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Michael Bloomberg, Election 2020

Bloomberg Hires Thousands Of Canvassers To Stop Black Men On Street And Force Them To Hear Campaign Pitch

Bloomberg Hires Thousands Of Canvassers To Stop Black Men On Street And Force Them To Hear Campaign Pitch


Bloomberg Hires Thousands Of Canvassers To Stop Black Men On Street And Force Them To Hear Campaign Pitch

NEW YORK—Citing polling data that suggested the former mayor was tracking poorly among 18- to 25-year-old African Americans, Michael Bloomberg ’s presidential campaign hired thousands of canvassers Friday to stop black men on the street and force them to hear his campaign pitch. “We want to make sure black voters can’t walk down the street without hearing Mike’s message loud and clear,” said campaign spokesperson Julie Wood, clarifying that canvassers have received training on the proper tactics for stopping black men and throwing them onto the ground while delivering Bloomberg’s talking points. “We’ve also instructed our canvassers to confiscate any materials supporting other candidates. In some cases, we might actually take some men into custody and bring them back to campaign headquarters. This is a massive undertaking that will run well beyond Super Tuesday. We’ve already set up Bloomberg-branded vans in black neighborhoods across the country to spread our message. It’ll all be worth it once these young black men hear what Bloomberg has to say about funding social security while they’re pressed up against a brick wall with an elbow digging into their backs.” At press time, Bloomberg defended his campaign’s decision to stop black high schoolers on the street, insisting that they’d be of voting age soon enough.

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Brian03062472 the onion? hahahahahaha talk about a POS RAG .. they NEVER tell the truth RonPa1973 parscale DonaldJTrumpJr EricTrump RonPlacone Ooo can you imagine 1000s of white people descending into a prominently black American neighbourhood to canvass? Possible outcomes here. 1. The neighbourhood could mistake this for an old style lynching. 2. There will be many dead white people at the end of the day.

DudeConfirmed Damn the Onion has stepped up their game HappyFunNorm Sounds like slander more than satire~ JamesRobichaux 🤣🤣 radleybalko Sometimes u gotta use common sense. U must know some B💩s, like this 1 wld be better received...if it begin with “Once upon a time...The End”. Don’t let sources w/hidden agendas deter us frm recognizing their B💩s.The stank is not different frm 45 or GOP. Beyond the headlines

☠️ johncusack Is this true?! Sorry to question but Indian social media is full of fake narrative these days. Sometimes it's hard to tell if an Onion story is real or fake. This has been one of those times

See the memes Mike Bloomberg's campaign paid Instagram influencers for - Business InsiderMike Bloomberg's presidential campaign has hired a meme collective to deploy meme-ads all over Instagram — see them here.

YGalanter Stop and pitch. lmao. Love the Onion. Stop and frisk was so wrong on so many levels but he still got about half the black vote while mayor so I dont know. Dont have a clear view on him but love the ads. CnBsNana I prefer Warren or Klobuchar, bu this is not helpful. If it takes Bloomberg to beat Trump, we gotta do it.

graue This cuts a liiittle to close to the truth. Jbegould 💀 This is perfect 😂 shoe0nhead I seriously heard a Bloomberg Ad on the radio every hour today. No other candidates. Fake news Cusack LeslieKofoed StopAndBore This looks fake to me

Bloomberg campaign pays social media accounts for memesU.S. Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg 's campaign is payi... American oligarch lol That's a disgusting form of corporate propaganda.

MistyAtBoulder That would be funny if it weren’t true. jujueyeball did you tweet *about this* or did they just write the same headline as you? johncusack How do they 'force' them? Popehat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ok this is funny rosegoggles Lol All of them are forced to stand behind him. They look so miserable.

jeff_hauschild Whomever came up with this one deserves a raise. I actually cracked a wry smile. Popehat Oddly, it seems to be working. DolphinGarage 💀💀💀

'He's not going to bully me': Bloomberg focuses on Trump in his return to NashvilleThroughout his roughly 12-minute speech, Bloomberg peppered in several local references while making his pitch to an audience of an estimated 1,100 people. MikeBloomberg psst: he (realDonaldTrump) doesn’t care about you. You’d actually have to win something (not buy it) first. As you won’t win TheDemocrats party’s nomination for President, the actual POTUS just could not care less about your antics.

actdottv OUCH! legaladvice_txt Stop and frisk with a twist jasonrileywsj 'Stop and Fisk' GrantDeppen AlanTudyk This is how I feel about YouTube right now joshtpm DonaldJTrumpJr johncardillo This program is called 'Stop an Pitch' Money buys a lot, but something reeks about Bloomberg! Damn SilERabbit - I’m lean’n heavy towards a Bloomberg/E.Fraud ticket ... maybe that Pete dude, he seems plastic enough

Bloomberg: I should've acted sooner on stop-and-friskWATCH: Facing criticism for the use of stop-and-frisk during his time as mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg apologizes during an event with African American voters in Houston. If that makes everything OK now, we should be ashamed. When will we stop giving rich people a pass? Bloomberg is NOT what this country needs. We would be replacing one Trump with another Trump. Don’t be blinded by 🎩💰RobberBaron He said it was 5 years ago. Well 5 years isn’t that long ago. Just saying Bloomberg Any candidate care about the white voters?

NewKindOfPol Maybe it’s true... he certainly has some major issues to address in the black community... but that pic is just bs. Don’t you even want to APPEAR to be journalistically honest? 'Stop & Pitch' materials are all over the Mike 2020 HQ. shoe0nhead Stop and Pitch. 😂 Fucking hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

😂😅😋😄😆🥴 VanJones68 will vote for him. sadogre Klo: “WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!” shoe0nhead Even when Bloomberg pays off every news organization and journalist, really will be the most trusted news source... So by next week at the rate Mike is buying endorsements. At this point, one of these days I'm gonna end up on r/atetheonion

this is gold.

Thomas Friedman makes the case for Bloomberg“I think Mike has the experience, he has the right values, and he has the capability to take on the machine, which is the Trump re-election campaign,' NYTimes foreign affairs columnist Thomas Friedman says of Mike Bloomberg's candidacy. That's a good laugh. The right values? You read the Atlantic and NY Times articles that catalog decades of deeds and words that belie what Democratic Party stands for? Racist Mike!

Please stop giving Bloomberg ideas. 🤣 The finger gun takes this from good to great thelegendarytk robdelaney It’s humor. Anyone who believes this is seriously lacking brain cells. Snopes this. seems legit. i'll buy more if you have it. Too real robdelaney ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Isn't that called the *Listen and Frisk?'

robdelaney Thats where 95% of the votes are

Opinion | Why Bloomberg (yes, Bloomberg) could win over black voters as Biden fadesIt's a mistake to ignore the Bloomberg campaign’s ability to connect with this key constituency despite the candidate's horrendous record on policing. THINK It’s like ya’ll don’t even care about being straight nonsense anymore with headlines like that. How much he pay you to push that lie? More than the lady holding up the sign in the picture I hope. THINK Ex-President Obama protected absent minded Biden for 8 years, and probably one of the main reasons, he didn’t endorse him. For his own good. From Ukraine, to run running with Holder, and other bazaar strange behaviors, from hair sniffing to swimming , to forgetful. THINK Democrats going to beg borrow and steal the nomination away from SenSanders again. If I were a Bernie supporter I would be furious.

No, they didn’t mediumvillain lol but also too real Holy shit shoe0nhead ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ NounRiot How long till they are forced to make phone calls for.... Oh wait! shoe0nhead Would you call this policy the 'Stop and Pitch'? Lol awesome 👏 drawandstrike Has CNN fact checked this? 😁 Glad to see Bloomberg hasn't gotten his hands on The Onion.


radleybalko stopandpitch shoe0nhead speedy992 They’re just going to where there is low voter registration. What’s the problem?! Oh is the Onion, never mind! 🖕🏾 shoe0nhead MsSmartyPanda 🤣🤣🤣 shoe0nhead Mike Bloomberg's morning routine: hilaryagro The Onion never stops giving shoe0nhead Heeeheee Onion on fucking point

fiiinry Stop it.

😆 🤣 I shouldn’t have laughed at the headline. I’m sorry. Garbage not news TheRickWilson Lmao savage Stop and pitch TheRickWilson Oh no!! OliverMField 😂😂 DraconesHc Funny

I fucking love you the onion. NandovMovies Implementing the stop and pitch TheRickWilson This will at Best confuse folks unfamiliar with the onion. It's funny because it's horrifying and depressing. TheRickWilson lol Stop and stump TheRickWilson Why are you spreading these lies? You know who isn't pulling any punches? The Onion, that's who.

RealSaavedra 🤣

RealSaavedra Top notch I'm Dead TheRickWilson Its a joke people LOL! TheRickWilson profgalloway mellian1 This is why Trump will win. Stupid outlets reporting stupid shit that is fake. trelo7889 Funny. Lol TheRickWilson TheRickWilson They’re allowed to go to redlined districts?! TheRickWilson Stop and tisk?

TheRickWilson This is comming from 'the onion' they never keep their info updated! I used to read their comments for entertainment purposes only lol TheRickWilson Stop and pitch? JediofGallifrey Stop n pitch. Love it TheRickWilson 😢😢 TheRickWilson oh bullshit IamgaRAGEparty 😂 JulianDavis The Onion knows this is not true, Sounds like Trump has you scared

Will_Bunch I do not believe that Duuuuuude. This. Omg Stop and listen.😂😂😂

DavidKlion You know this is satire ... right? Tjmurphy12 that_Sinead Shit ain’t funny, here’s the joke GTFOH PolarBearPanda2 In 1776, the Founding Fathers set this country up to be owned and operated by rich old white guys, and it's been run that way for 244 years. Trump running against Bloomberg is the ultimate manifestation of that scheme.

Stop and pitch? MikeBloomberg Oh shit they did it again Yes onion drag his ass. reginalddhunter Who will stop billionaires from running the country? A billionaire? pixelatedboat Glad to see h3h3productions got a real job.

good luck Bloomberg with your dumbsh*t meme buys... real satire will drag you to hell till you drop out How can anyone deny that Bloomberg isn't committed to black outreach? You mean a 'STOP and Pitch' This will get you punched the f... Out i promise dont approach me.. pixelatedboat Stop-and-Pitch. 😂😂this ones hilarious

lol Lies. AlanTudyk Still better than Trump.

It must amaze you that so many quote your satire as fact. I recall picking up paper flyers in laundromats etc & laughing my ass off. Now with the internet your articles convince so many as credible, not humorous as I. Is that your mission? AsteadWesley And... I’m a unicorn 🥴 You guys are on fire lately

This more Bernie’s MO 💀💀💀 ngaio420 is this an issue? Stop & Preach. march4progress 🤣🤣🤣 'Did you ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?' virgiltexas All single women - We can do that? -

his meme team really went after it on Instagram for for Valentine's Day too That joke wrote itself... cameron_kasky Damn. The more I learn about Bloomberg, the less I like. And that's no satire! cameron_kasky I hate that fucking guy! JECarter4 🔥🔥🔥🔥 virgiltexas Wow tragic smh virgiltexas The Onion knows.

virgiltexas so the onion is doing actual news now? Didn’t Hillary call them “ Super Canvassers “ ?

It would be more biting if they had badges. OhSheilaRN This made me chuckle. holy fuck 🤣 goddamn Brilliant _alex_joshua cameron_kasky The 2020 'stop and bore' policy. It's almost getting this ridiculous!! The Stop and Dish Policy is much-maligned and has resulted in fewer injuries/arrests than you may expect...

Just watch a YouTube video and you’ll get one of his campaign pitches The Onion and Chapo Bros whenever a candidate starts to make any headway into Bernie's lead: xtrixcyclex 😂 Where do I apply? This is one of your better ones lately ellaguro This is the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen in weeks New Bloomberg sticker up in our shop

StopAndPitch Where did you get this from Don Jr or Trump himself this is fake Bloomberg was mayor back in 2013... when The Onion was cranking out stuff like this... Should parody tweet yourselves y'all

MazMHussain Did they also search them? Hahahahahahahahaha splashofpop There is nothing funny about FAKE news:-( TheCiroth This seems bad for democracy

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