Black transgender man fatally shot by Florida police

At least 11 transgender or gender nonconforming people have been killed this year, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

5/30/2020 12:30:00 AM

A black transgender man was fatally shot Wednesday by a police officer in Tallahassee, Florida — at least the third reported officer-involved shooting in Tallahassee in two months. - NBCOUT

At least 11 transgender or gender nonconforming people have been killed this year, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

Equality Florida, a statewide LGBTQ advocacy organization, said McDade's death further exemplifies that Florida is"an epicenter of anti-trans violence."At least seven black transgender people were murdered in Florida over the last two years, according to the organization.

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Following McDade's death, the National Black Justice Coalition said the"tragic incident should be a reminder that hate crimes against Black LGBTQ" people happen"too frequently" and"often without the national public outcry that our cis and/or heteronormative brothers and sisters receive."

"It is important to highlight the too often ignored violence that members of our community face in addition to the discrimination we may experience because we are Black," the coalition said in astatement."At least 11 transgender or gender-nonconforming people have been fatally shot or killed by other means this year so far, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBTQ advocacy group.

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NBCOUT Protest at Capitol building 12pm and on for the next week NBCOUT I would like to think there will be a day when the media will be held to account. No mention this trans man had just murdered someone else and then committed suicide by cop....just didnt fit the msnbc agenda I suppose NBCOUT This is Trump's America! Wake up, people.

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NBCOUT jack you are wanting to help cleanup Twitter from false info? Start here. is deliberately trying to harm racial relations with this post. NBCOUT Nice work NBC. Let's see if we can't stir up even more racial tension by mischaracterizing what happened here. You people are the most irresponsible people. Do you literally not see what is happening out there? HoLee Cow.

NBCOUT Wow, not just an ordinary nobody or worthless straight white man... but a majestic black transgendered man! That makes it horrible. If it was just one of those whites.. who would care? 🤷‍♂️ NBCOUT Race-baiting never sleeps NBCOUT Great reporting & nice headline. Keep misleading people and enjoying watching cities burn. More money right?

NBCOUT Liar liar pants on fire NBCOUT It Was Suicide By Cop...Report The Truth Are Shut Up NBCOUT Yeah never mind the fact that he had already stabbed someone, had a gun and posted a video where he said he was going to kill and be killed. He deserves ZERO sympathy and the officers should be commended for stopping him from carrying out the killing he planned

NBCOUT Throwing gasoline on the fire, eh? You guys are the problem! NBCOUT Well don't let facts get in the way of your narrative & agenda. 'According to police, McDade reportedly had a handgun and 'made a move consistent with using the firearm' against an officer, prompting the officer to shoot McDade.'

NBCOUT ENOUGH NBCOUT Racist promoter msnbc doesn’t post the facts because they know their followers are too stupid to look it up. Twitter should shut u down for trying to promote violence NBCOUT Tallahassee is yet another DEMOCRATIC stronghold where Police kill Black People. See a Pattern? NBCOUT And msnbc cheers.

NBCOUT 'According to police, McDade reportedly had a handgun and 'made a move consistent with using the firearm' against an officer, prompting the officer to shoot McDade.' Yeah that's a pretty good way to get killed. NBCOUT Lfgggg we rioting in florida now too boys NBCOUT Would this have been reported if it was an ordinary Florida white man?

NBCOUT Oh he had a gun and stabbed someone? Is that right? NBCOUT Fact Check: It was suicide by cop, but MSNBC isn't mentioning that because they are fake news. NBCOUT We’re on a new narrative I see. Now do how many black babies are killed via planned parenthood on a daily basis. Or do black on black crime. The racebaiting & division rerun has started, just in time for elections. Shame on you. We see through it.

NBCOUT FAKE NEWS NBCOUT TwitterSupport jack - this is not manipulated media? You kidding me? NBCOUT Selective reporting to sensationalize an event—truth by omission is the current gold standard for the media! NBCOUT No one believes you NBCOUT Wow this is a story we would never see but since it fits the narrative got to get it out there and make people angry.

NBCOUT Really nice - you know that she was armed with both a knife and pistol and was fleeing a stabbing homicide she allegedly committed right? But way to stir the pot... NBCOUT Suicide by cop. Posted on his Facebook that he was going to kill people and go out that way but facts don’t fit your narrative...

NBCOUT report the truth...not your biased hyperbole NBCOUT halfwaynews NBCOUT Maybe you should replace black transgender with “murderer” as that is what happened. Fake New! This is why you are pathetic and no one trusts you. NBCOUT Poor dude just stabbed someone and was armed nbd NBCOUT NBC not telling the whole story, again!

NBCOUT Now do the unarmed white man who was shot by a black officer in Chicago in February. NBCOUT Here we go. You know it's an election year when the media starts covering every death of a 'protected' class. They do this to frame the argument that this happens on a regular basis, and to make it seem like White on minority violence is larger than minority on White violence.

NBCOUT NBC doing it's part to spread false outrage and fan the flames, I see. NBCOUT Another example of how the MSM is attempting to divide us. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! Why would they not include, in their headline, that this was clearly a suicide by cop incident? Not catchy enough? Doesn’t follow their 4AM talking points ScrewMSM

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NBCOUT Race baiting bs NBCOUT The cops shot him because he was an armed homicide suspect and drew his gun on them. Key details. NBCOUT Twitter twittersafety TwitterFactCheck You need to fact check this. NBCOUT Is this not the same network that edits 911 calls and dynamites trucks? NBCOUT Perfect example why any intelligent person doesn’t believe one word out of the MSM

NBCOUT All the MSM does NBCOUT 'Isn't it funny how NBC left out the part about how he posted on FB about his plan to kill people and ultimately die by police so he didn't have to go to prison? Or the part about how when he died, he was threatening police with a gun?' NBCOUT تحويل الموبايل الى مايك للكمبيوترعن طريق Wo Mic

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NBCOUT Fuck this guy NBCOUT Typical headline to incite anger towards police and imply there could be some racial issue. Pathetic! Why wasn’t the headline “stabbing suspect with knife and gun was stopped”? What would a reporter do if confronted by a man with a knife and gun? NBCOUT Say his name. NBCOUT

NBCOUT The poor man was very troubled but stated in a video multiple times that he wanted to suicide by cop. The police were unaware of this, only that he had just stabbed a man to death. Please update your story. NBCOUT Anybody know what’s going on with COVID-19 ? NBCOUT POLICE MUST BE RESPECTED--NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW

NBCOUT We should burn down more businesses! That will show em! NBCOUT Well, he had a gun and was a suspect in a stabbing. NBCOUT I need to know the colour and sexuality of the officer before I can get outraged NBCOUT Why are offers vets allowed to murder black men without repercussions!?

What To Know About Tony McDade, A Black Trans Man Killed By Police In FloridaAmidst protests in Minneapolis over the murder of George Floyd, Tony McDade is another person killed by a police officer. TonyMcDade is also the 11th reported trans and/or gender non-confirming death by fatal shooting of 2020. BlackLivesMatter LGBTOLivesMatter

Florida Police Use Krispy Kreme To Lure Black Bear Off City StreetsOfficers for the Fort Myers Police Department said the doughnuts as well as some blueberry pie-scented spray in a trap did the trick. At least they didnt shoot him like the trigger happy morons in chicago shot the last cougar that wandered in. To be fair, I am also easily lured by Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

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How viral videos of killings of black men take a toll on black male mental healthViral video of the killing of black men takes a toll on black male mental health, according to experts. Simple listen to what you asked to do when approched by an officer..... My company has me working outside of DC in rual VA ... Everyday im waiting for the police to try me on some BS ... I can feel it

7 shot at Kentucky protest over fatal police shooting of black womanAt least seven people were shot Thursday night in Louisville as protesters turned out to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman fatally shot by police in her home in March. OMG!!!!! HE'S POOP ALL OVER USSS!!!!! Police officers need to understand the true nature of preserving the peace means preserving lives. Police officers need to abide by a strict rules of engagement that ensures all people are treated with human dignity and have the right to live to see a proper judicial trial. 2020 whooping my ass

Looting erupts during Minneapolis protests over black man's killing by policeMinneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Wednesday called on prosecutors to file criminal charges against a white police officer shown on a bystander's video pressing his knee into the neck of a handcuffed African-American man who later died at a hospital. How can this keep happening? He died on the pavement, Reuters. No pulse. Unresponsive...on-scene.