Blackpink's Rosé Put a Cool Spin on Prep Style With a Navy Blazer and Mini Skirt

#Blackpink's Rosé Put a Cool Spin on Prep Style With a Navy Blazer and Mini Skirt

9/15/2021 7:12:00 PM

Blackpink 's Rosé Put a Cool Spin on Prep Style With a Navy Blazer and Mini Skirt

The K-pop singer was photographed leaving a Saint Laurent photo shoot in Washington Square Park post-Met Gala.

-R-about her journey figuring out her own sound as an artist separate from Blackpink.“It can be very fun, but it can be very stressful at times,” she said. “There's so many ways to go about it. For me, there was a moment in time when I felt a little frustrated, to be honest. But at the end of the day, you know when it feels right. It's like little baby steps of figuring out who you are and what you want to be. Everybody's a chameleon, everybody can be all sorts of colors. At one point, you gotta choose: This is me, this sounds like me, this will describe me. The most crucial point is when you put your foot on it and go, ‘This! I'm going to put a period right there and stick with it.’ That's a scary part, when you have to start believing in it. But it’s fun at the same time.”

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artisticrozay Shes giving the vibe of ROYAL BLOOD 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ BLACKPINK Elle, please post about Rosé's Vogue Korea photoshoot. It is absolutely beautiful Rosé so beautiful ❤️❤️ ROSÉ is beautiful and elegant BLACKPINK 😍 DONT BE SHY. Give HÉR a cover😊 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ BLACKPINK She looks like princess vibe whos walking outside ROSÉ

rosecharts 👑 👑 👑 rosecharts 😍😍😍 She is so gorgeous 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ 💖♥️♥️😊😘

Blackpink's Rosé Wore the Chicest Little Black Saint Laurent Dress for Her First Met Gala Blackpink 's Rosé Wore the Chicest Little Black Saint Laurent Dress for Her First MetGala SAlNTR0SE YASSS QUEEN ROSÉ AT THE MET GALA 블랙핑크 로제 ROSÉ 로제 SAlNTR0SE ROSÉ AT THE MET GALA ROSÉ Bprosebp2 She looks stunning 블랙핑크 로제 ROSÉ 로제

Effortlessly Cool 🖤 So pretty! LOVE THAT! 블랙핑크 로제 ROSÉ 로제 She can rock any style Tiap pagi di sekitar lingkungan rumah selalu terdengar 'Kartika Eka Paksi' dari kejauhan. Puji syukur, Alhamdulillah, belum pernah lihat orang tutup kuping sambil jalan Ih, serem kali lah itu GerakanTutupKuping. Macam TALIBAN aja.

YSL is the gift that keeps on giving. Very much looking forward to what’s to come!!!! (Please let it be Paris fashion week🙏🏽) 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ BLACKPINK roseyarticles 블랙핑크 로제야 절대 포기하지마. 팬들은 항상 곁에서 로제를 사랑하고 응원해. 블랙핑크 로제 ROSÉ 로제 roseyarticles 블랙핑크 로제 Blackpink rosé 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ roseyarticles 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ

she wants berries and cream (and she looks good af meanwhile)

Rosé and CL stun as first female K-pop artists to attend Met Gala Blackpink 's Rosé and CL, former member of K-pop band 2NE1, made their Met Gala red carpet debut, wearing pieces from Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang. cc: MattBennett DylanJensen21 CL perfeitaa

rosecharts 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️ 色々な表現出来るrosé。 美しい歌声、綺麗なdance そしてモデルroséの服の着こなし 全部が素晴らしく心から尊敬しています。 We love you❤❤❤👑 Our angel 😇 로제 ROSÉ 블랙핑크 로제 BLACKPINK rosé YSL 👸🏻 Vote x blackpink YSL Queen🔥🔥🔥 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ BLACKPINK any outfit suits her well YSL Treasure ROSÉ 로제 Rosé is having Naver articles now but US version 😁😁

Rosé and CL Made K-pop History at The Met GalaBefore this year's MetGala no female Kpop idols had ever walked down the red carpet—that changed tonight when Blackpink ’s Rosé and former 2NE1 and current solo star CL showed up: GlobalBlackPink ROSÉ AT THE MET GALA ROSÉ BLACKPINK Those shoulder is killing me 😩😍😭 ROSÉ AT THE MET GALA ROSÉ Rosé looked so pretty💗 ROSÉ AT THE MET GALA 블랙핑크로제 ROSÉ 로제

artisticrozay 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Just simply a QUEEN! 💙 Gossip Girl Style she's as beautiful as a noble lady Love you so much ROSÉ aceisrosie Ysl girl 😍💞 YSL rosé 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ BLACKPINK theheadblink ROSE Beautiful cute aceisrosie My Queen Angel 🌹🤩🥰..ROSÉ 🌹 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ BLACKPINK berries and cream

🙌🙌 aceisrosie 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ BLACKPINK

Blackpink's Rosé Brought a Classic K-Pop Look to the Met GalaI need to know what lip stain she was wearing ASAP. yes girlie bringing that k-pop industry to the light! such an angel ROSÉ AT THE MET GALA ROSÉ 로제 BLACKPINKChile Our pretty and beautiful Rosé. Thank you for such a magical and elegant evening Rosé. Thank you YSL for loving and caring fool of our ROSÉ AT THE MET GALA 블랙핑크 로제 로제 ROSÉ

KVal156 That's my baby ROSEBPMEXICO I read what she said and her accent sounded in my head. Hahaha Thank you for the wonderful article about Rosé 🤍🤍🤍 The YSL girls 😍😍.. Thanks for this article Elle US _youimma my loveeeee is Rosieeeee the prettiest ♡ 로제 ROSÉ 블랙핑크 로제 Rosé can pull off anything! I just love her ❤️🖤💖

She is the most beautiful girl ever 🤩🥰 She's so cool rhodofansie 🎀💖

Blackpink's Rosé Wore the Chicest Little Black Saint Laurent Dress for Her First Met Gala Blackpink 's Rosé Wore the Chicest Little Black Saint Laurent Dress for Her First MetGala YSL Treasure Rosé lucía tan unique ayer, todo en ella era tan unreal. La persona más hermosa en el universe. Mirmir3779 Okay now give us a cover😌😎 we will treat it in a grandiose way💗 ROSÉ THE QUEEN

OUR AUSSIE GIRL 🌹👑💕🐨💎 artisticrozay She’s so pretty 😍 ROSÉ 로제 블랙핑크 로제 wanderinsouI So gorgeous!! 로제 ROSÉ 블랙핑크 로제 Gorgeous lady ROSÉ 로제 블랙핑크 로제 Human Saint Laurent So pretty! 로제 ROSÉ 블랙핑크 로제 Give her a cover! She's soo pretty 😍 블랙핑크 로제 ROSÉ 로제 Cutieee 3 School 😝😝😝😝

Post Malone Brings Rosé Into the Fall With New Cocktail RecipePost Malone is bringing his popular Maison No. 9 wine into the fall with a brand new, autumn-inspired cocktail recipe he shared with Billboard. he needs to release another album🥱 Gotta love ❤️ this dude 💋 What a fantastically useful recipe, Thank you so much for sharing