Bloomberg Qualifies For Wednesday's Democratic Debate — His First - Cnnpolitics

Bloomberg Qualifies For Wednesday's Democratic Debate — His First - Cnnpolitics

Bloomberg qualifies for Wednesday's Democratic debate -- his first

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2/18/2020 2:11:00 PM

Michael Bloomberg has qualified for Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, paving the way for the former New York mayor's first appearance on stage with his 2020 rivals.

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election from Belmont University in Nashville Thursday.

Yeah, almost like he’s buying support 🤔 Hes a freak.. Bloomberg buying the election, that is pure nonsense. I am not getting paid for my vote. His spending spree on adv only tells me that he is committed, wants to be known. What is the difference between him spending his money, and special interest /PACS supporting other candidates?

MikeBloomberg is Democrat Donald Trump. Don't fall for it. Money talks and the DNC changes rules as usual. He needs to explain the stop and frisk tactics which is a stain that cannot be washed away. Why mostly non-white people? The purpose? Even after lawsuits were filed, why was he unwilling to listen to make changes/improvements? He is a strong candidate; but people want answers.

Oh remember this... The first spot behind Bernie? That’s called second Media grooming the public for the theft of another election by the DNC Looking forward to seeing him tank... Can’t wait for Bernie to grill his ass 🥰 A new challenger appears! Remember Bernie will be rigged again! Right DNC? Oh...lords's going to be good...

ndia don't believe Chinese garments Indian can't forget 1962 Money can purchase the DNC and CNN. He is literally buying the election. The party of 'no dark money in govt' and 'income inequality' is changing the rules so a billionaire can buy the dem nomination. Wow so glad I left this party. If anyone thinks billionaires are part of the solution , think of Trump or Bezos...or have a look at ElonMusk Space tourism in 2020 Seems he forgot about the climate crisis for a few millions

Gonna be funny when he looses despite paying places like you for constant coverage ignoring his awful history. And in the same breath ignoring the massive turnout Bernie had in Tacoma. Hmm does it benefit him to participate 🤔 I think it is corrupt that the DNC changed the rules so he could participate. He should have opened a site for donations and set them all with a max of $25 so he could qualify through polling and donations, just like everyone else has had to. Nonetheless, VoteBlueNoMatterWho!

'Republican schill spends millions to get on democratic debate stage'. Fixed headline. Yes,finally, Bloomberg’s campaign can go from the silent film era into the talkies. It should be a great debate. To hell with Bloomberg ...on a box, on a stage. There fixed it for you. Isn't it great being rich. You can make the DNC change their rules and pay your way into an election just because you're afraid of being taxed. They oligarch life is where it's at... 😑

the best for me. I smell bullshit I think you mean 'paying the way' Can he beat Rump? Qualified with that 🤑🤑🤑 has he even picked up a delegate? I'd like to be on the debate stage too. Since it's for sale, what's the entry going for nowadays? TomPerez thanks for this. We the people are seeing the party crumble right in front of us. Great job. We lose in November it's your fault. We don't want a billionaire like the Republicans allowed. We are the party of the people not billionaires. 🔥 Is gone

Why did they change the rules for him? All people running should be allowed on the stage- regardless of how much money they have raised. Get money out of politics!!! How much did that cost? WSBT Ya he bought his way in the debate. Paying the way* He’s not going to show. He bought his way in, he didn't qualify..... come on, be brave and report facts

Michael$Bloomberg has qualified💵for Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas paying💵the way for the former New York mayor to💵buy💵the nomination. Fixed it for you CNN The night of the Iowa Caucuses, CNN didn’t air Elizabeth’s full speech. But they aired the speeches of other candidates she beat. In New Hampshire, some networks played Vice President Biden’s speech — but not Elizabeth’s even though she outperformed him, again. CNN SOY!

And be sure he will get the better questions that promotes his agenda... He might even have the questions ahead of time... Sorry Sanders but you will be screwed again. Good he can talk about women lining up for a man, killing “it”, lazy black and brown people, and throwing them up against the wall You mean Bought his way on stage.

'qualified' Buying his way in. Crazy Bernie will have a Meltdown... TezlynFigaro Does Vegas have odds on him showing up? You go Mike! Bloomberg2020 That is good so people can see him in action. No box allowed ! No editing like a commercial. No holding back by candidates ! Mini Mike just bought the Democrat party. Good to know the left has the moral authority... 🤣🤣🤣

So y’all still ain’t learn huh, FYI “Blumboid” is the silent version of trump🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ So he bought a ticket to the debate with millions of dollars and 0 votes Anyone can run for president. We need someone who can beat Blond Hitler. It should have read “Michael Bloomberg pays the price to be on the DNC debate “ then you can go ahead and what his presidential ambitions is costing him his legacy

It’s now up to the moderators to ask the tough questions. Let’s c if the big media bosses will allow that to happen or give softball q to bloom A billionaire who has said some very racist things about minorities. Had the rules changed in his favor so he could enter his debates. All while DNC candidates were told no. And they say the dnc is for the minority. Wake up citizens they only won’t power.

You spelt paying wrong. As in Paying the way Is he allowed to use his Bloombox? Of course he did. Oligarch mini MikeBloomberg is the real American threat here. Buys his way. So typical of him. StopAndFriskBillionaire doasisaynotasido tyrant He has zero clue about actual hard work, he insults the middle class workers of this country. He will never be POTUS. Americans don’t need a liberal hypocrite to tell us how big of drink we can have or how many guns we can own. Go suck one Mini-Mike

Everyone knows he bought his way onto the stage. It's a sham and a disgrace. Now it's time to vet his sordid political and personal record for the whole country to see. The Dems bend every rule in the primary book, use media, through corp sponsors, to play favorites, etc. This is why nobody trusts Democrats.

What a crock of shit. I have no faith left in the Democratic Party. They just sold out to the very kind of person they are supposed to stand against. This is what happens when a party has no value and is willing to do anything just to win. Pathetic. VoteRedToSaveAmerica Let the shark fest begin...😂 NPR poll ( 1 out of our 10 listeners knew how Mike was )

They just delivered the soap box to Vegas for Mikey to stand on during the debate. serfs using 7 - 11 w/o permission ; how many cops will it take .... bloomberg was big on having his cops slam blacks and mexicans up against walls , what if he decides to sprinkle in white people , pull out the constitution f=====g quick

My oh my he's bought the democratic race .. Bloomberg's value is not in his running. It's in what he has to say. And if that's as far as he gets, he's a huge asset. Guy's got more common sense than any of them, 'cept maybe Pete. Mike has skeletons, but he's clean as a whistle compared to Donny. Worth a listen.

请帮帮我!我叫林东龙,是中国电信福州分公司的员工。长期受到公司管理人员黄飞(中国共产党员)组织领导的黑恶势力团伙残酷迫害:监听定位、侮辱、诽谤、辱骂、陷害拍我裸照。 I wonder how much that cost him 🤔 StandWithIraqiRefugees We, legal refugees in Turkey, have had years of waiting for us, without any result. We are looking for a country of stability. Resolve our cause and spare us from death because of the long wait.

Time for Bernie to tear him a new one. Let the humiliation begin. He bought his way in, DNC bent over backwards . Can’t wait for the fireworks He’ll have to borrow Selina Myers’ step stool. A million for you and a million for you. He’s in. Ah, when democracy is a purchasable commodity! You can just taste the freedom and opportunity! 🙄

Oh boy, train wreck on live TV for Michael. He should call in sick and stick with spending his money on ads. It will expose him as a weak speaker, out of touch elitist and will not resonate with average, hardworking people. He bought a seat .and you still think people are stupid to believe liberals are the honest side?. Ho yeah !!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Oh boy, train wreck on live TV for Michael. He should call in sick and stick with spending his money on ads. It will expose him as a weak speaker, out of touch elitist and will not resonate with average, hardworking people. Investing in binary trade is the best, I started with $2000 and now I’m in profit of $42,000 😍in two weeks...all thanks to Gilbert Brogden manager_expert_trade he is the best...

Money vs. message, unfortunately, defeating Trump is the biggest challenge Democrats face, and it will take a lot of money to get the message out. In addition, we need to stop these huge voting swings from right to left. Bloomberg is boring enough to be a good President. Can’t wait Who cares! None of these clowns will become president.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the trump trolling he will do? trump will have a Twitter aneurism cvs Qualified? You mean 'paying' his way. Paving the way? Let me fix your headline...should be paying the way India plagiarized many South Korean movies. India plagiarized the South Korean Old Boy movie as a zinda movie

Dems: OUR DEMOCRACY IS BEING SUBVERTED BY TRUMP!! Bloomberg: 💰💰💰💰💰 Dems: “Paying the way” MissFuhrerious He only qualified because they changed the rules for him. Good journalists would have put that in the story Here's where the balloon deflates. The circus continues. Same show different clowns. NeverWarren

Cringe fest this is where Bloomberg goes down in a heap. he's all the charisma of Ted Cruz stuffed into a garden gnome Love watching the Left twist and change rules for their own benefit . Slowly but surely they start turning on themselves! Walk Away People! Will he show up? It should be very revealing that he isn’t competing until Super Tuesday. Maybe winning isn’t his goal. Maybe his goal is to stop Bernie so his taxes don’t go up.

Bloomers stay away I wonder how much that cost 🤫 He paid alot for that spot. 'So then we pretend u don't support me, but I'll pardon everyone in ur whole administration, right Donnie Boy?' DNC is giving Bernie the shaft again Haven’t you guys ever heard of the phrase “Pay to Play”, this is how it’s done when you have billions!😏

Purchased* one billion dollars LMAO hard pass but I hope someone ask him why he’s so sh*tty! What a shame. Yang and Gabbard who have actual plans always getting the short end. They’ll have to defrost him first Bloomberg the next president News loves it but it's NOT fair for someone to parachute into a presidential campaign just as the primary started by spending 400MILLION on dishonest TV advertising like implying Obama endorsed him & that Sanders supporters are somehow more abusive than Trump supporters?DISHONEST

How much did he pay this time? NeverBloomberg Who wants to hear him lie like he always does ! It’s great to see the stump on the stump Pay to play Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy the Democratic nomination. duh The world first fine dust monitoring system is South Korea's. South Korea's satellite is the world's first satellite. The U.S. will launch a satellite in 2022, and Europe will launch a satellite in 2023.

Lol this will be good he'll get shredded over his past, if he's smart he'll decline. It’s okay Trump won that debate too I’m pretty sure that anyone saying anything positive about mike Bloomberg is getting paid. I did the grown up thing and voted for Hillary in the 2016 general but I won’t vote for Bloomberg under any circumstance.

Congratulations The media has gotten its way and now has their candidate. His wealth has paid for the opportunity not his politics. The question is the potential damage he’ll cause to the selection of a democrat to stand against trump. People know better than listen to a billionaire who quite likes the thought running the country. Shouldn’t be allowed.

Now it gets interesting Good. It's about time he has to show up and answer for his horrible record! Bloomberg suggested raising copayment for Medicare so people would think twice about going to the doctor. Oh look, a billionaire 'Democrat' competing against a self proclaimed Communist after accusing realDonaldTrump of being a 'Russian Agent'🤦 I guess if you keep you voters stuck on stupidity, the Plantation looks good!😂

My God I hope he wins the nom!!!! 🇨🇦 Money can buy anything but ratings What a scam. The “ no one is above the law” What a joke. The media criticizes a split moderate vote (30% Bernie 70% anyone else) and all but counts them all out after 1 minor caucus & 1 primary but Bloomberg is not even on the ballot until Super Tuesday, and he gets more optimism in dead last place bc he’s rich. 😕 VoteBlueNoMatterWho

“Paving the way”. Or. “Paying the way” You mean he paid the DNC to change the rules. So voters can ask themselves, should billionaires be allowed to buy elections? Should they even exist? Define “QUALIFIED” ... 🤣🤣🤣 Drill him on this, please. Ugh What's the difference between the Republicans, and the Republican lites?...nothing; They both want an insecure workforce. 🚩😐

He is going to bring life in to the otherwise listless primaries and win the democratic ticket. MikeBloomberg Of course he did, DNC is desperate to take out Sanders again! best wishes to you Oh good, he can answer for stop and frisk, and his support of Republicans, including supporting Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren.

That racist Bloomberg who got Kavanaugh confirmed is going to get exposed on that debate stage The human avatar for Alfred E. Newman. Bloomberg buys media and then the media manufacturers consent. ☹ Racist.... His check cleared could the democrat candidates look any worse? oh here comes mike. It's been proven, financial wizards are NOT good leaders! They may be good as financial advisors, however strategic? 🤔

Aaaaand the beginning of the end for lollipop guild member when he actually has to talk Honestly nowadays I'm afraid to be around democrats. I have never seen the dems like this before so violent and aggressive. I thought the right were the aggressors lol. People can't talk politics anymore without fear of a democrat exploding in rage. Kind of scary

Bloomberg organization pledges 5 million to Public Broadcasting. I love that sanders supporters are complaining: “hE’S bUyInG tHe PrEsIdEnCy!” He’s turning dollars into votes, democrat votes. Your party is a sham. Leave. Like those of us with brains. Alright. He needs to be dragged! He’s coming Pay to Win

Change the rules for the racist white billionaire candidate...but not for POC candidates. Nice job DNC Mini Mike on a box, yeah. “Mr. Bloomberg, you were in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. How many times did you fly on the Lolita Express, and why does that qualify you to be president?” Yuk!! A known racist will be debating? K.

Will he have a box to stand on so he can reach the mic? Asking for a friend Don’t fuck this up and make Hillary your VP pleaseeee MikeBloomberg Republicans are laughing 'qualified' Which means you can pay 300 million for some ads, take a few trips to stump on an extra high stump and poof, you’re in the debate. Did he get his extra tall box to stand on tonight

In his 12 years as mayor, Bloomberg was never much of a speaker. Showing this on the national stage won't be in his favor. Day late and a dollar short. Let’s go Paying his way. Fixed it for you. String me along No More! Voting for BernieSanders2020 not Billionaires and rest of the Presidential candidate need to go home.

This is fantastic news! The first time I will pay any attention to the debate. Bloomberg is the adult in the room, the other candidates keep squabbling amongst themselves. DumpTrump BlueNoMatterWho Pete What were the results of the poll that allowed him to qualify? Breaking News Bernie, Biden &.Warren have there campaign buses up for sale on Nevada Craigslist.

You mean he paid his way Looks like we could have our first billionaire president How much did that cost him? See why we can't trust DNC they would sell their souls for an extra buck. Can't wait! He will mop the floor with most up there! Jeff Bezo's candidate of choice... Sure what could possibly go wrong?

My new t-shirts message is “literally anyone else” I will support the eventual democrat nominee, anyone one of these people will be better for 4 years than the status quo. Then again in 2015/2016 most on the Republican list except trump would have been better. How much did he pay to get in? The DNC is dead. Bury it forever.

Truly shows what money can buy. Saw it on Early Start. After he paid the DNC to change the rules. Absolutely disgusting. If it's Bloomberg v Trump, our country will have fully descended into plutocracy. Hope they get to the bottom of this admited racist. This is a joke. Democrsts will pay for these stupidity by pushing this guy in order to stop the real front runner BernieSanders

I guess money can buy you love Trump-light qualifies for debate stage. Awaits knives from fellow candidates on stage. Now there's a surprise. How do you qualify,Trump syndrome. Bloomberg “qualifies”. Incorrect. Bloomberg “paid for access”. 'Love to be here in Vegas thank you. If luck is on your side and you win enough money, maybe you too can be up here on the stage one day and run for president'

Trump be like... He’s going win the nomination and win 2020 with his billions...still better then Trump. Hope they can get him a box built that quick. Attention Democrats, this is who your nomination will be. It will be forced upon you whether you like it or not. Fake polls coming soon He skips a years worth of debates and fundraising requirements and then buys his way in. Tight

Mike paid highly to get it done. realdonaldtrump do something useful and end this dudes campaign 👍🏼 thanks 😊 Said no one ever

Bloomberg makes debate stage, facing Dem rivals for 1st timeBillionaire Mike Bloomberg has qualified for the next Democratic presidential debate 😒 That's laughable. He bought his way into the debate. Erebody knows it Wwwwwwhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee

Bloomberg qualifies for February 19 Democratic presidential debateMichael Bloomberg qualifies for February 19 Democratic presidential debate in Nevada He should leave that stage a shredded candidate by all political standards. Its amazing what you can do when you spend a millionsnof dollars of your own money Gonna need platform shoes and a shorter podium

Bloomberg Qualifies for Nevada Debate After New PollFormer New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has qualified for Wednesday’s Democratic presidential primary debate in Las Vegas, where he will appear on stage with the rest of the candidates for the first time. Great news & not for Bloomberg. Are they going to get him a box The Qur'an Or The Bible? Which Is God's Word? Part 1 - Debate - Sh Ahmed Deedat and Dr Anis Shorrosh

Bloomberg qualifies for next Democratic debateJUST IN: Bloomberg qualifies for the next Democratic presidential debate, which is being hosted by NBCNews, MSNBC and the Nevada Independent. MSNBC 'QUALIFIES' = PAID MILLIONS TO THE DNC SCUM MSNBC Good. I want him to be destroyed on that stage MSNBC “Hold my beer”.

Bullshit 😪 he is a disgusting human being. Sad... Good part: Now he can't hide behind deceptive ads. Bad part: He's running for president. UGH!