Blackpink, Bts

Blackpink, Bts

Blackpink's 'How You Like That' vs BTS' 'Stay Gold': Which Video Is Your Favorite?

Two massive music videos dropped on Friday.

6/29/2020 3:00:00 PM

Which video is your favorite: Blackpink ’s 'How You Like That' or BTS ’ 'Stay Gold?' Vote in our poll below.

Two massive music videos dropped on Friday.

Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~, which is set to be released July 15 via Big Hit Entertainment. In the clip, the K-pop idols find themselves trapped and separated in a number of desolate settings as they collectively daydream about sharing a sunshine-filled hang complete with gold confetti filling the air. The septet soon manage to escape and come together in a field strewn with purple flowers, trees and a flowing stream.

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Blackpinkalso debuted their long-awaited comeback single"How You Like That" and its edgy accompanying music video. The video finds Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo delivering a message of resilience while rocking a parade high-fashion looks among Trojan horses, fake snow machines, burning umbrellas and more.

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BTS: Stay Gold Stay gold🌟🌟 Of course Stay Gold BTS_twt Blackpink How you like that 🙂 Stay gold💖 Stay Gold BTS_twt.💜 Stay gold💜😍 BTS_twt I LOVED STAY GOLD 💜💜💜 BTS Btsssss💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 stop comparing them How you like that Blackpink 😍😍 StayGold_BTS Bts bts stay gold why bts is not the pic? Stay gold💛💛

Yuri88062801 BTS FOREVER 💜💜 Seriously ? StayGoldMV StayGold_BTS BTS WAIT WHAT NOW STAY GOLD IS A JAPANESE SONG NOT A COMEBACK There is no comparison.. Of course 'stay gold' by kings of kpop And its a Japanese song not a comeback Hhhhhh, stay gold is a Japanese song not a comeback.... What's happening?!

obviously BTS Stay gold❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sucha warm n meaningful song❤️❤️❤️ Bts- stay gold Who said you can do this? Stop it already Stay gold Stay Gold BTS_twt StayGold_BTS BTS_twt are you guys serious, sincerely,what your doing is causing a fan war and we all know it could lead to trouble,both groups may be in terrible state cause of this, plizz never do this🙏

BTS_twt Stay Gold💜 We wave at Black pink with army bombs and vice versa 😴... Don't create a fan war 🥴 stay gold is not a comeback it's a Japanese song !! ...we love both bp and bts Stay gold Bts Stay Gold 🌟🌟 bts Bts Stay Gold 🌟🌟 BTS Stay Gold....💜💜💜 Indian Army...🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🥰🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Don't put two queens against each other 😔

Bts Please stopped Stop starting FANWARS. Stop comparing them BTS 'stay gold' 💜 HowYouLikeThatMV Blackpink Blackpink You literally tweet this everyday, what's wrong with u☠️ StayGold_BTS BTS_twt StayGold_BTS Stay Gold ✨ BTS BTS staygold S T O P ,.., Bts StayGold STOP This is all it does is create wars between the fandoms and it's tired to see so many toxic people on twitter.

Both BTS How you like that❤ BTS_twt Stay gold Pinche Billboard, ve como están las cosas en los fandoms y sube sus mamadas 👁👄👁 BTS stay gold BTS_twt bts stay gold 💜💜 Both songs!!!! Stay GOLDDDDDD How you like that or stay gold BTS_twt BTS_twt Kings 🥰👑 BTS'Stay Gold” BTS_twt I like both, but I'm a big dan of BTS StayGold

BTS_twt ❤️ Bts stay gold 💜 TWICE more & more 🥰 Stay gold is an ost not a come back Stay Gold 👑💜 BTS_twt Y siguen con lo mismo😤 BTS_twt StayGold BTS 💜💜 Things like these are what make fan wars🙄 And besides Stay Gold is a Japanese song, and not their official comeback. BTS blackpink bts_bighit STAY GOLD 🥰❤️

Stay Gold BTS_twt BTS Delete it. Armys and blinks are not going to have fanwar here and it doesn't work anymore. Find another way bitch! How about BOTH What's your intention for asking this friggin' ridiculous question ? Don't start a fanwar! You should learn from fans. 💜 BTS_twt stay glad 💜 DEJA DE ROMPER LAS BOLAS BILLBOARD

Blackpink Pls delete The music industry is sick too now? Wtf! StayGold_BTS BTS_twt 💜 Stay gold ✨ i love how the fans are not fighting 😁💜💜love you blinks and armys BTS 🤩😍🤩 BTS BTS Bilboard is the sickest 🙌🏽😂 all u dare to do is just to compare a k-pop with a k-pop groups and not other pop singers

Stay Gold 💜 BTS BTS BTS_twt stay gold...always bts.... Bts💜💜 BTS 💜 BTS_twt bts AGAIN WITH THIS? BTS Stay Gold Stop Wth Shut up BTS Stay Gold 💜😎 Blackpink How You Like that 😍 stay gold💜💜💜💜BTS I love how armys and blinks are not fighting but most of yall are supporting eachother 🥺💜 STOP THIS PLEASE ygofficialblink BLACKPINK

Stay GOLD💜💜 staygold for life ! Inspiration bts BTS_twt 🙂 STAY GOLD!! Still, BTS WINS WITH JAPANESE SONG 😂 POWER BTS says Stay Gold haters 😍🖕 StayGoldMV BTS_twt bts shut the fuck up❤️ bts stay gold💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Why th is still on my tl? Like wtf... enough is enough billboard..y'all should stop using both groups in one line. 😑 its creating a big ass mess. Plssss delete..

am so done with you guys!!🤦🤦 wht— staygold 💓💓💓💓 Wtf is this? How tf are you gonna compare these 2 😤 hey billboard I got u a job to do in your boredom. Plz stream MOTS :7 thank u next BTS_twt Stop. Stay Gold by BTS Bb your comparisons are not necessary, you only encourage discussions and meaningless numbers among fans, you should improve your sense of musical ethics brother

Of course BTS It's stay gold for me but STOP posting theese stupid things! Well we know what they after BTS🥰 Blackpink how you like that BTS 'STAY GOLD*💜 It's not your intention to cause a fight, just want to know the opinion of others, yes? But next time, think before you post. Insafsiz yureyimi ikiyemi boluyum?

These people stay gold!!💜 How many times did billboard tweet this shit? Lol ... they sell 2 big fandom names with the most fans. Congratulations on your success in making us fanwar. 😒 bts_bighit iff course what is that please say me!!!!!! bts_grammys Obviously stay gold because it's not a song it's an art 💜💜

BTS 'Stay Golf' the Best 💜💜 STAY GOOOOLD BTS ONLY. I only love BTS 💜💜💜 The only correct answer is both BTS_twt BLACKPINK ygofficialblink BTS stay gold BTS_twt StayGold BTS BTS STAY GOLD stay gold of course 💜 BTS_twt always my favorite Stay_hold by. BTS BTS_twt Stay Gold 💜💜💜 Stay Gold 💕✨ how long are they gonna milk this😒 BTS_twt all the way

Honest online views: BTS 💜 BTS_twt BOTH BRUH Bish if u only had one brain cell u wouldn’t have posted this over and over again!!!🙄BTS_twt Well.. Billboard🖕 Stop it. Blackpink And It's what we 'HOW YOU LIKE THAT'😘👊 Stay gold. Coz bp's songs are jst d same.. Stay Golddd STOP STAY GOLD through the quarantine!

Stay gold I'm pretty sure these are the same band. Both songs sung by farm animals but auto-tuned. Really billboard🤦🏻‍♀️ insisto. cual es la necesidad de querer ver arder el mundo ? Stay gold by BTS Stay gold - BTS I PREFER BTS AND BLACKPINK Why are you posting that every hour?. Really that thirsty for fanwars, comments, votes and more

Stop for it. Stay gold sir.... Omg are you out of your mind... Stop creating fanwars😑 BIG BANG and 2NE1 for life 🔂🔫 Stay gold BTS Omg pls stop BTS UNO ON SOBA 방탄소년단 BTS BTS_twt Stay Gold Esto es perfecto 👉StayGold 👈 perfect🌸💜 BTS_twt kings👑 Bts Stay Gold So, please..... 😑😑😑 something is wrong on your brain

BTS Stay Gold is my favourite 💯 jfc pls stop but pls dont do poll like this Bts StayGoldMV แกอย่าหาเรื่องให้เราได้มั้ย 🤦‍♀ WTF?! Stay gold is a Japanese song not a comback -*- What?, I can’t believe that you did it.!!!! Don't know what the plan of urs. Whether u are initiating fan wars or trying to make some money by comments and tweets

Comeback MV and Japanese MV? I see this post 2 times Ok - Stay Gold 😆 Stay gold others kick it man!! You just compare between the KINGS and QUEENS of KPOP BTS blackpink 💜❤💜 BTS eternal 💜💜💜💜 WTF Seriously You really have to stoop this low for content. How bout we like them both. They are different and beautiful in their own way.

How you like that ❤️ by blackpink Delete tho.. this will only bring fanwars in the comment section. i feel like twitter is only for famous people. follow me even though i’m not? 💕 You posted this again Dont you have a shame Okay its STAY GOLD for me but stop posting such things !!! You just trying to make a fanwar just because your AMERICAN artists cant keep up with this two groups !!!!!!💜😉😉

stay gold ofc :) Seriously!? Blackpink both MVs are amazing in their own way. You can´t compare them. Altought I do think Blankpink's company should give them more. Those girls are talented. WHY YOU NEVER LEARN BOTH GROUPS ARE LEGENDS. NEXT BTS stay gold BTS_twt StayGoldMV BTS_twt BTS Stop stop 😒 Stay gold BTS_twt

BLACKPINKGLOBAL IntelBLACKPINK BLACKPINK4WAYS BLACKPINK_Bar BLACKPINKAsia bpbillboard please help mentioning ygofficialblink This is the 3rd time seeing this BS Omg please STOP Stop with the polls bb STOP COMPARING BILLBOARD STOP Delete NOT AGAIN BILLBOARD 😤😭 Stay Gold BTS_twt If wanting trouble was a person

STREAM MY FANCAM BILLBOARD 🙃🤭 My dp explains everything 🙆🙆 BTS_twt are the Kingssssss Stop compare them. It's really not good. Not you then will try to reconcile us. BTS_twt 💜💜💜😍 Mf delete we're tired of fanwars😭 BTS_twt 😘😘😘 anygays, is it going to rain in your city? DELETE! BOTH ARE AMAZING โถ่อี

SUSAN STOP MAKING A FANWAR DELETE ขอร้อง เลิกถามอะไรปัญญาอ่อนเเบบนี้เถอะ Anjo Vamos parar Quer criar ainda mais rivalidade entre os fandoms? Chegou, aquieta aí, os dois grupos têm músicas boas, para de graça Why are you doing this? To arrange a war between two fandoms? Don't be stuped, please. Delete it.

STFU BTS 💖 Why are armies and the other fandoms so pressed.. they asked a question that’s it don’t act like your favs don’t get promoted 24/7 too damn I always forget some of y’all are literally children... BTS_twt STOP Please Delete it. delete pls. Stay gold AGAIN!?!?! are you bored? so posting like this?

Shut up billboard Delete both great Adu domba adu domba mengadu dombaaaaaa Billboard you're annoying BLACKPINK in my area!!! why are you so annoying why are you guys so desperate Lols... แกเปนไรนิ you're just feeding fanwars here please delete billbord stfu konsi chai pati use karte aap billboard Billboard officially loosing their minds when people don't read your articles you come up with ways to get clicks and what is better than pinning two fandoms with songs of different languages just to be relevant. Congrats billboard yall doing great

Paulit ulit? Bruh!! you can't compare a japanese single to a year long waited comeback..are u trynna cause fanwars Stay Gold!! SUMO NA KAY BILLBOARD NO? SIGE MOG PANGUTANA KINSAY PABORITO NIYA BLACKPINK RAY COVER PHOTO? GIAPIL NALANG UNTA PUD NINYO BTS NU. LAGOT NAKO HA! HUSTO NA MGA DZAI UG DZONG. not at how they tweeted the same thing again even after being taught this kinda stuff = fan wars

Army I hope yall not opening that link go vote on soribada instead What's wrong with you ? BTS_twt BILLBOARD DELETE ❤️ NO. STREAM MARIA delete How bout we burn billboard down too stay Gold 💜💜 BTS_twt why you doing this delete now ❤️ STOPPPPPP Shut up please i’m going to hunt you down 3 step to make a chocolate cake did u knew abt this?

its really rainy here bro cant they just stop doing this!!😑 shane and ryan best buddies ever Delete please STOP SHARING IT , AREN’T YOU HAPPY Stay Gold💜💜bts billboard p*ssy stanky ngeyel ae rek ngetwit iki ping sewu ia BOTH

Blackpink's 'How You Like That' Video: WatchOn Friday (June 26), Blackpink debuted their long-awaited comeback single &34;How You Like That&34; and its accompanying music video. ur a little late... i watched. it’s cute

Blackpink Performs 'How You Like That' on 'Tonight Show' Blackpink delivered a dazzling performance of its long-awaited comeback single &34;How You Like That&34; during &34;The Tonight Show: At Home Edition&34; on June 26. BLACKPINK Queens of Kpop BLACKPINK No BLACKPINK Lisa

Blackpink Performs 'How You Like That' on 'Tonight Show' Blackpink delivered a dazzling performance of its long-awaited comeback single &34;How You Like That&34; during &34;The Tonight Show: At Home Edition&34; on June 26. BLINKS Really dislike these at-home performances. It's so weird. What's wrong with performing live on stage with a whole production and audience? who gives a sh about Corona

Blackpink's 'How You Like That' vs BTS' 'Stay Gold': Which Video Is Your Favorite?Which video is your favorite: Blackpink ’s 'How You Like That' or BTS ’ 'Stay Gold?' Vote in our poll below. 📮 BTS Stay gold 💜💜✌🏻😉 Shouldn't have started this poll. You realize this will start a fanwar right. And you are literally comparing a whole comeback mv to a Japanese ost why why? there is no need to compare them

Blackpink's 'How You Like That' vs BTS' 'Stay Gold': Which Video Is Your Favorite?Which video is your favorite: Blackpink ’s 'How You Like That' or BTS ’ 'Stay Gold?' lagi mancing² di air keruh ya BTS stay gold😌 GlobalBlackPink Stop HYLT is a cb STAY GOLD is a jp release so stop billboard

Fans Choose Blackpink's 'How You Like That' as This Week's Favorite New Music Blackpink &39;s long-awaited comeback single &34;How You Like That&34; has topped this week&39;s new music poll. Congrats blackpink❤️❤️🥳 As always, skip the locals and little savens and say thank you BLACKPINK for making the pré release single a really easy STFU music for antis. Bitch wutt!!