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Diversity & Equality, Wage Gap

Black women make nearly $1 million less than white men during their careers

Black women make nearly $1 million less than white men during their careers #investinyou (In partnership with @acorns.)

8/3/2021 5:44:00 PM

Black women make nearly $1 million less than white men during their careers investinyou (In partnership with acorns.)

Black women are paid an average 63 cents for each dollar paid to non-Hispanic white men. In effect, they must work 579 days to make what white men earn in 365.

"It doesn't go away, you know, it gets a little bigger, it gets a little smaller, but the wage gap is there," she added. "There's a wage gap in 94% of occupations."Research shows Black women face a persistent pay gap, including in jobs that have been essential during the pandemic.

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Black women who work in areas that are critical to the Covid-19 recovery such as doctors, nurses, teachers, child care workers, wait staff, and cashiers, for example, make 11% to 27% less than white men, according data from the Economic Policy Institute.

In higher-paid professions, including among doctors on the frontlines fighting Covid, the inequality is magnified. White male physicians and surgeons make $63.41 an hour on average. Black women in these positions make less than $46.59 an hour, EPI found. headtopics.com

That pay gap can potentially result in millions of dollars of lost wages in a Black female physician's lifetime, Tucker said.Student loan debt and, are among the factors that can exacerbate the overall gender and racial wealth gap. Yet some companies are making strides to provide benefits that could help narrow the divide — by providing student loan repayment assistance and subsidized child care.

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It takes Black women 19 months to equal a white man's annual earningsBusiness Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know. Gtfo outt here with this BS man Such bullshit. Stop creating division where none exists I’m sure a white woman wrote this. Let’s compare them to white women and how white women earn more than black men🙃