Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

5/25/2022 7:59:00 AM

“I hoped, when I became president, I would not have to do this again.” President Joe Biden mourns the killing of at least 19 children and two teachers in a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school, decrying their deaths as senseless and demanding action

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Opinion | This Is What a Post-Roe Abortion Looks Like

Self-managed abortion is not a substitute for having full reproductive rights. But it’s one of the best tools we have right now. Read more >>

Your doing it every week now. Can’t even read from a teleprompter correctly lmao The guy can’t even read correctly off of a teleprompter… He’s so out of touch with reality he read 3,448 as 300 first… it was over 10 years ago… come on mannnn… We are SO fucked! Bro you’re pro abortion, you kill thousands per day.

Wish we had a Democrat in the White House and a Democrat controlled congress and we could do something about this like passing gun control laws. Oh, wait Show me the current CPI fed MrStockBot!

A’s attendance woes reaching historic, embarrassing stageIt was revealed that only 1,452 fans showed up to one A’s game last month.

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?DON'T FIGHT THE FED! FED would have to force StockMarket crash to fight inflation - Per WarrenBuffett INTRINSIC VALUE formula, based on 2020 annual reports, China's tech giants such as $BABA and $BIDU are significantly overvalued by 582% and 789% compare to IntrinsicValue!!! Do you think other Chinese stocks are not significantly overvalued?

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?What is Dolly Parton doing in the background? Can something bad happen because of using this? Does this mean that yet another industry accepts cryptocurrency payments?

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Bloomberg - Are you a robot?An what about doing interoperable NFTs in all your games … dkscomeback dks Dks rally started games big exchanges partnerships coming soon every month not investment advice Very good news is expected from the team And the other project of dks, mobipad pre-sale continues Bitcoin CeekVR kripto Airdrop 🔥 Interesting to know how much usdt they will earn this way