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Black Lives Matter, Fox And Friends

BLM wants 'stake' in Biden administration because of 'unrest they have caused' says Fox news contributor

BLM wants 'stake' in Biden administration because of 'unrest they have caused' says Fox news contributor

11/29/2020 5:12:00 AM

BLM wants 'stake' in Biden administration because of 'unrest they have caused' says Fox news contributor

BLM protests against Eric Garcetti getting a Cabinet post shows movements wants a say in who Joe Biden picks for his cabinet, Miranda Devine said.

"because of the riots and unrest they have caused," a conservative columnist has told Fox News.On Friday, BLM members demonstrated outside Mayor Garcetti's official residence for the fourth day running in a bid to dissuade Biden from appointing him to a top position.

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Garcetti was co-chair of the Biden-Harris campaign and is said to be in the frame for the post of either secretary of transportation or housing and urban development.But BLM protesters have criticized his housing record and said that he has not followed through on transportation projects. BLM-LA activists are also critical of how he has handled the Los Angeles Police Department's budget.

A woman waves a Black Lives Matter flag in Los Angeles on November 7, 2020. BLM activists oppose the appointment of LA mayor Eric Garcetti to the cabinet of President-elect Joe Biden.Apu GOMES/Getty ImagesIn a segment onFox and Friendson Friday, a tweet by BLM-LA was shown on screen highlighting the group's opposition to Garcetti getting into the Biden team, which said:"We don't want the worst mayor in the nation setting national policy."

New York Postcolumnist Miranda Devine was asked to comment on what BLM-LA was saying about the mayor.Devine said:"I think BLM obviously thinks that it has a stake in this administration probably because the riots and the unrest that they caused in the runup to the election... probably had something to do with the election result.

Newsweek subscription offers >"So now they feel they have a stake in it. It's kind of outrageous but that's the way life is at the moment. I think that there probably would be a lot of L.A. residents however who would agree with them in this case," she added, before discussing what hold the progressive wing of the Democratic Party would have on Biden's top team.

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