Bloomberg vows to release three women from NDAs if requested

Bloomberg vows to release three women from NDAs if requested


Bloomberg vows to release three women from NDAs if requested

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg said on Friday he would release three female former employees from nondisclosure agreements. In a tweet, he...

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Michael Bloomberg Says Company Will Release Women From NDAs Over Comments “They Said I Had Made”After being pressed repeatedly by Elizabeth Warren during this week’s presidential debate, Michael Bloomberg said that his company will release women from non-disclosure agreements they signe… MikeBloomberg MrJonCryer

Bloomberg says 3 women can be released from NDAs👀 Just 3? Is it any 3 or specific women?

Bloomberg says 3 women can be released from NDAsWASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg said Friday that he's willing to release at least three women from nondisclosure agreements that prevented them from speaking... Too late. Pathetic move. Makes him look even worse. 3? All or what’s the point? Trash

Warren to Bloomberg: Here's how you let women out of those NDAsSen. Warren, who went after Bloomberg for the use of nondisclosure agreements during Wednesday’s debate, stepped up her attacks during a CNN town hall. She choke slammed him. She is doing Bernie's dirty work for free. If you watched the entire debate and ignored a lot of the empty words Bloomberg was very successful in making everyone and especially Bernie look like an absolute fool, and I don't like Bloomberg or anyone on that stage. Follow me I will follow back

Warren drafts document for Bloomberg to sign that would release employees from NDAs"I used to teach contract law and I thought I would make this easy," Warren said during her CNN town hall. She has been upgraded to I don't like her to I can't stand her. She need to go after Bernie not Bloomberg. And he will ignore it because this idea of drafting a document with many signatures to get your point across is getting to be an old and ugly move.

Warren taunts Bloomberg with document to release his employees from NDAsWarren opened a CNN town hall the way she began Wednesday night’s debate: with her sights trained on Bloomberg. When you have nothing of substance to say attack another person typical political trash. She eviscerated Bloomberg. Hell, she carpet bombed the whole stage. It was glorious. Opens up with her SuperPAC?

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