Bloomberg: 3 Women Who Made 'Complaints About Comments' Can Seek NDA Releases

The announcement comes two days after Mike Bloomberg faced tough questions about the issue in a Democratic debate.


Elizabeth Warren said Michael Bloomberg's decision to release 3 women from nondisclosure agreements with his company was 'just not good enough' and that he needs to do a 'blanket release' so that all 'muzzled' women can tell their side of the story.

The announcement comes two days after Mike Bloomberg faced tough questions about the issue in a Democratic debate.

Nevada Caucuses 2020: Live Results And Analysis The carefully worded statement comes after Bloomberg faced a barrage of criticism over the issue from his Democratic rivals, including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden. Warren reacted to Bloomberg's announcement, telling reporters it was"just not good enough" and that he needs to do a"blanket release" so that all"muzzled" women can tell their side of the story. At Wednesday's debate, Warren had pressed Bloomberg on allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination, and on his company's use of NDAs. "I'd like to talk about who we're running against, a billionaire who calls women 'fat broads' and 'horse-faced lesbians,'"she said in her opening comments of the debate."And, no, I'm not talking about Donald Trump. I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg." The Bloomberg campaign such statements. Warren also specifically asked him whether he would release women from the agreements, and he declined. "None of them accuse me of doing anything, other than maybe they didn't like a joke I told," Bloomberg said at the debate."There's agreements between two parties that wanted to keep it quiet and that's up to them. They signed those agreements, and we'll live with it." Warren continued her criticism of Bloomberg over the issue on Thursday. During a CNN town hall on Thursday night, Warren, who used to teach contract law, offered him a draft"release and covenant not to sue" document that would release his employees from the NDAs they signed. The reported earlier this month that there have been several lawsuits filed over the years alleging that women had been discriminated against at Bloomberg's company. One former employee, according to the Post , blamed Bloomberg for fostering a culture of sexual harassment and degradation. Bloomberg's statement appears limited in scope to three women. It does not release all of Bloomberg LP's current and former employees from nondisclosure agreements, nor does it release those who have signed nondisclosure agreements regarding harassment by people other than Bloomberg himself. In his statement, Bloomberg said he's also asked his company's human resources team"to consult with experts, as I myself have done in recent days, and review and reform our policies where necessary with regard to equal pay and promotion, sexual harassment and discrimination, and other legal tools that prevent culture change." He added that as president, he'd work to pass the Be Heard Act in Congress. The legislation, which is sponsored by Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark (who's endorsed Warren), says it"sets forth provisions to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace." Claudia Grisales contributed to this report. Read more: NPR

“ hear my Vagina ROAR!!!” 🤷🏼‍♀️ Better we have the ones damaged by thump first. Pretty much yeah, we should know if those in office or applying for office are rapists. They should submit DNA evidence to clear their names Liz is an Angry vagina! Mini Mike...🤣😂 Pocahontas is trying to squeeze your acorns 🌰🌰

When pigs fly!!! What if a woman does not want to make public statements,be approached to comment or even to be known? Is Warren mindful of need to protect her choice and privacy? Are the muzzled women giving their settlements back? Will the women have to return any money settlements? Don’t we have to assume then, ewarren will do a blanket release of the NDA’s she has signed too? We know they are out there, so in the name of transparency she should do the same. Maybe tell us about the 10 million transferred from the previous campaign while she’s at it!!

Elizabeth Warren, I'd be more concerned about uniting the Democratic party vs tearing it down Trump wants division and you're taking the bait, hook, line and sinker. Listen to your own advice, '....stay connected...' You sound just like Trump when you yell at people!

Here's Every Sexist Comment Bloomberg Has Ever Made About WomenThere have been nearly 40 (!!!!!) sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits brought against Bloomberg over the years. That 1996 quote you include is not offensive. By including quotes like that you dilute the strength of your article. And there you have your answer. Now that’s a lot!

And she’s right. She's right but I'm tired of this reality TV ad hominem bullshit. They're all doing it and it makes them look childish. Wish we could go back to rising above this shit. Ms.Warren should turn her sights on tRump and leave the Democrats alone. If Warren were genuine, she would ask Congress to release everyone from their NDAs as well.

Never satisfied ? Doves are cringing . Why ? $$$ dripping in the warring chest. Oh. Aren't you abreast ? Will they give back the money? No? Then shut it EW. Dude - it doesn't count if you pick and choose which stories are told ... Non-disclosures are not self-enforcing. He can just promise not to enforce the non-disclosures if they breach the covenant in the contract. Imagine the disaster if they did talk and he sued them for breach? Worse than not releasing or promising not to enforce them in court.

Two problems with Bloomberg's offer: A. He's limiting it to just 3 complaints that meet his narrow criteria. B. He's requiring the 3 (who must guess whether they are on his list) to approach his lawyers. He should simply grant the releases unilaterally. I guess it's time to bring up her Pocahontas issue.

Michael Bloomberg Says Company Will Release Women From NDAs Over Comments “They Said I Had Made”After being pressed repeatedly by Elizabeth Warren during this week’s presidential debate, Michael Bloomberg said that his company will release women from non-disclosure agreements they signe… MikeBloomberg MrJonCryer

Elizabeth Warren is resembling her ranting and raving Senate colleague from Vermont. We are imploding as a party. Liz. Stop it. We have so damn much at stake in this election. Take the compromise and shut up. Cool. When are she and the senate creeps going to release all the muzzled people silenced with our money?

What's 'just not good enough' is us spending more time on this when David Colula's, 7th to die in ICE custody; children still in cages; coronavirus may expand & 45 dismantled options for responding; Intel/DOJ gutted; Russia actively engaged & laughing. That just not good at all. They should follow the agreement. Both parties agreed on a mutual settlement. Move onto other more important issues.

Will this women please just get a pony and ride off into the sunset. The fact that she’s pushing for the truth is funny given Pocahontas claim. Bloomberg doesn't seem to understand. Warren is the embodiment of our collective rage. It was stupid and frankly insulting of Bloomberg to offer to release just 3 people from the agreements.

Man, politics is fun huh? if mike expects liz to play nice, he might consider in donating to her PAC.

Bloomberg says he won’t release women from non-disclosure agreementsMichael Bloomberg said he would not release women who alleged sexism and misogynistic behavior from non-disclosure agreements they’d signed at his company DemDebate America I think you need to think about someone 75 years old plus running the country. Really. it seems the candidates accused MichaelBloomberg of being personally involved in these non disclosures but Michael seemed to suggest it was between 2 parties- therefore not him directly? Well the democrats are all about the rule of law and these woman did sign the agreement

Is there anyone who thought Bloomberg's announcement would be enough for Warren? He is releasing the NDAs in the three lawsuits that were against him, personally. But, nooo, that's not good enough. She wants him to violate the privacy of others named in suits. She's so wrong. Not good enough Bloomberg.

Elizabeth Warren needs to focus on raising money for her under funded campaign and stop worrying about Bloomberg. First time I’ve ever agreed with her! And yes, all those women need to come out of hiding! The “drip drip drip” ... He shoulda told Warren to go to hell. shesnottrump I absolutely love her fight recently!

We need more. Trump needs to tell us the names of all the pervs working in DC. Lizzy is sinking that Tomahawk in deep!'s too late. ewarren is right. Only releasing a few boldly indicates the rest would burn him down.🔥 He and Steyer should end their campaigns, and back a viable candidate- if they’re REALLY in this to repair our Democracy. 🇺🇸

#MeToo moment: Bloomberg on debate hot seat for comments about women, NDA'sDespite pressure from Sen. Warren, Bloomberg refuses to release women from nondisclosure agreements: 'What we need to know is exactly what's lurking out there.' Sounds funny when he says it that way😂 If he has nothing to hide.... No one should worry about NDAs. Like those women have any ability to pay millions of dollars? It's toothless civil nonsense look at OJ lol

ewarren it a good start . Keep up the continued pressure from women’s group including Mee-too. Only the dumb American men & women continue to support Trump, Old White Men & Billionaires. They have collectively milked America & Americans for centuries . Most were slave owners. I wish you would all stop digging into historical facts. People are allowed to change for the better. Worry about our future - that's what we are all looking forward to.

He released the ones that were directed towards him. The others were toward Bloomberg business, not the man. they are NOT 'muzzled' ..they got money for shutting their mouths..they TOOK DOLLARS for forgetting.. Cash is king, hurt feelings and rudeness means zero..THEY ACCEPTED CASH to make up for the not ask them to give back the cash , RESPECT CHOICE

So basically eliminate NDAs I think going after Bloomberg’s NDA’s are a waste of time at this crucial point in the game, but not educated in strategic intelligence or anything. 🤷‍♀️:) The old ‘blanket release’ is what got him in trouble in the first place. Since Lizzie demands Bloomberg come clean about his NDAs, can we assume she’ll come clean about her DNA?

Let’s think about this. A big company, 20k employees? 40 lawsuits, they say? So Bloomberg chooses ones that specifically name him? Okay. Does this mean the other suits don’t name him? I know about the one the judge removed him from bc he had no knowledge of the situation. How's the view from under that bus, Mike?

Watch Warren attack 'arrogant billionaire' Bloomberg over treatment of womenSen. Elizabeth Warren challenged Mayor Mike Bloomberg on his comments about women at the start of the Democratic Debate in Las Vegas. Not cool. White Millionaire v white billionaire. meh. Sen. Warren really came in prepared.

Really Elizabeth! He asked for all women to be released if they want to be ! Get over yourself Warren needs to go after Trump, not other Democrats. She doesn’t even know her own DNA why is she so worried about his NDA’s so much Is she for real? Good lord. She tells so many lies she has no idea what the truth is

those women had a choice to not take money for their silence. ..and men. Right NPR? Warren needs to focus on taking (Putin's helping me get elected) Sanders out!!!! PresidentWarren i disagree. and i don't think the average voter gives a sh*t about this.

Bloomberg says he won't release women from confidentiality agreements when pressed by WarrenFormer New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he would not release women who signed nondisclosure agreements when pressed Wednesday by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, saying women who have made allegations of sexist and misogynistic behavior against him maybe 'didn't like a joke I told.' MikeBloomberg sucks. Dirty tricks I'm not fan of Mike but... What does this have to do with running a country? JFK was a slut yet many will say he was a great President. So long as it's not in public view. Privacy! BillClinton brought it right into the White House & Dems still listen to him... 🧐 It's all B.S!

But they were totally selected at random 🤣 She's not wrong.

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