Blackpink’s Rosé Wore Saint Laurent For Her Met Gala Debut

Can we hear some commotion for @BLACKPINK's Rosé's first Met Gala?

9/19/2021 9:00:00 PM

Can we hear some commotion for BLACKPINK's Rosé's first Met Gala?

Blackpink’s Rosé arrived at the 2021 Met Gala red carpet on Monday night, making her debut for the major fashion event.

on Monday night, making her debut for the major fashion event. The K-pop star was dressed in Saint Laurent by Anthony Vacarello, naturally, as she joined the French fashion house as a brand ambassador in 2020.Rosé’s look is a black mini dress with a large white bow detail, which she paired with black pumps, a diamond choker necklace, and statement chandelier earrings.

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BLACKPINK_ROSlE BLACKPINK BLACKPINK SHE'S THE BEST ROSÉ BLACKPINK Yes. It got haters gone mad. It is my first time hearing antis so concern of what our favs wearing. 🙊 2021 is Rosé's year💥 BLACKPINK She looks so beautiful in YSL's dress BLACKPINK Thank god there you are! Elon and co pulled yet another jerk move and it tore me from you sister!

RoseArabSource BLACKPINK Do you mean the main event !? 💗💗💗💗 rstrends_ BLACKPINK ROSÉ IS THE MAIN EVENT BLACKPINK si estás leyendo esto , recibirás buenas noticias esta noche , Comenta esto en otras 9 publicaciónes o la peor semana de tu vida comienza ahora . En 53 minutos el que te gusta se dará cuánta de que te ama


Rosé Made History With Her First Trip to the Met GalaThe BlackPink star was the first K-pop idol to grace the Met, and she took Vogue behind the scenes of her getting ready. Yeahhh tks Vogue 🌹🌹🌹 psy was the first My queen

sahssey BLACKPINK Latest on pajama news... 🇦🇺 BLACKPINK You are late to the party and you missed the momentum 👀 but since it’s our precious Rosie we re talking about, I’ll boost your tweet BLACKPINK Beautiful japanROSE211 BLACKPINK Yasss BLACKPINK Rosé 💖💖💖 BLACKPINK the plus 1 BLACKPINK thank u for the article... i almost passed out when i read that 'ON THE GROUND GIRL'

artisticrozay BLACKPINK Rosé - R artisticrozay BLACKPINK Yes QUEENSÉ ❤️🌹

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