this because nobody will do anything.


Not within your power Shifty

Please investigate this POS! He needs to be in prison! So tired of the corrupt jerks not getting the karma they deserve!!

Lock schifty up


That son of a bitch needs to go to Prison!😠

Not arguably... For certain.

That’s what these pedos do!!!

Lock him up!

He’s learned there’s no consequences to lying and cheating

We always knew he was a piece of crap

You’re outta here

Sad reality

Nothing will be done.

Hold him accountable for a change.

towerpalms The same can be said for a very large number of Congressional Demoncraps who attempted to and often succeeded in banning members of social media who refused to agree with their online propaganda.

Time to sue $$$$. Big time.

Hey Twitter can I say 'POS'


Y does he still have a pay check !!!


Sniff is a pile of puke

Why is Adam Schiff not on trial for treason, or, at the very least, being impeached for failing to uphold his oath of office. But, to be fair, impeaching all the guilty parties would be a logistical nightmare.

Just get him out of dc!!!

Correct BUT…what’s going to happen to him? NOTHING!!!

Same guy that lied about Russian Collusion, Ukraine, and 1/6 in an attempted coup… that guy?

2 years ago 4 citizens were killed by Nancy Pelosi and Ray Epps.. McCarthy let it happen!!!! He's done NOTHING!!!!

I’m not a constitutional lawyer but some might think this is an impeachable offense

VAX him!!

Impeach Schiff

Lock that thug up

This man needs to be fired!

Paul Sperry needs to sue pencil neck AdamSchiff for violating his constitutional rights.

And yet nobody is ever held accountable

Get him gone

Hes he fired?

Schiff should be impeached!! He is a liar and a communist.

committed felonies...

What does the Constitution say about that

And nothing happened

I’m sure the FBI will investigate vigorously after they are done arresting republicans for jaywalking…

If ever there was a person to be arrested, tried, and convicted just for looking like a guilty motherfucker, it would be Adam Schiff. He looks like a cartoonish representation of a sleazy corrupt politician.

And yet NOTHING will happen 😡😡😡


So what

Schiff needs to be removed from office, investigated and prosecuted!

Shifts been attracted to his country In democracy for years

When people break laws in America, they are suppose to be arrested. Why is it, a US Representative can say and do anything and NOTHING happens?

You can demand all you want, look at republicans, they demand this and that, demanding is not a criminal offense.

And nobody is going to do anything !

And NOTHING will EVER happen as a result of Any Socialist democrat crime.

He's a communist like Pelosi.

He should be investigated and at a minimum, stripped of his security clearance. I will also say that after the speaker debacle, they better vote for somebody with the biggest, ah, toughness!

Demanded? He asked for review and feedback.

Adam schiff is an embarrassment.

And needs to held accountable!!

Arrest him, military tribunal.

But no accountability? WTF

He should be in jail.

When will HE be held accountable!!!!

So what can we do about it?

And he will pay absolutely zero consequences.

Expulsion or resign. Schiff's choice, but he should be gone in a free and fair America. Do we still live there?

Checks in the mail on this one.

Schiff should be removed from his position,A Member of Congress has no right to abuse someone’s Freedom of Speech.He works for us!

They put me in a torture chamber. There were two lights. No matter what I said or did, they insisted there were three lights. After weeks and weeks of torture, I too began to see three lights. This is how politics works.

What is the remedy for this? Lawsuit from PaulSperry ?

He's an Embarrassment..


Don’t forget Greg Rubini too.

If a letter or email from his office is forthcoming then Mr. Schiff should immediately be removed for violation of his oath of office.

Why isn’t the jacka$$ 🤡 prosecuted?

What is your president doing about DEFENDING THE BORDER? HE SWORE AN OATH TO DEFEND IT....

Impeach RepAdamSchiff ImpeachAdamSchiff

Trump for Speaker Of The House

Shifty got caught shifting 🤣🤣

His photo of Adam Shittski says all one needs to know about him‼️👎👎👎👎😡😡

Another revolting situation.

Worse than Watergate but it seems to not matter when the criminals are running the jail

MORE and More lies. Guys, nobody believes your shit no more. Get a job!

🥾this sleezebag!

Criminal. Period.

So prosecute him!

well than arrest him!!

Adam Shiff is a repeat liar under oath. Honestly means nothing to him...

And that’s just scrapping the surface with his ass! He’s been to Epstein island

There's that 'deer in the headlights' look!

Nose picker........

Yup - TeeBall needs formal charges of malfeasance levied against him. As do many others, but he’s a good start.

And not a damn thing will come of it.

Russian collusion man

YAWN Good luck id1ot

Throw Schiff out of Congress!

Investigate and prosecute

Is that treason for a TRAITOR?!?!?

UndercoverMoth9 So what's the new House Speaker going to do about it?

Time for Shifty Schiff face charges

Nothing will happen.

Yawn. Nothing ever has been or will be done. We need to come to grips with it. Our system is hopelessly broken in their favor.


File charges on him!

Lock him up!

Since Congress is off 5 months out of the year, Schiff has picked up a second job.

This guy is a pencil neck geek


Not following the oath of office is a treasonous act against the US Constitution the Republic and the people Hold him accountable

Does not upholding the constitution qualify as a dis-barment offense?

He needs to be removed and placed in jail.

Lock him up

Time to impeach this bastard

and like always - I suspect that nothing will happen to him -- Dear Lord Jesus we need your divine protection and justice from our own government - I pray it comes quickly

And who is going to do what about it? Nobody and nothing…the swamp lives

He hasn’t done anything that isn’t a lie or criminal He only appears when theDems need something dirty done

Yes he should be removed from office. He’s clearly violated his oath, duty and this man’s constitutional rights, there must be severe consequences.

Jail. What are we waiting for.

POS. Put him in jail.

He should be held accountable in House disciplinary hearing

Jan. 6 committee made public..2,000 SS numbers of individuals who visited the White House in Dec 2020! Who is going to be Charged, Fired over this? Or was it intentional?

LOL Breitbart, the 'never news bad onion copy' said what?

He is a jersey, always has been, always will be.


The punishment is already posted in Laws passed by Congress. Enforce the laws. This is why Pelosi changed the rules about hanging the, on the steps of Congress.

he believes he is above the people

What will RINO Kevin McCarthy do about it? Same thing he’s done for the last two years. Nothing.


LOL! You defend a violent insurrection which was incited by the then President and some elected members of Congress. When it comes to the discussion of one violating their 'oath to uphold the Constitution', you may want to sit this one out.

He's done that since day one in dc.

Demand that he be ousted from his position as House Representative. He has disgraced and dishonored his oath of office.

He needs to go!!!!

N yet NOTHING will b done! He knows it we all know it, that’s why they do what they want bc they know they’re untouchable!!! So why even bother, theyre above laws!!

Kick him out

Where are the cuffs? He'll be rewarded with a lucrative CNN gig.

Not at all surprised

The garbage news says what?

That's OK. McCarthy will protect him.

The first amendment, unfortunately, only prevents Congress from make laws that limit free speech. Anyone who did stuff because this loser said so, was under no obligation to comply. They could have told him to pound sand because there is no law against telling him that.

Why does he get a pass?

Congress needs to put him on trial and when found guilty, he should never again be allowed to run for a government office. Also his pension should be stripped from him. Let him go to work at CNN with the rest of his friends.

And Michelle Obama, a man, asked TWITTER to suspend President Trumps account in December 2020 of which they did along with thousands of other accounts. Michelle needs to be arrested!!! MICHELLE OBAMA FOR PRISON!!

This man is suck a crook.

🤔will he ever be held accountable.

He just a liar.

And still nothing is done. Pathetic

He is an assault on all things good and natural just look at him he's not an American he from China

Such a despicable piece of schiff!

Will anything be done? Not if McCarthy has anything to say about it.

Just a schiff show


LOL, you mean like this?


Hold them accountable

So when is anyone ever going to do something about it?

so....what will they do about it...more than likely nothing

NIX adam.

throw his a$$ out

To be fair he is not “Congress” he cannot by himself act on their behalf as a single member. And I say that as someone that really dislikes him.

Schiff should be sharing a cell with the Clinton’s in GitMo.

He should FINALLY be expelled from congress. Incarcerated wouldn't be bad either.

Schiff is a liar

Propaganda like fox.

Well Skippy don't leave town anytime soon.

And he will walk away smiling

Grow up, waste of a tweet, nothing will happen.

That's normal for ChickenShiff. This corrupt liar should be suspended from our Congress!

When my dog likes something a lot, it's eye's almost bulge from its head while devouring it, Adam's eye's does that too. He's no better than my dog...

Lock this freak up.

Pick a winner Adam....

Not arguably.

Let’s have the House charge Adam Schiff! It’s past time!

Put this bastard in Gitmo

And nothing will happen to him as a result of his actions. Not one damn thing.

StadelmanVince He should be in jail or worse!!

Lock him up

The Jan6th Committee reminds America that we can never again allow a small band of unarmed protesters to conquer the largest military power in the history of human civilization by sauntering through the Capitol rotunda and taking selfies. We were so close to losing everything

If that frog eyed conspirator doesn’t land in a cell block ther is no law

He has been so honest in the past so we must worship his words, clean his shoes while down there

Yes and I hope they bust his ass!!!!

'Don't you know who he is?'

He looks like a crook he is a crook, a liar, an election denier, corrupt, stupid he needs to go away somewhere

It's not arguable. Adam Schiff violated his oath of office. What's with this constant mealy-mouthed watered down language of modern times? Stop turning scary facts into indeterminate statements.



He should be removed from Office


Let's see accountability!

First class Dick!

Put him in jail


We the People demand Schiff be suspended from talking to ANY media…………


No argument he’s trash

Didn't he commit a coup attempt as well. How is this guy not behind bars

I would say to put him I. Jail, but AdamSchiff enjoys being around other men in cages.

RepAdamSchiff was just protecting his whistleblower who his office coordinated with 🤷‍♂️

If so, shouldn't he be removed and charged

that blank mean he doesn't know poo, poo, about anything

Make him write a BIG check for Sperry.

Another pirate

you guys crack me up

PT-109: Scamming of America by Joe Kennedy 'JFK cracked to a friend about the story's universal appeal, 'My story about the collision is getting better all the time. Now I've got a Jew and a n****r in the story and with me being a catholic, that's great'.

The greatest lier in the congress...

Adam Schiff needs to be removed from our government!!

Impeach and remove!

Away with him! A true enemy of us.



Yep !

He should be arrested for treason against the American people!

Expel him from public office, leave a boot print on his ass at he exits, and then sue him for every penny he has.

AdamSchiff when will you be held accountable? Adam is a stain on this country. Not to mention a compulsive liar. And a pedo

Start impeachment hearings

lock him up! 😋

willchamberlain EXPEL THIS P.O.S.

We need change. Hold the line FreedomCaucus

Freedom of Speech

Arrest that lying criminal!!!🤬

Adam Schiff is a scumbag communist demorcrat who doesn't believe in truth or facts, he's a complete scumbag

His demands don’t count, Elon owns Twitter!

So what? Demarxists are immune to prosecution.

Thats why we nee Jim Jordan as speaker NOW

The left has been usurping the Constitution for years, look at 2019!!! Nothing will happen.. the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC is DEAD RESTORETHEREPUBLIC

Prosecute Shifty Schiff

Kick his ass off of every single committee he’s on

True , lock him up.

Pencil Neck POS‼️

This is a guy who probably got shoved in his locker everyday in school


One of many times! 🙋‍♂️bye traitor

It’s amazing how knowledgeable they can be when anyone other than Trump who allegedly abuse the Constitution , by the way

throw him to the lions

Nothing will happen to him.

So Schiff made requests JUST LIKE Taibii SAID THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE did as well and Twitter exercised their own authority in determining if complaints actually violated their rules?

He needs to be fired. Immediately.

Lock him up, a traitor to the Constitution he swore to protect and defend. He's an insurrectionist, and the proof is in plain sight. Arrest him and throw him in the DC JAIL.


Kinda Shifty! Like his eyes

Lets not give corrupt politicians a pass..left or right

He also lied under oath and made up crimes to go after a sitting President! INSURRECTION.

IMPEACH HIM!!!....AT THE LEAST. It's way past due!!

Adam Schiff = Democ-rats = Communism...Prison time for Communist....

Pencil neck Adam Schiff

Schitt may be the most unethical excuse for a human being to ever inhabit the Capitol.

He also lied about the phone call Trump had with Ukraine

Do you think he's worried in any way? Nope, not one bit. Just another thing that will be swept under the rug as usual.

We need a MAGA Party to drain THE SWAMP.

What is the big deal. He is just doing what Communists do!

he should be charged

Hold Schiff accountable “

He needs to be impeached and charges filed

votedegrammont They’ll do nothing to him but history books on 50 yrs will be written and Schiff will be of the most notorious scumbags of all time. Future generations will marvel at how we did nothing to stop abuses of power as we did at Germany in the 1930s.

Typical DemoRAT...Communism is bad people

And nobody will do shit about it.

Yes him and many other swampy criminals should be behind bars. But unfortunately the Republican’s sat by and watched the communist takeover of our country. AG’s, judges bought/paid for by demons,Soros. And a SCOTUS who lacks intelligence and can’t define a woman.

willchamberlain also his license to practice

The Dems changed rules to enhance their beliefs. And they were and are heavenly involved in what Soros and co. are calling Open Society. The USA is a closed society—and has to be transformed!

Are you kidding they can do anything they want

He should be removed, disbarred, tried, and imprisoned!!!! He’s a criminal!!!

All the January 6th stuff is all coming to light.

AdamSchiff learned only one thing as a Congressman in DC. Lie. It’s why there is a Speaker delay. Mr. Schiff needs to be expelled and a Speaker willing to pull the trigger.

Lying crook that puss

AdamSchiff warmonger priorities found in Addendum, here:

Impeach him!!

RepAdamSchiff entire Twitter account is LIES. elonmusk should have every single Russian collusion pusher banned from here since they have no desire to handle the truth💙🖤💙

Just another lying Swamp Rat weasel.

And nothing will come of it

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